.22 Mag and .17HMR vs steel plate

  • Published on Nov 24, 2012
  • comparing power of both guns against steel @50yds. .22mag chipped paint
    while 17 left 1/8" craters and slightly dinted other side of 3/8" steel
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  • James Gilbert
    James Gilbert Month ago

    17 HMR for the win

  • Slant Six
    Slant Six 6 months ago

    You should be shooting the 22 WMR V-Max 30 grains

  • Christiana Weaver
    Christiana Weaver Year ago +1

    Great grouping especially with the 17 and speed always Trump's armor but the 22 mag is a great rifle also they both have more power than most people think how many yards was these shots taken from

  • lance hrycko
    lance hrycko 2 years ago

    I have 22 mag love it, only way I'd take a 17 is for longer effective range but I try to keep my shots 100 yards or closer

  • Cody Barnes
    Cody Barnes 2 years ago

    look at that 17 hmr group though

  • Big Gun
    Big Gun 2 years ago +1

    Speed & small meplat always dents steel more. Like all tools there's a tool for ever job . Where I shoot pests are on the lager side so I got a Lithgow crossover in 22magnum. I have not used any premium ammo yet just maxi Mags , they work real well on game just not the most accurate at 100 yards. I like our little 22 magnum lever action as a light walkabout rifle with open sights , it does the job on small pigs & goats just fine. I would like to see a 5mm or .20 cal magnum.

  • Christian Copher
    Christian Copher 2 years ago

    That group tho!

  • David Sherburne
    David Sherburne 2 years ago +1

    Long live the 500 mag.

  • Utah Fishing Outdoors
    Utah Fishing Outdoors 2 years ago

    witch one is the 17 hmr??

  • BDK Outdoors and More
    BDK Outdoors and More 3 years ago +6

    I have a 17HMR and. 22Mag.Love them both.

  • TheZombieburner
    TheZombieburner 4 years ago +1

    Dang. 17 hmr don't screw around! I guess that settles that debate.

  • kenneth alcorn
    kenneth alcorn 4 years ago

    Used to have a 22mag now have a 17hmr like both rounds they have killed allot of foxes rabbits and crow's for me both are very effective little rounds

  • Ray Hansen
    Ray Hansen 4 years ago

    shooting deer with either is pretty damn crappy I dont care if your grand ma killed a grizzly with a 22short. A quick humane kill is what a real sportsman tries for. A 6mm should be a minimum on white tails .

    • dvrn86
      dvrn86 Month ago +1

      @alex morfin 22lr took down the world record grizzly at the time by a little old Cree lady in Alberta. Still, there should be minimum calibre size for deer and other big game in my opinion.

    • alex morfin
      alex morfin 2 years ago +1

      You can pretty much use 22lr as a deer round actually. Fact: the reason most u.s state officials don't allow 22lr, 22mag or 17hmr for deer is because many poachers use it for their quietness. you can shoot a 22lr from 100 yards away and you can barely hear the pop from the muzzle. back when I visted Mexico, I had the chance to witness 4 white tailed deer hints with CCI minimag hollow point 36gn taking down all four deer over 100 yards. they manage to only run 15 yards before dropping, and all four were over 120lbs. so its possible for a 22lr to take down a nice sized buck, and if you think about it ancient humans would take down huge mammals like wooly mammoths with small spears and arrows.

    • Bocefus Inc
      Bocefus Inc 3 years ago

      Shooting whitetail with either caliber is against the law

    • Trigger Time
      Trigger Time 4 years ago

      @***** haha!!

  • Doc Tari
    Doc Tari 5 years ago +1

    Best test I've seen to date. Excellent video. Thanks for sharing.

  • Jtwizzle
    Jtwizzle 5 years ago +1

    The v-max do pretty much the same crater as well

  • Osmar Aranda
    Osmar Aranda 5 years ago

    Falta calibrar bien la mira.!!

  • kaapow190180
    kaapow190180  5 years ago +4

    Yes the .17 only has 245ft lbs but all that energy is transferred into that soft target it has a higher energy dump than the .22mag. Where as the .22 continues on through and doesn't use up all its energy on the target and there is almost little to no bullet expansion or fragmentation either. its a debate that no one will win ive had great success with the .17 and I still love shooting both rifles.

    • River Rat
      River Rat 3 years ago +3

      +kaapow190180 I've got a Ruger heavy barrel in 17 wsm that will out shoot both of them . I have shot ground hogs at 250 yards all day long . I shoot the federal 20 grain 3000 fps it is a bad little round .

