Spearing Wild Boars with Slo Mo Camera Angles on Spears, it's Deadly

  • Published on Jan 26, 2019
  • Check this deadly hunt out in the forest of east Texas. Cameras attached to the spear gives you an up close look at wild pig death. Slow motion flight of spears as I sneak up on forest pigs.
    You be the judge. Does this look like fun or what. Windy days I try to catch them asleep in the shadows of heavy cover then slide in close and spear them. If you'd like to join me in Texas on the Slock Master Ranch, call 936 204 2893. Theres Lots Of Wild Fat Pigs! See More @ MOTV.com
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  • Lethal Dawn
    Lethal Dawn Day ago

    I know that this is simply hunting but now we have other tools to kill animals a faster and less painful way mate

  • Jamie Fish
    Jamie Fish Day ago

    Imagine if he missed and the boar got him I’d love to see that ha

  • Jr Alejo
    Jr Alejo Day ago

    the sniper

  • tyko costandine
    tyko costandine 2 days ago

    7:33 thats a danm good shot, thank you for keeping the Texas land safe. my uncle is a rancher and he has lots of problems with the hogs. they destroy many peoples livings.

  • Active Mk
    Active Mk 2 days ago

    Just a bit of a weirdo ain’t ya Tim just poncing about the woods with a big stick lobbing it at shit, (can 100% confirm he is American if this was the uk he would be sectioned.) Tim Tim Tim listen go collect your pension and have a game of cribbage down the local retirement home, furthermore you’ve probably got a mortgage to pay off n you ain’t gonna do it by being dodgy are ya? Stop it. Cheers x

  • Coffee Black
    Coffee Black 2 days ago

    you're good brother!!

  • Nyshea Jones
    Nyshea Jones 2 days ago

    U are a bad person hurting animal I love them and I don’t eat meat that’s how much I love them

    • tyko costandine
      tyko costandine 2 days ago

      omg good for you. you're saving the world! keep up the good work. and make sure you give one of those evil vegetables whats for for me.

  • Second Nature Lawn Care

    Wow I've never seen a hunter so full of themselves. That was tough to listen to him stroke himself for half the video

  • Mr Jackpot
    Mr Jackpot 4 days ago

    Nice video 👍

  • Stephen Bertram
    Stephen Bertram 4 days ago

    I’m yet to see a modern spear used with a woomera to throw it.

  • Joe Mama
    Joe Mama 5 days ago

    This man is an absolute madlad bois

  • Salam Hilal
    Salam Hilal 6 days ago

    You are animal

  • Albert Pikamäe
    Albert Pikamäe 6 days ago

    You are montster

  • Muhyidin Muhyidin
    Muhyidin Muhyidin 6 days ago

    Tidak boleh membunuh binatang yg tdk berdosa, itu dosa.
    Yg orang Indonesia like

  • Grek Job
    Grek Job 7 days ago


  • plaguelock
    plaguelock 7 days ago

    Use an atlatl.

  • plaguelock
    plaguelock 7 days ago

    Do these guys think they are in Game of Thrones or something?

  • S.G Jin
    S.G Jin 8 days ago

    Awesome Spearmaster!

  • The Shrekonator 3000

    Dude sounds like Forrest Gump in that dumbass speech

  • Im Karamjot
    Im Karamjot 9 days ago

    i dont like hunting ..

  • John Savage
    John Savage 10 days ago

    I am one of those who do not like your arrogance

  • jo h
    jo h 10 days ago


  • Wallace Durango
    Wallace Durango 11 days ago

    @5:10 id be sparky a big fat jay at that point 🌲💚

  • Josue Ordaz
    Josue Ordaz 12 days ago +1

    Less talking more hunting.

  • divine hELL
    divine hELL 13 days ago

    How is that legal to massacre like this
    I would these things with ur childrens

  • Pedicler
    Pedicler 13 days ago

    I'm really glad that y'all are eating the meat. Keep on hunting pal!

  • Jack Logan
    Jack Logan 13 days ago

    uh what animal is at 1:24??

