Russian Doll | Everything You Might Have Missed | Netflix

  • Published on Feb 27, 2019
  • There are no coincidences in Russian Doll. Every detail has a purpose.
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    Russian Doll | Everything You Might Have Missed | Netflix
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Comments • 156

  • Sincerely Eccentric
    Sincerely Eccentric 14 days ago

    "gotta get up, gotta get out" has been playing in my head for weeks!

  • Harsh Kadam
    Harsh Kadam 20 days ago

    Whats in the joint

  • John Carenko
    John Carenko 23 days ago

    gotta get up gotta get out gotta get home before the morning comes

  • Micaela Arzamendía
    Micaela Arzamendía 23 days ago

    The biggest gem is the line "Life is like a box of timelines". A variation from Forest Gump's Mandela Effect. People who are into real-life timeline shifting appreciate this ;)

  • Larry Larrabee
    Larry Larrabee 24 days ago

    anybody notice when they panned on the shrinks house the first time, on the mantle there was a picture of Elizabeth Ashley (who played the shrink) with her former husband George Peppard? Embarrassingly, I did

  • Jessica ZED
    Jessica ZED 25 days ago

    Thanks for the Burroughs info

  • Steven Duarte
    Steven Duarte Month ago

    How did anyone NOT notice this stuff

  • Game Film HUB
    Game Film HUB Month ago

    Don't start doing these "What you Missed' Videos, they are always Shit !!!! You are NETFLIX not a Teenage RU-clipr !

  • Brian Straight
    Brian Straight Month ago +16

    Did I notice things that were critical details that the camera lingers on and were specific plot points in the narrative of the show and pointed out in dialogue? (Like the fish and the ring disappearing.) Yes, yes I did.
    How about pointing out far more subtle things that likely mean something "deeper" in what is going on? Like, Horse and his shoes and when he claims they were stolen and when he does/does not have them on?

  • Capone B
    Capone B Month ago


  • bea n
    bea n Month ago

    Amazing show

  • Spookylady
    Spookylady Month ago +21

    I am insanely in love with this show.

  • Patty Krabbies
    Patty Krabbies Month ago

    Oh lmao I just thought the gun handle was cool honestly 😂

  • Patty Krabbies
    Patty Krabbies Month ago

    On come the fish tank being full was totally clear-I mean there was one shot dedicated to the tank for a few seconds

  • Poe Lemic
    Poe Lemic Month ago +1

    When will Netflix license "To your Scattered Bodies Go" by Philip Jose Farmer !?!?!?!? Riverworld would be an incredible series ...

  • Problematist
    Problematist Month ago +4

    I'm pretty sure it'll turn out they've been in hell all this time like in The Good Place but Dark.

  • Wladyslaw Aaron
    Wladyslaw Aaron Month ago +6

    I binged all season yesterday and it was GREAT!

  • Nabiel Alif
    Nabiel Alif Month ago +1

    gotta get up gotta get out dududu

  • Bartosz Bednarczuk
    Bartosz Bednarczuk Month ago

    And? What is the added value of those stuff??? This tv show let us think that it has some hidden philosophy. Well, it hasn't. Be nice to people, enjoy life, laugh often. Heck, Monty Python told us this things more than 30 years ago. And here we have pretty nice looking series about NOTHING.

  • Joey Jojo Garcia
    Joey Jojo Garcia Month ago

    Fun series, didn't pick up until EP 3. Highly suggest a watch.

  • reesemonkey
    reesemonkey Month ago

    You forgot something,ripping off Max Richter- departure suite theme from the show The Leftover .

  • LaWendeltreppe
    LaWendeltreppe Month ago +3

    I want more. I think the whole series is layer upon layer of metaphors, symbols and insider knowledge...

  • acecarriere
    acecarriere Month ago

    If anybody has the time to spare, I’d love to know why you liked this show. I thought it was boring and by the end it didn’t really address any of the main plot points. It just sorta ended. Maybe that’s the point? I don’t know. For example, how did the random piece of broken mirror wind up in her mouth? Was there some deep symbolism I missed? Is this an allegory for something? Genuinely curious. Thanks

    • staranimalark
      staranimalark Month ago

      it symbolizes her relationship w her mom and how she never let go of it

  • bep3
    bep3 Month ago

    what about the mirrors?!

