Surprising Shayne with a Graduation Ceremony (he cries)

  • Published on Dec 5, 2019
  • Shayne recently finished his degree after 10(!) years so we surprised him with a graduation ceremony because it's what he deserves! Spoiler Alert: he cries.
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Comments • 5 251

  • Sarah Whittle
    Sarah Whittle Month ago +15469


  • Caroline K
    Caroline K 6 minutes ago

    did anyone else notice that keith wasn’t there??

  • zwallace498
    zwallace498 31 minute ago

    Congratulations Shayne very emotional speech good luck with your degree

  • Elian Estrada
    Elian Estrada Hour ago

    I cried idk why 😂 proud of u shayne 😊

  • Chrisy Toman
    Chrisy Toman 4 hours ago

    Awwww use really are the nicest to your co-workers

  • Shannon Horton
    Shannon Horton 5 hours ago

    My heart is actually so full from watching this! ^_^

  • GamerGirlLilli
    GamerGirlLilli 5 hours ago

    What if they invited Anthony to this

  • gman femal
    gman femal 9 hours ago

    aw that was so awesome :)

  • Vegerun101
    Vegerun101 19 hours ago


  • Anto V
    Anto V 20 hours ago

    Omg he is sooooooo sweet. Congrats Shayne you deserve all happiness❤

  • Stephanie Contreras
    Stephanie Contreras 21 hour ago

    I cryed,when i saw shayne cry i...i just..brusted

  • T.J. Haws
    T.J. Haws 23 hours ago

    How old is Shayne?

  • JC
    JC Day ago

    Where is keith

  • the Pink Kitty
    the Pink Kitty Day ago

    I'm really glad they did this for him!!! It's so great seeing shayne getting the love he deserves

  • Shelly Zhang
    Shelly Zhang Day ago

    10:20 did someone hit shayne in the face? Why is he looking up, well I know why, he's thinking about that 35k or more he could've used

    But seriously, conGRADUATIONS and hope you get a awesome job. :) P.S. Urs truly, the 1 out of the like what, 20 millionth subscriber and fan

  • Samantha Robison

    I did not expect to cry..oh my god

  • aj carson
    aj carson Day ago

    I only wish joe bereta gave a speech

  • Zie Ellingham
    Zie Ellingham Day ago


  • austin0girl
    austin0girl Day ago +1

    Shayne’s cap was on backwards the whole time

  • Michelle Tr
    Michelle Tr Day ago

    courtney did the most of the planing aaaawwwwwww

  • Laura Wilson
    Laura Wilson 2 days ago

    I'm not crying, you're crying

    Okay, maybe I'm crying

  • Ava Shaffer
    Ava Shaffer 2 days ago

    All im saying is, Courtney was the ONLY ONE out of the smosh squad that got to speak even though the rest of them were all there. *cough cough* SHARTNEY

  • BuzzardAK47
    BuzzardAK47 2 days ago

    He’s 47???

  • Tina Jarvis
    Tina Jarvis 2 days ago

    That's great

  • Kate8P
    Kate8P 2 days ago

    Me: This is the sweetest thing ever and I’m so happy you shared this with us ❤️❤️❤️

  • Gigatless
    Gigatless 2 days ago

    I missed something, where is Keith now?

  • Stef Castagna
    Stef Castagna 2 days ago

    When Shane walked in it made me so happy. 😊 then when he cried (in happiness) I was twice as happy 😊

  • Neko109 901
    Neko109 901 2 days ago

    Happy grad shayne

  • The Frozenz
    The Frozenz 3 days ago +5

    I kinda hoped shortney would've happened but it's ok

  • Yung Glum
    Yung Glum 3 days ago

    Loved it so much what a powerful family Smosh is they truly care about eachother ♥️😭✨️

  • Alyssa McClure
    Alyssa McClure 3 days ago

    I watched the Facebook version a few days ago, and it’s my fav video on the internet ❤️

  • Alyssa McClure
    Alyssa McClure 3 days ago

    I studied Psychology in College!!

