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  • Published on Dec 4, 2019
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  • Maia’s Amazing Vlogs!!

    ‘Hello, HELLO HELLO!!’

  • Interfectorem
    Interfectorem 8 hours ago

    I've been watching Bedtime Stories for like three hours and this shit creeped me out. I already shoved my bedside table in front of my bedroom door. What more do you want??

  • Loser_taylor
    Loser_taylor 2 days ago


  • brenton gilbert
    brenton gilbert 3 days ago

    What the heck...

  • Random Xbox
    Random Xbox 4 days ago

    I was watching this in the bathroom and I thought someone was knocking on the door so I can imagine my parents’ confusion when they just heard me scream “YEAH” from the bathroom for no reason

  • Boshis Madoshis
    Boshis Madoshis 5 days ago

    I thought someone was at my door on the knock 😂😂

  • Eclipse
    Eclipse 7 days ago

    1:06 scared the **** out of me

  • Aussie Ginger
    Aussie Ginger 7 days ago


  • Shay Gray
    Shay Gray 7 days ago

    MARK I live in STUDENT ACCOMMODATION you can’t just KNOCK in the VIDEO I went to go and check my door thinking there was a room inspection 😫😩

  • Mason Scoffield
    Mason Scoffield 7 days ago

    What was the point of this again 🤦‍♂️

  • CrazedDragonArtist
    CrazedDragonArtist 7 days ago

    That knock literally spooked me so hard

  • Nichola Goodwin
    Nichola Goodwin 7 days ago


  • First name Last name


    0:34 i thought star meant * but you said type out star so i just wrote star

  • Cream Sweats
    Cream Sweats 8 days ago

    Ok literally there is a window on my right side and it was 3:00am so that scared the living shit out of me....

  • Yeetis Clitis
    Yeetis Clitis 8 days ago

    dis creepy

  • AngelAgainstAWindow
    AngelAgainstAWindow 8 days ago

    *99 *6421853-&$49#

  • James
    James 8 days ago

    lmao guys i pressed *99 and it put me to fnaf jump scare

  • Anthony64
    Anthony64 9 days ago

    I wont see 9 hours

  • Sadie Moore
    Sadie Moore 9 days ago

    as soon as i heard the music i said "oh no"

  • Culturaltrain 5
    Culturaltrain 5 10 days ago


  • Xxloser_ratxX Rat
    Xxloser_ratxX Rat 10 days ago

    Wait why

  • Orange Peelz
    Orange Peelz 10 days ago


  • Heart Locker
    Heart Locker 10 days ago

    I got scared of the knock on my left and I don't even have a door on my left

  • Jeremy McCartney
    Jeremy McCartney 12 days ago

    You used my name as an example in that livestream “your here from my channel, I’m looking at you Jeremy”

    CH1LL EYES 12 days ago

    *looks at* *looks at harder*ARE YOU.....Are You MARKIPLIER!? probably not

  • Bryman48 fortnite gtav roblox granny and more

    Link to mat pat
    Me: I’ll donate

  • Jazmin Suggs
    Jazmin Suggs 13 days ago

    ‘Your message will be deleted. Along with everything else.’
    *me suicidal asf* DOES THAT MEAN MY LIGE TOO?!?!

  • BlazingFun
    BlazingFun 13 days ago

    lol i pressed 999 on my keyboard and it directly showed my five night at freddys

  • Valent Nikolas
    Valent Nikolas 14 days ago

    Mark: Then type in **6421853-&$49#*
    Me: "THERE'S NO SYMBOLS!!!!!!"

  • Lightning Puppies
    Lightning Puppies 14 days ago

    Holy shit this video scared the fuck out of me good job mark

  • Kiah Drummond
    Kiah Drummond 14 days ago

    These things give me the creeps more than any horror film could

  • Princess Dragonpop
    Princess Dragonpop 14 days ago

    Mark is cannon in fnaf cuz the rg game trailer

  • Olivia Clippinger
    Olivia Clippinger 15 days ago

    If this isn’t google then he’s just messing with us

  • PigyWigy
    PigyWigy 16 days ago


  • PigyWigy
    PigyWigy 16 days ago


  • PigyWigy
    PigyWigy 16 days ago


  • Eomma Jin Says Stob It

    The knocking cause me to scream and my mom looked at me like I was insane

  • Jackson R. Plunkett
    Jackson R. Plunkett 16 days ago


  • Rieley Zelten
    Rieley Zelten 16 days ago

    Mark: please leave me a message ☺️
    Me: tHis iS fOr RaCheL yOu-

  • Olie games
    Olie games 16 days ago

    creepy as flip

  • Zoie Jose
    Zoie Jose 16 days ago

    I just re watched this and it just scared the crap out of me when I heard the knock 😂

  • Chonky Boi
    Chonky Boi 17 days ago

    I dislocated my shoulder after I fell out of my chair at the knock :/

  • Michael G
    Michael G 18 days ago


  • Julliana Paulino
    Julliana Paulino 18 days ago

    That knock scared the shit out of me, it's 5am and I'm alone

  • 0n3piece2468
    0n3piece2468 18 days ago

    Mark this actually scared me 😂

  • Under DarKX
    Under DarKX 18 days ago

    Bruh this creepy as FK

  • Incognito Mode
    Incognito Mode 18 days ago


  • uGhost
    uGhost 18 days ago

    1:08 heart attack*

  • Eric Sawtelle
    Eric Sawtelle 18 days ago

    Was that hello hello part of fnaf

  • Magma Gamer
    Magma Gamer 20 days ago

    Markiplier: press 3+5=8&887.99&88675@#$$$$$$$$
    Me: ......wut?

  • Kittykat Gamrgrl
    Kittykat Gamrgrl 20 days ago +1

    I-I-is this Darkiplier?

    No, this is Patrick

  • Hien Vu
    Hien Vu 21 day ago +5

    Screen slowly turns into the iconic FNAF's room

    Me: Aight ima go

  • Diamond Twins
    Diamond Twins 21 day ago

    Love you brother as a bro

  • froesey
    froesey 21 day ago

    dude dead i thought the knock was real i checked outside

  • Steven Grady
    Steven Grady 21 day ago

    Star6421- something

  • Steven Grady
    Steven Grady 21 day ago

    Hi u r the best

  • Unoriginal Basement Dweller


  • chezborgr!1!11!
    chezborgr!1!11! 21 day ago

    KFC logo 2020

  • CursedSmile
    CursedSmile 22 days ago

    Fuuuuck the noises kept getting me and I’m in broad daylight in my living room

  • Ghost & Karma Gaming
    Ghost & Karma Gaming 22 days ago