Pantheon, the Unbreakable Spear | Champion Theme - League of Legends

  • Published on Jul 29, 2019
  • Listen to the official champion theme for Pantheon, the Unbreakable Spear, and watch some of the process behind his base and skin splash art.
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  • An X Gaming
    An X Gaming 3 hours ago


  • Honey Banshee
    Honey Banshee 14 hours ago

    Hes hot

  • Liviu Baluta
    Liviu Baluta Day ago

    Riot pls make Pantheon vs Aatrox cinematic !

  • EVATO1
    EVATO1 Day ago

    who is still listening that music? Xd

  • Vinay Shravan
    Vinay Shravan 2 days ago

    i listened to this music now i have 6 packs and huge biceps and i effortlessly beat the rock in an arm wrestling match.

  • kwnpappous 21
    kwnpappous 21 2 days ago +1

    Greek Spartan

  • Mohamed Abdelkhalek
    Mohamed Abdelkhalek 3 days ago

    With that music he desrve a real video game for him

  • Sir butn
    Sir butn 6 days ago

    Lads, in Pantheon's classic skin splash art, Aatrox is in the background staring him down.

  • Juankarmonius
    Juankarmonius 6 days ago

    the music is really epic, i like it!!

  • Gerom Larayos
    Gerom Larayos 6 days ago

    When you realize who's POV it was in Aatrox's rework trailer...

  • Thomás Félix
    Thomás Félix 7 days ago

    The Best Champion theme ever!

    ¡YESIANYEHA! 7 days ago

    It's sad to say it, but i prefeer this _master piece_ than phoenix, this one trully gives me hype

  • Kpi
    Kpi 7 days ago +1


  • tiziano finozzi
    tiziano finozzi 7 days ago +1


  • catalin stancu
    catalin stancu 8 days ago +3

    Has anyone thought that Pantheon, his face, looks a little like an adult atreus from God of War 2018

  • General Franky1
    General Franky1 8 days ago

    *Some day when i finally get a new pc to play league of legends once again to get my main man phanteon after all these years*

  • noel villanueva
    noel villanueva 9 days ago +1

    Isnt this song just a cover of empire of angels.

  • HRougeRiot
    HRougeRiot 10 days ago +1

    Estas canciones las deberían poner en Spotify

  • Carlo Feria
    Carlo Feria 10 days ago

    No login screen on queena and this

  • Aeon Calcos
    Aeon Calcos 11 days ago

    The theme song of a REAL man

  • munir mohand
    munir mohand 11 days ago +2

    quien haya estudiado historia del arte entiende la referencia del cambio de tonalidad , hay una obra muy famosa que recrea el partenon con ese estilo de cambio de tonalidad

  • Dvvna
    Dvvna 12 days ago +1

    Who else keeps coming back for the music

  • mrArchduke
    mrArchduke 12 days ago

    Pantheon is such a dream boat.

  • 섹순
    섹순 12 days ago

    웅장하다 판테온 원챔인데 이거 들으면 내가 판테온이 된거 같다!💛💜💙💚🖤❤️🧡

  • totally not a bot
    totally not a bot 12 days ago

    Panth, I want my heterosexuality back.

  • ҉Ztardust
    ҉Ztardust 13 days ago +3

    Best worlds song so far imo.


  • alberto martinez
    alberto martinez 14 days ago +1

    musica muy epica quiero un skin de pantheon de un aguila toda la armadura plateada cuando use la r y caiga suene el grito de un aguila :D

  • t honk
    t honk 15 days ago

    2:44 best part

  • Ignacio Pérez
    Ignacio Pérez 15 days ago

    I was wondering, why in most artwork he appears holding the spear with the right hand and shield on left but in game is spear left, shield right?

  • Dye
    Dye 16 days ago +2

    No login screen... Even the animation team is getting more lazy...

  • 삐에러
    삐에러 16 days ago

    And now...Phanteon is first tier since it was remaked in Korea LoL

  • Haster Phenix
    Haster Phenix 16 days ago

    the song is befiting of a Greek god

  • dikson florencio
    dikson florencio 17 days ago +3

    Best league song of 2019 so far

    • Sho Zenkawa
      Sho Zenkawa 14 days ago

      dikson florencio light and shadow cough

  • Hazel
    Hazel 18 days ago

    Could he be the Atreus that inspired Kratos?

  • Big Man Riotous
    Big Man Riotous 18 days ago +1

    Yet again, Riot design team are legendary, music team are godlike and balance teem has been slain :/

  • Laviniu Prepelescu
    Laviniu Prepelescu 19 days ago +2

    I grew a beard in 3 minutes.

  • G-Money
    G-Money 19 days ago

    Not a god.
    Not a demon.
    Not a beast.

    Just some big boi with big spear and a badass theme.

  • washington targino
    washington targino 19 days ago

    o campeão ficou maravilhoso, só a história nova que precisa ser jogada fora e a antiga ser continuada.

  • Peter Nguyen
    Peter Nguyen 20 days ago

    0:00-1:18 Atreus, a warrior son to battles a thousand times lost and brother to soldiers resting beneath wheat ascended Mount Targon. The weight of all his defeats heavy on his shoulder, he climbed the bitter cliffs of the mountain until even shame could not keep up with his resolve: to obtain greater power from the godly Aspects in hopes to defend his people. Reaching the top, the sky opened to a realm beyond comprehension and the Aspect of War, Pantheon, gazed through into the mortal’s soul. For centuries, those that scaled Targon’s peak deemed worthy were blessed with the Aspect’s divine powers they were welcomed with. But rather blessing Atreus with his strength, Pantheon took possession of Atreus’ mortal body as his unwilling host. On that day a man did not descend from Targon’s peak, but a god, rising as a beacon of celestial might. Pantheon’s light streaked skywards, setting the stars in his constellation ablaze as he took up spear and shield to carry out his divine and heroic deeds along with his legend. The god combed the lands for the dreaded Darkin, demonic beings forged in a bygone age, in self-imposed justice. Pantheon earned many exalted battles against them. Whether it be on land, ocean, or sky he would be there to snuff out their darkness. He felt this feat was only something he must fulfill, as it would prove too much for a disgraceful mortal like Atreus. But at the very least, his body would serve Pantheon’s godhood purpose well, basking Pantheon in the glory he's always sought for as the Aspect of War.