  • Northern Timber Outdoors
    Northern Timber Outdoors 5 years ago +3

    17 HMR 245 pounds of kinetic, 22 WMR 330 pounds of kinetic energy. If your shooting things bigger than squirrels and crows you need the 22 WMR. I have shot coyotes many times and had them run off same with feral cats. I use the Hornady 30 gr. V-max at 2,200 fps.

    • David Kuykendall
      David Kuykendall Month ago

      Well it's definitely not that simple. Foot pounds of energy while helpful in determining killing potential isnt the end all be all factor in the determination. For example I own both calibers and while hunting I have found that the 17hmr is actually a more devastating round than the 22mag. While hunting squirrels the 22mag round goes straight threw the animal without much expansion at all. It just passes right threw, so that 280 or 300 plus foot pounds of energy is not fully transferred into the animal. That energy is going straight threw out the back of the animal. While the 17hmr having less foot pounds of energy is actually more efficient in translating its energy into the target. So when I shoot a squirrel with the 17hmr it just totally blows the squirrel apart. Because all of its foot pounds of energy is staying inside that animal, it's not all wasted like with the 22mag. So it's not as simple as simply seeing which has more foot pounds of energy, it's about which round can translate its power more effectively. This is how ballistics work, Make sence?

    • K.
      K. Year ago

      That makes you a shitty hunter. Try going to the range first.

    • Northern Timber Outdoors
      Northern Timber Outdoors 5 years ago +1

      @Doc Tari I have used both the 17 and 20 grain with minimal luck, head shot you should be fine even with 22 short at 50 yards. I shoot out to 130 yards max on a coyote maybe a little further on fox. I hunt at night so head shots don't happen very often, I put it right on the shoulder or right behind it with the 22 WMR they drop or run up to 100 yards usually. It's been hit or miss with the 17 HMR some drop others you never find it's almost a 50/50 chance also no blood ever with the 17 where the 22 WMR passes through making at least a little blood to follow. Don't get me wrong the 17 HMR is a fast flat shooting little caliber and greatly outperforms the 22 long rifle but if your shooting stuff that weighs more than 20 pounds use the 22 WMR.

    • Doc Tari
      Doc Tari 5 years ago +1

      Don't pay attention to that Casey idiot. Thanks for the feedback on effectiveness. We need to know the limitations of the various calibers. I was wondering if you were shooting 17 or 20 grain rounds of the .17? Also wonder at what distance? Last question, where were you choosing shot placement?
      I was thinking that the 17 may be more effective in head shots. Need to know if you were shooting classic boiler maker shots or head shots. Thanks for the info.

    • jrvgwagner
      jrvgwagner 5 years ago +3

      @Casey28027 Don't t you feel guilty when injuring your ass with your boyfriend? That poor suffering ass...

  • C Kim
    C Kim 5 years ago +1

    Freak,why do you have to bash Americans? Imagine you buy .22 mag and Ruger 77/22 Both American! .17 HMR is a great groundhog killer,guess your friends just can't make a good shot? Enough said......

  • kaapow190180
    kaapow190180  5 years ago +1

    Its a marlin 917

  • kaapow190180
    kaapow190180  5 years ago

    Ya it is a pretty sweet little rifle

  • kaapow190180
    kaapow190180  5 years ago

    Ya it is a pretty sweet little rifle

  • The Insufferable Tool
    The Insufferable Tool 5 years ago +2

    That's a 17hmr group right there. Love how accurate they are once set up....and easy to set up indeed.
    I run a Browning 17HMR T-Bolt. Admittedly a wee bit pricey for the caliber, but that gun has become family. Been shooting the same groups for a long time. Makes it extra enjoyable during gopher season. And it just has such a nice cycle and solid quality feel. Even if they did put a little plastic in it. It's minor.
    Sorry for going on and on....vid just got me thinking about my little precious. :)

  • sly sphinx
    sly sphinx 5 years ago

    It sounded like the .17 had less muzzle blast (i.e was quieter) than the .22 Mag. Is that your observation as well or can you even notice the difference?

    • Ughmahedhurtz
      Ughmahedhurtz 2 years ago +1

      Yes, though some of it depends on ammo and barrel length. Out of my A17, the Hornady VMax is a little quieter than the CCI A17 branded ammo (subjective caveats apply). The 22Mag out of a 24" barrel bolt-action is noticeably louder than any of the 17HMR in our shooting. Neither rifle has a muzzle brake or other device attached.

