Leicester boss Nigel Pearson swears at journalist after Hull draw

  • Published on Mar 14, 2015
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Comments • 96

  • The wanderer l
    The wanderer l Month ago


  • jonybeam
    jonybeam 2 months ago +3

    Manager of my club now and will probably do a decent enough job in keeping us up but as a person he's arrogant rude and just a horrible person generally

    • jonybeam
      jonybeam Month ago

      Hector Ricardo I agree completely on that one the almost all mainstream media is fake. CNN for example should go into the English dictionary as the very definition of that word!

    • Hector Ricardo
      Hector Ricardo Month ago

      These reporters try and get managers fired so I don't see why any manager should show them an ounce of respect. The media are nasty lil rats nowadays.

    • christian france
      christian france 2 months ago +2

      jonybeam that man hates reporters, and when you’re down the bottom reporters try and antagonise you constantly make you question your stability in the job they’re assholes. Be more respectful of your manger gonna keep you up, ungrateful

  • AB 18
    AB 18 2 months ago

    Absolute twat

  • Marc Flannery
    Marc Flannery 3 months ago +7

    Love Pearson’s banter, mans a legend

  • Jock Knew
    Jock Knew 3 months ago +1

    You don’t fuck with Nigel Pearson

  • Cobra Cave
    Cobra Cave 4 months ago

    He’s acting like my uncle when’s he’s just woke up! Fucking wanker

  • xeno x
    xeno x 10 months ago

    its annoying cus hes a shite manager but hethinks hes gods gift

    • Zepher Gaming
      Zepher Gaming 4 months ago

      He was actually very very good at Leicester, he built the foundations for a team that won the premier league.

  • TrueEnglishman
    TrueEnglishman Year ago +17


  • Josh J
    Josh J Year ago

    There so lucky they fucked him off

  • Foldy 435
    Foldy 435 Year ago +2

    Pearson is a monumental bellend.

  • samB
    samB Year ago +1

    I think Pearson acted like this in order to take the media attention off his players

  • ASTRO!
    ASTRO! Year ago +1

    me in a press conference

  • AML86
    AML86 Year ago +3

    This man doesn’t get enough credit

  • jonybeam
    jonybeam Year ago

    That Pearson idiot is a really arrogant horrible individual the sort that deserves a good punch in the mouth

  • Sconnie Panda
    Sconnie Panda Year ago +1

    another 8watt light bulb who needs to just fade away from the game.

  • Michael Ahern
    Michael Ahern Year ago +1

    He's a total Dickhead. .a liability .....

  • Tokyo Joe
    Tokyo Joe Year ago +2

    Not the full ticket this fella

  • Vincent V
    Vincent V 2 years ago


  • Harry Wootton-Jones
    Harry Wootton-Jones 2 years ago

    he is so far up his ass hahahaha what a wanker

  • onthegoldenline
    onthegoldenline 2 years ago +42

    Pearson revelling in his image of being a 'brutish, unreconstructed P. E. teacher.'

  • Amy Mcphee
    Amy Mcphee 2 years ago

    What a wank hankie

  • Gato
    Gato 2 years ago +2

    I would never, ever want to piss him off... he seems like a guy that would make you feel like crap.

    • Michael Ahern
      Michael Ahern Year ago

      Mr Cat The only thing you can do with him is laugh into his face.....that's how to deal with arrogant ignorant people like him ...

    • Blue Boy
      Blue Boy 2 years ago

      i think he's a bully. At least that's how he comes across to me.

    ANTONY HOBBS 2 years ago

    NIce one Nigel he speaks the truth

  • Rodeo Man
    Rodeo Man 2 years ago +3

    And I thought Jose' was a wanker!

  • D C
    D C 2 years ago +4

    Needs to go on a course on how to handle interviews

  • medicationswhatyouneed smith

    He prob went home and beat the wife up

  • Ian Dowd
    Ian Dowd 2 years ago

    I wouldn’t like to go for a pint with Nigel he’s a fucking nightmare, I mistakenly thought he was a teacher and not the manager of Leicester by the way is he still around or is he on gardening leave ??

  • ukedc
    ukedc 2 years ago +1

    I bet he has road rage every single day. Seething with unnecessary anger. Silly idiot.

  • Benitez Sucks
    Benitez Sucks 2 years ago

    What a cunt of a man..His son was sacked for being a cunt,apple doesnt fall far from the tree...

