Dodge Challenger SRT-8 Hellcat - BURNOUT, REVS, ACCELERATIONS!

  • Published on Mar 25, 2019
  • During a car meet in The Netherlands, I have filmed this amazing Dodge Challenger SRT-8 Hellcat. The video shows you this beast in action, including burnouts, accelerations and more!
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Comments • 229

  • Gumbal
    Gumbal  10 months ago +151

    This Hellcat is absolutely mental! What a brutal car 😱 I Like! 👍

    • moi meme
      moi meme 8 months ago

      I like this car and dodge hellcat are not millionaires cars .. a real rebel car a beast between bentleys ferraris lamborghinis mc laren or bugatti ....with us muscle cars no need to be millionnaire to have the swag...

    • FX
      FX 10 months ago

      Still slower from a roll than most euro cars... but I do fuckin love it...

  • Волк Одинокий


  • Marcus
    Marcus 2 days ago

    This guy sucks at driving

  • Bryan Sager
    Bryan Sager 4 days ago

    Should have saved a little money in your budget to get it cleaned.

  • J. I.V.N.
    J. I.V.N. 8 days ago

    Beautiful car😃
    El poder americano🚘

  • Alpha KING2REAL
    Alpha KING2REAL 8 days ago +1

    The Hellcat put every last one of those cars to sleep to be honest with you I think the car has🤯 mental issues especially
    When you rev It Up ...

  • Nenad Redžić
    Nenad Redžić 14 days ago

    meybe laborghini

  • Carl Taylor
    Carl Taylor 17 days ago

    One bad ass helllion

  • CrAcKa JaXxX
    CrAcKa JaXxX 18 days ago

    Nothing can compete with the sound of a big V8!

  • Mopar485 392
    Mopar485 392 19 days ago +1

    I'm pretty sure that was a Regular SRT 392 lol look at the badges on it on the side they're crooked lol!! The guy just bought a Hellcat hood and badges and slapped it on. Also, you cant hear a supercharger at all.

  • slickkapone
    slickkapone 21 day ago +2

    Why is it so dirty??..have some pride in your ride car like that should be that dirty EVER

  • Abe Raham
    Abe Raham 22 days ago

    Can’t be stock tho right?

  • C Hardin
    C Hardin 22 days ago

    American muscle showing out 🦾

  • dennisbecker79
    dennisbecker79 22 days ago

    Fu** Greta *lol*

  • Stolen Productions
    Stolen Productions 24 days ago +5

    Just bought my hellcat yesterday sooo excited

  • Anthony Haw
    Anthony Haw 24 days ago

    gtr is like a pussy beside the helcat

  • Edmundo Romero
    Edmundo Romero 24 days ago

    Nice car, but horrible driver. Burnouts suck

  • Allen Griffith
    Allen Griffith 25 days ago +1

    All the exotic and super cars there but everyone flocks to the Dodge 🇺🇸

  • Daniel Brudzinski
    Daniel Brudzinski 27 days ago +2

    How about washing you're car before a event like this.
    Otherwise not bad.

    • Justin Khase
      Justin Khase 27 days ago

      Daniel Brudzinski: Too busy driving, I guess.

  • Marcos Prim
    Marcos Prim Month ago +1

    Quem Aki tem vontade te ter um Hellcat mas não tem dinheiro igual a mimkkkk

    • auto entusiasta
      auto entusiasta 12 days ago +1

      Sou moparzeiro, se um dia eu pelo menos ver um Hellcat, zero a vida

  • John Goe
    John Goe Month ago

    Is that level of camber stock? I'm neutral towards camber but that does seem a bit over the top

  • Crok
    Crok Month ago +4

    is it crazy that im getting a brand new one in a few months?

  • Daniel gemdpr
    Daniel gemdpr Month ago

    He just flashing her 60k car that funnt

  • Joel Ellenberger
    Joel Ellenberger Month ago

    Is thatca supra?

  • Robert E Green Group

    Dodge is Trashy as hell a Death trap

    • Justin Khase
      Justin Khase 27 days ago

      Robert E Green Group: You criticize what you can’t afford. How inbred of you.

