Kyree Walker vs Terrence Clarke!! MSHTV Camp ALUMNI Game 1 | SLAM Highlights

  • Published on Sep 15, 2018
  • A few familiar faces pulled up tonight in Indianapolis, as Middle School Hoops brought back the Camp Alumni for another showing! Terrence Clarke and Kyree Walker turned up the heat and kicked off year four of MSHTV Camp in fashion!
    #kyreewalker #terrenceclarke #mikeywilliams #elijahfisher
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    Kyree Walker vs Terrence Clarke!! MSHTV Camp ALUMNI Game 1 | SLAM Highlights
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Comments • 122

  • Bob Anderson
    Bob Anderson 4 months ago

    Terrence Clarke way better

  • y’all mind if i praise the lord?

    Number 10 look like a bigger Khoi Thurmon

  • zeeker
    zeeker 9 months ago

    Lmao Mikey sent ramones shit flying

  • Nolan Myers
    Nolan Myers 11 months ago +1

    Want to hear an adult joke

    Kyree walker

  • Cold Cutz
    Cold Cutz Year ago +1

    Talent on top of talent

  • Kian Bernal
    Kian Bernal Year ago

    At the start... Smh

  • KeyDaGoat
    KeyDaGoat Year ago +1

    Is kyree at least a senior by now jeez it seem like he’s never goin to college😂

  • KeyDaGoat
    KeyDaGoat Year ago

    This boring ass game no defense being played at all

  • Isra Arroyo
    Isra Arroyo Year ago

    This shit boring as a mothafucker of course only kids will find this to be “hyped or lit”

  • tumblinbubble
    tumblinbubble Year ago +1

    i didn't know bill cosby balls

  • Maurice Goodwin
    Maurice Goodwin Year ago +8

    Bruh I don’t usually comment but y’all making me mad asf !!!! It’s say alumni game !!!!!!!! Which means they don’t play there Nomore but we’re the top players there when they were there ! Damnnn hate when mfs act slow !!!!

  • Loc Chubbz
    Loc Chubbz Year ago +1

    We always try to put Boston on the map

  • swavy_fortniteYT
    swavy_fortniteYT Year ago

    Why do niggas say that Kyree suppose to be in college he reclassed 1 time. And is bday is early.

  • DJ 2k
    DJ 2k Year ago

    Final Score: 1,300-1,200

  • The Equalizer
    The Equalizer Year ago


  • Joshua Lawrt
    Joshua Lawrt Year ago

    Can’t believe how long it is to get the block

  • Alexander Plourde
    Alexander Plourde Year ago +1

    Pretty sure Kyree Walker isn’t in middle school anymore

    David COLL CUENCA Year ago +1

    What kind of basketball is this? Not a single pass, not a single decent defense.
    Not a little team game, nothing to understand the game.
    1C1 and the other 8 players watching what happens. Not a single defense of the pass line. Nothing
    Are these really the players of the future?
    What role do coaches play?

  • jesus christ
    jesus christ Year ago +1

    two held backs going at it

    • State-of-Zayd 1
      State-of-Zayd 1 Year ago

      jesus christ Terrence is 15 in his soph year, my friends said his birth was around summer I forgot the specific month tho

  • NoLimit C
    NoLimit C Year ago

    marquise walker got fat now damnn

  • Jordan Jefferson
    Jordan Jefferson Year ago +6

    17 year olds playing at mshtv??

    • Kevin S.
      Kevin S. 6 months ago

      @Demetrius Ennis He is talking about Kyree Walker lmao

    • Demetrius Ennis
      Demetrius Ennis 10 months ago

      they aren’t even 17 year olds i went to school with terrence

    • Jounior Hart
      Jounior Hart Year ago

      Alumni game

  • sauce10 gang
    sauce10 gang Year ago +2

    Mikey is 4 years yonger than kyree

  • Super saiyan Trap ninja

    bruh how old is kyree

  • Angel Oquendo
    Angel Oquendo Year ago

    Follow us on instagram @angeloquendo

  • Super saiyan Trap ninja

    damn do they pass?

