Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts w/ The Jonas Brothers

  • Published on Mar 6, 2019
  • James Corden invites Nick, Kevin and Joe Jonas to the table for a game of Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts, in which he spins a wheel identifying with foods such as worm spaghetti, bull penis and beetle toast and the brothers have a choice: answer the question posed to them or eat said food.
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  • Ayelet Sofia
    Ayelet Sofia 18 hours ago

    Those 1D fangirls in the background make this just so much better

  • primusX
    primusX 19 hours ago

    The cow tongue blood jelly is absolutely delicious. We call it Blutwurst in Germany. Translation is blood sausage

  • Sanya Pevensie
    Sanya Pevensie 20 hours ago

    This is gold. Silver. PLATINUM.

  • Melissa Clavijo Naula
    Melissa Clavijo Naula 21 hour ago

    i love kevin :(

  • Fizza Abbasi
    Fizza Abbasi 21 hour ago


  • Celeste Gamarra Venegas

    This bull was wearing his purity ring 😂😂😂

  • Shyho Gaming
    Shyho Gaming 22 hours ago


  • Philip Iosua
    Philip Iosua 23 hours ago +2

    The Jonas Brothers just spelt alot of TEA!😮

  • SociallyAwkwardSelf
    SociallyAwkwardSelf 23 hours ago

    Lmao Joe's response to "BTS". It's good that he decided to not answer, haha; he would've gotten severely attacked.
    (I'm well aware not all ARMYS are toxic btw. I've met some great ones out there.)

  • jferrer160
    jferrer160 Day ago +1

    The multiple 1D references JFADFAJLFKJASD;LFKJAVNCXAXCVNMNJASD!!!!!!!!!!! I'm dying!!!!

  • XX
    XX Day ago

    Just say for the ranking one "But they are all the best! So even if I rank them, they are all number one just a little to the left!"

  • hallo there
    hallo there Day ago

    How were they able to drink the bird saliva without throwing up or even drinking waterrrrrr

  • Xx Cutie
    Xx Cutie Day ago

    Yay he mentioned bts

  • The Exponent
    The Exponent Day ago

    I know it's kinda over done but still....

    He needs some milk 😂

  • Flat Earther
    Flat Earther Day ago

    I vomited!

  • Lavender Roselinda 1D


  • Sad.oppa69 ?
    Sad.oppa69 ? Day ago

    5:53 he didn’t answer cause if he had said bts wasn’t the best the army was gunna murder him

    • Lavender Roselinda 1D
      Lavender Roselinda 1D Day ago

      Yeah cause army shoots insult like bullets. Always fighting and have so many wars. Army is the perfect name for an unpeaceful fandom

  • Death Blow
    Death Blow Day ago

    Kevin is adorable he just seem genuine

  • Sage Dickinson
    Sage Dickinson Day ago

    *Yikes! That Jumanji question destroyed Nick lmao*

  • Ivory Snow
    Ivory Snow Day ago +1

    Why is James Corden such an amazing late night host? Best videos.

  • Dil Nazeem
    Dil Nazeem Day ago

    Where the hell do they get bird saliva from???😂😂😂😂

  • Samara _Lundy
    Samara _Lundy Day ago

    At least they were truthful..

  • the shredder
    the shredder Day ago +1


  • the shredder
    the shredder Day ago +1


  • kpopismylife kpoper

    I cam here to see FOR THE 1456436TIME about BTS Well actually and beacuse this video is funny

  • Roberta Froijo
    Roberta Froijo Day ago

    omg love them

  • Gangamma Km
    Gangamma Km Day ago


  • 백화영Abigail
    백화영Abigail Day ago +3

    While yes, Nick and Joe are hot as hell, I think Kevin is also super cute like his personality just gets me

  • Lily Grigson
    Lily Grigson 2 days ago

    I love how nicks voice literally broke as he was listing if the most like costars he was like karrr-en yeah Karen, I feel so bad for him but like also I don't

  • Your Mom
    Your Mom 2 days ago

    Stop saying that BTS are bad when you hardly know anything about their group. None of us ARMY are saying shit about the groups you love so stop talking shit about them! And probably the reason why they were ranked last is because they are a new boy band in kpop to ever come to America and actually become successful! The other groups were more older and not very foreign so obvs they would be mentioned first.

