Do's and Don'ts in Finland | KatChats

  • Published on Dec 1, 2016
  • A few pointers from my experience on things one should either do or avoid while in Finland. So some Finnish do's and don'ts! :)

    *On a side note, I know I haven't been posting videos in ages. I'm not abandoning this or my second channel! This semester has been my biggest workload of all time, from any of my years of schooling. Doesn't help that I'm doing extra credit as well xD Over achiever... haha. Video making is super time consuming, just editing this video took me 6 hours including the rendering so if you count in filming it eats up an entire day. I love doing it though so hopefully next semester I'll manage my time better! Now off to study for finals, have a nice day everyone! :)
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  • Elegy
    Elegy 2 years ago +304

    Todellakin nimettömällä! Mua myös opetettiin satoja kertoja pitämään keskisormella ja en koskaan oppinut. :D

    • 7
      7 2 months ago

      Mua yritettiin ala-asteella opettaa pitämään kynää oikein kädessä. Oli jopa sellaisia muovisia osia mikä pujotettiin kynään. Vieläkin pidän ns väärin kynää, mut eipä tuo mua haittaa.

    • Robotfighter
      Robotfighter 5 months ago

      Wut? :/

    • Varma 23 [-W1N-]
      Varma 23 [-W1N-] Year ago

      Mut onneks tää fingerfood ei oo niinku must että voi yleensä syödä käsinkin

    • Welxx
      Welxx Year ago

      Onkohan tuo maasta riippuva asia vai jostain muusta? Minusta ainakin tuntuu, että tarkimman mahdollisen otteen mistä tahansa työkalusta saa juuri keskisormella, nimettömällä ja etusormella. En ole koskaan yrittänytkään kirjoittaa nimettömän kanssa. Tulee tuosta englannin "ring finger" -sanasta mieleen, että tuon sormuksen (siis jos puhutaan vihkisormuksesta) kantamisessahan on myös maakohtaisia eroja, joille ainakaan minä en tiedä syytä. Suomessa käsittääkseni vihkisormus on poikkeuksetta vasemmassa kädessä, mutta joissakin maissa se onkin oikeassa.

    • horzagiar88
      horzagiar88 Year ago

      Meidän maikka sanoi, että oikealla kynäotteella kirjoittaa nopeammin muistiinpanot ja rasittaa vähemmän kättä.

  • Daniel G
    Daniel G 17 days ago

    It seems like Finland and Germany are pretty similar in their behavior.

  • Robert Clyne
    Robert Clyne 21 day ago

    In my country we shout on top of each other and whoever shouts loudest wins... Force of personality is King... We also find certain forms of bragging colorful and artistic. An unattractive man or woman who somehow believes they are attractive are congratulated in believing in themselves and defeating the tyranny of reality..We don't really believe most people who pretend to be humble are actually humble... Some just mask their arrogance better than others. But faux humility is the worse...

  • Daniel kytonen
    Daniel kytonen 26 days ago

    I'm from Finland and I write with 3 fingers not resting or something.. First time seeing nor hearing that😂

  • bunny l
    bunny l Month ago

    i use my ring finger to rest my pencil on

  • Michael Enns
    Michael Enns Month ago

    Resting your pen on your finger is probably a finish thing 😂 and even we germans are not as puncutal as you fins are.

    • Michael Enns
      Michael Enns Month ago

      Never mind just checked. I rest the pen on my middle finger

  • Formatique arschloch

    I don't even open the door if I'm not expecting visitors. Finn.

  • William Matosh
    William Matosh Month ago

    You’re gorgeous ❤️ nice information 👍 Greetings from Iraq 🇮🇶

  • Hell Come
    Hell Come Month ago

    Pen between thumb and middle finger. That's how I write, but then again I got yelled a lot when I was learning how to hold a pen. So it's like the middle finger goes below and thumb and first finger keep the pen. On another note bragging is seen as en example of extremely low self-esteem. If you are good, others will know. If you must tell others how good you are, you're not worth talking to. Healthy amount of self-recognition is ok, but never go above "well, I can do this" if you want to have respect. "Hell yeah, I'm the best there's ever been" aaaand you're out of the socially accepted customs. Do that and you'll notice that no one wants to talk with you. The more you try to make yourself seen or heard, the less you will get from others. If someone tells you that you actually are good at something, that's okay and then you know, that you really are good. "If you need to let others know how good you are, then you are not good enough at all" is the saying.

