Kristen Bell Shares Frozen 2 Spoilers and Animation Secrets

  • Published on Nov 13, 2019
  • Kristen Bell spills details about her new Disney+ show, Encore, and teases details about Frozen 2, including how Kristoff challenges toxic masculinity and how the animators troll the actors while recording.
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    Kristen Bell Shares Frozen 2 Spoilers and Animation Secrets
  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 566

  • Gabriella Monté

    OML THE LINE WHERE KRISTOFF SAID "I'm here what do you need?" I JUMPED IN MY SEAT IN THE THEATRE it just like jolted my heart I loved it

  • Meri Flores
    Meri Flores 2 days ago +1

    when Kristoff said "my love is not fragile" 😭😭 i need a man like that

  • Marcell Newman
    Marcell Newman 3 days ago

  • Giulia Yasmin
    Giulia Yasmin 3 days ago

    So great to watch somebody articulate their words so well

  • Sura H
    Sura H 4 days ago +5

    All I can think when I hear Kristen’s voice is “Hey upper east siders, gossip girl here...”

  • Lydia Luna
    Lydia Luna 5 days ago +1

    One can be fragile, but love is not

  • Golden Retriever
    Golden Retriever 6 days ago +6

    Me: Aww she looked like anna when she was 5 years oooold
    Her: I was 15
    _Surprised Pikachu Face_

  • stinger913
    stinger913 7 days ago

    Those animators sound like units.

  • Devon Zastre
    Devon Zastre 8 days ago

    She's still so I watch hit and run. Lol

  • Kate Keenan
    Kate Keenan 8 days ago +1

    She's actually a real life Disney Princess ❤️❤️😭😭

  • Amanda Herbert
    Amanda Herbert 9 days ago

    We need a frozen 3-4-5 and more ⚔️💙☃️😭

  • Nathalie Libel Morin
    Nathalie Libel Morin 9 days ago +9

    "I'm here. What do you need?"
    My version of true love

  • sophistikated
    sophistikated 9 days ago


  • Munro McLaren
    Munro McLaren 10 days ago +8

    I didn’t realize how young Anna was in the movies.

  • Josu
    Josu 10 days ago +1

    close you eyes then anna will be the one in the interview

  • Tristan Flores
    Tristan Flores 10 days ago +5


  • Demo Gorgon
    Demo Gorgon 11 days ago

    That's great Kristen but the big question here is since we are delving into romantic love now, when is Elsa finally going to get the girlfriend she too deserves??

  • 심수빈
    심수빈 11 days ago

    I love her💞

  • carissazara
    carissazara 11 days ago

    I love kristen bell ❤️

  • Annika A.
    Annika A. 11 days ago

    5:06 cracked me up 😂

  • danwat1234
    danwat1234 11 days ago

    It's funny how Kristen Bell was busy cleaning dog poop and dried pee from behind her clothes washer shortly before this show! She videoed the project on her Instagram

  • Sofi Chul
    Sofi Chul 12 days ago +1

    This is the interview that made me see the movie. Great job!

  • Over Simplification
    Over Simplification 12 days ago


  • Candy Chua
    Candy Chua 12 days ago

    I love Kristen Bell so much ❤❤❤

  • Teresia Leonardi
    Teresia Leonardi 12 days ago +7

    3:04 I honestly felt my heart skip a beat at those lines. I was like, "Wow!"
    So accepting, so supportive and so unconditional! 💖💖💖

  • Minerva Hammond
    Minerva Hammond 13 days ago +2

    I had the same thoughts when that line came up

  • Aris Satya
    Aris Satya 13 days ago

    The grandpa is evil

  • gabrielastein13
    gabrielastein13 13 days ago +9

    i just saw the movie last night with my younger sister, mom, and two cousins (one is little and the other is a year younger than me)!! my mom, cousin, and i talked about the "i'm here, what do you need?" and "it's okay my love is not fragile" lines after the movie. it was so good and pure and respectful!!! also i REALLY loved the new 'reindeers are better than people!' when sven told him his feelings were valid and to let down his guard... omg❤️😭😭😭 "come on kristoff let down your guard"
    kristoff is so SWEET omg he's so pure, respectful, and emotional... such a good role model and i hope boys absorb this and know that it's okay to have feelings and to show them and that it doesn't make them any less masculine. i'm gonna cryyyy omg i loved kristoff in the first movie and now i love him even more LOL

  • Final Fantasy
    Final Fantasy 13 days ago

    She's kinda annoying...

  • Alex Rhodes
    Alex Rhodes 13 days ago +9

    My love is not fragile really got me in the movie. We all need to be more like him

  • GA y Y AYYAYY YA YY ay y YYAGA Y Gaya yag ay GAYA GAGAYA Ygay yakashi fuck mehard bruh gay ya

    She was 15 in that picture? I thought she was 6 or something.

    • Sarah Naumcheff
      Sarah Naumcheff 10 days ago

      That’s the joke. She was not actually 15 lol.

