CRAZIEST Coincidences You Wont Believe

  • Published on Jun 11, 2019
  • CRAZIEST COINCIDENCES YOU WONT BELIEVE! What do you think of these amazing and strange coincidences? Leave a Like if you enjoyed! I'm SSSniperWolf! You can call me Lia, Sniper Wolf, whatever! I upload videos every single day! Subscribe to join the Wolf Pack
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  • Oliver Jones
    Oliver Jones 20 hours ago

    My brother

  • Destiny Lambert
    Destiny Lambert Day ago

    You should do a reating video to the norris nuts

  • Destiny Lambert
    Destiny Lambert Day ago


  • Emmys Corner
    Emmys Corner Day ago

    At school someone had the same name as me and was wearing the same outfit as me.😕

  • Katelynn Estrella
    Katelynn Estrella Day ago +1

    SSSniper did you know that when you see BIG flys there a about to die idk how but my mom told me

  • Addison Haughney
    Addison Haughney 2 days ago

    Kill the bug...

  • Addison Haughney
    Addison Haughney 2 days ago


  • XxTøxíç.ÅñglëxX Løvëly

    Omg yes i was with a friend and we went to see these other girls dance and this one gurl literally looked exactly like me but a little bit more pretty lol and she was just staring at me so i left

  • CABERRA 372
    CABERRA 372 2 days ago

    3:02i come from the same country

  • lil ugly
    lil ugly 3 days ago +1

    Speaking of coincidences
    The people that won the lotto 3 times have the same last name as me my last name is finck and theirs is fink

  • Iliek Turtle
    Iliek Turtle 3 days ago

    Like brunt af

  • Gacha Wolf707
    Gacha Wolf707 3 days ago

    18 million luckiest person I’ve seen so far

  • Lil.mouse Yt
    Lil.mouse Yt 3 days ago +1

    Omfg omfg I have dark brown eyes I have blue eyes yeah

  • Comrade Vilson
    Comrade Vilson 3 days ago +1

    Is sausage secretly post Malone

  • Jalen Neely
    Jalen Neely 3 days ago

    At ⛪ church

  • Slime Squad
    Slime Squad 4 days ago +1

    I have brown eyes

  • Jenea Stokes
    Jenea Stokes 4 days ago +1

    U make funny videos sniperwolf life if u agree
    👇🏽(what is sniperwolf’s name)

  • Jungshook BAM
    Jungshook BAM 4 days ago +1

    Why does Lia lowkey look like Hanna Giraldo

  • Kai da Cruz
    Kai da Cruz 4 days ago

    Me putt fly in cage and like if u would

  • Daniel Torres
    Daniel Torres 4 days ago

    My classmate looked like me

  • Keegan Prothro
    Keegan Prothro 5 days ago

    I have shall that looks like me she’s me BFF

  • Shaketra Stevenson
    Shaketra Stevenson 5 days ago

    Kill it

  • Shaketra Stevenson
    Shaketra Stevenson 5 days ago


  • alpha wolf
    alpha wolf 5 days ago

    Well there was this one kid i new if he toke his glasses off no one could tell the difrence

  • Stacy Rafter
    Stacy Rafter 5 days ago

    I will keep that fly

  • fun with me hi
    fun with me hi 6 days ago


  • Brandi Reynolds
    Brandi Reynolds 6 days ago +1

    I love you

  • Karma Akabane
    Karma Akabane 6 days ago +4

    "I just got my hair did"


    "Smells BuRnT"

  • Taniyjah Wiggins
    Taniyjah Wiggins 6 days ago +1

    XDDDDDD when she said '' i am SHOOKETH '' I WAS SO DEAD i mean kept replaying it XD like if that made u laugh too

  • Darian Arrey
    Darian Arrey 7 days ago

    Kill it

  • jhopeismy jam
    jhopeismy jam 7 days ago


  • S P A C E_B A B E
    S P A C E_B A B E 7 days ago +3

    7:44 I'm sorry but who's snap sounds like that, lmfaooo

  • Andres Carrillo
    Andres Carrillo 7 days ago

    Me get 100

    THE HUNGRY FOXX 7 days ago

    When she said juicy fruit I started eating it

  • Ismail Caglayan
    Ismail Caglayan 7 days ago


  • Harper Wild
    Harper Wild 7 days ago

    I would stillswat the fly, it's just a fly!