  • Super saiyan Trap ninja

    kyree looks old

  • Zack Young
    Zack Young Year ago

    lol there's like 4 year difference in these two age yet T Clarke already better than Kyree

  • NBA Highlights
    NBA Highlights Year ago +5

    12:18 listen closely😂😂

    • Lil Pup
      Lil Pup Year ago +1

      Fuckin chickens can get to these but I still can't

  • BamBa
    BamBa Year ago

    Number 14 bouncy asf

  • Ethan Weems
    Ethan Weems Year ago +15

    They ain't even passing to Simon wheeler

  • Lance Barron
    Lance Barron Year ago +2

    Wtf what is kyree doing there 🤨 I thought this camp was for freshman and below

  • superpoopoo1000
    superpoopoo1000 Year ago

    this shit is garbage

  • kylvn
    kylvn Year ago +2

    bro amari bailey like 6’6 pg and a freshman😂😂

  • gregg popasnitch
    gregg popasnitch Year ago

    These niggas said fuck simon wheeler bro barely touched the ball ion think he scored

  • Insert Name
    Insert Name Year ago +1

    Kyree walker and Mikey Williams vs ramone woods and Terrance Clark

  • Stebbie J
    Stebbie J Year ago

    Is this a 1 v 1

  • DR. GOAT
    DR. GOAT Year ago

    I should be here.

  • Jhon heckleway
    Jhon heckleway Year ago

    my nigga kyree walker 18‼️

  • Fawazz
    Fawazz Year ago

    Kyree is still In middle school?

  • nnorush85
    nnorush85 Year ago +10

    K walk look 30 in the face. He look like somebody uncle.

    • Isra Arroyo
      Isra Arroyo Year ago

      nnorush85 he a uglyass kelekekekekekekekekekekekek he looks like perfect to be bill Cosby’s dad

  • Rocket Fatts
    Rocket Fatts Year ago +56

    Lol Kyree supposed to be a college freshman rn

    • Ayyee Ayyee
      Ayyee Ayyee Year ago

      Wakanda Pride that’s what I said

  • Stevie Edwards
    Stevie Edwards Year ago

    I was at that game

    • The Equalizer
      The Equalizer Year ago

      I was there to, big time overrated
      Nobody plays defense

    • State-of-Zayd 1
      State-of-Zayd 1 Year ago

      Stevie Edwards was it fun to watch in person?

  • koach ball
    koach ball Year ago +40

    Its alot of bad basketball being played here!

    • Isra Arroyo
      Isra Arroyo Year ago

      ELi-MHB Fps it’s a kids game fuck you mean bunch of 5th graders and a bill Cosby lookin ass who is suppose to be playing with much competitive players but instead tries his best to show off to a bunch of 4-5th graders

    • YOURRAGE'S SHOOTA #IWillSlapAr'monAndTrey
      YOURRAGE'S SHOOTA #IWillSlapAr'monAndTrey Year ago

      koach ball no it shouldn’t u prolly ass stfu

    • Goku x Bape
      Goku x Bape Year ago

      koach ball ur mum gay

    • Being Honest
      Being Honest Year ago

      koach ball 😂😂😂

    • koach ball
      koach ball Year ago +5

      @Cj Bradley fuck you you senseless lil bitch!

  • koach ball
    koach ball Year ago +6

    Boyz not taking it serious playing wit earrings in there ear!

    • GSM
      GSM Year ago

      They don’t actually play for this camp anymore they where the top players when they did play and r just playing for fun rn

    • A Person
      A Person Year ago

      koach ball or he just got them pierced 💀

    • Kj
      Kj Year ago +1

      koach ball it’s supposed to be a fun camp

  • Lorenzo Mayfield
    Lorenzo Mayfield Year ago +25

    sad they do not teach these kids to play defense

      BIG BOWLES Year ago +1

      Lorenzo Mayfield it’s a camp, they are just messing around

  • Mike Jones
    Mike Jones Year ago +4

    Terrance Clarke is the number one player regardless of class.

