My 2JZ is toast... FD is in ONE WEEK...

  • Published on Apr 18, 2019
  • I thought my advantage was going to be having a running car that has proven to be reliable... GUESS NOT! Here comes the last minute fun - we got this :)
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  • LUXE Performance
    LUXE Performance 12 days ago

    not sure why but this video is cracking me up, big boost makes me laugh

  • Jordan Scheurer
    Jordan Scheurer 27 days ago

    Holy shit what is that a 5 inch downpipe

  • Ryan Rhind
    Ryan Rhind 2 months ago

    As a Kiwi I very much appreciate Alberto's "Nek Minnit"

  • Bo Mikael Linus Andersson

    Well that explains the blowby issue you've been having too my man.

  • Tristan Deall
    Tristan Deall 2 months ago

    You need a new tuner!

  • Nickat1ne707
    Nickat1ne707 2 months ago

    Lmao wow, its been a long minute since ive watched your videos... Man you turned into a douche. Lmao even look the part.

  • Ola Snekvik
    Ola Snekvik 2 months ago

    Run sleeves.

  • Jason Bedard
    Jason Bedard 2 months ago

    may i ask what transmission and adapter plate this is ? i really like how the transmission kit is mounted

  • Wesley Daemen
    Wesley Daemen 2 months ago

    Its great that alberto also makes videos for you.

  • Damon Thomsen
    Damon Thomsen 2 months ago

    You should install some sleeves in that block. Darton makes them :)

  • jjoea Bhn
    jjoea Bhn 2 months ago

    Leak down test. Easiest way to check rings

  • Jr Ozare
    Jr Ozare 3 months ago

    Alberto has the Puerto Rican accent like my dad lol 😆
    *Im in SoCal but I grew up in Miami and have lots of family in Orlando. Lots of PR ppl up there.

  • Jr Ozare
    Jr Ozare 3 months ago

    It's pretty nuts that Adam says, if he were more confident in his driving ability, but he drives like an animal. From my perspective, he's a helluva driver. 👍

  • Jr Ozare
    Jr Ozare 3 months ago

    I wonder what Adam meant when he said 'they' wouldn't let him out an SR in his S15?

  • Monte Samuels
    Monte Samuels 3 months ago

    Alberto = God

  • Hingle McCringleberry
    Hingle McCringleberry 3 months ago

    I need an Alberto in my life

  • Riley Donnellan
    Riley Donnellan 3 months ago +1

    Get a barra 😂

  • Bevan Tanttu
    Bevan Tanttu 3 months ago

    Nek Minnit!

  • Mataz007
    Mataz007 3 months ago

    no oil squirters means NA block

  • photim
    photim 3 months ago

    Alberto is such a stud! He inspires me and has such a great attitude.

  • DapitenOSoChurroSarge Channel Ese!

    To those who disliked this video! Son unos come pinga! Alberto es el mero mero de estos video, no offense adam you cool pero Alberto is alberto.

  • bmworld
    bmworld 3 months ago

    3 sec head job right there 😁

    COWDRIFTER 67 3 months ago

    It funny how they go on about engines lasting like 1-2 events
    Over here in nz engines last upwards of 4 seasons before a rebuild just to keep it healthy

  • ricardo javier mora jimenez

    Alberto is great

  • Lee Forget
    Lee Forget 3 months ago

    you can see aluminum deposits on the plug at the beginning of the video lol

  • Faiz Phase
    Faiz Phase 3 months ago

    Big boost have a RU-clip channel?

  • Leonardo Bono
    Leonardo Bono 3 months ago

    How can you kill a 2j????

  • Bass Mafia vlogs
    Bass Mafia vlogs 3 months ago

    I use old bags and boxes for my parts and bolts. Its deff smart and makes it easier.

  • Edw_ard 10
    Edw_ard 10 3 months ago

    Bro cut the stash 😂

  • Jonty Miles
    Jonty Miles 3 months ago

    Thank you Alberto big boost!!!! Love these longer videos!!

  • joeyblaze2o1
    joeyblaze2o1 3 months ago

    Alberto is the best!!!

  • Senza
    Senza 3 months ago

    My boy Adam went from riding bikes to this.

  • Ricardo Quezada
    Ricardo Quezada 3 months ago

    Why doesn’t the s15 have gas struts to hold the hood up

  • Matt Hill
    Matt Hill 3 months ago

    Could you get the old block sleeved? Don't know if that's a thing with 2 j's?

