This Bluetooth Speaker Will Melt Your Face

  • Published on Jul 22, 2019
  • The DiamondBoxx M3 wireless bluetooth speaker is an incredibly loud portable sound system.
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  • smilegodlovesu77
    smilegodlovesu77 2 days ago

    Can you make a video of your top 50 tracks of all time, I love ur taste in music...maybe on your podcast channel?


    I'm leasing a new car and the stereo.. is ass. I'm considering saving up and buying one of these.

  • jimmy florian
    jimmy florian 6 days ago

    What songs do you play there in what app

  • bert smith
    bert smith 14 days ago

    When did low noisy rumbling become bass?

  • Eliezer Brito
    Eliezer Brito 19 days ago

    Is it loud?

  • bubblejuiceman
    bubblejuiceman 26 days ago +1

    What is the name of the Genre of that music? It's like chill jazzy lo-fi upbeat instrumental lounge music.

  • Curtis Womack
    Curtis Womack 28 days ago

    My Bose Soundtouch 30 is a beast, and really hard to beat for sound and loudness.

  • Kevin Webb
    Kevin Webb Month ago

    Guess we'll have to take your word for it. It sure sounded like goat shit on the video.

  • JAYWU72
    JAYWU72 Month ago


  • Joe_Anroy
    Joe_Anroy Month ago

    and what do you do for a living? === I UNBOX SHIT!! 😁😁

  • pittbullninja
    pittbullninja Month ago

    steve meade showcased this years ago

  • ChenChen Baldo
    ChenChen Baldo Month ago

    Iwa is the best bluetooth speaker for me

  • BradDabber
    BradDabber Month ago

    Hey Lew, i found a product thats in your territory, i didnt want to comment on a random video about it because its some sort of crazy speaker, so i commented on this video, its called Soundboks, i was wondering if you could check it out maybe even do a review, thanks

  • Ray Webb
    Ray Webb Month ago

    No melt your face off,was standing in front of a Richie Blackmore Marshall tower on the Perfect Strangers tour 1981.

  • Damon Behnke
    Damon Behnke Month ago

    Lol if that replaces your home audio you don't have real home audio

  • Edilon Nascimento
    Edilon Nascimento Month ago

    Xl2 vs gold phantom ???

  • The YouTubez
    The YouTubez Month ago

    I just use a set of USB Speakers. That’s my main Audio device, and the speakers on my galaxy S2

  • Alen Vidović
    Alen Vidović Month ago

    ...with price.

  • TheFamousKid
    TheFamousKid 2 months ago

    5:27 when parents ain’t home 😬😬

  • Justin Daniels
    Justin Daniels 2 months ago

    I wish my parents would let me buy one of these! But they don't even like it when I blast the bass, let alone spending $600 on a speaker.

  • JustasM
    JustasM 2 months ago

    music sht

  • Ahmad Nasser
    Ahmad Nasser 2 months ago

    Forget it. This won't melt your face.

    If it did, you'd go lookin' like Freddy Krueger.

  • mardzzor
    mardzzor 2 months ago +2

    this is most likely better than the JBL boom box, but how much better is it (if it is)?

    • Jeb Hack
      Jeb Hack 2 months ago

      there are reviews comparing the two. The Diamondboxx is much louder.

  • Ludwig Vistalite Supraphonic

    Music from?

  • S Morris
    S Morris 2 months ago

    Too much treble. Nahhh.

  • YoYoMA _
    YoYoMA _ 2 months ago

    600 dollars? I can think of 600 other things way more that i want or need. Sounds really muddy

    • Justin Daniels
      Justin Daniels 2 months ago

      The muddy sound is because the microphones can't pick up the full bass properly--it is the recording, not the speaker that sounds muddy.

  • CheekyChookz
    CheekyChookz 2 months ago


  • I am Alx
    I am Alx 2 months ago

    Small diamond for a big box

  • ckmanzano
    ckmanzano 2 months ago

    can you review the new alto uber FX

  • Elijah Ellis
    Elijah Ellis 2 months ago

    Hey I am a huge fan and I have noticed that you have a ton of leftover speakers... Do you think that you could send me one.