  • Patrice Brown
    Patrice Brown 2 days ago +1

    1. Bts (my fav)
    2. 1direction
    3. back street boys

  • Haley Tatha
    Haley Tatha 2 days ago

    1:31 they all looked up at the same time

  • Kaykay Lee
    Kaykay Lee 2 days ago

    This was so good😂👌🏾 I loved it

  • Kpop4life k
    Kpop4life k 2 days ago

    When he said rank boy band from least to greatest I’m like he’s gonna say bts and boy was I right

    • Lavender Roselinda 1D
      Lavender Roselinda 1D Day ago

      Uhh he didn't say anything. He was just afraid to say because if he said other than bts, he would most likely get hate cause that's just what most armys do. Shooting insults like shooting bullets. Always fighting other. Army is a perfect name for them.

      Sorry if I offended you I just have no hope with society anymore.

      Im joking. Sorry if I offended you again

  • Alyhana Guerrero
    Alyhana Guerrero 2 days ago

    2:29 is so funny 🤣 Joe is happy. Nick is disappointed. Kevin is confident with his answer.

  • Octavia J
    Octavia J 2 days ago

    If one direction got back together again, they would overshadow the Jonas Brothers 100%. No hate on the Jonas Brothers, playing Sucker on repeat rn, but one d is just iconic

  • GataNecia
    GataNecia 2 days ago +1


  • Ashley Cho
    Ashley Cho 2 days ago

    is that ray Romano's son bringing the food out

  • Brooklynn Butterfield

    It bothered me so much how he sailed Jumanji 😂

  • sNippSss bts
    sNippSss bts 2 days ago

    OMG killing poor Creatures for the fun of it. Disgusting. BTW 1. *BTS*

  • Helen Nguyen
    Helen Nguyen 2 days ago

    they are all such beautiful human beings

  • shan bello
    shan bello 3 days ago

    김SIHYEON 3 days ago +2

    Joe did not rank the boybands cuz you know how senstive armys are. Hahhahahahahtoxicafahhahahhahaha

    • 김SIHYEON
      김SIHYEON Day ago

      +Lavender Roselinda 1D they always want to be the best...

    • Lavender Roselinda 1D
      Lavender Roselinda 1D Day ago

      Yup. They shoot insults like they shoot bullets. No wonder why they're called army. Too many war. No peace at all

  • Xisticai
    Xisticai 3 days ago +1


  • Quii Quii
    Quii Quii 3 days ago

    1:29 they all looked up at the same time 😭😂❤️😩

  • Ralphgregor Manalo
    Ralphgregor Manalo 3 days ago

    Play it with One Direction. Gather them please...

  • dreåming dølån
    dreåming dølån 3 days ago +1


  • Ish Lianne
    Ish Lianne 3 days ago

    "That smells like wet dog."

  • Chenelle Boykin
    Chenelle Boykin 3 days ago

    I literally forgot how much I love them 😭💕

  • Ingrid Halla
    Ingrid Halla 3 days ago

    Joe é um fresco kkkkkk tadinho

  • Fedora 44
    Fedora 44 3 days ago

    vegans are gonna hate this

  • Rebecca
    Rebecca 3 days ago

    “My brother is weak. He needs the milk”

  • MindoriLemojs
    MindoriLemojs 3 days ago

    The army might be coming for Joe. .. ..
    I think-

  • Jenifer Tomlinson
    Jenifer Tomlinson 3 days ago

    Somehow they ended up talking about 1D and Harry styles and that makes me squeal a lot

  • Kerryn Lodean
    Kerryn Lodean 3 days ago

    I loved how they were all getting ready to eat the beetle marmalade and then Kevin was like I feel like I could answer that question

  • gucci taetae
    gucci taetae 3 days ago

    you better drink that smoothie up

  • Mîå B.
    Mîå B. 3 days ago

    Do this with PRETTYMUCH!!❤❤❤

  • TTeok TTeok Nation
    TTeok TTeok Nation 3 days ago

    In my head i was just like *Jams. don't you dare say BTS* and what happens? ...yeah

  • Ava Keqaj
    Ava Keqaj 3 days ago +1

    kevin is such a soft bean

  • Jonathan Admoni
    Jonathan Admoni 3 days ago

    wait kevin has a voice

  • Ella Maria
    Ella Maria 3 days ago +7

    He should’ve said jack black hit on him from Jumanji !! 😂

  • 。潇姑娘
    。潇姑娘 3 days ago

    Why was it so hard to answer who would be a better father? Didn't understand it. Any explanations pls?

