10 Things NOT to Do in South Korea

  • Published on Jun 19, 2018
  • This video is about some basic manners and etiquettes in South Korea! If you're planning to come here, please keep in mind these things :) Thank you for watching my video, and love you all!
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  • itsjinakim
    itsjinakim  Year ago +7503

    What do you guys think of this hat that I’m wearing? 👍 or 👎??

  • Jennavie YeeHee
    Jennavie YeeHee 41 minute ago

    I don't like when people touch me and I don't like touching people so that alright :p

  • Angelina A. Rudon
    Angelina A. Rudon 3 hours ago

    Thank you now I know 😊

  • Aanaiah Pivac
    Aanaiah Pivac 5 hours ago

    You deserve way more subs!!

  • Taetor Tots
    Taetor Tots Day ago +4

    Ahh number 8 is going to be hard for me because that's how I cope with anxiety/nervousness. I usually squeeze my hand in that position.

  • Indrani Biswas
    Indrani Biswas Day ago

    Thnku so much for your bid it's helpful I really wanna go to Korea

  • Baby Csplynn
    Baby Csplynn Day ago


  • Baby Csplynn
    Baby Csplynn Day ago

    Thanks that's really helpful i'm planning to go in korea nextyr

  • Cua Sharon
    Cua Sharon Day ago

    Is it ok to say your beautiful

  • Michael Scott
    Michael Scott Day ago

    The photos must be so awkward

  • princess khan
    princess khan 2 days ago

    OoH really Shaking hand 😂 in Pakistan we should always be first if you see an older otherwise its really rude if the older one be first to shake hand 😅 but i love korea and korean peoples they are really gOod and Beautifull and also well mannered😊lots of love form Pak..

  • Viktoriia Feofanova
    Viktoriia Feofanova 2 days ago

    I lived in Russia for my entire life and when i moved to US i was really shocked with their culture too. And everything you said is the same as what you shouldn't do in Russia, Lol.

  • Preciouscinnamonroll c:

    Thank you for this video!I learned more about Korean culture!Although i did already know some of these culture but it's interesting to know more!Thank you so much~

  • Flavio  Il Boss
    Flavio Il Boss 2 days ago

    There has to be some 'Narcoplectic Nugget' Fans here that heared the song in the end and reminded of him c.c

  • maidie pearson
    maidie pearson 3 days ago

    For number 8: That gesture in America is an alphabetical gesture standing for the letter “T” in sign language.

  • Shaun Lebedev
    Shaun Lebedev 3 days ago

    Number eight, is just like Russia. Foreigners don't understand what it means but it means the same for us.

  • Elle’s Vlogs
    Elle’s Vlogs 3 days ago +2

    thanks i needed this because in a few years i’m probably gonna visit korea haha. It’ll be a bit hard us latinos are more touchy touchy kinda of people but it’s okay 😂

  • Rahul Dwivedi
    Rahul Dwivedi 3 days ago

    Very helpful video thanks a lot thank you

  • Bubble
    Bubble 4 days ago +8

    "Number 5 is about subway"
    Me: thinks of baguettes
    Why am I like this😂
    Awesome video btw❤

  • Zipporah Murray
    Zipporah Murray 4 days ago +3

    No touch even between friends?....jikook is real

    • Ray112 JB
      Ray112 JB 3 days ago

      Don't all members touch each other? Which means bts are just all really close friends. No jikook.

  • Brylee Martin
    Brylee Martin 5 days ago

    i live in america and don't touch people because its rude - like people need their personal space

  • laozdwagonz
    laozdwagonz 5 days ago

    10 things to do in South Korea?

  • Bish Tøyamøru 금요일

    Should I wear my slides to Korea cuz imma Travel

  • Abigailandherpiano
    Abigailandherpiano 5 days ago +5

    I love it when they bow
    After watching so many k dramas I realised I did it too !! Thank goodNess it's not noticible

  • hoeforjimin
    hoeforjimin 5 days ago

    Number eight is also bad in turkey but it isn't taken that seriously

  • jammie904
    jammie904 6 days ago

    Well there are many stories about Africans/African Americans living/visiting South Korea and the Koreans will stare at them anywhere they go and touch their hair or touch their bodies... so if its not in the general culture to not touch strangers then what are the reasons behind this type of behavior towards these type of people?

