My 2JZ is toast... FD is in ONE WEEK...

  • Published on Apr 18, 2019
  • I thought my advantage was going to be having a running car that has proven to be reliable... GUESS NOT! Here comes the last minute fun - we got this :)
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  • Ryan Rhind
    Ryan Rhind 14 days ago

    As a Kiwi I very much appreciate Alberto's "Nek Minnit"

  • Bo Mikael Linus Andersson

    Well that explains the blowby issue you've been having too my man.

  • Tristan Deall
    Tristan Deall 23 days ago

    You need a new tuner!

  • Nickat1ne707
    Nickat1ne707 23 days ago

    Lmao wow, its been a long minute since ive watched your videos... Man you turned into a douche. Lmao even look the part.

  • Ola Snekvik
    Ola Snekvik 23 days ago

    Run sleeves.

  • Jason Bedard
    Jason Bedard 24 days ago

    may i ask what transmission and adapter plate this is ? i really like how the transmission kit is mounted

  • Wesley Daemen
    Wesley Daemen 24 days ago

    Its great that alberto also makes videos for you.

  • Damon Thomsen
    Damon Thomsen 25 days ago

    You should install some sleeves in that block. Darton makes them :)

  • jjoea Bhn
    jjoea Bhn 25 days ago

    Leak down test. Easiest way to check rings

  • Jr Ozare
    Jr Ozare 26 days ago

    Alberto has the Puerto Rican accent like my dad lol 😆
    *Im in SoCal but I grew up in Miami and have lots of family in Orlando. Lots of PR ppl up there.

  • Jr Ozare
    Jr Ozare 26 days ago

    It's pretty nuts that Adam says, if he were more confident in his driving ability, but he drives like an animal. From my perspective, he's a helluva driver. 👍

  • Jr Ozare
    Jr Ozare 26 days ago

    I wonder what Adam meant when he said 'they' wouldn't let him out an SR in his S15?

  • Monte Samuels
    Monte Samuels 26 days ago

    Alberto = God

  • Hingle McCringleberry
    Hingle McCringleberry 27 days ago

    I need an Alberto in my life

  • Riley Donnellan
    Riley Donnellan 28 days ago +1

    Get a barra 😂

  • Bevan Tanttu
    Bevan Tanttu 28 days ago

    Nek Minnit!

  • Mataz007
    Mataz007 29 days ago

    no oil squirters means NA block

  • photim
    photim 29 days ago

    Alberto is such a stud! He inspires me and has such a great attitude.

  • DapitenOSoChurroSarge Channel Ese!

    To those who disliked this video! Son unos come pinga! Alberto es el mero mero de estos video, no offense adam you cool pero Alberto is alberto.

  • bmworld
    bmworld 29 days ago

    3 sec head job right there 😁

    COWDRIFTER 67 29 days ago

    It funny how they go on about engines lasting like 1-2 events
    Over here in nz engines last upwards of 4 seasons before a rebuild just to keep it healthy

  • ricardo javier mora jimenez

    Alberto is great

  • Lee Forget
    Lee Forget 29 days ago

    you can see aluminum deposits on the plug at the beginning of the video lol

  • Faiz Phase
    Faiz Phase 29 days ago

    Big boost have a RU-clip channel?

  • Leonardo Bono
    Leonardo Bono 29 days ago

    How can you kill a 2j????

  • Bass Mafia Family Vlogs

    I use old bags and boxes for my parts and bolts. Its deff smart and makes it easier.

  • Edw_ard 10
    Edw_ard 10 29 days ago

    Bro cut the stash 😂

  • Jonty Miles
    Jonty Miles Month ago

    Thank you Alberto big boost!!!! Love these longer videos!!

  • joeyblaze2o1
    joeyblaze2o1 Month ago

    Alberto is the best!!!

  • Senza
    Senza Month ago

    My boy Adam went from riding bikes to this.

  • Ricardo Quezada
    Ricardo Quezada Month ago

    Why doesn’t the s15 have gas struts to hold the hood up

  • Matt Hill
    Matt Hill Month ago

    Could you get the old block sleeved? Don't know if that's a thing with 2 j's?

  • alexandre comeau
    alexandre comeau Month ago

    Alberto YOUR THE MAN !