  • Sconnie Panda
    Sconnie Panda 2 years ago


  • Ben Tattersfield
    Ben Tattersfield 2 years ago

    Pearson is a penis....would have loved to see someone absolutely destroy him. with a slide tackle along the touchline while he shouted bollocks instructions....thinks he is mike tyson but no-one is as hard as all that on their own

  • Mark Cresswell
    Mark Cresswell 2 years ago +1

    He was a prick .and still is !!! And I am a Derby fan!!

  • SB88
    SB88 2 years ago

    What a dickhead

  • SavageArfad
    SavageArfad 2 years ago +4

    Nice Roy Keane impression.

  • waal ipper
    waal ipper 2 years ago +1

    What a fucking wank....lol..i bet his players think the same.. he comes across as a wife beater or slaps his kids about or summit lol

    • Romario
      Romario 2 years ago

      What players? Clearly you know fuck all about football as he has been out of a job since leaving the Foxes two years ago. Pearson might have a love him/hate him personality, but he can sure get a club out of a dogfight at the bottom. Now go back to watching netball.

  • mark mewbury
    mark mewbury 2 years ago +1


  • Richard Taylor
    Richard Taylor 2 years ago +3

    Yeah but he kept leicester up with plenty to spare ,the following season won the league ok not with him but left a good sqaud, so his rants and behaviour were worth in the long run , he does come across as a arrogant bastard but the media at times are cunts

  • Clive Bindley
    Clive Bindley 2 years ago +8

    I don't really see anything wrong with what he did/said.
    The reporters ask questions deliberately designed to rattle him so he has a go back.
    I've seen Fergie and a few other managers lose their patience with these idiotic shit stirring nobodies.

  • Benitez Sucks
    Benitez Sucks 2 years ago +1

    He's a prick..and his son is a scumbag..

  • Arjit Jere
    Arjit Jere 3 years ago +9

    Leicester then and Leicester now....what a change an year makes

    • Synthesizer Patel
      Synthesizer Patel 27 days ago

      True, but he deserves a lot of credit for laying down the foundations that won them the Premier League title. It was with Pearson at the helm that the team started that incredible run of form, at the end of the 14/15 season.

  • Alun Churcher
    Alun Churcher 3 years ago +24

    what an arrogant arse

    • David Knight
      David Knight Year ago

      What an arrogant wanker , one of those reporters should have punched him on his big nose and made him cry.😅

  • The Cat
    The Cat 4 years ago +6

    Terrible manager and a complete bell end at press conferences.

    DAVID OWEN WINTER 4 years ago

    where does he swear to?

  • Ashley Gage
    Ashley Gage 4 years ago +1

    great escape by Leicester this season

    //DISENTANGLED// 4 years ago +2

    would hardly call this swearing. Like Pearson a lot, his passion has shown up in how his team have played this season. Good on him

  • Archie Marshall
    Archie Marshall 4 years ago +1


  • sternumagnum
    sternumagnum 4 years ago +1

    The angriest man in football - anywhere.

  • GasMaskHeadhunter
    GasMaskHeadhunter 4 years ago +8

    Hes not the best at dealing with the media is he? I dont know how he would deal with the pressure if he managed a club that was always in the public spotlight. He would either have a aneurysm or locked up.

  • it is what it aint
    it is what it aint 5 years ago


  • Julia Kochlik
    Julia Kochlik 5 years ago


  • JPW-Artist
    JPW-Artist 5 years ago

    I remember Pearson well when he played for and captained my team Boro. Great leader, hard as nails and definitely not to be fucked with. A lot of reporters and journalists, particularly from Sky Sports are shit stirring little twats who know sod all about football purposely asking stupid questions designed to get a man like Pearson annoyed.

  • Teflon Don
    Teflon Don 5 years ago +3

    Nigel pearson is my new least favourite person in football

  • Ian
    Ian 5 years ago +1


  • Johnny l Shortdood
    Johnny l Shortdood 5 years ago +35

    What a bellend

  • danger mike
    danger mike 5 years ago

    i was waiting for him to say " F*** OFF AND DIE " to that journalist, Pearson is the new badarse of the PL...hands down

  • OLI Games
    OLI Games 5 years ago +2

    He's the reason why were bottom. Please sack him

  • kissingrude07
    kissingrude07 5 years ago +17

    Pearson = Thuglife...

