How To Organize Your Closet By A Professional Organizer

  • Published on Apr 18, 2019
  • Special thanks to Sorted By Anna! Check out their organizing services here:

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Comments • 103

  • нεηтαι
    нεηтαι 19 days ago +1

    I Always "Organize" My Closet, But It Never Looks Organized... ;-;

  • Loveleen Li
    Loveleen Li Month ago

    I have no intention of organizing my closet , but these videos are soooo satisfying

  • jez saane
    jez saane Month ago +2

    *watches at three in the morning*

  • Kiki in CowTown
    Kiki in CowTown Month ago

    See I have matching hangers, just that they’re all dry cleaning hangers. Whoops. But I really don’t see a point in throwing out the 500 dry cleaning hangers we already have just to buy new ones.

  • Hello Hi
    Hello Hi Month ago

    The music is annoying

  • Marie Axén
    Marie Axén Month ago +1

    Thanks for all the perfect tips! /Marie from Sweden

  • AaAnnNnAa
    AaAnnNnAa Month ago +1

    I have to fold my clothes like normal because they go on shelves, everything gets wrinkled if they aren't worn too often, and it just becomes a hot mess. I'm hoping to ask for hangers instead even though my mom doesn't really like them, I just want to be able to keep my clothes from wrinkles and be able to see my options!

    • AaAnnNnAa
      AaAnnNnAa Month ago

      Everyone is probably weirded out by that but you have to understand all my clothing goes on shelves and my sister has the drawers in the closet (4 massive ones) and drawers in the dresser almost as tall as me, she has a storage problem so I'm thinking about trying to help her with the file folding crap because she complains on having nothing to wear.

  • SarisWelt
    SarisWelt Month ago +3

    Having to move out in two months, I really need this video😂

  • just a subscriber :D
    just a subscriber :D Month ago +17

    * clicks on video *
    * *doesn't have a closet* *
    * clicks off video *

  • darkchurchhill
    darkchurchhill Month ago +31

    Having uniform hangers really look nice but it's so wasteful when you already have hangers. Most dyed plastics cant be recycled.

  • Kay
    Kay Month ago +6

    Sweaters in a drawer without what?

    • Anushka
      Anushka Month ago +4

      Kay moth repellent

  • Ana Luisa Zamudio
    Ana Luisa Zamudio Month ago +1

    Thank you recommended, this just changed my life

  • Charlotte SPN
    Charlotte SPN Month ago +17

    Not to hate on this video bc I love it, but I have like 5 pairs of shoes lol. You can be sure I'm wearing the shit out of them both summer and winter. No need to switch them out.

  • Isabel Frias
    Isabel Frias Month ago

    who can't organize a freaking closet?

  • Laura Mcgrath
    Laura Mcgrath Month ago +1

    I don't own any boots she lie

  • Pink Skies
    Pink Skies Month ago +64

    She looks so much like Petra from Jane the Virgin

  • ruben korkis
    ruben korkis 2 months ago +48

    my closet shifts everyday between my chair and my bed.

    • The Artist
      The Artist 18 days ago

      My bed and my laundry hamper XD

  • Julia Johnson
    Julia Johnson 2 months ago

    I hate it how she contrasted a filthy rich celebrity with five closets, and a mother of six sharing two bedrooms..... it just seems wrong to me

    • Ashlee Morison
      Ashlee Morison Month ago +1

      Not comparing them. They are just the two extremes that she has worked with. She has probably worked with people at all ranges between these two

  • E S
    E S 2 months ago

    I have 4 pair of boots & I hang them on a skirt hanger

  • Nur Farah
    Nur Farah 2 months ago +4

    Huhu i think its better to show the tutorial too so that viewers can easily understand 😕

  • Pamela Wolf
    Pamela Wolf 2 months ago +21

    Pool noodles are a great hack for keeping boots erect. Cheap & effective

  • MW99
    MW99 2 months ago

    Buzzfeed, you still suck.