  • Dilara A
    Dilara A Month ago

    with all these metaphors, it is understood how clever the script is written. 🤩

  • hannahalice
    hannahalice Month ago +2

    not even close

  • Ohne Gehirn
    Ohne Gehirn Month ago


  •  Month ago

    Mindfuck ... season 2 please


    Netfilx de izlediğim en muhteşem dizilerden biri

  • Immortal Jelly
    Immortal Jelly Month ago

    mirrors? what about them?

  • David S
    David S Month ago

    Did anyone else notice the black smoke in the sky when she goes to the roof to see if Alan jumped?

    • mariya g
      mariya g Month ago

      I did!!! I thought it was eerie... It looked like a... jelly fish or something that came out of a Harry Potter movie. Good to know I wasn't the only one!

  • DisgruntledSideQuestNPC

    This show was pretty awesome until the last two episodes. Then it just tanked.

  • not like you
    not like you Month ago

    >русская героиня
    >играет еврейка с «русским» акцентом

  • Luca Wankenobi
    Luca Wankenobi Month ago

    Oh no now this gets a black mirror vibe. They are in a simulation!!!!

  • Sterling Archer
    Sterling Archer Month ago

    such a waste of an actress. horrible idea for a movie that has been overdone way too much. we literally just had happy death day 1 and 2 come out

    • MakeMyCrazy
      MakeMyCrazy Month ago +1

      Well... The actress made the serie.

  • Bunnipunch
    Bunnipunch Month ago

    Her outfit would change too. Unless she was changing at home if she lived out the night?!

  • UkCobra
    UkCobra Month ago +8

    Can we talk about the rotting fruit please!

    • Patty Krabbies
      Patty Krabbies Month ago +1

      mariya g Ohhhhh shit that does make sense

    • Patty Krabbies
      Patty Krabbies Month ago +4

      Wasn’t it already explained about how time was relative to Alan and Nadia? Like while the fruit was rotting to indicate the time that passed for them, it remained ripe relative within the two days that got repeated

    • mariya g
      mariya g Month ago +2

      +g33kthegirl me too, something like that. After that they start to disintegrate themselves inside out, they were running out of time as everything disintegrates faster.

    • g33kthegirl
      g33kthegirl Month ago

      I interpreted that as another sign that their world was disintegrating. Thoughts?

  • Gissellex
    Gissellex Month ago

    goodbye vampire diaries.

  • Dancing Melody
    Dancing Melody Month ago


  • Dancing Melody
    Dancing Melody Month ago


  • Dancing Melody
    Dancing Melody Month ago


  • Paul Syuldin
    Paul Syuldin Month ago

    Не поооонял! Это что взяли проообраз пугачёвой?

  • Mari CihZi
    Mari CihZi Month ago

    Loved it! You are worsening my insomnia with great series like this Netflix

  • vianeth cg
    vianeth cg Month ago +42

    also nadia's mom broke the mirrors

  • Axhiro Madlander
    Axhiro Madlander Month ago

    Reall disliked this show... the first few episodes were classic timeloop “what’s going on” and everything else was predictable

  • Andrew Hake
    Andrew Hake Month ago

    One of the best Netflix original series to date!

  • Ana B
    Ana B Month ago +2

    Such an amazing show. Super well thought out and everything comes together beautifully in the end.

  • Jamecia
    Jamecia Month ago

    Great show I almost passed on watching it, I'm glad I didn't.

  • _Lightning_Queen_ 12

    The lady from ant farm in black lightning I love her

  • Clash With Jordan
    Clash With Jordan Month ago +7

    Waiting for on my block season 2 trailer...