  • Aniki
    Aniki 13 days ago

    A real life adventurer

  • Ben Bourke
    Ben Bourke 13 days ago

    What's with the stupid talking over the video??? Gay

  • Jake Brigance
    Jake Brigance 15 days ago

    youre my hero tim keep it up brother

  • chrisphan72
    chrisphan72 15 days ago

    Too gay!!!!!!
    Can't watch

  • Jaxson Forsythe
    Jaxson Forsythe 16 days ago +1

    Why would you kill innocent creatures just like that

    • Aidan Rich
      Aidan Rich 13 days ago

      Well hogs are non native animals and they are yummy

  • Jaxson Forsythe
    Jaxson Forsythe 16 days ago +1

    You are so rude

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 16 days ago

    My favourite part was when the bit of flesh fell out as you pulled out the spear. My second favorite part was when the dog fucker cried in the comments

  • Ninjamox_killer lol
    Ninjamox_killer lol 17 days ago

    Keep up good work😐😒

  • Ehab Alrubaie
    Ehab Alrubaie 17 days ago

    You folish Usa man

  • Mr New-Zea taupo
    Mr New-Zea taupo 17 days ago

    You better eat everything including that bear

    • Anonymous
      Anonymous 16 days ago

      Or what lol gonna report him to Peta on facebook?

  • Dylan Bickers
    Dylan Bickers 17 days ago

    "There's no one like me"
    *Fuckin ganks a squirrel for no reason*

  • Shane Amrein
    Shane Amrein 17 days ago +4

    Dude can the intro speech. It's about as goofy as it gets. And I'm for hunting.

  • Juana Jaimes
    Juana Jaimes 17 days ago +1

    Intro:What you think your aim is in Cod in reality ur just a bot.


  • Quantum Detonation
    Quantum Detonation 19 days ago

    Imagine getting penetrated... sounds nice...

  • Saravlslsjunk rsttfGreen

    Why do you do this to animals 😥😥😥😥

    • Anonymous
      Anonymous 16 days ago

      Aww the poor wittle piggies. And to think that was someone's daughter/son... Such a tragedy. That one pig with the tail especially just lit up a room when she smiled and I will forever miss her.......

  • ScreechAlertNation
    ScreechAlertNation 19 days ago

    This guy, is my favorite hunting channel

  • Ajay Aju bhai
    Ajay Aju bhai 19 days ago

    You will be punished by God

  • Radha Rai
    Radha Rai 19 days ago

    Please don't kill animals

  • Hungry Hula Boi
    Hungry Hula Boi 20 days ago +1

    Turkey: I‘ll just hang out with my friends
    Tim: HEADSHOT 1 kill Fortnite

  • The Sky Is Blue
    The Sky Is Blue 20 days ago

    Tim wells this video: "While reducing an invasive species from the Texas forest"
    Tim wells later video: GRIZZLY BEAR HUNTING
    I'm not vegan or vegetarian but I mean seriously. You gotta have some principles.

  • Alvisha Stovall
    Alvisha Stovall 21 day ago

    I can't even throw trash away when I'm right next to it but he can do tricks up to like 50 feet

    VIP H3CKS 21 day ago +2

    can u teach me
    I wanna kill some human animals

  • lizzy coleman
    lizzy coleman 21 day ago

    Poor squirrel

  • michael pas
    michael pas 23 days ago

    You’re living my dream I always wanting to go hunting

  • Jordan Ortiz
    Jordan Ortiz 24 days ago +1

    Thats mean

  • Kraluth
    Kraluth 26 days ago +22

    I'd like your content a lot more if you chilled with all the self-fellating in the intro.

    • Ali
      Ali 20 days ago +1

      LMAOO true. its just a minute and a half just him sucking his own ass

  • The Gaming Brothers
    The Gaming Brothers 26 days ago +2

    Stop Killing Animals Please It Makes Me Cry :(

  • Margaret Lee
    Margaret Lee 27 days ago +1

    Go for the brain that's a quick kill and doesn't let them suffer

  • cixlo
    cixlo 27 days ago

    Not enough hogs in video.

  • Darion Thomas
    Darion Thomas 27 days ago

    I dare to killa🐍

  • A B
    A B 27 days ago

    Sadistic B.......

  • Iraqi Engineer
    Iraqi Engineer 27 days ago

    Your are bad and evil man💩💩💩💩

  • werewolf zalgo
    werewolf zalgo 29 days ago