  • Elizabeth
    Elizabeth 6 days ago

    OMG I’m actually korean!

  • Reena Katariya
    Reena Katariya 7 days ago


  • Dark Lord
    Dark Lord 7 days ago

    I think Russians uses that hand sign too the meaning is same. hmm

  • Gachawood studio
    Gachawood studio 8 days ago


  • ItzYaGurlEmma
    ItzYaGurlEmma 8 days ago

    Lol so if a guy sat there...?

  • D Roman
    D Roman 10 days ago +1

    I'm Hispanic and we hug and kiss as a greeting, often even being introduced to someone for the first time. I find the human touch avoidance of Asian cultures rather odd.

  • Deniz Oyar
    Deniz Oyar 11 days ago +1

    the subway thing is the same in Turkey! we usually give our seat to old, pregnant or disabled people. and OMG number 8 is the same here too, i didn't know! i hope i get to visit South Korea one day 🇹🇷💜🇰🇷

  • Kotoko Utsugi
    Kotoko Utsugi 11 days ago

    And blackpink over here can't do 1 episode of blackpink house without someone holding on to someone else's arm.

  • XXxxGWMJxxXX
    XXxxGWMJxxXX 11 days ago +1

    What happens if i stay in south korea for

  • Hee Yoo
    Hee Yoo 11 days ago

    댓글들 겁나 웅앵웅거리네...

  • star_ fish
    star_ fish 12 days ago

    idk why number 3 bothered me so much xD......oh and number 7.....imma drink how i want judge me!!!!!!

  • GamerCat UwU
    GamerCat UwU 12 days ago

    Wait so if you are in a restaurant you're the youngest, you have to give everyone their spoons and chopsticks?

    • Adorable Amy
      Adorable Amy 9 days ago

      It is true only if you are in a business setting. With friends, it doesn't matter who does it.

  • i breathe twice air
    i breathe twice air 12 days ago

    I hug my friend to say goodbye sometimes she would kiss my cheek imagine that in public in korea lol

  • Joseph Karagdag
    Joseph Karagdag 12 days ago +1

    “It is rude to touch people, even if it’s by accident.”
    Me: *In a crowded subway station in Korea.*
    Also me: “Welp, I’m going to *D I E.*

    • Virdy Shmirdy
      Virdy Shmirdy 12 days ago

      Nah that doesn't count- but it made me laugh anyway lol

  • Sayma Shakib
    Sayma Shakib 12 days ago

    Thanks o lot

  • sophydw
    sophydw 13 days ago +1

    So don't touch Koreans but it's okay for them to touch foreigners? Ok

    • sophydw
      sophydw 12 days ago

      @Samantha Smith exactly. So disrespectful and hypocritical. Especially for black people. You'll be minding your own business and suddenly find a hand in your hair.

    • Samantha Smith
      Samantha Smith 13 days ago +1

      sophydw I know, I find it soooo weird 💀😂

  • Rafael Marquez
    Rafael Marquez 14 days ago +1

    annyeong haseyo! :) i'm a filipino and i really want to go to korea right now i'm taking a korean language training so that we can easily communicate with koreans :) i really love korea that's one of my dream country i'm so excited to go in your country :)

  • WelbyIsYourGod
    WelbyIsYourGod 14 days ago

    It's great that most people in Korea will give their seat to the elderly. From someone who takes the subway every day in the U.S I see younger people far too often being disrespectful about this for elderly and injured/disabled people

  • 아연
    아연 14 days ago

    I’m from South Korea but I moved when I was just a baby to America and I’m going to move back but I don’t know anything and I’m so confused I have to learn the language it’s getting really had I need help