  • nodresiak
    nodresiak 5 years ago +6

    really stupid video. Neither round penetrated the steel plate so what is your point. 17hmr is a faggy round that will not kill the largest of small game reliably with its faggy airgun weight bullets. Long live the .22 mag destroyer of small game with its robust forty grainers. As for accuracy I would put my Ruger 77/22 mag against your puny .17 20 grainers all day long. The only thing I like about that round is that because of it their are a plethora of .22 mag ballistic tip loads now. Thank you to the .17 for making the .22 mag loads even better bringing back the resurgence of many rifles and pistols chambered for the .22 mag. I will buy a .17 when I feel the need for a gun to punch holes in paper. My friends have reported that the .17 sucks as a groundhog killer. 20 grains is not enough friends.

    • Ben Pitt
      Ben Pitt 2 years ago

      nodrreiak has his eyes painted on. cant even see what happened in front of them

    • Bigmac
      Bigmac 2 years ago

      nodresiak I kill coyotes out to 150 yards with my 17 hmr. it'll kill any small game out to 350 yards or more if you're accraute enough.

    • Bigmac
      Bigmac 2 years ago +1

      nodresiak you're an ediot.

    • Anonimous Ranch
      Anonimous Ranch 2 years ago

      nodresiak You can be angry as much as you want but because of its speed its has less wind drift and it more accucurate and shoots flatter

    • C moore
      C moore 3 years ago +2

      I can't understand why someone would have an issue with what caliber someone uses to hunt. In truth, I wonder if that person even has the judgement to be trusted with a gun. People can have whatever gun they want to in this country. It sounds like certain people need to justify their manhood or lack there of by the old, my dick is bigger than your dick argument. Thankfully, in the US, at least, there isn't a limit to the number of guns we can own. If something doesn't do what you want it to do, buy something else. You can always find something that is more powerful. To the clown who was spouting off about the light weight rounds of the 17hmr not doing what he wanted, the same thing can be said about any round that you compare with a heavier one. I suppose if that guy buys a ranch rifle, he would probably say the same thing about a 22 mag.

  • michael malkowski
    michael malkowski 5 years ago

    Nice groups with that 17!! Just bought one yesterday, can't wait to get out and shoot it.

  • Dom M
    Dom M 5 years ago +1

    Dude nice groups with the 17!

  • Mark Taylor
    Mark Taylor 5 years ago +1

    Shooting Winchester Supreme 34gr hp, I was punching clean through 1/8" mild steel and taking very nice gouges out of a 4" dia pipe with a 3/8" wall thickness. This was out of a Henry Golden Boy 22mag. Also, shooting Dynapoint 45gr was shooting through both sides of a steel trash barrel fire pit.

  • michael dunne
    michael dunne 6 years ago

    pretty sure its a marlin 917

  • davidroxs
    davidroxs 6 years ago +3

    Hmm, I honestly didn't expect the 17 to chew up the metal like that, I thought the 22 would do more damage even with the lower velocity due to its heavier weight, but damn, powerful little round :)

    • Corey G
      Corey G 2 years ago +1

      CanuckTV out of a pistol perhaps, 22mag isn't subsonic until after 200 yards out of a rifle

    • garyl43
      garyl43 6 years ago +3

      The .17 HMR looks like it is more powerfull because it dents the steel plate, but that is because it has a smaller profile so the energy is more focused. The .22 actually has more killing power because it delivers more energy to the target, it's just spread out a little more.

  • Long strange trip
    Long strange trip 6 years ago

    What gun brand is your 17? It's putting down some nice groups!

  • michel lomba
    michel lomba 6 years ago +1

    17 hmr very accurate and powerful !!

  • kaapow190180
    kaapow190180  6 years ago

    It was 3/8 i believe couldve been ,1/4" though

  • mike48632
    mike48632 6 years ago

    How thick was the steel plate you used ?

  • Razorback30001
    Razorback30001 6 years ago

    I'm a big hmr fan..!!! Nice video..!!!

  • kaapow190180
    kaapow190180  6 years ago

    thanks everyone. gonna make some more shortly.

  • The Daily Shooter
    The Daily Shooter 6 years ago

    Just the video i was looking for before i made my choice... Thanks

  • Welderman34
    Welderman34 6 years ago

    Hats off to the groups with the hmr. Nice shooting

  • mntofdk66
    mntofdk66 6 years ago

    First comment on your first comment!!!!!!

  • CrayCray Redneck
    CrayCray Redneck 6 years ago

    awesome comparison. i always thought the 22mag at ranges less than 100 yards would do more damage. apparently not. the .17 also seems a lot more accurate in your video. I'm glad I have one. thanks for the comparison.

  • Like a boss-be a boss
    Like a boss-be a boss 6 years ago

    First comment!!!!!!