What To Expect For Marvel Phase 4

  • Published on Apr 19, 2019
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    We're already asking the question that's going to be on everyone's mind once the credits roll on Avengers: Endgame: what's next for the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Only time will tell, but like Doctor Strange, we've looked through 14 million possible futures for the MCU and have a few ideas on what we might see in Phase Four.
    Those of you who are slightly less obsessive about the MCU might be wondering what exactly we mean by "Phase Four."
    Basically, while each film walks a delicate balance between being a standalone feature and a part of a much larger saga, the MCU movies are conceptually divided into "phases." The idea is that while they might not necessarily be direct sequels, they each tie into each other thematically and build to a climax that unifies everything that came before.
    Phase One, which began with Iron Man in 2008 and moved through movies like Captain America: The First Avenger, Thor, and the often overlooked Incredible Hulk, was all about introducing each of the superheroes on their own before bringing them together in The Avengers.
    Phase Two was about building a much larger universe around them, and reframing what a superhero was by introducing cosmic heroes with vast adventures like the Guardians of the Galaxy and micro heroes with much smaller scale adventures, like Ant-Man. Thematically, the climax of Phase Two was Avengers: Age of Ultron, which also added heroes like Vision and the Scarlet Witch to the team.
    And then there's Phase 3, which has been about loss and about the dire consequences that can come from noble intentions. It began with the heroes fighting each other in Captain America: Civil War and then moved through several films about heroes discovering lies and secrets in their past, such as in Thor: Ragnarok... and in Black Panther... and in Captain Marvel. Now, it's set to reach its endgame in… well, Endgame.
    The future is shrouded in mystery, but one thing you can bank on is that the next few years of the MCU are going to be focused on a very different set of characters than the last few. Part of that, of course, is the inevitable product of the march of time; Chris Evans has mentioned that he'd like to be done with blockbusters and focus on smaller projects, at least for a while, and Robert Downey Jr. has expressed some similar desires to move on from Tony Stark.
    That makes sense, too, because he's been at this for a while. Even if you don't count cameos like the one in Incredible Hulk, and only focus on the Iron Man movies and starring roles like the Avengers films and Spider-Man: Homecoming, Downey has played Tony Stark in nine films over the course of 11 years. Iron Man might be a character built for a medium that's meant to go on forever, but at some point, you can't blame a guy for wanting to take a break. Keep watching the video to see what to expect for Marvel Phase 4!
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    Wait, what's Phase Four? | 0:18
    Say goodbye to your faves | 1:39
    The New Class | 2:30
    The next generation | 3:09
    Familiar faces, new costumes | 4:13
    The end of Infinity | 5:03
    Marvel MacGuffins | 5:49
    The new Big Bad | 6:52
    Four of a kind | 7:28
    Mutant misadventures | 8:29
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  • Looper
    Looper  5 months ago +1672

    Let's hear your big prediction for Phase 4:

    • HardCash
      HardCash 2 days ago

      It's gonna be shit...

    • JBLegend 52
      JBLegend 52 2 months ago

      There’s going to be in space

    • DJCosmic
      DJCosmic 3 months ago

      Looper Dark Avengers after introducing Sentry, Ares, and a x men crossover

      MARVEL FACTS 3 months ago

      In the comics Shuri has a ironman armor Called ironhearth

    • flipflop5000
      flipflop5000 4 months ago

      M.O.D.O.K. for a small villain

    TUSS TV 6 days ago

    I wish doctor strange can do back iron man again with his power

  • Conot
    Conot 14 days ago +1

    It’s sad that Dr Strange is the movie I’m most excited about. What happened to you my dear MCU?

  • TheUnknown285
    TheUnknown285 Month ago +1

    What about doing a phase on "Age of Apocalypse" given the X-Men are now in the MCU.

  • Justin Yocom
    Justin Yocom Month ago +1

    Marvel phase 4 breakdown: dr strange and scarlet witch get freaky. Captain marvel meets silver surfer and learns of galactus. Tries to stop galactus while on his way to earth, narrowly escapes and returns to earth towarn the boys. Guardians and thor hearr of earths inpending doom and rush home to help(gamora still hates quill). Mantis and drax have really ugly babies.

  • Justin Yocom
    Justin Yocom Month ago

    Poor spiderman, getting snapped out of existence for a second time.

  • Terrill Goodwine Jr

    Doctor strange in the multiverse of madness coming out May 7 2021

  • Terrill Goodwine Jr

    Thor 4
    It's called thor love and thunder coming out November 5 2021

  • Terrill Goodwine Jr

    Shang chi and the legend of the ten rings coming out February 12 2021

  • Kylasbibi
    Kylasbibi Month ago +1

    You didn’t even consider Falcon becoming the new Captain America. Shame on you!