  • Grace Camacho
    Grace Camacho 3 months ago +1

    I don't prefer removing all your clothes like seriously my clothes is in complete mess for me but you do you other who read this

  • MJ Lim
    MJ Lim 4 months ago +1

    What did she say at 3:33? "putting sweaters in a drawer without ???"

    • MJ Lim
      MJ Lim 2 months ago +1

      @Julia Johnson that's better that what I heard - I just heard *mumble mumble* 😂

    • Julia Johnson
      Julia Johnson 2 months ago +2

      MJ Lim I heard box opponents... at least that's what the captions told me 😂

    • MJ Lim
      MJ Lim 4 months ago +2

      @Savannah Leslie Thanks! :)

    • Savannah Leslie
      Savannah Leslie 4 months ago +3

      Without moth repellents :)

  • Holly McCall
    Holly McCall 4 months ago +14

    I have three different colours of hangers. I hang all my long sleeve stuff on black hangers short sleeve on white hangers, and all my no sleeve stuff on red hangers. That works for me

    • Holly McCall
      Holly McCall Month ago

      @simone pradhan I already had those color hangers in my closet I only took a step back and looked at it and I was inspired by Marie kondo but I made her methods my own version because I do not like folding shirts I rather hang.

    • simone pradhan
      simone pradhan Month ago

      Holly McCall ooooh smart

  • Arthur
    Arthur 4 months ago +5

    I'm so glad this was recommended for me. I have been watching Marie Kondo's show and this was a great compliment to it. It closed some knowledge gaps that were missing. Thank you so much!

  • BeaunaturelleFeb11
    BeaunaturelleFeb11 4 months ago

    FANTASTIC TIPS!!! Thank you! 👍

  • Linda Raka
    Linda Raka 4 months ago +65

    Can you make this a series? Next bedroom? Also bathroom, and kitchen.

  • J. H.
    J. H. 4 months ago +9

    The competing flower vases....😵

  • Sophia V
    Sophia V 4 months ago +17

    My closet doesn’t just have clothes. It is more like 30% clothes 10% linens, and 60% other STUFF. PLEASE HELP!

    • H No
      H No Month ago

      Yikes! If that's the only closet, it sounds like her labeling tip could really help out, or finding decorative ways to keep things out.
      If that's NOT the only closet - then remember the helpful adage, "like with like."

    • MissVasques
      MissVasques 4 months ago +1

      Sophia V Kon Mari;)

    • Katherine Canon
      Katherine Canon 4 months ago


  • Danielle Swafford
    Danielle Swafford 5 months ago

    This was fucking terrible

  • sariahsue
    sariahsue 5 months ago +2

    I have piled and filed my clothes before, and while I like filing better, I can tell you that your drawer organization will absolutely 100% disintegrate faster if you file. If you take three shirts off the top of a pile, what's going to happen to the pile? Nothing. If you take three shirts out of a vertical file, suddenly there's not enough holding the rest of them in place and they'll start to slide and crumple on themselves.

    • Shirley Davis
      Shirley Davis 2 months ago +2

      I saw someone who uses cheap ikea bookends to hold things up. Worked brilliantly.

    • MissVasques
      MissVasques 4 months ago +1

      sariahsue Personally I think your issue is how you fold. If you properly fold they stand up on their own. Kon Mari.

  • Jacqueline Laybourn
    Jacqueline Laybourn 5 months ago +1

    erect hahahaha

  • Julia Ray
    Julia Ray 5 months ago +13

    Interesting that Safiya just did a video like this.

  • Meghan Ushman
    Meghan Ushman 5 months ago +15

    Matching hangers doesn't really work for me. I can only use cloth hangers on tanks, jackets, and sleeveless dresses. For anything with sleeves and a closed front, I'm too concerned that the fabric would stretch, so I keep those on tube hangers. Our dry cleaners collect used wire hangers so it's easy for me to get rid of those.

    • H No
      H No Month ago +1

      I color coordinate my hangers to my clothes, so I can spot things easier.
      But I hang everything, I couldn't stand to put things on shelves or in drawers.

