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  • Relive the family’s humble beginnings when we first met them at the Shore House. Here’s the best of Jersey Shore’s Season 1.
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Comments • 80

  • Dessy Turner
    Dessy Turner 15 hours ago

    Ronnie had bad anger issues and Sammi got put through bad things because of it. If he could have controlled his anger they could have made such a better couple.


    The situation where Angelina was talking to Danny and Samson made me cringe 😂

  • jlin 99
    jlin 99 Day ago

    Mike fat shames Snooki, they hook up in the hot tub two episodes later, complete 180

  • Sean Madden
    Sean Madden 2 days ago

    I don’t condone Snooki getting punched but she made the situation worse bantering with the guy she could have handled it better

  • McNugget Fan
    McNugget Fan 3 days ago

    I dont understand who is this guy, why is it his house, why do they have to work at the shirt place? Why cant they just pay rent with their own money?

  • Khalid Mohamed
    Khalid Mohamed 4 days ago

    Situation and pauly put the sneakers on and started the engines 😂

  • Victoria Michaels
    Victoria Michaels 4 days ago +1

    Little did they know that their lives would forever change after this aired. I am still so amazed by the impact this awesome group of people has had. Jersey Shore was and is iconic during its initial time and I literally will never get sick of watching.

  • Alma Barrientos
    Alma Barrientos 5 days ago

    Is that a fake Louis Vuitton? *meanwhile holds a fake Chanel bag*

  • Lila Rivera
    Lila Rivera 5 days ago

    Seeing jwoww throw punch after punch after punch at the end had me dead asf 💀

  • Lila Rivera
    Lila Rivera 5 days ago

    43:13 anyone know that song playing?

  • Shane Peterson
    Shane Peterson 6 days ago +1

    “I don’t repeat myself twice” ....”I said I don’t repeat myself twice!” 😑

  • Amanda D'Souza
    Amanda D'Souza 6 days ago

    “I don’t hook up with the grenades, come on!” *throws shade at her back*

  • Cristian Gallardo
    Cristian Gallardo 8 days ago

    Ron was so mean to Sammi. Like I understand you get heated in a fight but you don’t take it out on your girl. I’ve been furious after a fight and my girl came to calm me down and i immediately cooled down and actually felt more masculine. Why? Because she grabbed me by my arm like Sam tried to do but, unlike Ronnie, I let her guide me away from the situation. Girls can appreciate that. When you can turn into the Hulk but be calmed down by your Betty Ross.

  • Jorge Vega
    Jorge Vega 8 days ago +1

    I guess if mike never said get a shore house next summer there would never have been more seasons

  • barbecue sauce on my titties

    When JWOWW hit the guy who punched Snooki , she is one of the realist on the show.

  • Chris
    Chris 9 days ago

    Ronnie def has issues but he’s the only actual tough guy who was about action when every other guy claimed to be and u have to respect that

  • ʜᴀɴɴᴀ ᴀᴄᴋᴇʀᴍᴀɴ

    *I love how they are all there for each other*

  • ngun paw
    ngun paw 10 days ago

    19:44 Pauly was behind her she could of ask him too.

  • Alicia Ruiz
    Alicia Ruiz 11 days ago +1

    Awww the lady who offered her water and mouthwash in the bathroom

  • Miley Gomez
    Miley Gomez 13 days ago +1

    Sammi is the prettiest one in the house and the sweetest one she felt so bad Snooki she is a real friend.

  • johnas yogarajah
    johnas yogarajah 13 days ago

    Mike made the show 🔥

  • Dan
    Dan 13 days ago

    okay im gonna say itsince no one else will: danny was HOT

  • Brieaa M
    Brieaa M 14 days ago +1

    Sammi is toxic af, like wowww and very manipulative it’s disgusting!! Just started season 1

  • caty therese
    caty therese 14 days ago

    Take shot every time Vinny says pinkeye 😂😭😭😭

  • Red Ruby
    Red Ruby 16 days ago

    Wow, people still watch this junk?

  • Emma Sg
    Emma Sg 17 days ago

    I miss this so much

  • Chaotic Carti
    Chaotic Carti 17 days ago

    “yoU SeE wHaT iM SAyInG” after mike gets punched always kills me

  • LoganArnoldKicks
    LoganArnoldKicks 18 days ago +1

    I love how Vinny’s first descriptions of Mike and Pauly are “First thing I see is this spiky haired guido kid and I’m like “This kid’s perfect” then I see this big muscular guido kid”

  • Kiera Marisssa
    Kiera Marisssa 18 days ago

    Jwoww Should Do A Season Of Love And HipHop 😏😏♥️😂😘

  • Hayes Voyles
    Hayes Voyles 18 days ago

    vinny dresses like a gta character

  • slapshot68
    slapshot68 21 day ago

    Which 1s were the true Italians?

  • Ted Dibiase
    Ted Dibiase 21 day ago

    Sammies legs. 🔥😍

  • Ivette sr
    Ivette sr 22 days ago

    Calm down vinny

  • Issy YourBoo
    Issy YourBoo 22 days ago

    Tbh Jwow kinda forced it by forcing Mike to take her back. She could have easily went back by herself. Why you gotta ruin other people's good vibes

  • BayArea 415
    BayArea 415 23 days ago

    I'm obsessed with the cast. The casting director put together the perfect set of people. I've always loved them all and watching them grow as a family has been so heartwarming.

  • Justin Malcolm
    Justin Malcolm 23 days ago +1

    ok I see where Sammi is coming from but Roninie just pushed her and she's crying

  • Samantha Carson
    Samantha Carson 25 days ago

    Out of all the guys on Jersey shore vinny and pauly were my absolute favorites! Always looking out for their roommates and being real men!