  • alexandre comeau
    alexandre comeau 3 months ago

    Alberto YOUR THE MAN !

  • Daniel Brown
    Daniel Brown 3 months ago

    nice work Big boost..

  • R Lubbers
    R Lubbers 3 months ago

    Damn son. Who tunes your engines?

  • Nick Kautz
    Nick Kautz 3 months ago +1

    It detonated there because the tune was too aggressive and because that's the sharpest part of the piston , you're supposed to file down anything pointy or edgy on the piston and combustion chamber or they will become spark plugs that are on all the time.

  • Nick Kautz
    Nick Kautz 3 months ago

    That scratch in cylinder 6 is worth maybe 15hp at WOT. Definitely not worth an overbore, unless you're racing a spec motor series.

  • Some Kiwi
    Some Kiwi 3 months ago


  • Zachariah Dorn
    Zachariah Dorn 3 months ago

    Alberto did great, thanks for the entertaining information

  • scubyman
    scubyman 3 months ago

    get a new tuner

    KIRI GAMES 3 months ago

    He is amazing what is his name,compared to other friends he does not compare its BIG BOOST

  • SoloisticGoblin Gaming
    SoloisticGoblin Gaming 3 months ago

    honestly if it cant be fixed just rip nicoles 1j out and swap for the evnt

    EDGAR GARCIA 3 months ago

    Thank you awesome vid

  • DoYouLurk
    DoYouLurk 3 months ago +2

    #AlbertoBigBoost is the man went from camera shy to making whole videos man lik to show luv 👍🏼🤙🏽

  • ray rep
    ray rep 3 months ago

    that is why it is a good idea to run sequential injection that you can trim each cylinder. When running an engine close to it's limits

  • unknownfox1994
    unknownfox1994 3 months ago

    if you want to start getting serious Adam, might be worth lookin in to building 2 motors for for the FD drift car

  • TheCorey250r
    TheCorey250r 3 months ago

    can we get more alberto working on cars and filming? loved it

  • Josh
    Josh 3 months ago

    Alberto's camera work was great!

  • Rx7nator
    Rx7nator 3 months ago

    Once apon a time I made a comment that Alberto was a amazing mechanic. The negative feedback I received was beyond stupid. BIG BOOST FTW!!!

  • Josh
    Josh 3 months ago

    Sr for life

  • Ryan Hansen
    Ryan Hansen 3 months ago +1

    Am I the only person that is starting to find Adam annoying?

  • Alexandra C.
    Alexandra C. 3 months ago

    Well done Alberto, gonna go check out your channel. Didn't know you had one.

  • wrx2hot4u
    wrx2hot4u 3 months ago +1

    I thought 2J are indestructible. mmm 😂

  • Foo1ishfast
    Foo1ishfast 3 months ago

    Unless your after market pistons are designed for pistons squirters they don’t do shit... fyi.

  • Joseph Ross
    Joseph Ross 3 months ago

    Welcome to racing fucker lol

  • thevloger007
    thevloger007 3 months ago

    8:57 Alberto just casually lifts the transmission😂

  • Blake Koenig
    Blake Koenig 3 months ago

    Big Boost to the rescue🏎🏎🏎

  • DespizedICON
    DespizedICON 3 months ago

    That is a beautiful build. S15 2jz is a proven winning combo. Smart , get it out there and kill tires!!!!!

  • Piney Ken
    Piney Ken 3 months ago

    Drop a LS in it. You will make it to FD on time

  • nickxriv
    nickxriv 3 months ago

    Battle of the JLs

  • sea craze - crazergh
    sea craze - crazergh 3 months ago

    Shave please dear god

  • WebbTV
    WebbTV 3 months ago

    really losing faith in enjuku. yall have found so many problems with this car as of late

  • Mohd Syafwan
    Mohd Syafwan 3 months ago

    I miss adam and nicole 😭.

  • Michael Karlson
    Michael Karlson 3 months ago

    Either Adam has no mechanical sympathy n pushes his builds to eleventy OR enjuku racing produced a dud build. 🤷🏽‍♂️ Thank God for big boost tho...

  • guy buddy
    guy buddy 3 months ago

    Wait you can break a 2j?