  • Megan Jones
    Megan Jones 7 days ago +1

    There are 69K likes XD

  • Tyler Livingston
    Tyler Livingston 8 days ago

    Kill it

  • Mike Thompson
    Mike Thompson 8 days ago

    I'm eating bunny poo aka cereal right now

  • Tyler Gunnufson
    Tyler Gunnufson 8 days ago

    Actually at 7:23 the lady and the guys shirt dont match

  • Ross Stewart
    Ross Stewart 8 days ago

    This happened to me At a wedding 7:58

  • Ziad Abousalama
    Ziad Abousalama 9 days ago


  • Ziad Abousalama
    Ziad Abousalama 9 days ago

    my god my network password is unevenhat...

    BTS 4LIFE 9 days ago

    My friend has that birth mark in her brown eye!😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

  • Sabrina _
    Sabrina _ 9 days ago +2

    So like,if I go anywhere with my sister I swear there is always someone who looks EXACTLY like my sister,and she will look right at me and Ill just be like wtf and try to get my sister to notice.

  • Ava Agahtehrani
    Ava Agahtehrani 9 days ago

    Fresh to your door

  • Emma
    Emma 9 days ago +12

    “I saw a girl in Walmart who looked like me and had a man like sausage and she kept following me”

    It was a mirror

  • Pastel Penguins
    Pastel Penguins 10 days ago

    3:00 it’s to test u... mwahahahahaaaaaa

  • V3X BRY4N
    V3X BRY4N 10 days ago

    Right when she brought up honking someone was honking their car lol

  • Victoria Arce
    Victoria Arce 10 days ago +1

    No! I'm a good tree I'm not a bad tree! I will not!

    GGO SAO 11 days ago


    GGO SAO 11 days ago


  • Ervin Uit Gent
    Ervin Uit Gent 11 days ago

    me mom once went to the dokter and i came with her than randomly the doctor sayd me moms name flipped and it was the turn of a woman who looked the exact same

  • Nea-Lana !!!!
    Nea-Lana !!!! 11 days ago

    That girl that u said was following you wnd looked like u was probably a BIG fan

  • Galaxy Gacha girl Join the squad

    In Australia trucks aren’t aloud to drive in the right lane unless they are turning and people say I look like my best friend and sometimes a younger version of you but I don’t

  • Bill Germond
    Bill Germond 11 days ago

    you know the weird Ken doll that looked exactly like that one guy. Well that's an app that you can design your own doll that makes it look like yourself.

  • Kaykay C
    Kaykay C 11 days ago

    One time I was at my cousins house and we went outside and we saw a gold ant and my cousin said "I spray painted it with my gold spray paint"

  • mo a
    mo a 11 days ago

    When i was walking in walmart this girl and mom walk in with the i went to five below she was theee

    DARK CUPID 11 days ago

    Kill it

  • Kaleb xx
    Kaleb xx 12 days ago

    Who else hates the sound of an amber alert?
    It really disturbs me 😐

  • Aussie_ Agent
    Aussie_ Agent 12 days ago

    8:01 this has actually happend to me

  • Antonio Salmeron
    Antonio Salmeron 12 days ago


  • Haya_Hayoush 1603
    Haya_Hayoush 1603 12 days ago +1

    9:30 ImMa KiLl It WiTh FIRE!!!!!!

  • Kambrea Doante
    Kambrea Doante 12 days ago

    Wanna hear an even crazier coincidence ? Well here one I start this video and the first pic was an amber alert Earlier today!

  • Areesha Yar Khan
    Areesha Yar Khan 12 days ago

    2:18 I was watching this while eating the cereal at breakfast and got so disgusted lol

  • Zainab Hady
    Zainab Hady 12 days ago

    UR HAIR. Is so preettyyy.