  • Randy Fielding
    Randy Fielding Month ago +1

    Dr. Strange 2 is the only one that intrests me. Disney will derail the MCU as they have Star Wars and Pirates of the Caribbean franchises.

  • MalakiPlayzRoblox100 GamingPro

    I predict it would be a 95% it will be Galatus because in the post credits you can see him and I do believe there will be another mavel avengers battling doctor doom in 2026 I believe

  • j4mes
    j4mes Month ago

    When is Carnage gonna get his own movie or even show up in one??

  • Melody 0807
    Melody 0807 Month ago

    I'm a fan of the X-Men series. I find the whole series has been mostly good except for the character stand alones like Wolverine and the Dark Phoenix. I'm afraid merging this universe with MCU will make it too complicated with too many plotlines, making room for more plotholes, and too many big characters but little screen time

  • vtecx626
    vtecx626 Month ago +2

    Phase 4: NoobMaster69 becomes leader of the Avengers.

  • Sophie Lingo
    Sophie Lingo Month ago

    I’m pretty sure I saw somewhere that the Thor 4 movie will be called Love and Thunder pretty sure

  • StankinStein Frankfurter

    id like to see the MCU go with Galactus as a next big vilian! Cause I wanna see a proper Galactus not some huge space cloud like they went with in Rise of the silver surfer! id also like to see em do the silver surfer over again! The dormomu theory is interesting too! that would also be cool to see sometime soon!

  • Jimmy
    Jimmy Month ago +1

    so iron man 4?

  • Dawn
    Dawn Month ago

    Avengers Secret Empires: Phase 5?????

  • Yavor Daskaloff
    Yavor Daskaloff 2 months ago

    See you thaa!

  • Ruby Hundun
    Ruby Hundun 2 months ago

    There are theories that Thanos' snap created mutants.

  • Elizabeth Grant
    Elizabeth Grant 2 months ago

    we all know that black panther 2 will be comeing out sometime soon and im really hoping to see storm pop up in there

  • laj043
    laj043 2 months ago

    Shang-Chi is rumored to be a black transgender female

  • Mr Swag 010
    Mr Swag 010 2 months ago +1

    Endgame was the climax of three phases I wonder if we will ever get something like that again in the MCU.

  • Tokyodriftrules
    Tokyodriftrules 2 months ago +1

    I love you 3000

  • [ ᴇɴᴅᴇʀ ɢᴀᴍɪɴɢ ]

    Phase 4: Thor gets more weight.

  • Matt Brady
    Matt Brady 2 months ago

    S.W.O.R.D is coming watch Spider-Man and wait until the very end trust me

  • Can I get 1000 subs With no videos?

    Dude they did ao good with thor in thor ragnorak but then they just took a big sep back and made him fat. I mean its better then the old thor but still....

  • Ch33seWeasel
    Ch33seWeasel 2 months ago

    Uh, Magneto is villain #1 tyvm.

  • Alien Fan
    Alien Fan 2 months ago

    Let the fourth Riech begin

  • Eli Lewis
    Eli Lewis 2 months ago +1

    Ok I guess dis anyone else feel like this was a waste of time I didn’t find the awnser I was looking for

  • Eli Lewis
    Eli Lewis 2 months ago

    Ok I guess dis anyone else feel like this was a waste of time I didn’t find the awnser I was looking for

  • Tony Strazzella
    Tony Strazzella 2 months ago

    I would consider pepper potts in an iron man suit at the end of endgames to be a reference toward a legacy character...

  • Alexen E
    Alexen E 2 months ago

    Ghost Rider can come and then they can have Mephisto in MCU

  • James  Flynn
    James Flynn 2 months ago

    Phase 4 should have spider man tom holland version because he is too good to put down. By too good i mean he will make big money

  • Ok cool
    Ok cool 2 months ago

    Phase 4: Deadpool has fun with Spider-Man

  • Ahana Barthwal
    Ahana Barthwal 2 months ago

    Becky won’t take over as Captain America, because Captain America gave his shield to falcon

  • Little Pumpkin Pie Hair-Cutted Freak

    I don’t wanna hear about your “ideas” Looper😑

  • Alexis Neal
    Alexis Neal 3 months ago

    I am pretty sure Spider-Man is going to be the next Iron man

  • Harry Jude
    Harry Jude 3 months ago

    I bet they're gonna have SEVERAL 'meanwhile-quels' depicting Captain America's quest to return each of the Infinity Stones, and then another 'meanwhile-quel' about how he got his Agent Carter to quit S.H.I.E.L.D. and become Mrs. Rogers.