    • Adorable Amy
      Adorable Amy 9 days ago

      Start from checking out webtoons or K-dramas. Lots of language input helps the most :)

  • Ansam Al-Zaghal BJ9B2 Björnekullaskolan

    thank u so much for telling me because maybe I am going to travel south korea

  • Food with gluten
    Food with gluten 15 days ago

    It's rude to touch somebody without their consent in general. That's not just korean things. Also, korean people claim to respect elders yet I saw something completely different. When I visited S.Korea the amount of homeless, elder people shocked me. Not to mention, the absolute lack of respect when it comes to giving seats for elders. I swear I and my friend were the only ones that actually bothered to give up our seats for older ladies whereas young, korean boys or girls behaved like these grannies did not exist :/

    • Adorable Amy
      Adorable Amy 9 days ago

      It's mostly because the elderlies actually have their own reserved There are 12 seats on each cars of the subways reserved just for them!

  • MsJennaWolf
    MsJennaWolf 15 days ago

    Like like like :3 thank you for such an interesting video))

  • AK SNA
    AK SNA 15 days ago

    hmmm I don’t wanna go there

  • 윤봉길매헌
    윤봉길매헌 16 days ago

    한글자막만 없네ㄷㄷ

  • Asez Connecticut
    Asez Connecticut 16 days ago

    @itsjinakim I would put not joining The World Mission Society Church of God at the top of my list of things not to do in South Korea! What do you know about this religious cult who believes in God the Mother? Thank you

  • Sofie Liebe
    Sofie Liebe 16 days ago

    yall.. the touching thing is actually weird bc when i was in korea muh ppl touched me lol, but maybe it was just bc im brown. But i felt not good getting touched by strangers. Uff and so many koreans toched my hair hahah help

  • Hailey Cho
    Hailey Cho 17 days ago +2

    Do restaurants in South Korea get offended if we leave a tip?

    • Hee Yoo
      Hee Yoo 11 days ago +2

      Lol Tip culture isn't exist in Korea or pretty much any places apart from North America.

    • Virdy Shmirdy
      Virdy Shmirdy 12 days ago

      Tipping isn't a thing in Korea, so... maybe some people would get offended? But mostly they will just tell you it's not necessary
      Oh also taxes are included so prices in Korea are easy lol

  • Leslie Ann
    Leslie Ann 17 days ago

    korean culture is very exhausting and complicated. I have planning on vacation, but after seeing this video... Nah... i change my mind. hahaha

    • Adorable Amy
      Adorable Amy 9 days ago

      Oh no! Korean culture rules usually apply for the Korean nationals, not for foreign visitors. They are quite generous when it comes to travellers!

    • Hee Yoo
      Hee Yoo 11 days ago

      Why...? You're just a traveler

  • Jillana Arcilla
    Jillana Arcilla 17 days ago

    Is it really needed that if youre the youngest (when youre having a dinner with older people). You should place the chopsticks,spoons etc.?
    O goddd I already met some Koreans and I dont know that I was rude the whole time! Please forgive me

    • Adorable Amy
      Adorable Amy 9 days ago

      Nononono, Koreans never expect foreigners to be fully aware of Korean culture. Also, it's only when you are in a hierarchical relationship- like in business.

  • Amethyst
    Amethyst 17 days ago

    Would like to visit....But I am afraid to now😔😔😔...

  • Icons Fansign
    Icons Fansign 17 days ago

    You don't hug your friends?

    • Adorable Amy
      Adorable Amy 9 days ago

      It started to change, but it heavily depends on the people!

  • Leah B
    Leah B 17 days ago

    gurl , its not just koreans , i dont think anyone likes to be touched by strangers 😂

  • Leah B
    Leah B 17 days ago +23

    gurl , its not just koreans , i dont think anyone likes to be touched by strangers 😂

  • ew ._.
    ew ._. 18 days ago +11

    The smoking thing is realy weird for me... In Croatia everybody smokes everywhere, in cafès, bars, on the street, houses, parks...