  • Daniel Brown
    Daniel Brown Month ago

    nice work Big boost..

  • R Lubbers
    R Lubbers Month ago

    Damn son. Who tunes your engines?

  • Nick Kautz
    Nick Kautz Month ago +1

    It detonated there because the tune was too aggressive and because that's the sharpest part of the piston , you're supposed to file down anything pointy or edgy on the piston and combustion chamber or they will become spark plugs that are on all the time.

  • Nick Kautz
    Nick Kautz Month ago

    That scratch in cylinder 6 is worth maybe 15hp at WOT. Definitely not worth an overbore, unless you're racing a spec motor series.

  • Some Kiwi
    Some Kiwi Month ago


  • Zachariah Dorn
    Zachariah Dorn Month ago

    Alberto did great, thanks for the entertaining information

  • scubyman
    scubyman Month ago

    get a new tuner

    THAT DUDE GAMING Month ago

    He is amazing what is his name,compared to other friends he does not compare its BIG BOOST

  • SoloisticGoblin Gaming

    honestly if it cant be fixed just rip nicoles 1j out and swap for the evnt

    EDGAR GARCIA Month ago

    Thank you awesome vid

  • DoYouLurk
    DoYouLurk Month ago +2

    #AlbertoBigBoost is the man went from camera shy to making whole videos man lik to show luv 👍🏼🤙🏽

  • ray rep
    ray rep Month ago

    that is why it is a good idea to run sequential injection that you can trim each cylinder. When running an engine close to it's limits

  • unknownfox1994
    unknownfox1994 Month ago

    if you want to start getting serious Adam, might be worth lookin in to building 2 motors for for the FD drift car

  • TheCorey250r
    TheCorey250r Month ago

    can we get more alberto working on cars and filming? loved it

  • Josh
    Josh Month ago

    Alberto's camera work was great!

  • Rx7nator
    Rx7nator Month ago

    Once apon a time I made a comment that Alberto was a amazing mechanic. The negative feedback I received was beyond stupid. BIG BOOST FTW!!!

  • Josh
    Josh Month ago

    Sr for life

  • Ryan Hansen
    Ryan Hansen Month ago +1

    Am I the only person that is starting to find Adam annoying?

  • Alexandra C.
    Alexandra C. Month ago

    Well done Alberto, gonna go check out your channel. Didn't know you had one.

  • wrx2hot4u
    wrx2hot4u Month ago +1

    I thought 2J are indestructible. mmm 😂

  • Foo1ishfast
    Foo1ishfast Month ago

    Unless your after market pistons are designed for pistons squirters they don’t do shit... fyi.

  • Joseph Ross
    Joseph Ross Month ago

    Welcome to racing fucker lol

  • thevloger007
    thevloger007 Month ago

    8:57 Alberto just casually lifts the transmission😂

  • Blake Koenig
    Blake Koenig Month ago

    Big Boost to the rescue🏎🏎🏎

  • DespizedICON
    DespizedICON Month ago

    That is a beautiful build. S15 2jz is a proven winning combo. Smart , get it out there and kill tires!!!!!

  • Piney Ken
    Piney Ken Month ago

    Drop a LS in it. You will make it to FD on time

  • nickxriv
    nickxriv Month ago

    Battle of the JLs

  • sea craze - crazergh

    Shave please dear god

  • WebbTV
    WebbTV Month ago

    really losing faith in enjuku. yall have found so many problems with this car as of late

  • Mohd Syafwan
    Mohd Syafwan Month ago

    I miss adam and nicole 😭.

  • Michael Karlson
    Michael Karlson Month ago

    Either Adam has no mechanical sympathy n pushes his builds to eleventy OR enjuku racing produced a dud build. 🤷🏽‍♂️ Thank God for big boost tho...

  • guy buddy
    guy buddy Month ago

    Wait you can break a 2j?

  • Vern M
    Vern M Month ago

    Sorry Adam and Alberto, You are So Over Due for a RB25/26 You will be Happier, Always buy off the shelf parts for good replacement Overnight Ordering !

  • Aljaž Žižek
    Aljaž Žižek Month ago

    Great content, dudes!