    • State-of-Zayd 1
      State-of-Zayd 1 Year ago

      Mike Jones it’s hurting you to say this stuff, it’s like he’s forcing you to personally say this

    • State-of-Zayd 1
      State-of-Zayd 1 Year ago

      Mike Jones that’s a lie shut up bro

    • Mike Jones
      Mike Jones Year ago

      @gregg popasnitch not even close to Terrance you clown

    • gregg popasnitch
      gregg popasnitch Year ago +1

      Did cole anthony or jalen green or any top 15 player of the 19/20 classes die or are you retarted

  • Romelo Simmons
    Romelo Simmons Year ago +2

    U gotta do an episode 1 or day in the life something this is to lit

  • Romelo Simmons
    Romelo Simmons Year ago


  • digirati22
    digirati22 Year ago

    nasty kids

  • Li_De 416
    Li_De 416 Year ago +38

    Dude Mikey Williams only 8th grade playing up with top ranked juniors and sophomores

    • A Breezo
      A Breezo 11 months ago

      kylvn still he be like im the best 8th gr everywhere and he 9th. Then ppl be boosting him

    • TYB ENT
      TYB ENT Year ago

      Wakanda Pride this is the alumni game you can’t pay to get into this game

    • kylvn
      kylvn Year ago

      y’all act like one year is hella long, and even so mikey the right age for his grade

    • Cbrow 36
      Cbrow 36 Year ago +5

      Anybody can go to it💀

    • The Goat
      The Goat Year ago +5

      Mikey a hold back

  • Brandon Terry
    Brandon Terry Year ago +14

    Terrence Clarke is a beast, I bet he coming out of highschool STAY TUNED!

    • A Person
      A Person Year ago

      Brandon Terry nah he needs to commit to UCONN

    • Kj
      Kj Year ago

      U can’t come out of high school unless u go to a post grad school

    • Terrie Francis
      Terrie Francis Year ago

      @David Laby Terrence reclassified too

    • David Laby
      David Laby Year ago

      Terrie Francis where tf did you get that the only person who’s overaged for there grade is kyree

    • Terrie Francis
      Terrie Francis Year ago +1

      He's like 17 and a sophomore

  • nguiffo mode
    nguiffo mode Year ago +36

    Honestly, it ain’t the same without Julian Newman

  • Xavier Johnson
    Xavier Johnson Year ago +67

    Just play 1 on 1 dam 🤦‍♂️

  • TheReal JPru
    TheReal JPru Year ago +9

    Any HS player goin to the draft this yr??

  • Elijah Adams
    Elijah Adams Year ago +4

    Mikey Williams is a reclass cuz he playing in a alumni game

    • Jacquan Smith
      Jacquan Smith Year ago

      He is in 8th he supposed to be in 9th but that shit don’t matter if u got skills u got skills if u don’t u don’t

    • Elijah Adams
      Elijah Adams Year ago

      No sir not from what I was told @hoodie J3

    • TrashQ
      TrashQ Year ago

      No he playing in the real games at the camp

    • Rocket Fatts
      Rocket Fatts Year ago +2

      Hoodie J3 yea he supposed to be a freshman

    • baby backribs
      baby backribs Year ago

      Elijah Adams so he not in 8th grade ?

  • Cain Washington
    Cain Washington Year ago +3

    How Do I Get In One Of These Tournaments

    • The Equalizer
      The Equalizer Year ago

      Anybody could go

    • Rom Dor
      Rom Dor Year ago

      Nah bruh a small amount of people somehow got in by registration cuz this one kid there I met was cheeks but still was there

    • Cain Washington
      Cain Washington Year ago


    • TrashQ
      TrashQ Year ago

      I’m going there this weekend, you have to be invited, or have your registration accepted

    • Hunter Bailey
      Hunter Bailey Year ago

      Cain Washington they invite you it’s an invite only tournament

  • Spoety Loc
    Spoety Loc Year ago

    them jerseys fye asf

  • Sauce God
    Sauce God Year ago

    I was at the game in the bottom left corner of the screen

  • Antonio Williams
    Antonio Williams Year ago


  • Marc Hugu
    Marc Hugu Year ago +1

    Super super vid