6 Minimum Wage Workers vs 1 Secret Millionaire

  • Published on Nov 10, 2019
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Comments • 16 159

  • Not Sure
    Not Sure 11 hours ago

    Yep those two girls are the people my mom warned me about

  • Seth
    Seth 13 hours ago +1

    Should do one with anti vaxxors that crapwould get insane

  • Holy Doughnut
    Holy Doughnut 13 hours ago

    Kyla and Courtney have the combined IQ of zero 💀

  • Michael Archuleta
    Michael Archuleta 14 hours ago +1

    Kevin’s skin is to nice to be poor

  • Brody Penn
    Brody Penn 14 hours ago +1

    This was fun to watch but I’m still a little confused. Is her business new or old I’m still not sure.

  • K Burkett
    K Burkett 15 hours ago

    This was fun to watch!!

  • David Hernandez
    David Hernandez 15 hours ago +1

    7 days with shorts, what a lightweight haha. what a good thing he did at the end. seemed genuine. not like other RU-cliprs who I've seen give money away.

  • Skroozie
    Skroozie 16 hours ago

    I knew from the start that Kevin is the Millionaire, I watch his videos and he is a rich entrepreneur

  • Bao Lg
    Bao Lg 16 hours ago

    As soon as this show start I already know who it was bc I actually know this guy in real life Hahahaha

  • Ellie Paige
    Ellie Paige 17 hours ago

    I’m sorry but the blonde girl really pissed me of like she treated it like a middle school group project with the immaturity 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Paulina Slusarczyk
    Paulina Slusarczyk 18 hours ago

    Hah, I’m not even a minute into the video and I already know who it is. @kevindavid

  • Jonah S.
    Jonah S. 18 hours ago +1

    Does anyone know David’s Instagram? He needs more followers

  • crazy band geek
    crazy band geek 20 hours ago

    "I look poor Jesus" love that

  • gill
    gill 20 hours ago +1

    people: asks a specific person one question
    everyone: yeah they're lying

  • Valeria Razon
    Valeria Razon 21 hour ago +1

    all the girls have 1000+ followers n the only dude has like 200😭😂

  • Peter Perez
    Peter Perez 21 hour ago

    Kevin is a scammer

  • Seth
    Seth 22 hours ago +1

    So millionare gets all the money ,while minamal wage splits,lol
    I find that funny

  • Eddie VH
    Eddie VH 22 hours ago

    Never invite those 2 last girls ever again please.

  • Xitlali Vlogs Again
    Xitlali Vlogs Again 22 hours ago

    She has A GUCCI BELT 😤🤷🏼‍♀️🤫

  • Jhaliyah Bedford
    Jhaliyah Bedford 22 hours ago

    Kevin was cool

  • Addie Burnham
    Addie Burnham 23 hours ago

    anyone else feel bad for david 😂

  • Faith Sloan
    Faith Sloan 23 hours ago

    The rich guy was a show off 🙄

  • Anthony H
    Anthony H 23 hours ago

    I spotted Kevin David at the beginning. Still watched it though

  • Netty Holyfield
    Netty Holyfield Day ago

    "Instagram followers equal dollar signs" ugh why does that seem so true.

  • Anon FX
    Anon FX Day ago

    Wait people think artists make that much money and Lawrence using the asian card 🤣

  • Komala The Faboolas

    I like how everyone was offended when they got voted out.

  • ForeignSquid54
    ForeignSquid54 Day ago

    Damn it I thought it was Lawrence :(

  • Flash point
    Flash point Day ago

    I knew it was him because he said he lived with his parents which is too far

  • Jay
    Jay Day ago

    Just an interesting observation, I was certain it was none of the girls bases on body language and self presentation. There is a certain mindset and behaviour patterns you adapt when you're financially successful and it was not present.

  • LatvianTHatMaYbEisJaPaneS E

    This is honestly outragouus

  • I am a loaf of Bread

    3:32 lol I already like this guy

  • ag2407
    ag2407 Day ago

    Kevin David became a millionaire being one of those online "Gurus" selling his scam amazon course for thousands. He's getting exposed by a youtuber called Coffezilla

  • Mr. T
    Mr. T Day ago

    "I'm not broke, I'm 20,000 in debt" ummm....