  • Ammo Beatz
    Ammo Beatz Month ago

    You the Man Alberto and Titan Motorsports!! 🙌🏾🤘🏾

  • Lamp Is Life
    Lamp Is Life Month ago

    Thanks Alberto Video turned out amazing, cant wait to see your FD start.

  • Formula1 Fan
    Formula1 Fan Month ago

    McFarland engineering & Fabrication have their Dingle Berry they can fix anything with the Dingle Berry and some WD40.

  • jiglypuf123
    jiglypuf123 Month ago

    Never blown an sr? What about the rods out purple s13? ;)

  • Timmy Telebrant
    Timmy Telebrant Month ago

    Oh its Lz again with another broken engine! The Guy that should not have anything with cars to do at all...

  • ChristOpher DaNiel
    ChristOpher DaNiel Month ago

    the difference in having money and not ,also the difference between having other cars and not

  • Davidloewen1
    Davidloewen1 Month ago

    I appreciated watching this. Good work!

  • RanGer498
    RanGer498 Month ago

    What intake clamp was that?

  • Pheng Bun
    Pheng Bun Month ago

    Can this problem be from Martin’s tuning?

  • Wicked Moto
    Wicked Moto Month ago

    That’s why when I always tune I use a plex knock monitor. However there’s many more reasons it could be detonating. Can’t wait to see this get fixed and hear this beast get started back up.

  • Car Addict
    Car Addict Month ago

    Don't worry everyone I'm sure he has a Engine in storage. I'm sure he's installing it right now.

  • Ali Walton
    Ali Walton Month ago

    We love Alberto big boost

  • Evan
    Evan Month ago

    Having an Ablerto big boost segment was kinda cool. I love this crew that's coming together!

  • RedRavenRuler
    RedRavenRuler Month ago

    Alberto is a beast!!!! Feel like I could do this now he's so clear and we'll spoken!!!

  • miles torres
    miles torres Month ago

    We need THE BOOST

  • plumberman19
    plumberman19 Month ago

    I hope you pay those boys well Adam.

  • Kyle
    Kyle Month ago

    Big Boost, the hero we need.

  • Xavier Davis
    Xavier Davis Month ago

    You got a excellent team.... big respect to Alberto. Tunned in from Jamaica

  • KappaKeepo
    KappaKeepo Month ago


  • Kevonte Smith
    Kevonte Smith Month ago

    U fucking pig

  • Simon Bowen
    Simon Bowen Month ago

    That mo...

  • myrkini jean
    myrkini jean Month ago

    We're is Nicole

  • XxPodioxX YT
    XxPodioxX YT Month ago

    Quitate ESE cochino vigote ya asta Me da asco ver tus Videos :(

  • Bryson Shires
    Bryson Shires Month ago

    Alberto ripped it down to the bare block and fixed the piston rings you just fried🤔

  • Kushal Lakhan
    Kushal Lakhan Month ago

    Loving the content

  • .oni
    .oni Month ago

    Damn Adam i just got the hypes for a 700hp SR. We need more angry 4 bangers!

  • Ole Billy
    Ole Billy Month ago

    Ole pedophiler mustache

  • HolleyMovieStar
    HolleyMovieStar Month ago

    With FD, wanna look into blueprinting engine(s). That piston irregularity on the corner showing signs of detonation. That was a sharp, thinner spot of the piston as Alberto also mentioned. Sharp edges can develop hot spots leading to increased chances for detonation.

  • HolleyMovieStar
    HolleyMovieStar Month ago

    You don't have to go LS to play with 8s. There are the VKs to keep it in the family.

  • ArtistikDrift
    ArtistikDrift Month ago

    I'd like to recognize Alberto for his fabulous work! Loved the explanations too :)

  • Ransu Koira
    Ransu Koira Month ago

    My sr is getting pulled out and has been sitting for 3weeks cause i cant find an s14blacktop until now, and you mofos find an specific jz in a day :'DD

  • All_Things_IS300
    All_Things_IS300 Month ago

    Just 10k+ for a bottom end over night. Nice. I would of just thrown a stock aristo with the upgraded cams

  • booSTed ST
    booSTed ST Month ago

    youtuber cars are always breaking, wtf!! you guys dropping alot of money on these cars to have them break every couple of weeks.. just saying.