    • Qutie Pye
      Qutie Pye 2 months ago +1

      Meghan Ushman yeah same here. I use heavier plastic hangers for coats but skinnier ones for T-Shirts and Tank Tops

  • sabrina berriez
    sabrina berriez 5 months ago +59

    she's right! if you have to justify keeping something ("but what if i go hiking someday" "what if somebody has a 80s themed birthday party") then you probably shouldn't keep it.

    • Savannah Leslie
      Savannah Leslie 4 months ago +11

      I agree and disagree. Sometimes people have goals that they cant pursue. I had hiking clothes for a lomg time before I started hiking. Then because I dont have a car, I sometimes go long periods of time between hiking.
      But it is best to minimize things you don't actively plan on.

  • J&E Precision Logistics

    31 comment

  • Madelyn Scott
    Madelyn Scott 5 months ago +1

    28th comment Lol.

    This inspired me to organize my closet and this video helped me make my closet look nicer and make it fit better with my room. THANK YOU!!!! I love this channel

  • Aeyel Am Acuzar
    Aeyel Am Acuzar 5 months ago +1

    This will really help me in moving. Thanks

  • angelsinthewindow
    angelsinthewindow 5 months ago +13

    I have tried File folding.... NEVER WORKS.... at least for me. Takes way to long to try to put stuff back in there that it just ends up sitting in the laundry basket because its such a hassle to put it back in. I do pile folding and works fine for me.

    • Christine S
      Christine S 2 months ago +1

      SAME! I love the idea of file folding, but once I take out one or two shirts, the other shirts will fall and unfold and it bothers me lol. I don't have any of those mini dividers which I'm sure would help but I don't really want to buy any haha

    • Pallasite Matrix
      Pallasite Matrix 4 months ago +4

      I love being able to see everything with file folding, but I really don't have the energy to do that with everything- so I do it for shirts (and probably incorrectly, since I just fold it in half an extra time and that does it for me) pants, and sweaters. Everything else gets either hung up, or tossed in without being folded at all.

  • Nisha Shah
    Nisha Shah 5 months ago +32

    I can't believe that Americans actually hire people to ~organise~ their closet !!!!!!!