  • Aaron Davila
    Aaron Davila Month ago

    Srt8 hellcat???😂😂😂

  • Just in
    Just in Month ago

    1:35 albert hein

    ABO RDS Month ago

    *7 0 7*

  • S god
    S god Month ago +1

    My 392 scat pack will do for now i will upgrade to Hellcat one day but my 392 sounds wicked and very fast cool vid bro.

  • i Can
    i Can Month ago

    This car is aging well after 5 years

  • 자전거여행
    자전거여행 Month ago

    dog screaming

  • James Powles
    James Powles Month ago +1

    It’s SRT, not SRT8. This isn’t 2005 anymore 😉

  • اٰرٰتٰہٰٖوٰاٰء ،


  • Christopher Huff
    Christopher Huff Month ago +1

    Never really that impressed w it.

  • kiimo gfac
    kiimo gfac Month ago

    Haha the c63 w205 sounds like a baby v8 compare to the screaming us muscle v8.

  • Marcos Santana
    Marcos Santana Month ago

    Dogão é bruto

  • biggshig
    biggshig Month ago +2

    It's no surprise that the hellcat is the only car that can lay down rubber & make a cloud of smoke! All them foreign cars can't do it?!!!...American Muscle nothin like it..."Dodge, the brotherhood of muscle"

  • J M
    J M 2 months ago +3

    Of course a gtr hast to stop traffic for it's 30day launch lmfaoo still love ya GT-R

  • Pingouin King
    Pingouin King 2 months ago

    Zone 30 !!!

  • Chaiya Phattanakaew
    Chaiya Phattanakaew 2 months ago


  • Hier könnte Ihr Name stehen

    American Muscle Forever

  • Jarek
    Jarek 2 months ago

    Charger is better

  • Jeff Mawhinneÿ
    Jeff Mawhinneÿ 2 months ago

    The burnouts are ok. I done so much more wicked ones with my shaker scat pack. But hey its the UK. Lol

  • Willian Sincero CBX 220

    GTR 😍😍😍

  • علاء كريم
    علاء كريم 2 months ago

    الصوت طربي

  • Roberto Duca
    Roberto Duca 2 months ago

    is a one Dream. 🥰

  • Sergio Gonzalez
    Sergio Gonzalez 2 months ago

    Mucho mas lindo es el modelo del 69

  • Osvaldo Sanchez
    Osvaldo Sanchez 2 months ago

    Give me that fuckin car he doesn't know how to burnout properly

  • Tony Mamales
    Tony Mamales 2 months ago

    I'm I the only one bored to death with these cars? 😴 same body style for a decade. 9000 hp though. Who cares?

  • vw R32
    vw R32 2 months ago

    It's not right that all of American muscle cars go over seas but if you want a nice German muscle car there is that stupid 25 yr wait RULE. Makes no sense.

  • John Paul
    John Paul 2 months ago +2

    No one burns the rubber like the challenger.....

  • Hubert Dziuda
    Hubert Dziuda 2 months ago

    Widac jakie te dodge to zjebane auto bo co lekkie przyspieszenie to zarzucanie dupą tył napęd zjebane

  • Erick García
    Erick García 2 months ago

    American muscle in europe 🇺🇸

  • Rick Jhonny
    Rick Jhonny 3 months ago +1

    Those 108 dislike ore comunist😆😆😆😆😆😆

  • Jeff Suggs
    Jeff Suggs 3 months ago +5

    No way would I ever be driving my Hellcat in that dirty condition. I keep my Orange Crush super clean at all times.

  • Unruled Fabia
    Unruled Fabia 3 months ago +1

    American muscle💪💪💪

  • eser burs
    eser burs 3 months ago +1

    Kırmızı dodge li kullanmayı bilmiyor yazık arabanın haklarını veremiyor

  • abdi libaax
    abdi libaax 3 months ago

    I can run faster than that

  • Molnár Balázs
    Molnár Balázs 3 months ago +12

    1:08 muscle car vs 1:22 jdm

    • Pine
      Pine 16 days ago +1

      Hellcat sounds better but the gtr looks better

    • Dave M.
      Dave M. 23 days ago +1

      Molnár Balázs both my dreams cars

  • John Honza
    John Honza 4 months ago +5

    Dodge ❤️ 😍