  • 360 jman
    360 jman Month ago +2

    Wheres the on my block season 2 trailer at

  • Sebi The Hunter
    Sebi The Hunter Month ago

    I missed only one thing

  • Andreina Díaz
    Andreina Díaz Month ago

    Such an incredible show 😍

    • Nike
      Nike Month ago

      Andreina Díaz Trash show

  • Rasoi Ghar By Monika

    Russian doll wait to watch

  • xxxpaulaxxx. Carreño

    Cuando se estrena la segunda temporada de titanes,y go vive a tu manera,espero su respuesta

  • Tarantino_301 301
    Tarantino_301 301 Month ago +6

    Who's just waiting for the On my block trailer to come out

  • Laiane Chaves
    Laiane Chaves Month ago

    We need a video about The OA and things we missed, it's a lot

    • Laiane Chaves
      Laiane Chaves Month ago

      +Nike ok

    • Nike
      Nike Month ago

      Laiane Chaves Shows that are on regular TV and not independent garbage that Netflix creates

    • Laiane Chaves
      Laiane Chaves Month ago

      +Nike what's real for you??

    • Nike
      Nike Month ago

      Laiane Chaves We need more real TV shows and not Netflix original trash

  • Jason O'Connell
    Jason O'Connell Month ago

    I really enjoyed this. I watched it cause I’m a fan of Natasha after OITNB and thought I’d give it a shot. Glad I did. Now I wanna see more

    • Nike
      Nike Month ago

      Jason O'Connell Ew dude, this shows make me want to lick my own butt hole

  • JUNINHO7489 Games
    JUNINHO7489 Games Month ago

    Coloca mais episódios de naruto SHIPUDEN

  • Piotr Miśkiewicz
    Piotr Miśkiewicz Month ago +115

    Sweet birthday, baby!

  • Wesley
    Wesley Month ago

    Okay fine, I didn't catch the Burroughs reference... Sorry I'm Not the perfect movie watcher Netflix😭😭😭😭😭

  • Helder De Almeida
    Helder De Almeida Month ago

    Netflix is my new TV and cinema. I don't need anymore sky or virgin media.

  • Dimitri James
    Dimitri James Month ago

    i didn't miss any of that

  • Melanie Potatoes
    Melanie Potatoes Month ago +3

    On my block trailer hellooo??

  • MOHA 4K
    MOHA 4K Month ago

  • Isadora Lima
    Isadora Lima Month ago +4

    "sweet birthday babyyyy!!"

  • ALAN
    ALAN Month ago +1

    Horrible terrible meaningless show

  • Jamison Sims
    Jamison Sims Month ago +2

    Twas a good show.

  • Bre J
    Bre J Month ago +3

    On my block

  • Kyle Foster
    Kyle Foster Month ago +4

    Such a great show!!

  • rossriver75
    rossriver75 Month ago +7

    What if it’s true? I mean what if after you die, you experience dying over and over?

  • Amrapali Zaveri
    Amrapali Zaveri Month ago +12

    She says Alan Zaveri and I was shocked coz thats my last name - definitely didnt miss that😅

  • Andres Is Cheetos
    Andres Is Cheetos Month ago +47

    On my block trailer Netflix quit trolling us

  • Ludymila Hair
    Ludymila Hair Month ago

    Quando vai sair a 2 temporada?

  • youssef sameh
    youssef sameh Month ago +20

    I watched this series and it's absolutely amazing

  • Sandeep Kumar
    Sandeep Kumar Month ago +2

    Honestly first 3 episodes was so boring. That I stopped watching the season like period. But one day I just checked the 4th episode and that's it I was glued to it and finished all the episodes in one day... It was so f*****king awesome and bizare scary too.

    • mariya g
      mariya g Month ago

      something like that happened to me too. I watched first episodes and got kind of bored. I was about to stop watching but it was a lazy weekend night so I let them keep going. I don't remember when I got glued to the series but I loved it! I had to watched all the episodes and finished them in one roll.

    • montrealfilmguy
      montrealfilmguy Month ago

      Good on you for continuing to watch.

  • gothboiclique
    gothboiclique Month ago +7

    honestly idgaf about this i want on my block trailer 👊🙄😤

  • Dread
    Dread Month ago

    I thought it was a movie then saw the 2 chapter begins and immediately stopped watching

  • Matthew James
    Matthew James Month ago +477

    Definitely didn't notice the reuse of those actors!

