iPAD PRO UNBOXING!!! | iJustine

  • Published on Nov 12, 2015
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Comments • 10 813

  • علي حسن
    علي حسن Day ago

    Love. Vedeos

  • tommy bakes
    tommy bakes Day ago

    iPad pro> original iPhone

  • Dakota My Hamster
    Dakota My Hamster 5 days ago


  • s.nikkix
    s.nikkix 7 days ago

    0:56 anxienty has reached another level dammit.....

  • mohamed dahmane
    mohamed dahmane 8 days ago +1

    I want it but am poor (not rich like you) # thé poor girl€€€€*

  • Mahoney百恵
    Mahoney百恵 8 days ago

    2019 Anybody?

  • Khadija Khadija
    Khadija Khadija 8 days ago

    WE are very poor we Can not by it i wish i had one like her 😞😢

  • Ha An VU
    Ha An VU 9 days ago +1

    wow cooollll

  • Regan Cox
    Regan Cox 15 days ago

    Hey Justine x I was wondering if you would know anything about why my iPad Pro (3rd gen) 12.9 inch was starting to bend and hasn’t kept its shape thank you hope you read this 💕

  • Valeria Conde perez
    Valeria Conde perez 15 days ago

    That IPad is bigger then my IPad

  • Hello Castroneves Fan3


  • Brian Lin The apple and bee swarm fan

    It should be more expensive than a tv. It has Touch ID and 2 cameras and a bunch of impossible to make tech

  • SilverKid ThePro
    SilverKid ThePro 20 days ago


  • unicornkid
    unicornkid 21 day ago +1

    If u don’t like the dark apple logo use the stickers they give u

  • Brian Lin The apple and bee swarm fan

    That iPad Pro is almost 2 times bigger than my iPad mini

  • Tricktionist
    Tricktionist 25 days ago

    The whole intro that’s what she said

  • Jaydeep Dantani
    Jaydeep Dantani 26 days ago

    You mack my friend.

  • Dee Tolbert
    Dee Tolbert Month ago

    take this random comment down or i will hack u mug style

  • Javier Herrera
    Javier Herrera Month ago

    I lost the count on how many "That's what she said" jokes I could do

  • Mini Potato :3
    Mini Potato :3 Month ago

    Is this ipad same as the ipad pro 12.9?? Someonw pls answer meh

  • Mateo
    Mateo Month ago

    i cant explain how many "thats what she said" references are in here

  • Larry Anzures
    Larry Anzures Month ago

    It NOT a IPad PRO

  • Ivan Vasic
    Ivan Vasic Month ago

    We're you can buy it or is it a limited edition can somebody tell me

  • jack lilley
    jack lilley Month ago

    0:50 you're basically just asking for people to make sex jokes

  • Hayley Berry
    Hayley Berry Month ago

    That little brick just like blue like sonic started laughing

  • Killer Lion
    Killer Lion Month ago

    Insert that’s what’s she said joke her

  • Mujahid Abbas
    Mujahid Abbas Month ago

    No funny

  • Kartik Maan
    Kartik Maan Month ago

    0:35 that's what she said

  • sisara smarts
    sisara smarts Month ago

    She’s really spoiled by apple in california

  • Lokman Tiryaki
    Lokman Tiryaki Month ago

    uv mıy gat

  • black blood
    black blood Month ago

    1:50 oh okay its a little far

  • black blood
    black blood Month ago

    Is that fake??

  • sleepy edits
    sleepy edits Month ago

    anyone 2019

  • RE
    RE Month ago

    I come back to this video just to laugh at her throwing the power brick

    PRABH SAINI Month ago

    This ipad have face id ???

  • Yahya Samer
    Yahya Samer Month ago

    Plz plz I wanna it plz

  • 3va
    3va Month ago

    Watching on iPad Pro

  • MasterYoutber YT
    MasterYoutber YT Month ago

    I just hate it when it changes to auto quality

  • meme lord
    meme lord Month ago

    The ipad is bigger than my dog

  • Ernita Walter
    Ernita Walter 2 months ago

    *I like how there's a tab to pull the iPad out but yet she doesn't even bother to use it*

  • Nina DIYs
    Nina DIYs 2 months ago +2

    Do a video on how to convince your parents to get an iPad pro

  • Sushma Bisht
    Sushma Bisht 2 months ago

    I am just waiting for your answer

  • Sushma Bisht
    Sushma Bisht 2 months ago

    Please give me the answer please

  • Antonio Schiano
    Antonio Schiano 2 months ago +1

    i don't know why i watch this all the time and i've come to the conclusion that she was high during this video.

  • Sushma Bisht
    Sushma Bisht 2 months ago

    Can you give me this iPad pro

  • Deboraj Dutta
    Deboraj Dutta 2 months ago +1

    3:16-3:20 close ya eyes

  • Bye Jonathan
    Bye Jonathan 2 months ago

    “It’s so big”

  • Sushma Bisht
    Sushma Bisht 2 months ago

    Can you give me this ipad

  • Julian Lassquite
    Julian Lassquite 2 months ago

    How many inch

  • Shane Bros !
    Shane Bros ! 2 months ago

    1:12 Siriously

  • Caylin Russel
    Caylin Russel 2 months ago

    That was my reaction when i unboxed mine i was like omg this thing is huge

  • Martin Chyc
    Martin Chyc 2 months ago

    ...thats what she said

  • George C
    George C 2 months ago


  • TecH TrickS
    TecH TrickS 2 months ago +1

    How many inches is it ?

  • Camp 2009
    Camp 2009 2 months ago

    2:56 that weird “guess what I’m recording “ trend on tiktok

  • B dog Playz
    B dog Playz 2 months ago +1

    Press 3:16 and close your eyes

    Enjoy 😉

  • Khyra A
    Khyra A 2 months ago

    I want one 😓💻

  • Hatsune Miku
    Hatsune Miku 2 months ago

    What ipad is this...?

    Im looking for a big ipad lol....

  • Devaashish Sharma
    Devaashish Sharma 2 months ago

    If u don't want it. Please gift that to me. I can use that in my university courses.

  • mahadevi sebani
    mahadevi sebani 3 months ago

    6 iphones = 1 ipad

  • Jose Dominguez
    Jose Dominguez 3 months ago

    Justine's Starter pack

  • Bob Bob
    Bob Bob 3 months ago

    Hey Justine,Careful don't slap the iPad on the desk, I got nervous. Watching 2019

  • Joli Rain
    Joli Rain 3 months ago

    is the the ipad 6th gen

  • tea time with me
    tea time with me 3 months ago

    That iPad is bigger than my future

  • Marcus productions 01
    Marcus productions 01 3 months ago

    I want to find someone who looks at me the way ijustine looks at that iPad.

  • Andrei
    Andrei 3 months ago

    Imagine a Charging case for this crap. LOL

  • Robert Winter
    Robert Winter 3 months ago

    I just bought one of these on EBay for $350, I love the big screen. Much better then my iPad Mini 2.

  • XLR Cardigan
    XLR Cardigan 3 months ago

    This is all just full of bad thats what she said jokes

  • Katerina Clark
    Katerina Clark 3 months ago

    You’re hot

  • MBLT 18
    MBLT 18 3 months ago

    I still watch this video 😂😂😂