    • Aldilla T
      Aldilla T 4 days ago

      ew ._. Everybody smokes everywhere in indonesia too

  • Freddie Solorzano
    Freddie Solorzano 19 days ago

    I’m Mexican and we are the same when it comes to the elderly our language and our customs

  • Chief Okorocha
    Chief Okorocha 19 days ago

    why does he have to be black? lol

  • Min Suga
    Min Suga 19 days ago +1

    Logen Poul should latterlig go to hell by Whta He did so Disrespectful.

  • Stella S.
    Stella S. 19 days ago +4

    Thank you. I found the video interesting.

  • Daniel C Treidene
    Daniel C Treidene 20 days ago

    new thread while i wait for daylight training walk deluxe, if im guessing that the youtuber has a thai parent or grandparent due to that particular pinkish cheeck thing? is that a complete miss? I am really sorry ms, I need a new hobby or something..........

  • Daniel C Treidene
    Daniel C Treidene 20 days ago

    I am raised in two western countries, my passport is from a western country, and I look middle european in my face. But my personality doesnt match the country I live in. in the local culture it is taboo to belive you are someone. it is also taboo to belive that anyone can change. they belive really hard no one ever changes I hate both of those things about the country where I live in to the very core of my being. To me it feels like dying not to improve every day to make tomorrow better and BE better tomorrow. To me not improving myself and not fighting every day every moment to the maximum of my ability feels a hell of a lot like dying. They think I should try to take life calmer and quiet down, and take life with calm or whatever. But I find that be bloodstoopingly inane!!!! Id work myself to the bone to get to move somewhere like korea, but my mother needs me here and I got friends here. Its like my life is stuck on a pause button. But what is worse is that despite being stuck here in oh so many ways; I try to grind as much of my skill as I possibly can, and no one will probably ever hear or see the product of my work. And due the secret nature of my skillgrind no one will ever belive that I got some skill x cause I dont got that particular skill on motherfucking asserted papers because I didnt grind those skills in a public facility where you get that kind of schooling. Ie I am assumed to be some idiot schmuck who spends all day just playing computer games, no matter hard I work/grind/learn/read/figure out etc. I hate my life as it is right now, and I will fight every moment to get out of this hellhole, and when I get out of this hellhole I will probably just continue grinding and try to open every damned path I can to go anywhere interesting.....and thusly I typed some long rant in a youtube vid no one will bother to read due to tldr lol.

    • Daniel C Treidene
      Daniel C Treidene 20 days ago

      the saga continues, we try another 999 ways to get the fuck out of this place, the last 999 have been spent, I guess I could start over. Tomorrow stamina training deluxe : 4h town walk+ --- what to do until daylight?

    • Daniel C Treidene
      Daniel C Treidene 20 days ago

      fucking feeling feeling of some blasted damned responsibility as well...I guess its tea time or something

    • Daniel C Treidene
      Daniel C Treidene 20 days ago

      no sleep again this night I guess, sorry for my apparent mad ravings, I am feeling mentaly chocked & gridlocked while wanting to get the fuck on with it.

    • Daniel C Treidene
      Daniel C Treidene 20 days ago

      also cur cur cur, there is no surrender, surrender is death, there is no reatreat, retreat is death, death before dishonor, I fight only to the best of my ability at the maximum. The fallen will be forever remembered, there is no turning back, faith everlasting, hope eternal, the music cannot die, the music wil not die, the music of life is eternal, to even think to turn of the music is sanctrosanct, play the tune to the rythm of the music everlasting, we are all one, fight that witch is untrue, nothing but the truth, the truth no matter what, replay the entire sequence from beginning to end -- this is the only way to the play the tune correctly.....I will be better than the person that I am today, ----------- no matter what......

    • Daniel C Treidene
      Daniel C Treidene 20 days ago

      but good to vent, soz ms youtuber.

  • Daniel C Treidene
    Daniel C Treidene 20 days ago

    fyi, payment right away is much more expensive in some ways compared to having to idle idlee eee for a while. it has to do err what the food represents to the people cooking your food. if they make you wait, its because they dont think you should get charged too much for their service.