    • 9wolves2007
      9wolves2007 5 years ago

      @chris sharman If you haven't already, you need to check out the cartoon that 442oons made about Pearson & McArthur's clash on the touchline, it's hilarious!

    • Captain Kirk
      Captain Kirk 5 years ago

      My players! not for much longer with a bit of luck. To play 5 at the back at home against Hull is a crime. Poor signings in summer has cost us. LCFC

  • Kayleigh Reed
    Kayleigh Reed 5 years ago +1

    Getting sacked in the morning!

  • bashfulmosaic34
    bashfulmosaic34 5 years ago

    He is unit but I still hope he is overrating himself and dream to see someone knocking him out.

  • Noon Noob
    Noon Noob 5 years ago +17

    i live in leicester and we all think he's a knob

    • Cameron Marbrook
      Cameron Marbrook 3 months ago

      No we dont

    • Blue Boy
      Blue Boy 2 years ago +2

      no we're all generally just miserable bastards :)

    • SchmeichelP
      SchmeichelP 2 years ago +1

      Is there any relatively successful British person that the British don't think is a knob? Just asking...Trying to figure out if it's the jealousy, a defective gene or something else affecting your perspective.

    • 9wolves2007
      9wolves2007 5 years ago

      @Aaisha J lol I can think of worse places :/

  • Dissimilar Dub
    Dissimilar Dub 5 years ago +14

    You're representing our club..get your arrogant head out your arse, press conferences are part of your job role. GET HIM OUT OF OUR FOOTBALL CLUB!!

    • Ella Mars
      Ella Mars 3 years ago +1

      Dissimilar M twat

    • Are You Mad ?
      Are You Mad ? 4 years ago

      @Dissimilar M he's been absolutely amazing for the past month or so. He's got yet another win against Newcastle today. The tactics are coming together. Even when you've lost some of your games, you were class at times. I agree that NP conducts himself badly in press conferences, but sometimes the reporters piss him off, which is understandable as he's standing up to them.

    • Are You Mad ?
      Are You Mad ? 4 years ago

      He's got like 4 wins in a row now. I think it's 5 correct me if I'm wrong but he's turned it all around now.

    • Dissimilar Dub
      Dissimilar Dub 5 years ago

      Not at all. I'm not calling for him to get the sack now true, but this press conference was awful, and the way he's conducted himself over the course of the season has been pretty damn poor. Still unsure of his tactics over this season too, but yeah, I'll support him til the end of the season..he's at last doing what the majority of fans have been saying for months.

    • Are You Mad ?
      Are You Mad ? 5 years ago

      I bet u regret saying that now...

  • olga fox
    olga fox 5 years ago +34

    Respect to the man sticking up for his players, I am getting sick of the media always trying to judge football on some moral high ground, the BBC are a nightmare at it, you only have to look at the way they are going after Chelsea in the last couple of weeks.

  • MegaDonGallo 1981
    MegaDonGallo 1981 5 years ago

    Prick? That's the kettle calling the pot a black bastard there...

  • TommyGrule
    TommyGrule 5 years ago +9

    what a complete knob head fuck off Pearson embarrassment.

  • F. A. M. A.
    F. A. M. A. 5 years ago +3

    He needs to be punished right? He has to be punished! If this goes unpunished then the FA sends a message to other managers that swearing is acceptable at press conferences!

    • David Beardsley
      David Beardsley 5 years ago +2

      Shut up you tart.

    • hipement
      hipement 5 years ago +1

      @Anfubvinch If it was only this incident then you may well have a point that it's excusable however this is not the case & once again Pearson shows he cannot handle criticism or pressure.

    • Anfubvinch
      Anfubvinch 5 years ago +10

      Pardon my bluntness but who gives a shit? I don't see why swearing during press conferences is a problem; Leicester are battling relegation, their manager is nervous, he's a grown man, I really don't see why we have to be prudes about it.
      It's not like he actually yelled insults at somebody, he was mumbling sear words, which is not very clever yet excusable...

  • Tom St
    Tom St 5 years ago +38

    Pressure telling on the man. Doesn't help that he's a prick himself.

    • 9wolves2007
      9wolves2007 5 years ago +1

      You have articulated that in the nicest way possible ;)