  • Joey D
    Joey D 25 days ago +1

    Vinny walking into the shop at 5:29 got me dead😆 GTA New Jersey

  • 2026 Yanelie Garcia
    2026 Yanelie Garcia 26 days ago

    The man that hit snooki said “What I can’t hit a girl “ me watch “ no you can’t hit a girl duh 🙄

  • Jasmeen Dhaliwal
    Jasmeen Dhaliwal 26 days ago

    Vinny didnt hold anything back 😭😭

  • Penny Sherman
    Penny Sherman 26 days ago +1

    2009 was a great time , remember those days

  • jessdxncan
    jessdxncan 27 days ago +1

    Mike was the worst but he got better from s5 onwards

  • bacon
    bacon 27 days ago

    Pauly d and ronnie were definitely handsome back then

  • Elizabeth G
    Elizabeth G Month ago

    I wonder what supernatural beings would do if we had to pick ambassadors for humanity and showed them the first season of this show..
    so many possibilities

  • Jonathan Ramos
    Jonathan Ramos Month ago

    I was happy to see snooky take that punch

  • Marcos Ramirez
    Marcos Ramirez Month ago

    Julio is a real one !!!!!

  • Chanel Kush
    Chanel Kush Month ago +1

    i loved the way everyone defended snooki when mike called her fat 🥺💜

  • Don’task
    Don’task Month ago

    vinny would be like a big brother to jwow and protects snooki cause he loves her lol

  • Don’task
    Don’task Month ago

    ok but i love this ongoing “you don’t do that to women” theme. they may not be the best of men, but u can tell they were raised right in some way.

  • Heydiliz Oquendo
    Heydiliz Oquendo Month ago

    Tantos hombres y la única que vi defender q se le hecho encima al tipo que le dio un puño a snoki fue jwow

  • mari
    mari Month ago

    snooki is so cute

  • Spicy Lemon
    Spicy Lemon Month ago

    i felt so bad for snooki! she got verbal abused by mike, and then she gets punched by the guy in the face. poor thing, she didn’t deserve that

  • Laloni Chester
    Laloni Chester Month ago

    It is embarrassing to watch them dance horribly

  • Gianna Squillace
    Gianna Squillace Month ago

    Snooki jwow & deanna are all responsible parents now it’s great too see the meatballs grow up to be great parents when everyone said Snooki wouldn’t be able to stop partying.

  • Jenny ONeill
    Jenny ONeill Month ago

    Yet it was ok for jenni to hit mike

  • Jenny ONeill
    Jenny ONeill Month ago

    Vinny had dannys sloppy seconds

  • Jenny ONeill
    Jenny ONeill Month ago

    They hated mike yet ronnie, vinny, and pauley were in his wedding along with nicole and jenns daughters

  • Jenny ONeill
    Jenny ONeill Month ago

    The single bed isnt that isolated

  • Gaven Knapp
    Gaven Knapp Month ago

    Sammi “You traumatized me..likee do ya get that rownie”

  • vranimir vranov
    vranimir vranov Month ago

    everytime I feel really down I remember that there are reall people who enjoy wathing this and it helps me get on with my day

  • Ky Amaya
    Ky Amaya Month ago

    When Pauly called Angelina ghetto with the trash bags😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Alicia Morales
    Alicia Morales Month ago +1

    Am I really gonna sit thru 50 min worth of content that I never asked for? Yes. Yes I am.

  • ReallyUnexplainable

    It's so great that the first opinion Vinny had of Pauly was that he was perfect! ahah

  • Llama gang
    Llama gang Month ago +1

    23:34 as jwoww should

  • That Pretty Muthafucka

    The most iconic TV fluke in history of MTV is now it's hall of fame show. Life....

  • Meerr MMG
    Meerr MMG Month ago +1

    Sammi was always my fav

  • Diana Aboda
    Diana Aboda Month ago +3

    Nah when Pauly heard mike say “Ronnie jus got into a fight on the bored walk” he ain’t say nun n put his shoes on real quick

  • Mona Lisa
    Mona Lisa Month ago

    Ron: never fall in love at the jersey shore
    Ron: *falls in love*

  • under taker
    under taker Month ago +3

    That boardwalk looks so slippery anytime they move fast or fight

  • LouisLoother
    LouisLoother Month ago

    Sam is such an annoying human being

  • BadGyal Meme
    BadGyal Meme Month ago +1


  • Jo Balboa
    Jo Balboa Month ago

    First season ron and sam were goals...then miami happened...

  • cherry cola
    cherry cola Month ago

    Pauly: Is it my turn?
    Danielle:Wahaiiiit! I'm not stuped!
    Sammi,Vinny, & Pauly:🥪🥪🥪

  • Ryan Alders
    Ryan Alders Month ago +1

    Wow Mike and Ron have zero shoe game it's embarrassing

  • Chris Lovitt
    Chris Lovitt Month ago

    You can tell 🤣 when Vinny and the girls were looking at the ride when they said, " Oh, noooo! " They weren't saying it when they saw Danielle. The editing 🤣

    GROWN WOMAN Month ago


    GROWN WOMAN Month ago +1


  • aaron t
    aaron t Month ago +2

    It’s hard to take your boss seriously when he rolls up on a Schwinn

  • aaron t
    aaron t Month ago +2

    Vinnie’s reaction the first time he saw Jenni was spot on.

  • Madison Carter
    Madison Carter Month ago +1

    I shipped Pauly and Jenni and Vinny and Snooki so hard! ❣️❣️😫