    • Daniel C Treidene
      Daniel C Treidene 20 days ago

      imho its better to learn patience and sit in the ones seat and just find some new monotonous adventure du la captain bland to play in the back of ones head..........An advice I have to take for myself again, just not 30 minutes for a damned bill, more like half a bloody year, uch.

    • Daniel C Treidene
      Daniel C Treidene 20 days ago

      one of the places I lived that phenomena wasy in the other direction, and I hated it of sorts, it has that bloodcurdling joy of being pampered but you know in the back of the head that they are doing way too much out of their time, effort and money for you, not all whole lot unlike korea as a matter of fact, if I understand korea correctly that is I bloody hate self-sacrificial poeple doing way too much out the way for me, its heartbreaking. its this package of guilt and joy in some henious mix....

  • Daniel C Treidene
    Daniel C Treidene 20 days ago

    woman, some of these things remind me of my aunties special mental "checkpackage" -- and she lives in a swiss outhouse. But bottom line those 'customs' are usualy a bunch of hogwash being fed you to check if you are gullible enough to belive their belivable hogwash.

  • Ela Borat
    Ela Borat 21 day ago +23

    It's funny how it's ok that foregneirs have to adjust in certain countries but in western countries everything is a go.Not being racist just common.All countries values should be respected period.Btw you look beautiful.

  • El MIDO
    El MIDO 21 day ago

    The video that made you laugh scared the shit outta me

  • ThäSwissKunt
    ThäSwissKunt 21 day ago

    whats wrong with people feeling uncomfortable if someone they know for 3 hours holding their shoulder or waist for taking a picture??

  • Faiza Osman
    Faiza Osman 22 days ago

    Korea :it’s bad to touch in our country
    Korea : your not allowed
    Me : you know what
    (Me bumping into people and not even caring) hahah
    I know this is not funny 😁 I wish it was tho

  • Kamal Roka
    Kamal Roka 22 days ago

    I love korea

  • Dark Mistress
    Dark Mistress 22 days ago

    ⭐️안녕하세요! In Korea do they bow instead of shaking hands? Like in Japan? I like that haha😃❤️ also, do most Koreans sit on their knees as well?.. Genuinely curious, hope you see this. Thank you in advance✨

    • Adorable Amy
      Adorable Amy 9 days ago

      I'm not Jina.. but I'm Korean. They do bow, but for business meetings, they do take handshakes. We do sit on our knees, but very rarely. For traditional and formal situations which happens once or twice a year, I would say.

    • Ivy Joel Moriga
      Ivy Joel Moriga 21 day ago

      Yes. 90° bow 45° bow and so on. The lower the more senior or high position

  • Can I Get An UwU From K-pop?

    ahhhh so thats why I see in lots of k-dramas when younger people drink with elder people they take the cup/glass from the older people with two hands and drink it on their side ohhhh now I know thank you!!!
    In the Philippines physical contact is ok lol we dont feel like uncomfortable cause we're really open ehheheh,well it depends if they're okay with it
    like when you meet someone for the first time you can easily hug him or her if you want to,but I think when you hug the oposite gender for the first time they will feel uncomfortable hehehhe
    In the Philippines you have to do something called "blessing" or "bless" to the elders,you get the elders hand and bring it to your forhead

  • KittyCatsLuvar 101
    KittyCatsLuvar 101 23 days ago +2

    8:37 so if I do that to my brother..... I won't get in trouble because he doesn't know what it means. So I'm gonna do it right now

    • Salsaaa C
      Salsaaa C 21 day ago

      KittyCatsLuvar 101 such a smart human being 😂

  • Kavita Kushwaha
    Kavita Kushwaha 23 days ago

    Plz reply
    What does "sml means in Korean language...

