6 Underground - Movie Review

  • Published on Dec 14, 2019
  • A straight to Netflix Michael Bay directed action fest. It's as Bay as it gets, so strap in. Here's my review for 6 UNDERGROUND!
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  • Jabri Williams
    Jabri Williams 2 hours ago

    Doesn’t rlly make sense...but what does let’s film it lol 😂😂

  • Tropic Sciurus
    Tropic Sciurus 9 hours ago

    This movie is stupid. Fun, but stupid.

  • Sky Olson
    Sky Olson Day ago


  • TheNamesNoz
    TheNamesNoz Day ago

    Legit just finished this movie and im drunk, you got my sub.

  • Lenix 74
    Lenix 74 Day ago

    I felt as if the action was too much, like it’s good fun, but it kind of numbs you to it

  • Lee Ayers
    Lee Ayers 2 days ago

    This movie was excellent

  • Decepter522
    Decepter522 2 days ago

    I thought the movie was just fun mindless action

  • Seany V
    Seany V 2 days ago

    Watch that whole movie and notice how often the picture changes. Even when it isn’t an action sequence you get a headache. This movie was unwatchable once I noticed the camera changes and I actually had to turn it off tbh...

  • Lionel Graham
    Lionel Graham 2 days ago

    I liked it

  • Abdullah Rizvi
    Abdullah Rizvi 3 days ago

    The movie was Awesome!

  • A Little Slighty Artsy

    I watched it bc Storror did the stunts lol

  • Patrick Hem
    Patrick Hem 3 days ago

    Strangely i agree with you. The stunt and driving scene in the first act is impressive but at the end i still dont care about the characters and dont know why they are doing what they are doing..😅

  • Just4commentchannel
    Just4commentchannel 4 days ago

    didnt see the typical Michael Bay 360 shot🤣

  • Niels Wuite
    Niels Wuite 5 days ago

    Most accurate Review ever haha but a very enjoyable movie overall! Just don't expect a clever Story of some sort 😂

  • Quinton du Plessis
    Quinton du Plessis 5 days ago

    Actually the Sam mom getting high scene isnt the first time Michael Bay did it. Martin Lawrence got super high in Bad Boys 2.

  • Taylor Gwaltney
    Taylor Gwaltney 5 days ago

    I really liked 6 Underground for its mindless but very cool action. That being said I saw it at a friends house while getting hammered so maybe it really is a better time if you’re drunk

  • Dark Claw
    Dark Claw 5 days ago


  • bdel80
    bdel80 6 days ago

    It was entertaining enough but wouldn't pay money to see it on the cinema

  • S T
    S T 6 days ago

    This movie was badass

  • fourragingmen
    fourragingmen 7 days ago

    Youre toootally on coke in this video right

  • mike tuohy
    mike tuohy 7 days ago

    Sorry, it's called an action movie, people want to see shit like this, humans like this, why do you think Avengers and Transformers do so well? It's a Hollywood recipe they have used for years and Netflix just used it now and you're having a shit fit, also can barely understand what you're saying, had to put on subtitles and English is my first language! Will not be subscribing

  • Teague Hayes
    Teague Hayes 7 days ago

    6 underground was a piece of assssss

  • Rafael Martinez
    Rafael Martinez 7 days ago

    I watched it and enjoyed every minute of it without snorting cocaine and or chugging a keg of red bull up my ass, thank you very much. *sarcasm intensifies*

  • L
    L 7 days ago

    the MUSIC!

  • kunicross tech&review

    Actually I found the last about 40 minutes just really disconnected and I was so confused until I found out who made the movie which kinda explained what happend.

  • OnlyRoke
    OnlyRoke 8 days ago

    "iT'ssss BOnD JaAaaaMeSS bOOoond!!! WOOOOOHH" perfectly sums up this movie.

  • OnlyRoke
    OnlyRoke 8 days ago

    Really stupid, but mindless fun. I'm down with that movie.

  • alphabetaxenonzzzcat

    It was sort of Mission Impossible on steroids. It was completely OTT. However, it did have a certain panache that has been missing from a lot of Bay’s previous films. It’s his best film since “The Rock”.

  • badbirdkc
    badbirdkc 9 days ago

    You know what this movie is to me? Remember in Bad Boys II when the cops where all geared up to make their big bust, and then drunk/high Peter Stormare just shows up and fucks shit up for a few minutes and everyone is like WTF do we do? Take that tiny sequence and make a 2 hour movie out of it.