    • contains peanuts
      contains peanuts Month ago

      ikr,but they did look familiar lmao

    • Olly
      Olly Month ago +16

      lol all white guys w beards look the same to me at this point

  • Burak SERPEN
    Burak SERPEN Month ago +2


  • Pretty Hi
    Pretty Hi Month ago +3

    Great show!

  • Daxxon Jabiru
    Daxxon Jabiru Month ago

    Cute ... but ... She not thick enuff.

  • jimmi høvring
    jimmi høvring Month ago +12

    This is actually a fairly decent show. but one person who is elevating it to about a million is Natasha Lyonne... Her acting is breathtakingly awesome...
    Nat, you are a fucking superstar!

  • Molly Childs
    Molly Childs Month ago +20

    On my block season 2 trailer?

  • Tay :7
    Tay :7 Month ago +82

    This show is incredible and the way it makes you reflect is wow
    Just wow

  • Sophie Somba
    Sophie Somba Month ago +12

    When's omb s2 trailer coming out?

  • Luiz Fernando
    Luiz Fernando Month ago +1

    Cadê a segunda temporadaaaaa???

    • Luiz Fernando
      Luiz Fernando Month ago

      Fanindra então... deixou, mas queria tanto uma segunda pra que os dois ficassem na mesma realidade

    • xobritnd
      xobritnd Month ago +1

      Olha,eu acho que Russian Doll não vai ter 2 temp não,o final meio que deixou um pouco claro

  • Brid Mcgrath
    Brid Mcgrath Month ago +178

    Natasha lyonne is one of my favourite actors and she did a fantastic job in this!!!!🖤✌🏻😃

    • me neither
      me neither Month ago +4

      Love her since But I'm a Cheerleader. Her work is amazing.

    • Brid Mcgrath
      Brid Mcgrath Month ago

      Clorox Bleach yup!!!!✌🏻🖤thanks 4 replying!!! Have a nice day!!!

    • Clorox Bleach
      Clorox Bleach Month ago +1

      Since the orange is the new black.

  • Elizabeth
    Elizabeth Month ago +6


  • 5mplicación
    5mplicación Month ago

    Jaja cómo no me di cuenta de esto

  • Aj Bangura
    Aj Bangura Month ago +24

    Where’s the on my block trailer tho 😪👀

  • Donovan Green
    Donovan Green Month ago +14

    I thought these was on my block trailer bro 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • _Lightning_Queen_ 12
    _Lightning_Queen_ 12 Month ago +2

    When is black lightning gonna do episodes every week not every month or so

  • Saixxx
    Saixxx Month ago +3

    I didin't realy enjoy it and series was kinda disappointing

  • Miasia Young
    Miasia Young Month ago +24

    Can you put out the on my block trailer

  • ابو هيثم
    ابو هيثم Month ago +1


  • Jedi King Pudge
    Jedi King Pudge Month ago +18

    I wonder if she's friends with Cuban Doll & Asian Doll?

  • Sim0n3T0rtiLLa
    Sim0n3T0rtiLLa Month ago +29

    Drop the on my block trailer

  • Sisan Fregene
    Sisan Fregene Month ago +60

    I thought it was this On My Block trailer, they got us again

  • santosh poule
    santosh poule Month ago +2

    Like my comment Plz

    • santosh poule
      santosh poule Month ago +1

      +John R. Carter Husky lover I am from india . & love los angeles . My dreme is i want to come .los angeles.
      and stay your famelly blest.

    • John R. Carter Husky lover
      John R. Carter Husky lover Month ago +1

      +santosh poule yep just gave it a 👍. I'm from Los Angeles, beautiful SoCal and right now no rain with even a ☁ in the sky. Hope all is well where you are from. Nothing but good faith for you and your family.

    • santosh poule
      santosh poule Month ago +1

      +John R. Carter Husky lover wher r u from ?

    • santosh poule
      santosh poule Month ago +1

      +John R. Carter Husky lover Yaaa

    • John R. Carter Husky lover
      John R. Carter Husky lover Month ago +1

      Just did 👍 up