  • xoxKaitlynMsp 13xox
    xoxKaitlynMsp 13xox 23 days ago +70

    Tbh most of the people who are watching this are probably ARMY or KPOP fans 😂😂😂

  • BabyxGirl Dreams
    BabyxGirl Dreams 23 days ago

    I once went to Korea and i was in a bus and since it was crowdy i wanted to move to the other place of the bus but the old lady next to me thought i wanted to sit so she said like "you can't sit here" and she swore at me I was so shocked and i moved to the place where i wanted to be, and then this other two or three ladies started arguing with her because she swore at me and was disrespectful, i didnt want to say anything because i didnt want to start a fight, and when she realised she just looked so embarrassed so yeah

  • disgust d
    disgust d 24 days ago +1

    When she mentioned the Subway, my fat self thought she meant the restaurant chain

  • Wi Lee
    Wi Lee 24 days ago

    1st time I was in Korea I met a girl and I hugged her to say goodbye, and she was cool with that, and in fact the next time I went back to Korea she was the one who hugged me first, I wasn't planning on hugging her this time, because I didn't want to disrespect her, but that was a surprise..., anyway I miss her.....

    • Adorable Amy
      Adorable Amy 9 days ago

      Koreans differentiate how we interact with Korean nationals and with foreigners. You wouldn't be being disrespectful to hug to say good bye :)

  • Taring Yaja
    Taring Yaja 24 days ago

    My title also kim

  • kookie's crunch swag
    kookie's crunch swag 24 days ago

    No offense but I felt like she was so offended by her past experiences through out the videos , cause these not-to-do things were weird to me (sorry ) ...

  • Amity Tube
    Amity Tube 25 days ago

    very nice video

  • bonecrusher 101
    bonecrusher 101 25 days ago +1

    Kim Jong ung 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮😷😷😷

    • R x
      R x 22 days ago

      Do you not know how to spell ?

  • bonecrusher 101
    bonecrusher 101 25 days ago +1

    Off Kim Jon ung

  • Bts losers are Lovers
    Bts losers are Lovers 25 days ago +1

    Goggle translated is so wrong! I was translating something and it made it so wrong

  • Ticklefeather !
    Ticklefeather ! 25 days ago

    This might be wrong, but isn’t it rude to chew with your mouth open in America? I thought it was, but so many people do it...

  • VKOOK forever
    VKOOK forever 25 days ago +2

    Its not only Korean but every Asian culture
    i am from Nepal and i can relate

    • beena rajeev
      beena rajeev 5 days ago

      VKOOK forever
      Even me too I m from India and can relate..

  • Hanna Capistrano
    Hanna Capistrano 26 days ago

    What happened to logan paul?

  • monica so
    monica so 26 days ago

    ..and langage...

  • LTS B
    LTS B 26 days ago

    안 녕 하 세 요

    LINA TV 26 days ago

    việt nam

  • You already know
    You already know 26 days ago

    I'm not a korean but I also think its rude and uncomfortable when someone or even my friends touch me with their hands even though it's just an accident...
    I don't know why but it's really uncomfortable for me.

    • R x
      R x 22 days ago

      You already know I respect your opinion, but how is it rude if someone accidentally touches you? Just curious.

  • Cc Gardeñia
    Cc Gardeñia 27 days ago

    JAJAJA Argentina and Korea definitely share the love for alcohol. Only difference, here we start drinking when we are teenagers (although its illegal).

  • Cristian
    Cristian 27 days ago

    I'm doing a power point about South Korea

  • Leah & Lucy
    Leah & Lucy 28 days ago

    America is just such a giant heap of so many cultures and ethnicities. You can’t really put a label on it lol. You just gotta figure it out depending on the person/atmosphere lol

  • Chapter Barbara
    Chapter Barbara 28 days ago +2

    hyperventilates in french
    we literally kiss people as a form of greeting lol

  • Time Bomb Terry
    Time Bomb Terry 29 days ago

    Respecting your elders is a facet in most cultures aside from Korean. And you have young entitled people in every country. So, I guess that part isn't really different for most of us.

  • monika Monika
    monika Monika 29 days ago +1

    Yes please i will live in South Korea cause i hate people who smoke