How To Paint A Room • Nifty 101

  • Published on Sep 16, 2018
  • 00:54 - Picking a color
    02:33 - Picking a sheen
    04:51 - Materials & supplies
    06:42 - Prepping your space
    08:16 - Painting your walls
    12:42 - Cleanup & care

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    I just painted my room with my dad from pink to white and I hateeee it I literally don’t wanna be in my room anymore it looks so blank 😭😭

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    this is verbatim the same as the lowes video on this topic.

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    Very poor ....most of it is not correct....

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    I LOVE that you included ways to choose different sections that we're interested in viewing!
    Thank you for being organized! 🤗

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    Slick 10 days ago

    Is making my room dark grey bad?

    YOUTUBE RΞDΞFINΞD 10 days ago +1

    Those who are watching this video has planned to paint their rooms. But for some other reasons, not going to do it soon.

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    hikmat lb 16 days ago

    FYI flat and mate is the same finish and flat is not a crappy finish your problem is you need views not the right way to tell people
    I’m a painter and I never say flat is crappy flat is good for hiding the infection on the walls also I always recommend the eggshell for apt washable and clean next time be little nice with people
    I wish I keep disliking this video for ever !!

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    Um.....sorry youngster: The "PRO's" DO use tape. What you meant to say is that the "hacks" don't use tape. And........their paint job always LOOKS like it too! heeeheee ;-)

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    I love the grey. You did an awesome job. You are a great teacher. You explained things well and you have a soothing voice. Thank you for the video.

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    Thank you for this. I have to go back to my old rental and fulfill a commitment I made 2 years ago to paint my old room. Long story short. I AM DREADING IT, but I have to fulfill the promise I made. So thanks for this because it makes it feel a wee bit less daunting lol

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    Awesome video! If anyone is interested in watching, I did a review of an Interior Home Paint Job here 😎!

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    Im a decorator. The 2 biggest pieces of advice i can give you are:
    1. Dont listen to this video. (Buzzfeed can barely do truthful, unbiased journalism, let alone decorate.)
    2. Hire a proffessional...a male proffessional.

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    Why don't you just use an edger by Shurline to paint the edges of the wall and ceiling. It will save you time and it goes on fast. Doing it with a brush is old school. Other than that great vid.

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    I'm an experienced professional painter. If you go to random chick on buzzfeed who says things like "this is not where you need to pay attention to detail" on your ceiling cut in(one of the cleanest lines you need to make), amongst other dumb shit such as "all tapes are the same" and you don't go to the multitudes of professionals putting worthwhile videos with actual good advice and deserve the mediocre to shit results you're going to get. This is semi-legit, to those with zero knowledge and painters who do shit work, but to anybody who has a work ethic, actually takes pride in their work, and wants a beautiful end result...go elsewhere. I can see this chicks crap ceiling cut in from my house.

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    phuturephunk Month ago

    0:14 It really....REALLY...bothers me that they do not have a liner in that roller pan. I dunno what it is, but that part just set me off. I'm weird.

    6:04 Do not buy the cheap extender pole. Get the one that has the thick base, is made out of rigid, heavier gauge aluminum as the extender with click stops. The reason I say spend the extra 20 bucks for the decent pole is you're going to find very quickly that the 8 dollar plastic one is terrible with full extension, bends under load and increases fatigue as you go (and you will become very acquainted with how painting spaces is actual physical work, even rolling, which is the fastest and only fun part of the process). That bending due to the cheapness? It also means that you're going to have to touch up and re-roll areas because the nap is not going to fully saturate the area you're rolling. This becomes more acute the higher your ceilings are.

    Also, when rolling, overlap the last bar you did by about 30 percent or so. Nice thick application and makes laying off easier.

    Great video!