2018 iPad Pro DROP & BEND Test! Thin Is Bad..

  • Published on Nov 7, 2018
  • 2018 iPad Pro Breakability! Drop Test & Bend Test vs 2017 iPad Pro 10.5. Warning, GRAPHIC Destruction.
    2018 iPad Pro Unboxing: ru-clip.net/video/eBQgcBY6ezc/video.html
    2019 iPhone Leaks: ru-clip.net/video/TRWswwX4UC0/video.html
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  • Aape Keem
    Aape Keem 4 hours ago

    "i do not think this will be an issue in the day to day"
    *iPad bent from falling at waist hight*

  • David Tallent
    David Tallent 12 hours ago

    ipad pro is a good looking device just maybe not made for people that work outside, still i love the design of it. its so thin and easy to hold. The new i pad air feels stronger but its still not drop resistant our cat knocked ours of the desk and it broke the screen......apple care took care of it but still....bad cat

  • Ash Tv
    Ash Tv 20 hours ago

    Ok wtf hes dropping them from that height there not broking i dropped mine on rocks and almost the full screen broke

  • Lillebrorsan Vincent

    Im iPad 4 user dropped it on rock no crack dent the aluminium only but pushing up A bit on screen Where the screen is

  • Carlyce Simpson
    Carlyce Simpson 2 days ago

    I’d rather get just a normal iPad... just because it’s pro doesn’t necessarily make it better 👍🏻 otherwise besides the bending... it’s pretty good

  • Person Person
    Person Person 2 days ago

    I just got the 11 inch iPad Pro and this video hurts me

  • crashedsho
    crashedsho 2 days ago

    I have a Samsung galaxy s8 and a s2

  • Irish Leprechaun
    Irish Leprechaun 3 days ago

    Marvel of Engineering? It's poor engineering from Apple.

  • Nethum
    Nethum 3 days ago

    the foldable tablet!!

  • Thomas Cole Gross
    Thomas Cole Gross 3 days ago +2

    My Boi: Let's start the bend test

  • MichaelGaming
    MichaelGaming 4 days ago

    Who else is watching this with an iPad Pro


    I’m watching on a iPad Pro 2018 12.9 inch.Anyone else?

  • Landon Ross
    Landon Ross 5 days ago

    I’m watching this video and head height on my iPad

  • Texting Stories
    Texting Stories 5 days ago

    Start off with knee height. By a couch level. Why would concrete be under a couch? 😂

  • Ecko Atwell
    Ecko Atwell 6 days ago

    Literally after 4:40 the iPad Pro 11 inch hit so much harder. You can’t compare smh

  • Donghwan Jung
    Donghwan Jung 6 days ago

    tHaT wAs pAiNfUl tO wAtCh

  • Sean Sketcher
    Sean Sketcher 7 days ago

    Maybe not beat the crap out of it and the way you used the pen in the first few seconds of the video it depends on pressure and how hard you push it.

  • Cool Videos
    Cool Videos 7 days ago

    ayo rich boy check 💰 💵

  • Oliver Hamzaoui
    Oliver Hamzaoui 8 days ago

    Imagine he found out he wasn’t recording R.I.P His money

  • ProUltraRacing Driver
    ProUltraRacing Driver 8 days ago +1

    The brand new Ipad Note 7

  • Boxsterholics
    Boxsterholics 9 days ago +2

    Forgot how painful these drop tests are to watch

  • Tony Be
    Tony Be 9 days ago

    Lol watching this with an iPad Pro

  • Matthias Lee
    Matthias Lee 10 days ago

    0:45 NO DOCK

  • Genius Rim Jjangjjang man boomboom

    You guys should just buy a case and screen protector, it's an easy fix lmao

  • Gabs Gab
    Gabs Gab 12 days ago

    I was screaming Nooooooo! when u droppes the ipad me want ipad :(

  • Chris Lopez
    Chris Lopez 12 days ago

    Not an issue what crack are u on

  • Ertyuzxz
    Ertyuzxz 12 days ago +3

    With the new 2019 iPad pro you don't even need to bend it. It does it by it self... Now, that is your money's worth

    • Chris Lopez
      Chris Lopez 12 days ago

      Ertyuzxz wym 2018 ones doing that already lmao

  • Cartoon TV
    Cartoon TV 13 days ago

    Stil love old ipad pro😍😍😍

  • Pasindu Gunarathne
    Pasindu Gunarathne 14 days ago +1

    The new apple I pad fold now for the price of a iPhone xr

  • Xd Shadow r3al Yt
    Xd Shadow r3al Yt 14 days ago

    I just want to no if the iPad is waterproof or not

  • Leah Jacobs
    Leah Jacobs 14 days ago

    Pencil: no u
    EverythingApplePro: ok

  • Julia Graif
    Julia Graif 15 days ago +3

    “Not saying this is an issue”
    Wind blows: I pad bends

  • Ajay Kumar
    Ajay Kumar 16 days ago

    iPad Pro sucks in hardware department....