    • Czadzikable
      Czadzikable 4 months ago +2

      @Montserrat Elechiguerra Chávez , yes I totally get what you're saying about trying not to stereotype people
      (actually that's a very modern-day and progressive way of thinking - it's kinda the opposite of "old-fashioned" - as in the "olden days" stereotypes were used pervasively to oppress and subjugate huge groups of people based on their sex, religion, ethnicity, nationality, skin colour, sexual orientation etc. - that way of thinking still exists now and tends to be more associated with more more conservative [ergo more old-fashioned] outlooks),
      but there's a difference between using stereotypes to unfairly judge people negatively and fuel bias, prejudices and hate; and between making reference to bigger groups of people, cultures, societies, nations... to describe your experiences and to be able to contextualise them.
      Generalisations don't have to be used to fuel prejudice and hate, they can also be helpful (even if they're not positive) - and that's why people use them. They're also used in psychology, sociology and anthropology to describe characteristic behaviours of certain groups of people - it helps us understand cultures, societies - groups on a bigger scale - as long as we're not using it to insist that it perfectly describes every single person in that group, or using it to unfairly discriminate against people, I don't think it makes sense to try to ban it altogether, as it'd be kind of ridiculous! Sometimes it's just a question of acknowledgint statistics and how it means people's experiences are different.
      Like, of course there are rich people and poor people and a spectrum of people in the middle in every country in the world, but there are statistical differences which often become "stereotypes" - for example, if you look at US as a whole, statistically, people are much more likely to have waaaay bigger living spaces than in Europe overall. But if you look at just New York, there's a stereotype even within the US, that living space in cities like New York is expensive and limited - on the other hand, from my perspective from Warsaw or London, even New York apartments seem bigger and more affordable. Generally, from my perspective as a middle-class European, the reality of middle class people having quite so much stuff and so much living space that they have walk-in closets and need + can afford to hire a professional organizer to help them organise it, *is* very US American - as statistically that kind of thing is so much more common there than here in Europe! Same with having pick-up trucks or eating at fast-food chains - those things exist here in Europe (well, it'd be actually very hard to find a pick-up truck here...), But they're rarer and I associate them more as "North American".
      So, you could say thay I stereotype North American people as having big houses with walki-in closets and lots of material possessions - clothes, shoes, electronics, gadgets, big cars and eating at fast food chains. Obviously I know that this doesn't represent every North American (I've travelled across the US and seen a fair share of poverty), but these things are statistically much more common in the US than here in Europe.
      Also, generally, certain aspects of standard of living differ a lot between different countries for people who would be considered equivalent levels of "middle class". E.g. in the USA "middle class" families will statistically have a detached house with a garden and multiple bedrooms (everyone having their own room with walki-in closets), a separate hallway, kitchen, dining room, living room, perhaps also a utility room, am office, a guest room and a car or two.
      But a family considered an equivalent level of middle class (im terms of placement on a comparative class scale and for example the parents' professions) in the UK, would statistically live in a much smaller terraced house, with smaller bedrooms and either have less children or the kids have to share bedrooms, and the family might have to share one bathroom and only have one car or have two very small, second hand cars.
      Same family considered "middle class" in Poland (with parents having equivalent professions) would be: Mum, dad and 2 children living in a 2-room (NOT 2-BEDroom!) flat - this means a small hallway, a shared bathroom, a kitchen, a living/dining room which is ALSO the parents' bedroom and one separate bedroom which the kids share, and maybe a balcony. And they may have one car or not have any.
      When I say "equivalent" middle class, I mean that it would be considered a medium-level middle clasd within that country and that for example the Mum is a doctor and the dad is a Project Manager. That's just how the standards of living and availability of living space differ between countries!
      So, no, it's not just that "wealthy" middle class people anywhere in the world have more space, more material property and are more likely to hire a professional closet organizer. Middle class people in the US specifically *are* much more likely to do so than people of comparative class in European (and I'm sure many other) counties. It's not prejudiced stereotyping it's acknowledgint statistics and cultural differences.

    • Montserrat Elechiguerra Chávez
      Montserrat Elechiguerra Chávez 4 months ago +3

      @Czadzikable i got all of that but it was unnecessary to point the origin (in my opinion) it would have been better to just say "i can't believe PEOPLE hire people to organize their stuff" or "i can't believe PEOPLE have so much stuff that they need PROFESSIONALS to organize it". I don't know i might just be too old fashioned but i try not to group or stereotype people.

    • Czadzikable
      Czadzikable 4 months ago +1

      @Montserrat Elechiguerra Chávez , perhaps the OP was a little cheeky in the tone of their comment, but I don't think they were using "American" as an insult or shaming anyone who wants help organising. I thought they were just pointing out that this whole thing with having massive closets and so much clothes and hiring professional organisers, does seem like a cultural thing very specific to the US.
      Obviously not every American can afford that or would choose to; of course the same thing may appear in other countries... But it does seem waaaay more common in the US for people of comparable careers /class status /wealth, to have bigger houses with more storage space and to own more material goods of any kind and to employ help of professional organisers or at least watch tutorials /read books on it... Compared to people who would be considered a similar class status in other countries. Like, in the US, this seems common among middle class in general. In the UK, it's pretty much unheard of among the middle class and upper middle class... Bah! In the UK, this kind of thing seems rare even for rich upper class people... Even if they're rich, they just don't tend to own so much, that they can't deal with it themselves... I mean, even royalty here will often have a stylist (like celebrities usually do) and they may employ a cleaner to do the actual cleaning around the house, but employing a professional organizer to organise their closet is just unheard of..
      Same in many other European countries...

    • AnnaJacqueline
      AnnaJacqueline 4 months ago +3

      I’m American and I don’t hire someone to organize my closet even though I can pay for that service. Not all Americans do that. Only those that want to and can afford it.