  • WolfPlays
    WolfPlays Month ago +1

    You are so beautiful

  • Julia Smith
    Julia Smith Month ago

    Thanks lots. :D

  • Caitlyn Alvarez
    Caitlyn Alvarez 2 months ago

    Asian culture is the same way too about taking your shoes off when entering the home

  • toti asem
    toti asem 2 months ago

    Comment your country's name, if you take off your shoes indoors.

  • Peachy Potatoes
    Peachy Potatoes 2 months ago

    I use my middle finger.

  • Petrus Invictus
    Petrus Invictus 2 months ago

    So sorry Kat, your teacher must have been Mrs. Mengele. But look at UK! You have to royalty to know how to use these two things. We Finns just came out of forest 100yrs ago! It is important to us
    to fake that we are civiliced, witch were are not! :-)

  • Tim Drake
    Tim Drake 3 months ago

    "People were always brag about what they've got-"
    Huh. Must be NYC.

  • TheGroveling
    TheGroveling 3 months ago

    The second one applies in the north especially with old people, but it's a mobile gen thing.

  • Vex nightmare
    Vex nightmare 3 months ago

    I hate when I'm talking and someone buts in like can I get done talking

  • Jay B
    Jay B 3 months ago

    For your last point about being able to insert, or "squeeze" your thought into a conversation, the expression in American English, is called: "getting a word in edgewise."

  • Susan Frisinga
    Susan Frisinga 3 months ago

    Eat pizza with utencils.I seldom use a knife n fork.holidays. I love letting others finish talking.not back n forth.

  • Irene Tiu
    Irene Tiu 4 months ago

    Haha I am enjoying watching this video friend, I really can relate because my boyfriend is a Finnish.

    • KatChats
      KatChats  4 months ago

      @Irene Tiu

    • Irene Tiu
      Irene Tiu 4 months ago

      New subscriber here😉

    • KatChats
      KatChats  4 months ago +1

      Aw thanks so much, glad you liked it :)

  • Kooditonttu
    Kooditonttu 4 months ago

    In Finland, I was taught to hold the pen between the face of the index, middle and thumb. Never over index or middle like you do. Try it, you get much more control :D

  • Jeff Kukkee
    Jeff Kukkee 4 months ago

    Life is too short to conform to other people's writing styles... if you use your ring finger to write.... all the power to you!!

  • marc rubin
    marc rubin 4 months ago

    As the fork and knife I have noticed that in Italy and in Cuba of all places people eat pizza with a fork and a knife as well

  • marc rubin
    marc rubin 4 months ago

    I have noticed that in Nordic countries people are very punctual I'm from the Caribbean specifically Belize and we have what's called Caribbean time and people are hardly ever punctual

  • NikoliZZer
    NikoliZZer 4 months ago

    My girlfriend always tells me I should have my fork in my left hand instead of the right, and I just don't care. I eat how I feel comfortable. Some customs are stupid and pointless! Also I use my middle finger when writing.

  • Jone Army
    Jone Army 4 months ago

    You`re so beautiful you should live in Finland.

  • Clark Reyes
    Clark Reyes 4 months ago

    Your eyes are absolutely beautiful!

  • Nobby Wright
    Nobby Wright 4 months ago

    Moving to Finland was strange for me. I was raised in the UK and went to a Private school briefly as a child. There I was taught all the things you describe that are different in Finland. The funny little pieces of etiquette are in many ways a throwback to old fashioned ways in general. I like them :) Plus I have drunk milk every day and have taken my shoes off inside all my life so I've gone from being a bit weird to normal in a single flight haha. Very Helpful video, Kiitos.

  • Rabbit Puzsek Pusher
    Rabbit Puzsek Pusher 4 months ago

    🙏🌹 Marry me

  • channel gue
    channel gue 4 months ago

    Hai suomi

  • Hello There!
    Hello There! 5 months ago

    Knife in your better hand and fork in the other.

  • No Pos Meh
    No Pos Meh 5 months ago +1

    In Spain someone starts talking. Then another one interrupts talking louder. Then a third person does the same as the second person. Then the first person talk to another one because he wanted to say it, but in that semi-conversation gets interrupted as well. And the cycle continues untill everyone is screaming and laughing like dolphins.

  • Juliet Love
    Juliet Love 5 months ago

    I use my middle finger to rest my pen on when writing

  • rommel rivera
    rommel rivera 5 months ago

    Hi I'm from ph. How safe is Finland for overseas workers? Thank you so much!