  • Kaidi Su
    Kaidi Su 16 days ago

    Can you apple care this one? lol

  • Cocoa_ts24
    Cocoa_ts24 17 days ago

    I cant even afford one and you are destroying them...😂😂

  • User User
    User User 17 days ago

    y u broke all phones and ipads ?????😪😪😥😥😥

    • O K
      O K 8 days ago

      He does it for money

  • HowDoILock Growtopia
    HowDoILock Growtopia 18 days ago


  • HowDoILock Growtopia
    HowDoILock Growtopia 18 days ago


  • M fuad
    M fuad 18 days ago

    If it ever does bent will it be harmful to use

  • JoshR Gaming
    JoshR Gaming 19 days ago

    0:15 "and I think it'll be a tank in terms of durability" 😂😂😂

  • Rodrigo Batista
    Rodrigo Batista 19 days ago

    Me with my ipad 2017 still wanting an iphone 7

  • ッzHanicsYT
    ッzHanicsYT 19 days ago +2

    EverythingApplePro can destroy his new ipad...
    I cant even afford Netflix :,(

  • Gaming York
    Gaming York 19 days ago

    Man you’re throwing away money too much!! Literally!! I see you like every video just quickly unbox a new iPhone man you don’t need 100iphones and else!!

  • Petros Moulis
    Petros Moulis 19 days ago

    I loved how he asked the 2018 iPad Pro if it was okay as he picked it up 2:55

  • Chudasama Bhargavraj Chudasama

    No one handles expensive devices roughly....but accident can occur any time,it should be strong enough to bear it coz it is an EXPENSIVE device...so fanboyz don't defend.... this isn't about device care, it is about its worst built quality.

  • Xmas Zong
    Xmas Zong 20 days ago +1


  • Kelly Williamson
    Kelly Williamson 21 day ago

    It's a shame they can't make it reasonably durable for day to day use. But, no, too much money to be made with aftermarket cases and accessories.

  • TennisticHype197
    TennisticHype197 21 day ago +1

    so dangerous why don't you wear gloves or something to avoid cuts like I did

    • Elvis Teran
      Elvis Teran 13 days ago

      TennisticHype197 cuz he’s not a pussy

  • Zigi
    Zigi 21 day ago


  • Hannah Osborne
    Hannah Osborne 21 day ago

    Copy cat copying jerryrigeverything

  • Tam Tran
    Tam Tran 21 day ago

    I’m not going to lie, the design of the iPad is really pretty, but the durability is horrible. They should look forward into redesigning the iPad with better quality materials or more durable materials instead! (just hope it’s not going to be $2000 yikes...)

  • Ramdom Ramdom
    Ramdom Ramdom 21 day ago

    I am going to the ipad pro

  • Avoid Dubs
    Avoid Dubs 22 days ago

    I would buy it if it wasn’t so common to bend

  • Goli Waezy
    Goli Waezy 22 days ago

    I would rather it will be 2cm but durable

  • aglowana
    aglowana 22 days ago

    Man this hurts and I don't even like iPad that much. Its the shame that it can bent........

  • Issie wizzie
    Issie wizzie 22 days ago

    serous Cust cutting on the new iPad

  • TaiRan Chan
    TaiRan Chan 24 days ago +1

    Just before the first iPad drop I got a Nintendo switch ad. So the switch click sound played instead of the sound of the iPad dropping.

  • Dane Newswanger
    Dane Newswanger 24 days ago +8

    You just gonna leave the Apple Pencil on there

  • Leeon & Shanvi
    Leeon & Shanvi 25 days ago +2

    No apple say it wrong dropping position and u can tell Jerry rip every thing

  • Geek Jawaid
    Geek Jawaid 25 days ago

    One million views means 1000 $ earning and you wasted 800$ ipad so you earned only 200$ 🤣

  • Michael Bowen
    Michael Bowen 25 days ago +9

    I hope Apple gets this fixed with the next one. There's no way to justify buying this product.

  • Harvey Spence
    Harvey Spence 25 days ago +1

    Apple got cheep I don’t see apple lasting much longer

    • chris 45
      chris 45 23 days ago

      Harvey Spence well not really in my opinion there try to push a Device to be thin and light and be fast there not really caring about durability

  • drnrqsldch
    drnrqsldch 26 days ago

    he made a skate park out of an ipad surface with his bare hands! xD

  • Gt pro gamer 123
    Gt pro gamer 123 26 days ago

    Who's evented the first foldable smart thing
    Samsung:we are made the samsung galaxy fold
    Apple:we are made the ipad pro one year before your shits

  • TheErciyaslar
    TheErciyaslar 26 days ago +1

    Next year, apple is gonna sue anyone who tries such a test on the ipad.

  • TheErciyaslar
    TheErciyaslar 26 days ago

    I bet they check about 10 times if they are recording, because if theyre not thats a huge waste of money.

  • Joe Gibbs
    Joe Gibbs 26 days ago

    I was so scared after watching this that I made a metal case in my workshop. My ipad now weighs 1.5kg which kind of defeats the object.

  • John Gotti
    John Gotti 26 days ago


  • eastlondonhustler
    eastlondonhustler 27 days ago +1

    The genius designer that designed that iPad Pro is gonna make Apple the worlds first 100 Trillion dollar company.

  • eastlondonhustler
    eastlondonhustler 27 days ago

    That iPad Pro is as bent as Tim Cook