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  • Published on Sep 9, 2013
  • Here's a quick video explaining how you can set your APN for your Android device while on Ooredoo Qatar.
    All you need is:
    Name: Ooredoo GPRS
    APN: gprs.qtel
    Leave the rest as is. Some android devices may require you to enter APN Type. If you use a Sony Xperia device, set this to "default,supl" without quotes.
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  • MD:Abubakkor Siddik.

    Thanks bai

  • jabalasyik official

    L175 S2 hadir memenuhi undangan dengan jujur dan membawa paket komplitnya,, merah padam permanen bossku,, durasi aman dijamin ngaciir sampe full abizz,, mantap videonya tuturnya membantu

  • Dhruba Tara
    Dhruba Tara 4 months ago

    Thank you so much Ooredoo.❤️

  • Purushotam Pyakurel
    Purushotam Pyakurel 4 months ago

    hi, I am using shahry post paid plan, I am unable to connect mobile data please help me to setup in my mobile (LG Q6 Plus) set

  • Aslam Hingolja
    Aslam Hingolja 5 months ago

    Thanks dear

  • Umesh Wod
    Umesh Wod 7 months ago

    Thank you sir

  • Erick Muthama
    Erick Muthama Year ago

    How come Ooredo data mbs can't surf Google??... I have 2000mbs which they award you when you send money using the Ooredoo mobile money but its worthless when I can't use it for Google.

    • Ooredoo Qatar
      Ooredoo Qatar  Year ago

      Hi, please note that you can contact us through our Livechat or via customer/service@ooredoo.qa. ^^Hasan

    • Erick Muthama
      Erick Muthama Year ago

      Ooredoo Qatar sadly I don't have an account on any of those🤕, is there any other way??

    • Ooredoo Qatar
      Ooredoo Qatar  Year ago +1

      Good morning and sorry for the inconvenience, kindly send us your mobile number in a private message on Twitter @OoredooCare or facebook @Ooredoo Qatar to check and help you out. ^^Misbah

  • Jeewan ranabhat
    Jeewan ranabhat Year ago

    Please help Android set redmi A1 browse not connecting internet it taking long time unable to connect please help thanks

    • Ooredoo Qatar
      Ooredoo Qatar  Year ago

      Good morning and sorry for the inconvenience, kindly send us your mobile number in a private message along with details of your issue on Twitter @OoredooCare or facebook @Ooredoo Qatar to help you out. ^^Misbah

  • Rahmat Piqi
    Rahmat Piqi Year ago

    Good my in indonesia my in apn the apn qatar wow the is majig good good

  • Anime Otaku
    Anime Otaku Year ago

    how do you setup voicemail?

  • Fair The Gentlemen
    Fair The Gentlemen 2 years ago +1

    For (Mi-Fi Mobile Broadband) .. APN Name : " Ooredoo GPRS "... APN : " web.qtel " وطز في السعودية

    • Ooredoo Qatar
      Ooredoo Qatar  11 months ago

      Hi Hakeem, please note that we have updated the APN settings since then. Our APN is 'data'. Please update the APN and try again to see if it is working. If it is not working, please send us your service number in a private message on our Twitter account @OoredooCare for further assistance. ^^Tahir

    • Haqeem Nasser
      Haqeem Nasser 11 months ago

      thanks but strangely only iOS devices could log in and android devices couldn't to my MiFi device. Any suggestions?

  • कसम पुन
    कसम पुन 2 years ago

    Can tell me in iPhones
    How to settings

  • Mohsen Rehman
    Mohsen Rehman 3 years ago

    thank u man

  • zishan akhtar
    zishan akhtar 3 years ago +1

    bravo.....U saved me....thanks a lot

  • sumon rumi
    sumon rumi 4 years ago

    I need my server

  • Anil Prasanna
    Anil Prasanna 4 years ago

    thank ooredoo. i like networks ooredoo.

  • J Cruz
    J Cruz 4 years ago

    its working.. Thanks a lot...

  • kopal surya
    kopal surya 4 years ago

    Its working, thankyou.

  • hamdy firdouse
    hamdy firdouse 4 years ago


  • mohamed rizly
    mohamed rizly 4 years ago

    thank you

  • Shiva Singh
    Shiva Singh 4 years ago

    the new APN is "data"

  • Boudie Benyehia
    Boudie Benyehia 4 years ago


  • Qatari
    Qatari 4 years ago +1

    These settings are outdated! Please update

  • Noha Fouad
    Noha Fouad 4 years ago +1

    Hi, do these APN settings still apply now? Or has it been changed?

    • Qatari
      Qatari 4 years ago

      APN name is data

  • Rayson Goh
    Rayson Goh 5 years ago

    Hi< I'm unable to connect to internet using TP-Link M5350 wireless router. Can you please guide how we can connect with Ooredoo?

  • amin00z
    amin00z 5 years ago

    you saved me. much thanks man

  • Mohd Rifkian Shah Shamsudin

    cheers...really help alot

  • Ooredoo Qatar
    Ooredoo Qatar  6 years ago

    Hello! Thanks for the comment. the APN "web.qtel" is only used when you're using a Mobile Broadband SIM and not a regular phone sim.

  • Prabhattv
    Prabhattv 6 years ago +2

    some time have to put web.qtel in apn