  • Alyssa McClure
    Alyssa McClure 3 days ago

    This was so sweet and cute and I just generally think Shayne is a great human being and this was so sweet

  • Rinny Kinz
    Rinny Kinz 3 days ago

    CONGRATULATIONS! This makes me so motivated to finish college. So proud of you!!!

  • Amanda Rochelle Cohen

    I'm crying!

  • T Hafez
    T Hafez 3 days ago +1

    Okay but i just realised that cole looks ALOT like mrbeast

  • Jake Fox
    Jake Fox 3 days ago

    Courtney did a lions work of the job aye?😏

  • Potato Man
    Potato Man 3 days ago

    Is shayne actually 47 or was that a joke?

  • Veronicz
    Veronicz 3 days ago

    I went in thinking this was a prank video, and saw something beautiful.

  • 18equestrian
    18equestrian 4 days ago

    When he started crying 🤭😪🥰☺️

    BEES AND TOAST 4 days ago

    This is one of the sweetest things I've ever seen and Shayne deserved a good cry that day. To have a whole production and ceremony in your honor, that just doesn't happen to anyone. He really is their favorite pizza place.

  • Usagi.Tali
    Usagi.Tali 4 days ago +3

    I’m just waiting to see how will Smosh top this for Shane’s own wedding

  • Suzan Galindo
    Suzan Galindo 4 days ago

    She doesn't look like he's 40 he looks like he is 25

  • Sam Duff
    Sam Duff 5 days ago +4

    Doctor: I'm sorry sir you'll die in 15 minutes
    - any last requests?
    Me: Play the Smosh video of Shayne's graduation ceremony.
    Doctor: Sir that video's nearly 20 minu-
    God: It's ok I'll wait.

  • Brad Hensley
    Brad Hensley 5 days ago

    Smosh Pit's new "Try Not To Cry" challenge

  • Koker Hernandez
    Koker Hernandez 5 days ago

    I’m out here balling lmfao ugh

  • Lil Mami
    Lil Mami 6 days ago

    Ayyye AZ state!! represent

  • Rick Cremers
    Rick Cremers 6 days ago

    Holsem sheyne happy for him

  • Dalia Aljohani
    Dalia Aljohani 6 days ago +2

    When I though I would never be more impressed about Shayne
    We are proud of you man 💕

  • Megan Jaden
    Megan Jaden 7 days ago

    It's actually a common misconception that you can't do anything with a psych degree. I'm currently taking a psych class and my teachers brought this up on multiple occasions.

  • Barrett50Cal
    Barrett50Cal 7 days ago

    I love your videos Shane watched so random all the time GRATS Shane you da man!

  • Leander Vernol Garcia

    gees best friend award goes to Courtney F*n Miller

  • Casey OBrien
    Casey OBrien 8 days ago

    Awe I could cry watching this!!

  • Tychaoscontrol
    Tychaoscontrol 8 days ago

    Wait I realized the Cole person looks like MrBeast

  • carlsmeric
    carlsmeric 8 days ago +5

    i cried when shayne started crying.. damn this is so wholesome

    also very office-y production! i love it haha

  • 0 Subscribers
    0 Subscribers 8 days ago

    Yo wtf it’s Milton from kickin it

  • Zoë Conner
    Zoë Conner 9 days ago


  • TheOpps !
    TheOpps ! 9 days ago +60

    It’s nice that his boyfriend and girlfriend could come together and do something nice like this for him.

  • iPyromantic
    iPyromantic 9 days ago

    Mazel tov, Shayne! You definitely deserved a graduation ceremony, and I'm glad you got it. Thanks for all the laughs, man.

  • John Kenney
    John Kenney 9 days ago

    Did anybody else notice that Milton from Kickin it was in the front row? 15:28