    • Montserrat Elechiguerra Chávez
      Montserrat Elechiguerra Chávez 4 months ago +9

      Why say “Americans” like an insult (I’m not American btw)? Everybody needs help. Maybe YOU don’t need help organizing things but that doesn’t mean is a bad thing if you do. The way I see it is, if I pay to LEARN something why should I be ashamed to hire someone teach me how to organize. I don’t do it because is expensive but I wouldn’t be ashamed to do it if I had the money. I have friends from all over the world (even Japan that has the rep of being organized by nature) that are messy or hired someone to do the heavy lifting.

  • Miya Little
    Miya Little 5 months ago +2

    “Professional organizer”

  • Elaine Howard
    Elaine Howard 5 months ago +561

    How much more of a help would all that have been had she been standing in front of a closet, chest of draws, and just showing properly each stage. Rather than having to try to understand, work out what she meant. Yes there were close up shots of people doing things in there closets, but it’s never as good as being shown by the person doing the talking, they just explain things better verbally and physically. Anyway that’s my opinion. X

    • Debbie Daniel
      Debbie Daniel Month ago +1

      I agree too! Would love to understand better what she meant by ‘file folding’?! Egan using a drawer for T-shirts!

    • Potato Thicc
      Potato Thicc Month ago +2

      Elaine Howard I totally agree!

  • Jeanette9a
    Jeanette9a 5 months ago +4

    There is so much open space in my closet now. Though my socks are still kinda messy, any suggestions?

    • Jeanette9a
      Jeanette9a 5 months ago

      @jlwalk905 thank you

    • jlwalk905
      jlwalk905 5 months ago +1

      If you google "Marie Kondo folding socks" she explains how to fold socks, tights and leggings. Saved my sock drawer.

  • appdata prozent
    appdata prozent 5 months ago +47

    *Saf entered the chat*

  • Karl Greenway
    Karl Greenway 5 months ago +3

    Thanks for the tips will use

  • Andrea ,
    Andrea , 5 months ago +2


  • Sophie C
    Sophie C 5 months ago +76

    Well, I had inspiration cause it’s the middle of the night ya know, but I just lost it 🤦🏼‍♀️

    • Jeanette9a
      Jeanette9a 5 months ago

      same went to bed thinking what I manged to do was great and sleep really well after.

    • Oh Didi
      Oh Didi 5 months ago +1

      Sophie C Sameeee


    10th comment
    any Indian here

  • Robin
    Robin 5 months ago +11

    Basically konmari

  • Katarina Groznica
    Katarina Groznica 5 months ago +323

    Me:watching a closet organization video while siting infront of my pile of clothes surrounded by wood called a closet

    • Diana Luna
      Diana Luna 3 months ago


    • Laura Ceown
      Laura Ceown 4 months ago +1

      Brilliant _Name ~ Thanks! ❤ You too, I hope I'll sort this mess out xD I may also try organizing them by color.. we'll have to see. :D

    • Brilliant _Name
      Brilliant _Name 4 months ago +1

      Laura Ceown Give it your best! 😊 I am halfway through getting rid of mine.

    • Laura Ceown
      Laura Ceown 4 months ago +3

      Brilliant _Name ~ Same, my mom told to get rid of some clothes because my closet is so full but I don't want to get rid of anything because I wear them all.. now I'm just left with a room full of clothes everywhere :P

    • Rome Ava
      Rome Ava 5 months ago +2


  • Lembayung Jingga
    Lembayung Jingga 5 months ago +139

    konmari method about file folding (t-shirt, pants, sweater, underwear, etc) really help me a lot in saving space, and organize beautiful to look at

    • The Other Her
      The Other Her 2 months ago


    • MissVasques
      MissVasques 4 months ago +2

      Lembayung Jingga Agreed! It helped Finally truly feel like a tidy person and not someone kinda hiding away my mess until those few session that made it look pretty for a short while.

  • Klaudia Books
    Klaudia Books 5 months ago +1


  • кiηGzツ
    кiηGzツ 5 months ago +1