  • MasterLee 2003
    MasterLee 2003 14 days ago

    What happened to Anna's eyebrows

  • Matteo Gagliardi
    Matteo Gagliardi 15 days ago +1

    May I just say, Kristen Bell’s hair is amazing!

  • Alex In Wonderland
    Alex In Wonderland 15 days ago +4


  • Stefan Maroni
    Stefan Maroni 15 days ago +1

    Can Jimmy Fallon go 10 seconds without laughing towards his guest? Anyone?

  • Ricardo VSCO check
    Ricardo VSCO check 15 days ago

    Jajaja the good place

  • Brynxx
    Brynxx 15 days ago +1

    Is it me or she really sounds like Anna?

  • Keili Thompson
    Keili Thompson 15 days ago

    It was such a good movie

  • schmauften
    schmauften 15 days ago +75

    "I'm here, what do you need?" really got me too! She's right - so simple but profound.

    • Brandi Fox
      Brandi Fox 9 days ago

      I teared up in theaters at this line.. it was just such a strong line to me.

  • jessthebest
    jessthebest 15 days ago


  • cheskaloo
    cheskaloo 15 days ago +7

    Aww I watched the movie before I saw this interview, and the line "I'm here, what do you need?" already struck me since I first heard it. It was so sweet

  • bangtan trap
    bangtan trap 15 days ago

    give me kristen bell for a live action tinker bell OR PERISH

  • bangtan trap
    bangtan trap 15 days ago +67


  • Your Son
    Your Son 15 days ago +2

    close your eyes and just imagine its Anna talking

  • Dianna Rose Laureto
    Dianna Rose Laureto 16 days ago +2

    I saw the movie and I was also touched by that line, "It's okay, my love is not fragile" uuuugggghhh

  • Kellie Horn
    Kellie Horn 16 days ago +1

    THANK YOU THANK YOU for including "Spoilers" in the title of this video! The movie really is a winner, and I'm so glad I waited to see it before watching this. Thanks again!

  • GenCooley555
    GenCooley555 16 days ago

    Is it Weezer that did the cover or Panic at the disco?

  • Kelly Garrett
    Kelly Garrett 16 days ago

    Agh I have so much respect for her! The fact that she is protecting the magic for kids with the character is just amazing!

  • kathyw64
    kathyw64 16 days ago +2

    Saw the movie, loved it. Also loved how INCREDIBLY sweet Kristoff was. It was adorable 💙

  • Mat DCM
    Mat DCM 17 days ago +1

    *Ok Boomer*

  • Ariel Melnik
    Ariel Melnik 17 days ago +6

    Not a single soul:
    Kristian Bell: We're nude!
    Me: **understands the reference**
    You really haven't seen *RAPUNZEL* bald have you??

  • Agility
    Agility 17 days ago +17

    spoiler ALERT:

    Elsa froze THANOS

  • Joseph Yang
    Joseph Yang 17 days ago

    She would have done extremely well in sales too.

  • Karolina Dołęga
    Karolina Dołęga 18 days ago +23

    „I’m here. What do you need?” - Eleanor to Chidi on the latest episode of Good Place...

  • Boaz Mckoy
    Boaz Mckoy 18 days ago

    No joke for 6 years i thought she played Elsa

  • Boaz Mckoy
    Boaz Mckoy 18 days ago

    nov 22 dang that's a long time........... Me: looks at date on top of computer.................... I'LL be at the theater.

  • hannah villafranca
    hannah villafranca 18 days ago +761

    "I'm here, what do you need?"
    "It's okay my love is not fragile."

    • Denisse Redondo
      Denisse Redondo 3 days ago

      Those lines melt my heart

    • Cheng yang
      Cheng yang 15 days ago +3

      totally my favourite lines in the film

    • Regina Glacie
      Regina Glacie 16 days ago +4

      Honestly two of my favorite lines from the movie ❤️

    • hannah villafranca
      hannah villafranca 16 days ago +3

      @Alisha N I did and I was bawling when I heard the lines😭😍

    • Alisha N
      Alisha N 16 days ago +2

      Did you watch the movie it was great 😊😊😊

  • grabsak
    grabsak 18 days ago

    She will always be Lucy Stillman to me, May the father of understanding guide you sweetie. 😭😭😭😭

  • Michael Artzer
    Michael Artzer 18 days ago

    "You feel your feelings and your feelings are real" is definitely not in the Lost in the Woods????

    • Jean Claire Llemit
      Jean Claire Llemit 17 days ago

      Haha i know right. Just watched the movie. Lost in the woods is really love

    • Madison Buss
      Madison Buss 17 days ago

      Michael Artzer it’s in the reindeer are better than people (continued) right before

  • Colleen McIndoe
    Colleen McIndoe 18 days ago +1

    What she said about kids not getting it is SO TRUE. Maybe just get the picture with the random person and tell the kids (I’ll explain it when you’re older). Don’t ruin the magic, but still get the picture LOL