  • Noor Shahzad
    Noor Shahzad 13 days ago

    "I just got my hair did" 😂

  • AlphaWolfGirlOf DaSun
    AlphaWolfGirlOf DaSun 13 days ago

    For me the last one is literally me my name is Madison James and if you flip it I’m named after the president James Madison 😅🤔

  • Fire Pheonix
    Fire Pheonix 13 days ago

    My MOM gets me and my sisters names mixed up

  • Gabriel Moeolo
    Gabriel Moeolo 13 days ago

    I would trap the fly and keep it but its sad that flys can only live up to 3 days MAYBE

  • Prosoccerstar77
    Prosoccerstar77 13 days ago

    Swervin 🎧 3:12

  • NederlandseMeid011 Official

    I have the same glasses and ALMOST the same hair!! And I have that top too but it doesn't fit me anymore 😅

  • Samantha Geary
    Samantha Geary 14 days ago

    iM A gOoD tReE

  • Jade Fox
    Jade Fox 14 days ago

    Flies a fly they all gotta die!! Rhyme included

  • Jade Fox
    Jade Fox 14 days ago

    So uh , saying goes: Snitches gt stitches so looks like I'm goin to the hospital!

  • Asher the demon wolf
    Asher the demon wolf 14 days ago

    Please don't tease me but....I'm actually....afriad of the Amber alert alarm.......soooo...hehe...

  • lo lo
    lo lo 14 days ago

    ide snitch that kid could get killed!!!!

  • Lilly S.
    Lilly S. 14 days ago

    I have brown eyes, So I really have.... BLUE?!?! 😮😂

  • Joe Nielsen
    Joe Nielsen 14 days ago


  • xd swade
    xd swade 15 days ago

    0:11 I had headphones on😢

  • Schleich farm lover 478

    Me: watches vid
    Vid: an albino fly
    Me: oh wow!
    Sssniperwolf: I would still kill the fly
    Me: 😑
    Vid recommends: people saveing animals
    Me: LOL

  • Madeleine Schreiber
    Madeleine Schreiber 15 days ago +1

    i have a friend who has the same name as me and we both look the same

  • Isabella Hernandez
    Isabella Hernandez 15 days ago

    There's a show called wife swap

  • oQSunnyJimQo
    oQSunnyJimQo 16 days ago +1


  • Pug Pie
    Pug Pie 16 days ago

    2:58 it is a distraction test made by the police to see if people look away from the road to look around

  • Tangie Ovens
    Tangie Ovens 16 days ago

    Colncedense or what the secound time they won the lottery was my birth year i wonder if they won on
    July 18 2010 that would be a real colncedense cuz the woman kinda looks like my mom and my mom kinda has a top like that

  • Natalie
    Natalie 17 days ago +1

    7:48 this is Sssniperwolf (in the opposite gender) and Digital nex 🤣

  • BionicBear
    BionicBear 17 days ago

    Can you imagine being the person in the hospital that has to call the doctor's over the sound system! I wonder how many times they page the wrong cardiologist. 😂

  • Scty Anns
    Scty Anns 17 days ago

    Has anybody noticed that the last video was the same time as this video?

  • Alexia Bradshaw
    Alexia Bradshaw 18 days ago

    omfgg this is so wierd lia said 3:02pm i looked at my time and it said the exact same thing i was like OH HELL NAWWWWW

  • yaboyfreddy *ff*
    yaboyfreddy *ff* 18 days ago

    I won the lottery before
    I won 4 million

    Minus 3,999,999

  • mariegstewart129
    mariegstewart129 18 days ago

    When I was in kindergarten I saw an image on the whiteboard of a person that looked EXACTLY like me other than clothes

  • Faye Rhodes
    Faye Rhodes 19 days ago

    I will add a cat for every like I get started mine

  • Galaxy Girl
    Galaxy Girl 19 days ago +1

    MY mommys friend wins most or the time

  • Forever Sisters
    Forever Sisters 19 days ago

    1:05 it sounds like the red hood VOICE CHANGERRRR

  • Gacha Gurl
    Gacha Gurl 20 days ago

    Kendoll my name is Kendall

  • iįiPxrpłėAñimė
    iįiPxrpłėAñimė 20 days ago +1

    Did you know blue eyed people have clear eyes our eye colour changes colour depending on the refection of the sun, like the Ocean, it changes colour depending on the sun’s refection... Love you Lia you are a blessing and you are absolutely beautiful! :)

  • Low Quality Poetry
    Low Quality Poetry 20 days ago

    You sound like Bella Thorne.

  • Grace Friedman
    Grace Friedman 20 days ago +1

    “and with its final photosynthesis…”
    -SSSniperwolf 2019