  • Vern M
    Vern M 3 months ago

    Sorry Adam and Alberto, You are So Over Due for a RB25/26 You will be Happier, Always buy off the shelf parts for good replacement Overnight Ordering !

  • Aljaž Žižek
    Aljaž Žižek 3 months ago

    Great content, dudes!

  • Ammo Beatz
    Ammo Beatz 3 months ago

    You the Man Alberto and Titan Motorsports!! 🙌🏾🤘🏾

  • Lamp Is Life
    Lamp Is Life 3 months ago

    Thanks Alberto Video turned out amazing, cant wait to see your FD start.

  • Formula1 Fan
    Formula1 Fan 3 months ago

    McFarland engineering & Fabrication have their Dingle Berry they can fix anything with the Dingle Berry and some WD40.

  • jiglypuf123
    jiglypuf123 3 months ago

    Never blown an sr? What about the rods out purple s13? ;)

  • Timmy Telebrant
    Timmy Telebrant 3 months ago

    Oh its Lz again with another broken engine! The Guy that should not have anything with cars to do at all...

  • ChristOpher DaNiel
    ChristOpher DaNiel 3 months ago

    the difference in having money and not ,also the difference between having other cars and not

  • Davidloewen1
    Davidloewen1 3 months ago

    I appreciated watching this. Good work!

  • RanGer498
    RanGer498 3 months ago

    What intake clamp was that?

  • Pheng Bun
    Pheng Bun 3 months ago

    Can this problem be from Martin’s tuning?

  • Wicked Moto
    Wicked Moto 3 months ago

    That’s why when I always tune I use a plex knock monitor. However there’s many more reasons it could be detonating. Can’t wait to see this get fixed and hear this beast get started back up.

  • Car Addict
    Car Addict 3 months ago

    Don't worry everyone I'm sure he has a Engine in storage. I'm sure he's installing it right now.

  • Ali Walton
    Ali Walton 3 months ago

    We love Alberto big boost

  • Evan
    Evan 3 months ago

    Having an Ablerto big boost segment was kinda cool. I love this crew that's coming together!

  • RedRavenRuler
    RedRavenRuler 3 months ago

    Alberto is a beast!!!! Feel like I could do this now he's so clear and we'll spoken!!!

  • miles torres
    miles torres 3 months ago

    We need THE BOOST

  • plumberman19
    plumberman19 3 months ago

    I hope you pay those boys well Adam.

  • Xavier Davis
    Xavier Davis 3 months ago

    You got a excellent team.... big respect to Alberto. Tunned in from Jamaica

  • KappaKeepo
    KappaKeepo 3 months ago


  • Kevonte Smith
    Kevonte Smith 3 months ago

    U fucking pig

  • BIG steve
    BIG steve 3 months ago

    That mo...

  • myrkini jean
    myrkini jean 3 months ago

    We're is Nicole

  • XxPodioxX YT
    XxPodioxX YT 3 months ago

    Quitate ESE cochino vigote ya asta Me da asco ver tus Videos :(

  • Bryson Shires
    Bryson Shires 3 months ago

    Alberto ripped it down to the bare block and fixed the piston rings you just fried🤔

  • Kushal Lakhan
    Kushal Lakhan 3 months ago

    Loving the content

  • .oni
    .oni 3 months ago

    Damn Adam i just got the hypes for a 700hp SR. We need more angry 4 bangers!

  • Ole Billy
    Ole Billy 3 months ago

    Ole pedophiler mustache

  • HolleyMovieStar
    HolleyMovieStar 3 months ago

    With FD, wanna look into blueprinting engine(s). That piston irregularity on the corner showing signs of detonation. That was a sharp, thinner spot of the piston as Alberto also mentioned. Sharp edges can develop hot spots leading to increased chances for detonation.

  • HolleyMovieStar
    HolleyMovieStar 3 months ago

    You don't have to go LS to play with 8s. There are the VKs to keep it in the family.

  • ArtistikDrift
    ArtistikDrift 3 months ago

    I'd like to recognize Alberto for his fabulous work! Loved the explanations too :)

  • Ransu Koira
    Ransu Koira 3 months ago

    My sr is getting pulled out and has been sitting for 3weeks cause i cant find an s14blacktop until now, and you mofos find an specific jz in a day :'DD

  • All_Things_IS300
    All_Things_IS300 3 months ago

    Just 10k+ for a bottom end over night. Nice. I would of just thrown a stock aristo with the upgraded cams