HE GAVE ME THE KEYS! 2017 V10 R8 First Drive

  • Published on Sep 19, 2017
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Comments • 133

  • My_Supercar_Life
    My_Supercar_Life Year ago

    Love the car but not so much the wrap.

  • TLN 17
    TLN 17 Year ago


  • Tomas Valentin
    Tomas Valentin Year ago

    Last night, I dreamed that I found some keys of an Audi R8 and I had written the patent on the key. Then I went to look for the owner who was a neighbor and I gave them to him and he told me that in that place he had suffered an accident. What a crazy dream I had, I hope someday I can buy an Audi R8 and drive it slowly and safely. :)

  • Tony Talamantes
    Tony Talamantes Year ago

    What music do u put in your videos I want the name of the person who sings the songs but I love yo videos bro

  • Lucas Trunz
    Lucas Trunz 2 years ago

    Audi R8 best car

    BUFFY 2 years ago

    i L U V

  • KingLadas
    KingLadas 2 years ago +1

    0:20 song????

    • TLN 17
      TLN 17 Year ago

      KingLadas do u know it yet?

  • Oblixity
    Oblixity 2 years ago

    just keep in mind, FAZE RAIN was the first to own a 2017 r8 in The US. :)

  • Javier Hitz
    Javier Hitz 2 years ago

    high key yea that little kid annoying asf.

  • Mitch Madden
    Mitch Madden 2 years ago +1

    nice vid, I just got my 2017 5.0 and loving it shoutout to the Stang gang!

  • Makail James
    Makail James 2 years ago

    Didn't the guy tell u not to do pulls?" Yeh ok.. we'll tell them to chill." Everybody let's do some pulls for the tube.. u funny

  • Michael Zabala
    Michael Zabala 2 years ago


  • Brandon Lee
    Brandon Lee 2 years ago

    Stunning dude. The blue is beautiful.. what was the song at the start of the vid

  • Hamo_Cyde
    Hamo_Cyde 2 years ago

    At a shell tho?

  • Isaac Saenz
    Isaac Saenz 2 years ago

    He got that ice on his neck oouuuu

  • Trailerpark Supersports

    ah its matt farrah rd

  • Carl Johnson
    Carl Johnson 2 years ago

    First track? Pls

    • TLN 17
      TLN 17 Year ago

      dein VaterInEcht do u know it yet?

  • Tom Dane
    Tom Dane 2 years ago

    I hate anti-car enthusiast

  • Tom Dane
    Tom Dane 2 years ago

    stupid old fuck

  • Troy Hunt
    Troy Hunt 2 years ago

    All slow 😂

    3VALVEJ 2 years ago

    "We'll tell him to slow down" *man leaves* "Alllright guys it's my turn"

  • Jordy Westehof
    Jordy Westehof 2 years ago

    Ohh hey Look a huracan, ohhh wait it’s an r8...

  • Chris Bergstrom
    Chris Bergstrom 2 years ago

    what the song in the first cinema shots of the r8 at the very begining?

  • prototyp101
    prototyp101 2 years ago

    i wish you would have done pulls on the supra lol

  • LinkanPower
    LinkanPower 2 years ago

    lol do u only have a Scion?

  • Adams daily drive
    Adams daily drive 2 years ago

    U shift like a girl, quit being a bitch and get on it!!

  • Ara G
    Ara G 2 years ago

    6:30 the scraped bumper rip shot

  • Teese Me
    Teese Me 2 years ago

    I’m gonna body that dwarf!

  • DeejaySyriuz
    DeejaySyriuz 2 years ago

    Nice cinematic

  • Skiz [GT]
    Skiz [GT] 2 years ago

    whats the music in the end ?

  • Kyle McKay
    Kyle McKay 2 years ago +2

    Kid needs to shut up with the maga phone

  • bluer wolf
    bluer wolf 2 years ago +1

    The new r8 sounds like a Lamborghini a little bit but the launch control dont

    • Nick Beijer
      Nick Beijer 2 years ago

      bluer wolf Audi owns Lamborghini so

  • Sir Nerd
    Sir Nerd 2 years ago

    5:16 0-0 looks like a Michael Bay film to me

  • AZ- AR15
    AZ- AR15 2 years ago


  • Bijan
    Bijan 2 years ago

    “we’ll tell him to chill out”

  • WayToSteezy
    WayToSteezy 2 years ago

    Yo invite hicks to the next IE Massive

  • Payday 300
    Payday 300 2 years ago

    YOOO he played the shit outta the lil guy with the shoutout. click the link XDDDDDD

  • Farlié LaCroix
    Farlié LaCroix 2 years ago


  • Emissary Of Peace
    Emissary Of Peace 2 years ago

    Barbara: this kid is annoying AF and for that reason I'm out

  • Osvaldo Ah
    Osvaldo Ah 2 years ago +1

    Where the bud at stone king killa Ambroe killa Gangsta two six killa Buckk town with 2K's nigga

  • Mac Ben
    Mac Ben 2 years ago

    fucking auto audi 😳

  • Juan Brown
    Juan Brown 2 years ago

    Crude add me in snap chat plz

  • Zapple
    Zapple 2 years ago

    ear rape 10:26

  • Big 303Joe
    Big 303Joe 2 years ago

    Nice videos bro... big fan all the way from Dodge city Kansas...

  • Cjay One
    Cjay One 2 years ago +6

    Lose the kid bro. Don't be a mo vlogs..
    Cringe lvl 999.

  • staticfb2
    staticfb2 2 years ago +1


  • loololoool
    loololoool 2 years ago

    at 10:30 in the video u hear like statics

  • GoeGoe B E A T S
    GoeGoe B E A T S 2 years ago +1

    The Audi R8 will always will be my dream car 🤤😭🔥🙏🏾

  • Twicks
    Twicks 2 years ago

    Fire quality chris🔥🔥🔥

  • Nicolas Morris
    Nicolas Morris 2 years ago

    You really should shoot and upload in 60fps, it will make all the action more clear, (donuts, drifts, etc.).

  • Ed Esteezy
    Ed Esteezy 2 years ago +2

    Audi's are under rated in the car scene...... especially the TT

  • Isac Martinez
    Isac Martinez 2 years ago

    Is it just me or that fucking siren sounds cringy asf...

  • Solo 5.0
    Solo 5.0 2 years ago

    Nice cars bro 𗀜

  • railzip
    railzip 2 years ago +1

    Freakin love that R8

  • Aldo Lizalde
    Aldo Lizalde 2 years ago +6

    Don't let that dumb little kid be in your videos he's annoying asf

  • 1life To live
    1life To live 2 years ago

    I feel like I'm the only person that doesn't like R8s.

  • Felipe Lopez
    Felipe Lopez 2 years ago

    2:00 everyone subscribe to...... To.......

  • Antonio G
    Antonio G 2 years ago +1

    Race the r8 and the supra. I think it would be pretty fair and a good race

  • Sam Walling
    Sam Walling 2 years ago

    GL crowd? I don't get it

    • Sam Walling
      Sam Walling 2 years ago

      Haha okay yeah that makes sense, fuckin priceless 👍 gotta love someone that can poke fun at themselves. SICK ass car imo 🔥

    • gl_crowd
      gl_crowd 2 years ago +1

      swalling22 good luck crowd

  • Sean D.
    Sean D. 2 years ago +1

    My dream car since the first R8 came out