Mouthpiece Gap Solutions Venturi & Shim Demo Video - Harrelson Trumpets

  • Published on May 21, 2013
  • Jason Harrelson of Harrelson Trumpets does a demo explaining the Venturi Measurement Tool and teaches us how to use the Harrelson Mouthpiece Gap Shim Kit.
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  • Harrelson Trumpets

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  • Ron Robbins
    Ron Robbins Year ago

    thanks Jason! But I don't understand why "gap" was never mentioned in the "old days," but the bigger mystery is, why don't all horns automatically come with their own perfect-gap mouthpiece setup? Other mystery is, isn't the end of the leadpipe obviously just the visible end of the leadpipe?

    • Harrelson Trumpets
      Harrelson Trumpets  Year ago

      Gap was definitely a concern in the "old days" as far back as the late 1800's in terms of manufacturing techniques and quality control. It was not common knowledge to the players/consumers, but rather a secret kept within each company. I'm not sure I understand your question about the leadpipe. I'm happy to explain if you give me a call at 303.657.2747.

  • Alex Paulsen
    Alex Paulsen 2 years ago

    Just seat the mouthpiece in real good with a hammer. If there's still a gap, try again but hit it harder.

  • Nuno Moreira
    Nuno Moreira 2 years ago +1

    Por isso alguns usam cornet Mouthpieces com adaptadores para trompete. Independentemente do Bore e Cup que usam, o Backbore vai ficar com Forma diferente mas mais "open" !!! Certo ???

    • Nuno Moreira
      Nuno Moreira 2 years ago

      Refiro isto pois também uso diferentes trompetes e bocais e noto diferenças de resposta na emissão de ar e som.

  • Andy Walker
    Andy Walker 3 years ago +1

    I just measured my gap and its 1"... Maybe this is why my horn is a little tough to play.

  • Parker Johnstone
    Parker Johnstone 3 years ago +2

    As always, another great video Jason. I have a question: my 1972 L.A. Benge doesn't have a mouthpiece receiver - instead they flared the end of the leadpipe to accommodate the mouthpiece. Since there is no receiver gap (or would it be infinite for discussions sake - since the first change in pipe I.D. would be the tuning slide?), what would you expect the playing characteristic to be?

    • Harrelson Trumpets
      Harrelson Trumpets  3 years ago

      Actually, Benge trumpets do have a mouthpiece receiver. It mates with the leadpipe in such a way that you do not see a shoulder. You will still benefit from the VGR system on this type of instrument. I just installed a VGR on a vintage King Liberty a few days ago and the system works very well.

  • Marcosss-sss
    Marcosss-sss 3 years ago +1

    Can you send me a link JUST for the shim kit please

  • Fabrice Wambergue
    Fabrice Wambergue 3 years ago +1

    Awesome explanation of the gap & venturi. Thank you Jason!

  • 57dogsbody
    57dogsbody 3 years ago +1

    How much does the whole kit (in box) cost in GB£ ?

    • Harrelson Trumpets
      Harrelson Trumpets  3 years ago

      +57dogsbody All pricing is on our website

  • Harrelson Trumpets
    Harrelson Trumpets  3 years ago

    We also offer the Venturi Gap Receiver that address Gap & Venturi with a more comprehensive approach.

    • Harrelson Trumpets
      Harrelson Trumpets  3 years ago

      +Harrelson Trumpets

  • Harrelson Trumpets
    Harrelson Trumpets  5 years ago

    We just posted complete installation instructions complete with 40+ photos on our website.

  • Harrelson Trumpets
    Harrelson Trumpets  5 years ago +1

    You may also eliminate gap issues by adding an Adjustable Gap Receiver

  • Harrelson Trumpets
    Harrelson Trumpets  5 years ago +1

    I discuss ADDING gap in my blog here

  • J-Mo
    J-Mo 5 years ago +1

    Awesome video. So what can be done about a mouthpiece that may need MORE gap?

    • Harrelson Trumpets
      Harrelson Trumpets  3 years ago

      +trumpetman I have explained this in my blog. You would shorten the end of the mouthpiece at the shank with a file.

  • Sean Helps
    Sean Helps 6 years ago +1

    Thankyou! Very informative and something i've never thought about.