  • Lazey Winde
    Lazey Winde 5 months ago

    Who else grabbed a pen to see how they hold it?
    That cat is so cute I forgot why I was holding a pen.

  • Aurora Hannikainen
    Aurora Hannikainen 5 months ago

    Suomi mainittu, torille!

  • bizbite2
    bizbite2 6 months ago

    DO: marry her in Finland

  • Luciana Pimenta
    Luciana Pimenta 6 months ago


  • Bjørn H. Hovde
    Bjørn H. Hovde 6 months ago

    I am Impressed you obviously have learned Finnish language. Its one of the most difficult languages for Indo-European language-users to learn. Its easier to learn Bengali and Hindi.

  • Danielle Melli
    Danielle Melli 6 months ago

    I’m from Brazil,we eat everything with forks and knifes,funny when you ask for this to eat pizza and pizza with katchup ,mustard and olive oil.

  • Ryan Higgins
    Ryan Higgins 6 months ago

    I’m 3 mins in and I haven’t seen the cat yet...don’t let me down

    • Ryan Higgins
      Ryan Higgins 6 months ago

      @KatChats I exited out at about 8:30 ....dumb move on my part

    • KatChats
      KatChats  6 months ago +1

      Right at the end if you didn't catch it :P

  • Zack Stewart
    Zack Stewart 7 months ago

    Ring finger for life.

  • blob23455
    blob23455 7 months ago

    Kat, I also hold my pen the same way! I do have an interest in going to school in Finland! I have subscribed. Do you have a video of where you talk a bit more of the inside culture of Finns?

    RB-AUTOWORKS 7 months ago

    Not going to lie. But Finnish people need to open up their cold culture. To not smile and be talkative etc it sucks like living in a robot world.

  • Franco
    Franco 7 months ago

    Why isn’t there a cat chatting or why are we chatting about cats?

  • jesse sanglap
    jesse sanglap 7 months ago

    I never saw or met any person from Finland only now on youtube, I find it interesting

  • Miuki Maccara
    Miuki Maccara 7 months ago

    I'm finnish and I hold my pencil very weirdly 'cause I find it comfortable and I remember so clearly that when I was in elementary school my teacher ALWAYS tried to make me hold my pencil the "right way" but I actually still hold my pencil the "wrong way"
    Can anybody relate?

  • VDK
    VDK 7 months ago +1

    Oh darn, I only exclusively use the fork to eat. Well, one less utensil you have to wash, right?

  • Ka Sh
    Ka Sh 7 months ago +1

    I didn't know Finnish people takes there shoes off before entering the house. I thought entire Europe was like USA, walk around the house with shoes on. That is good. By the way, entire Asia is like that, take there shoes off when entering the house. Nice Video. Tell us more about Finnish people, culture, etc.

  • Max Max
    Max Max 7 months ago +1

    Hey how old are you

  • Stacy Siivonen
    Stacy Siivonen 7 months ago

    Nope, Finns are sloppy with time. I know, because I am a total Nazi with my clock. I have perhaps met one person that was as punctual as I am.

  • Melisa Juškeviča
    Melisa Juškeviča 8 months ago

    Hi! i am natively a latvian and i also rest my pen (and other similar objects like forks and knives) on my ring finger, people used to tell me that it's wrong to do so but by now i cant hold anything any other way, also it shows, i have a small indent in my skin right where the pen rests and it has started to morph the bone too to accommodate the object (i don't have x-ray evidence but c'mon i can still feel how bent the bone is). so i suggest not resting your pen on your ring finger if you want "pretty" fingers. well atleast the bent bone doesn't yet affect skin for me so one can only know that its bent only by touching it.

  • Paule Virtanen
    Paule Virtanen 8 months ago

    The thing with the pen is in germany the same as in Finland

  • Tuke 22
    Tuke 22 8 months ago

    Eating pizza with fork and knife!? I live in finland and i havent ever seen somebody eating it with them!

  • joo joo
    joo joo 8 months ago

    This video was very good

  • Ravenlord79
    Ravenlord79 8 months ago

    Is it really possiple to write pen in ring finger :D

  • Saku Kullberg
    Saku Kullberg 8 months ago

    speak more silently. I almost heard you.

  • Niilo Kantola
    Niilo Kantola 8 months ago

    i use my middle finger and i come from finland

  • jvisch
    jvisch 8 months ago

    I was taught middle finger which is how I right but never found comfortable, your way feels more comfortable so thanks for the tip