  • Cruisentom 1234
    Cruisentom 1234 9 days ago

    He's talking in 2x speed

  • Dr Fabulous
    Dr Fabulous 9 days ago

    Mindless fun, great stunt work, cool action. I enjoyed it 7/10

  • Sam Laird
    Sam Laird 10 days ago

    Car chase with the score playing had my blood pumping

  • Christian Mabe
    Christian Mabe 10 days ago +3

    This movie feels like a thousand action movie trailers played back-to-back.

  • JD
    JD 10 days ago

    I loved this movie it was an intense thrill ride, the first 20 minutes was amazing

  • DJX_Xavi
    DJX_Xavi 10 days ago

    The movie sucked

  • Andréa Kahlo
    Andréa Kahlo 11 days ago

    If this film were a sign it would be a Gemini

  • Culius Jaesar
    Culius Jaesar 11 days ago +2

    I cant describe how garbage this movie was.

  • FZ CBH
    FZ CBH 11 days ago +3

    The movie like the adult version of Codename: Kids Next Door meeting with G.I. Joe: Sigma 6.

  • Eladio Vasquez
    Eladio Vasquez 11 days ago +1

    This movie is the s***real great movie lots of fun

  • Too Much Passion
    Too Much Passion 11 days ago

    I watched and I FREAKING LOVED IT!!! Gaahhh!

  • Keagan Valentine
    Keagan Valentine 12 days ago

    I think for that Bond bro segment he could have had the rum bottle in his other hand. That would be fucking hilarious.

    ECTOPOWER 12 days ago

    Random quotes "doing this like while going in with plus this"...lame af

  • David Saanane
    David Saanane 12 days ago

    Loved it!

  • sgt1terrence
    sgt1terrence 12 days ago

    I liked it...because you actually see the collateral..it's different and crazy..i like when the protesters got ran over

  • Julia Julia
    Julia Julia 12 days ago

    I think 6 underground was very cathartic... For me... And not in a pervy way, but like in a "massage for my soul" Kind of way.

  • chris robinson
    chris robinson 13 days ago

    Michael Bada-bing, Bada-boom! Some cool deadpool style deaths but I can’t recall any plot worth paying attn to. Bay Bored me again!

  • nomad18074
    nomad18074 13 days ago

    Imma say the same as i did with It chapter. Very long but i loved it.

  • Nato Shaw
    Nato Shaw 13 days ago +1

    My partner and I tried twice to watch this.... First attempt we stopped at the eye ball, second time around was some slowmo "parkour" into a grenade launcher scene... We have not gotten past them being in a car around Italy.
    I think Bay has some new rqgdoll tech or something and is using it at any point he can to show human bodies in car crashes.
    No thanks.

  • Eden stevenson
    Eden stevenson 13 days ago

    Honestly just a fuck fest of a film.. nuff said.

  • Greatest Ever
    Greatest Ever 13 days ago

    This movie was so ridiculous and jumpy and gratuitous and unnecessary. I really paused it and declared that I hated it and continued watching

  • Astronomical
    Astronomical 14 days ago

    If you like action just watch it

  • Astronomical
    Astronomical 14 days ago +2

    This movie was like a montage of clips

  • by Alessio Freitas
    by Alessio Freitas 14 days ago

    This film is edited and shot bad but some how I still had so much fun and laughed. 😂🤷🏼‍♂️

  • Alea Qira
    Alea Qira 14 days ago

    "Bay not Bae" ptsd to life is strange

    FIDIRONU 14 days ago

    More SJW Hollywood rubbish.
    It's got the obligatory Mary Sue feminist. And when the brutal dictator says, "These are dangerous men", a nearby bimbo just *has* to correct him, _"and whammen"_
    Oh fer fcuk's sakes. 🙄
    I think this is the last Ryan Reynolds bullshit movie I'm going to watch.
    By the way, I suspect that Reynolds guy's a closet f.@.g.g.🤢.t. with a beard for a wife.

  • kyle cotto
    kyle cotto 14 days ago

    I personally love it

  • Gabriel Vieira
    Gabriel Vieira 15 days ago

    SPOILER: it's funny how in the poster Dave Franco seems to be important, then we see he kinda is but just dies in the first 20 min. He seemed to me like he was gonna be the best part of the squad (comic relief wise). He was an improved version of Suicide Squad's Slipknot.

  • Honest Comments
    Honest Comments 15 days ago +1

    I couldn't bear to see after 40 minutes..lasting this long was painful. Didn't like it.

  • Filmy Thoughts
    Filmy Thoughts 15 days ago

    This review was spot on! I thought the film was messy as well. The stunts in the first part of the film had a lot of inconsistencies that I picked up on.

  • Donovan
    Donovan 15 days ago

    *6 Underground (2019):* I Loved this F*ckin movie! ...... (IV)😂 ..... *6 Underground II (202?)*