  • Weelio
    Weelio 2 months ago

    People making jokes about this melting their wallet like we aren’t a load of people that happily spend a grand + on a new iphone every year

    • Lol831
      Lol831 2 months ago

      Weelio yea but you can do more stuff on a fucking phone than a fucking speaker moron

  • Jay C
    Jay C 2 months ago +3


  • B watson
    B watson 3 months ago

    Speakers. Atomic SixTen. Get them. Hear them. Question everything. They are the finest. Nothing is even close. You will need a new pair of drawers and a drool cup...

  • ısık tuna
    ısık tuna 3 months ago +1

    If I hook that up to my tv, my neighbour can be mad:))

  • Maximus Gigantos
    Maximus Gigantos 3 months ago

    Play Death Metal on it

  • Aland othman
    Aland othman 3 months ago

    price of this speaker

  • AC Webb
    AC Webb 3 months ago

    What has better sound this or exos-9

  • michael randall
    michael randall 3 months ago +1

    I can hear your videos and these speakers quite well on my chrome book but everything else I can barely hear if at all?

  • Shaker4x4
    Shaker4x4 3 months ago +1

    Sounds like crap out of my little phone speaker!

  • mohit singh
    mohit singh 3 months ago

    Damn sexy

  • ian philpott
    ian philpott 3 months ago

    Hey, you should do a review of soundboks 3 generation.......

  • Jonah Santos
    Jonah Santos 3 months ago

    What is the names of the songs

  • GoVidsGo
    GoVidsGo 3 months ago

    review the soundboks 3!

  • Christian Henriquez
    Christian Henriquez 3 months ago

    Is this better than the jbl boombox ?

  • Harsh Khare
    Harsh Khare 3 months ago +4

    Devialet gold phantom vs diamond box which is better
    Please man I would love that video

  • Mathieu Diep
    Mathieu Diep 3 months ago

    Soundbok unboxing

  • Noble Price
    Noble Price 3 months ago

    It just melts...........hit Dr.Dre !!!

  • Anthony Cruz
    Anthony Cruz 3 months ago

    Do a video in the JBL boom box and JBL party box 200,300,1000 series

  • Andrew
    Andrew 3 months ago

    Man, the clipped signal is ruining the actual experience or ‘what could be’ show casing the speaker. Should’ve just turned the mic gain down and edited the video. But that was a whole lotta speaker lmao

  • Andrew
    Andrew 3 months ago

    This is loud enough for a party, let me max is out while I’m right next to it lmao. Watch your ears bro! I’ll bet that mic signal was hot too hahaah

    • Andrew
      Andrew 3 months ago

      Oh yeah, we clipping lmao

    ASAP BAD ASS 4 months ago


  • John Miller
    John Miller 4 months ago +1

    Guys your speaks weren't cracking. The sound was making his microphone clip causing the recording to hit in the red. Your speakers had no choice to relay that sound. lol

  • Yandel Rosado
    Yandel Rosado 4 months ago

    Do Bump box

  • John Grist
    John Grist 4 months ago

    Melt your face or your wallet?

  • The Gadget Guy
    The Gadget Guy 4 months ago

    It seems when both were connected and on the highest volume the sound did distort, they must be really FREAKIN' LOUD!!!,

  • Aamey Playz
    Aamey Playz 4 months ago

    I still think the xl2 is better :)

  • Steve Burlinson
    Steve Burlinson 4 months ago

    One of the songs is called Mimi by DNA Beatz

  • Isaac Yoon
    Isaac Yoon 4 months ago +5

    Me: Read comments
    Also me: RIP headphone users

  • elisabeth lakatosz
    elisabeth lakatosz 4 months ago


  • ASAP Meme
    ASAP Meme 4 months ago +2

    5:23 who else computer speakers started crackling