  • ellie_fish 14
    ellie_fish 14 3 days ago +14

    “If their paying its gonna be amazing” 😂😂😂😂

  • Nina Keith
    Nina Keith 3 days ago

    Wtf before joe said “where do you get that?” For bird saliva, 1 second before that I said the same thing -.-

  • Jack Welch
    Jack Welch 4 days ago +1

    He should have dumped his extra into Kevin’s water so every time Kevin went to wash his mouth out he would be drinking bird saliva

  • Melania Prestvik
    Melania Prestvik 4 days ago +2

    So glad he picked to drink the chilli smoothie in stead of ranking best to worst having BTS in it, cuz if he put BTS at the worst he would have the intire world hating on them. So yea

    • Toan Nguyen
      Toan Nguyen Day ago

      Melania Prestvik tHe eNTiRe wOrLD hAtINg oN tHem oh please

  • Brij Mohan Sikka
    Brij Mohan Sikka 4 days ago

    ofcourse no 1 boy band is bts

  • park jimin
    park jimin 4 days ago +3

    *When he said BTS my heart skipped a beat*

  • Cristina Hauerstein Manchón


  • Lucy Sein
    Lucy Sein 4 days ago

    We'll talk later kev😂

    RIDA MOMIN 4 days ago

    I love u Joe for that

  • Elizabeth Liz
    Elizabeth Liz 4 days ago

    If they're paying... :D

  • kanna chan
    kanna chan 4 days ago

    Army are so scary

  • Erandi Rojas
    Erandi Rojas 4 days ago

    I shouted when he said One Direction,sorry guys . It's just my instinct.

  • Erandi Rojas
    Erandi Rojas 4 days ago

    I shouted when he said One Direction,sorry guys . Is just my instinct

  • Deepika Mehra
    Deepika Mehra 4 days ago


  • Carla Cadena
    Carla Cadena 4 days ago

    Fun fact: In Mexico we eat bull's penis tacos, we call them "machitos" and are quite tasty

  • nattasha
    nattasha 4 days ago +1

    I only know and i like the Backstreet boys

  • Gabbygirl
    Gabbygirl 4 days ago

    It's great they're back together 🙌🙌

  • AKB410
    AKB410 4 days ago

    3:01 did anyone else heard the roblox death sound

  • Madeline Sajn
    Madeline Sajn 4 days ago

    Backstreet Boys
    One direction

  • jamie bernard
    jamie bernard 4 days ago +1

    Boys bands best to worst would be
    Bts: cause tey are handsome

  • Gigi Huynh
    Gigi Huynh 4 days ago

    guys i am now realizing i eat half of these daily and they are all asian💀especially the bird saliva

  • Almu Casas
    Almu Casas 4 days ago

    Oh no, i needed to know the answer of the second question jez

  • ygtrash
    ygtrash 4 days ago +1

    but bird saliva is actually super expensive and nutritious tho lmao

  • Katie ً
    Katie ً 4 days ago

    The fangirls... oof

  • kait reyes
    kait reyes 4 days ago +89

    i just realized that Joe’s jacket was the same one Taehyung wore on Boy with Luv MV haha

  • Sasha Fox
    Sasha Fox 4 days ago

    Oooooo God no he made you drink it

  • Luca Dreyer
    Luca Dreyer 4 days ago

    5:00 😂😂😂

  • Briana Zuniga
    Briana Zuniga 4 days ago

    I also like how people screamed and clapped for one direction but almost nothing for BTS

  • Briana Zuniga
    Briana Zuniga 4 days ago +2

    I just love how the mentioned one direction and Harry Styles ❤️❤️❤️

  • Lia H
    Lia H 4 days ago

    As soon as he said Bts I freaked out😂😂😂

  • Naturally Drunk
    Naturally Drunk 4 days ago

    Ouch kevin is soo hilarious he would be the most likeable i think

  • gtsomething
    gtsomething 4 days ago


  • Laila Said
    Laila Said 4 days ago

    "can't wait til they re-cast me with harry styles" XD lol i wouldn't mind

  • Laila Said
    Laila Said 4 days ago

    "can't wait til they re-cast me with harry styles" XD lol i wouldn't mind

  • Namjoonie_likes_crabs Bts

    Anyone else knew that he was gonna mention BTS? Cause I did!

  • Chalseah Pascua
    Chalseah Pascua 4 days ago

    That last answer had me dying y’all😂😂😂

  • The V Club
    The V Club 4 days ago

    I have eaten the pork jelly shit before like people actually eat it where I live

  • Andrea Wright
    Andrea Wright 4 days ago