5 Most Dangerous iPhone Cases Ever! (Some Illegal)

  • Published on May 20, 2017
  • The Most Dangerous & Illegal iPhone 7 Plus, 7 & SE Cases. iPhone Gun Case, Stun Gun Case, Brass Knuckles Case, Knife Case & More!
    Shocking Myself With an iPhone: ru-clip.net/video/5Hq_u2DI5pw/video.html
    Illegal iPhone WiFi Jammer: ru-clip.net/video/xYeQvMEtyBs/video.html
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  • Liamwedgames Da dab dab
    Liamwedgames Da dab dab 6 hours ago +1

    Arrest him

  • Kevin Wei
    Kevin Wei 16 hours ago

    U wanT To ShOoT iPhOnE

  • joe mama
    joe mama 19 hours ago

    can i ples have one

  • joe mama
    joe mama 19 hours ago

    i wont a case now

  • Clarence joy tiglao
    Clarence joy tiglao 20 hours ago

    How Can i get the 2nd one?

  • NCX Raptor
    NCX Raptor 22 hours ago

    Throws pepper spray can in the pepper spray...

  • Tedster McFredster

    The aluminum will and can dent

  • Tedster McFredster

    He needs to study knife safety

  • Nalaiya Booker
    Nalaiya Booker Day ago +1

    How many iPhone does he have

  • Liam Martin
    Liam Martin 2 days ago

    This is the most American thing I’ve ever seen

  • Mike COLE
    Mike COLE 2 days ago

    awsome iphone cases here : gadgets-center.com/collections/cases

  • Hope this Condom gets 1k subs


    Soldiers in star wars: 4:31

  • Henry Jesse
    Henry Jesse 2 days ago


  • Adrian De La Paz
    Adrian De La Paz 2 days ago

    that is not real

  • VintageNightmare
    VintageNightmare 2 days ago

    I wonder if the storage case can save your live when your stranded or lighting some torch.

  • Ocean Xxi
    Ocean Xxi 3 days ago

    The tazor one almost broke my AirPods

  • christina taylor
    christina taylor 3 days ago


  • Arcegono Lorraine
    Arcegono Lorraine 3 days ago

    I need the pepper spray and the electric phonecase

  • Needel Gaming
    Needel Gaming 3 days ago +1

    How much phones does this guy have? 😅

  • Fernando Duran
    Fernando Duran 3 days ago +1

    How much iPhones does this man have

  • xxxajdev studios
    xxxajdev studios 3 days ago


  • Amie LaFex
    Amie LaFex 4 days ago

    Pepper spray my hole family has one

  • jatratel site
    jatratel site 4 days ago

    Oops sry now i know

  • jatratel site
    jatratel site 4 days ago


  • Mohamed Sharif
    Mohamed Sharif 4 days ago

    i looked at the thumnail and instanly new it was american

  • まめはらけいリ

    I’m from China but have never seen any of these lol

  • Ian Stalker
    Ian Stalker 4 days ago

    password 0000

  • Leroy Sinclair
    Leroy Sinclair 4 days ago

    I want the stun gun cases

  • ・ Tinymations ・
    ・ Tinymations ・ 4 days ago

    Now we know ur phone password o-o

    EVER GLOW 4 days ago +1

    I need this rn because here in our country the kids are being kidnapped and that case will protect me tbh

  • GarrettGames
    GarrettGames 4 days ago

    Mind telling me where I can get them ;)

  • Kids Not So Perfect
    Kids Not So Perfect 5 days ago

    2:22 he says: it’s also a weapon. THERE ALL WEAPONS

  • Ar Nas
    Ar Nas 5 days ago

    I should get the taser phone case

  • chesnay kasule
    chesnay kasule 5 days ago

    Why did you try the stun gun cases on yourself?

  • SmakowityJan
    SmakowityJan 5 days ago

    when u sprayed the P E P P E R spray it hurted a a a little my eyeball. why youtube are u so dangerous

  • joleen shiels
    joleen shiels 5 days ago

    The most illegal phone is

    a phone case that disables WiFi

  • Immaculee Kamikazi
    Immaculee Kamikazi 5 days ago

    if they are illegal phone case an't u wanted

  • carno beats
    carno beats 5 days ago

    EverythingApplePro: you can gut someone pretty easy
    Me: who are you going to gut?

  • Ice Dragon
    Ice Dragon 5 days ago

    1000 iphones i think so but i want one of this case i know

  • Sean McManus
    Sean McManus 5 days ago

    Otterbox for the Win

  • André Thompson Jamaica

    If Its illegal Then HOW DO YOU EVEN HAVE IT BROV

  • Marietta Eastman
    Marietta Eastman 6 days ago


  • Alan -_- O -_- wskyy YT

    Your channel is Mamed EverythingApplePro but you have LG Screen xD

  • Paul R
    Paul R 6 days ago

    It would be good if when you click on the trigger it takes a picture

    A.S.S.J GAMING 6 days ago

    Where did you leave??

  • Ty Pinkney
    Ty Pinkney 6 days ago +2

    The fist one imagine if u accedteinly threw it it of ur hand and it breaks lmao😪😯🤣

  • Homeless Stranger
    Homeless Stranger 6 days ago

    I think that the governments should at least in the US anyway should issue a permit for the pistol looking case and any other potentially dangerous phone cases.

  • Roshundria Jones
    Roshundria Jones 6 days ago

    send me an iPhone pls

  • XxWater SniperxX
    XxWater SniperxX 6 days ago

    rhe first one legal but he bought 2

  • Hunter Butsch
    Hunter Butsch 6 days ago


  • A Mote
    A Mote 6 days ago

    Yeah dood

  • Brandey Bertrand
    Brandey Bertrand 6 days ago

    7:48 didnt we see his password

  • 45strikepoint 101
    45strikepoint 101 7 days ago

    Can you send me one for a ios 5se

    JESSEN FERNANDO 7 days ago

    He has too much Phone!!

  • •Blxssxm Bear•
    •Blxssxm Bear• 7 days ago

    Tbh I really think that the lighter phone case was the coolest.I mean,It’s dangerous but I think it’s an easy way to light your cigarette.That phone case is for my dad. P.S dad stop smoking please.

  • Kalin Nikolov
    Kalin Nikolov 7 days ago

    he loves apple and then in the backround he has a LG computer

  • kheavenly
    kheavenly 7 days ago

    Dude imagine having the taser case in your pocket and it accidentally turns on

  • Cesar Gonzalez
    Cesar Gonzalez 7 days ago +1

    I think he might have 11 iPhone

  • Arishan Sathiy
    Arishan Sathiy 7 days ago

    I Live in Canada But i Think my States is United States

  • Luky Valient
    Luky Valient 7 days ago

    if you want pull a "gun" against someone.. expect gun against you.. in this case, really really bad idea :/