  • I am a loaf of Bread

    1:28 man struggling over here

  • Doublepump
    Doublepump Day ago

    Kevin is flexing lmao

  • Winry Green
    Winry Green Day ago

    Uuu oregonian

  • mP Pm
    mP Pm Day ago +1

    "I look poor, Jesus"
    that's just me always and forever

  • Tristan Wolff
    Tristan Wolff Day ago

    People measure each other by followers? Sad

  • rip cin
    rip cin Day ago

    awh kevin that waa good of him!

  • Big pp
    Big pp Day ago

    Girls teaming on men.... as always

  • AdiSk
    AdiSk Day ago +1

    “Random numbers in my bank”
    Yea... just... random... numbers

  • Razi Dude
    Razi Dude Day ago

    7:30 "Instagram followers = $"
    _I believe everything that man just said because that's exactly what I wanted to hear_

  • BOB Fill
    BOB Fill Day ago +1

    Sayin it rn it the dude with the Nike shorts
    Ha new it he had that hair

  • Ceejay
    Ceejay Day ago

    Random numbeeerss in my account?

  • Nicholas Joseph-Francis

    Kevin and Lawrence seem hella cool

  • LS AD
    LS AD Day ago

    ''I wOuLd BuY a PrIuS''

  • Borderlands808
    Borderlands808 Day ago

    That’s like Bruce Lee saying “how you know I’m Asian?”. Bruh. 😂😂🤣

  • Portia Lama
    Portia Lama Day ago +2

    Kevin had a thing for Betzua. I could feel it

  • Gacha_Øllie
    Gacha_Øllie Day ago


  • Tahirah Akexander

    I knew it was him.. Cause he was very quiet and Could not keep up with his lie and something about the way he is dressed

  • Harpax Company
    Harpax Company Day ago

    Kevin’s RU-clip ads errrrywhere haha

  • Gabriel Puma
    Gabriel Puma Day ago

    All $1 bills😂😂

    GK WINNER Day ago

    Kevin David is scam millionaire.

  • Naren Prakash
    Naren Prakash Day ago

    Kevin you ruined it with an ad before the video bro!!!

  • Ann Marie Aguilar

    Aww the ending was so sweet though.

  • not_ jairoo
    not_ jairoo Day ago

    I hate it when people start shaming themselves for being broke or earning minimum wage. When you live under a roof, have family and have enough money to comfortably eat at any type of restaurant you are more rich than 75% of all humans on earth. Making money the way you wish you would is mainly a psychological thing. I came from a family that had to dig through dumpsters to get a meal and when there was enough money for a meal, it was just one plate only for a family of six. I am 20 now. After 14 long years of helping my dad work at a body shop since I was 6, working for more than 12 hours in a row. Guess what? We both own two automotive body shops. I make about 150k-165k a year in Texas. I recommend y'all to make as much money ASAP and buy yourself a nice chunk of land anywhere other than the US because in a couple of decades from now money will only work to start fires. There is always a end to every empire and Trump is the perfect example, he is making the US worse every day. The world will be handled in a different way. Stop that complaining and do something about it instead. Be smart and find a way to make money even when not at work. INVEST. I hope everyone lives their dreams but it's also all up to where you want to see yourself. Live like nobody wants to live when you can so later on you can live the life everyone wants to live. Stay healthy and Work day and night if you have to. But also be smart with your money and recomendable to not have a girl/boyfriend till you are ready. But me personally. I prefer the bachelor life. Peace and love ❤️🇲🇽

  • vincent dumashie

    Lmao the fact that he asked if they have health insurance to figure out the millionaire is messed up

  • Simon Masson
    Simon Masson Day ago

    If I was millionaire I would wear cheap cloth with hole in it anyway..

    • Simon Masson
      Simon Masson Day ago

      I mean that's how you make number. Anyway . People who look rich at ofen in Dept

  • WattDrivefive
    WattDrivefive Day ago

    David is the ripoff elon musk