  • Vic K
    Vic K 3 months ago

    They have to reboot xmen to bring them in avengers series.Because x men timeline is in 1980 & before that.They should bring deadpool.

  • Elle Belle
    Elle Belle 3 months ago

    I really wanted Bucky to be the new Captain America...

  • dfctomm
    dfctomm 3 months ago


  • ed word
    ed word 3 months ago

    Everything should be worked around the introduction and defeating of Galactus in phase 4. That’ll bring out Fantastic 4, Silver Surfer, X men, New Guardians, and whoever else. Plus that’s what happened in the 1st fan4 with Chris Evans lol which was actually done pretty good.

  • Servillian
    Servillian 3 months ago

    They predicted Stark’s death and Captain America’s retirement

  • RIFICA777
    RIFICA777 3 months ago

    Well we at least know that Hawkeye is taking over as Captain America.

  • oki_ loki
    oki_ loki 3 months ago


  • W M
    W M 3 months ago

    Down vote. Too many ads

  • Big Baby Pharma
    Big Baby Pharma 3 months ago

    The Beyonder

  • Kevin Hollins
    Kevin Hollins 3 months ago

    Blade bring blade back to the big screen

  • DuraludonTube
    DuraludonTube 3 months ago

    What If...? Season 1
    Loki Season 1
    Falcon & Winter Soldier Season 1
    WandaVision Season 1
    Untitled Hawkeye Series Season 1
    Ant-Man 3
    Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 3
    Black Panther 2
    Doctor Strange 2
    Fantastic 4
    Captain Marvel 2
    The Eternals
    Black Widow
    Spider-Man 3

  • Johnny Everett
    Johnny Everett 3 months ago

    Phase 4: House of M happen, Quicksilver comes back, Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch meet ther real father, Magneto, and their half sister, Polaris

  • nunchuckerz
    nunchuckerz 3 months ago

    i think it will be the celestials in the new xmen film and they will brought in for phase 4 to fight that big purple guy

  • Ajit Chamraj
    Ajit Chamraj 3 months ago +1

    I don't like the idea of infinite universes but I think it would be cool for the X-men to come from the universe that was created after Captain America stayed in the past at the end of Endgame. There are multiple ways to introduce the fantastic 4. They could be researching one of Thanos's planets and something happens and they get their powers. Or they could be trapped in the negative zone with Dr. Doom and then they get out but they don't have to be from another universe. The Fantastic 4 could have their own movies where they fight Dr. Doom and then there could be a big team up with the Avengers, Fantastic 4, and X-men where they all fight Galactus.

  • Clifford The Big Red Dawg
    Clifford The Big Red Dawg 3 months ago +1

    Hope they introduce Ghost Rider. He's my favorite. The Howling Commandos wouldn't be bad (the werewolf and mummy team)

    • Kara Harper
      Kara Harper 3 months ago

      They already have.. the Johnny Blaze ghost Rider was off screen, handing off the power to Robbie Reyes who was on screen, and had his own entire arc, in Agents of Shield. He was a great ghost Rider, and he still holds the power, of which Johnny Blaze gave him a portion of, meaning he also still has the power. So they both could appear in the future, whether on screen together or in separate adventures. I think Johnny Blaze should appear in films, with references to Robbie here and there, and Robbie Reyes should continue to appear on the small screen. He could show up again in Agents of Shield, or Cloak And Dagger season 3, pad his popularity, and then make a surprise appearance alongside Johnny in a film somewhere in Saga 2 Phase 2 or Phase 3

  • Angry Crusader 39
    Angry Crusader 39 3 months ago +17

    Black Widow
    The Eternals
    Doctor Strange 2
    Black Panther 2
    Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3

    • Zeus Cronuson
      Zeus Cronuson Month ago

      Also Blade. I would like to see Spiderman 3, Fantastic four and xmen too

    • Mr Swag 010
      Mr Swag 010 2 months ago +1

      Angry Crusader 39 Spider-Man 3 as well

    • Harry Hart
      Harry Hart 2 months ago +2

      Don't forget the fourth Thor movie.

  • Jag Maharesi
    Jag Maharesi 3 months ago

    Would love to see more of Rhodey moving onto phase 4. But him taking on the Iron Man mantle does not make sense as they are two different characters.

  • Wodinn
    Wodinn 3 months ago

    They should either do annihilation or introduce gallactus. Also Bring in the X-MEN!

  • Van Hohenhiem
    Van Hohenhiem 3 months ago

    That was well said.. “Dr Doom comes with baggage” ... doom is awesome! the fantastic 4 are junk.

  • Ruby Hundun
    Ruby Hundun 3 months ago