    1:19-2:05 Pantheon faced a Darkin like none he's ever seen. One who thirsted for the top of Mount Targon that spelled danger to all other Aspects. Its heart colder and darker than the blackest corners of the arctic regions of Freljord, Aatrox. His name loathed by both mortal, and especially Aspect, earning him the title of God Killer and World Ender. Pantheon clashed with the Darkin in the skies. Their fight raged and shook the stars itself in a storm of transcendental might, leaving the Earth at their battle’s mercy. Mortals below could only find themselves swept by the two immortals' wrath as the Earth shattered. Until Aatrox fulfilled his namesake. The God Killer had slain the god. Freeing Atreus of the aspect that held his body hostage, but also robbing him of the divine powers that allowed him to protect those he cared for, leaving him nothing but a powerless shield and spear.

    2:06-2:46 A band of barbarians were unfortunate enough to cross paths with Aatrox as they found themselves under siege by the Darkin’s fury months later. "Pantheon" returned to face Aatrox once again standing between them. Not as the Aspect of War, but as Atreus himself. A man who had known nothing but defeat driven by his unfettered will and resolve to protect those around him. Aatrox's unrelenting and mighty blows leave Atreus helpless and on the edge of defeat. Striking Atreus to his knees that have been all too familiar to the ground. The cries of those around him ring like a siren, urging him to stand once more as all seems hopeless. Atreus can hear all their voices rekindling not only his unyielding will but the power of the Aspect of War in both shield and spear. Their light, his light, was shimmering. Just like that of Pantheon's rise.

    2:47-3:31 Atreus yelled with his returned godly might clashing his spear and shield against the World Ender's greatsword sending magnificent sparks and flares that put the heaven's light to shame. Aatrox in the heat of battle is completely taken aback by Atreus' returned surge of power that felt even greater from that of Pantheon. No... it wasn't that Atreus was stronger. It was that the Aspect's weapons were inflamed by the unimaginable will of a mortal to fight off death itself. Heavier than Atreus’ spear was the weight of fulfilling one life no god could match. With a celestial leap, Atreus came streaking down like a comet with his spear blazing. Severing the Darkin's arm as he fell to his knees with his demonic blade. For the first time, Atreus was, at last, the final man standing. This time as a mortal over a god killer. The god may have died, but the man that is Atreus lives. He was now a new Pantheon.

  • For In
    For In 20 days ago

    somrbody please tell the name of this music

  • Dean Barabona
    Dean Barabona 21 day ago +6

    Get hyped by this song
    -got 12/5/7
    -win a ranked
    -get penta kill in the end
    I think im a pantheon main now.

  • Gun Rayer
    Gun Rayer 21 day ago +2

    "The God Died The Man Lives"

  • Bea Soler
    Bea Soler 21 day ago +4

    I need Pantheon Theme on Spotify.

  • Tacemiko
    Tacemiko 21 day ago

    Worst rework in my opinion, what's with the voice? Why he pulls his helmet off? Why we have to see his face? Very dissapointed, my whole theme of the champion ruined

    • Mr. Cyan Cube
      Mr. Cyan Cube 7 days ago

      You want masked menace? Then go for jhin jhin jhin jhin

    • Wormy
      Wormy 21 day ago +5

      You are entitled to your own opinion. Just know that it is wrong.

  • Wings and Tears
    Wings and Tears 21 day ago

    how beautiful could it be is so awesome with that melody

  • Jhonnil Ymas
    Jhonnil Ymas 22 days ago +1

    Why the frick does this sound so good

  • King Darius God
    King Darius God 23 days ago +1


  • Scott Harry
    Scott Harry 23 days ago

    gave him a fiora W that lasts longer and does damage....ok

  • LeToucan
    LeToucan 23 days ago +1

    I hate to kill the fun for you all guys but the new pantheon is not a spartan a simple look at his colors and you will see he is athenian

  • Aeon Calcos
    Aeon Calcos 24 days ago

    Spartans for life!!

  • uchuoong
    uchuoong 25 days ago +1

    The God Who decide become Human.. Tyrael..?

  • Thulani Simela
    Thulani Simela 25 days ago

    This better be at worlds this year

  • Mihael Vrđuka
    Mihael Vrđuka 26 days ago +1

    This song is so strong dude haha i got chills from it but at the same time when Panth ults i can hear bot lane screaming for help 😂

    CAPTAIN FALCON 26 days ago +1

    😭😭😭😭my Baker

  • Shadow SSS
    Shadow SSS 26 days ago +1

    Aatrox the world ender

    Pantheon the Man...

  • MarcusNMA
    MarcusNMA 26 days ago

    i frickin love the theme music for Pantheon

  • bayron mamani
    bayron mamani 26 days ago

    simplemente hermoso la cancion todo al fin hace algo bien rito mi main :V

  • Hernan
    Hernan 26 days ago

    El macho

  • salih şendil
    salih şendil 26 days ago

    My best champion ever!

  • Stergios gr
    Stergios gr 27 days ago

    0:12 best time