10 Things NOT to Do in South Korea

  • Published on Jun 19, 2018
  • This video is about some basic manners and etiquettes in South Korea! If you're planning to come here, please keep in mind these things :) Thank you for watching my video, and love you all!
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  • itsjinakim
    itsjinakim  10 months ago +6766

    What do you guys think of this hat that I’m wearing? 👍 or 👎??

    • THE NAGA
      THE NAGA 2 hours ago

      +अजिङ्क्य गोखले its country for us.. we r free.. we eat whatevr we want..beef dog pork n do whatevr we want... But yes in the paper we under indian..but in heart n culture we arent indian...Google it..for more info

    • अजिङ्क्य गोखले
      अजिङ्क्य गोखले 2 hours ago

      +THE NAGA Nagaland isn't a country.

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    • Elli Xox
      Elli Xox Day ago

      its beautiful! I love it

  • subhash shrestha
    subhash shrestha 3 hours ago

    Are you Big Marvel's gf.

  • BTS Lover
    BTS Lover 3 hours ago +1

    When she said “palipali”/faster faster also i know i spelt that wrong but it Remembered me of when Jimin said it in a video
    Park Jimin ARMY you hear

  • Kp0p it up
    Kp0p it up 6 hours ago

    I went to Korea in the month of May 2018 to learn at 1M. I enjoyed my experience a LOTTTTTTTT. Everyone was SO friendly. Ofcourse there were a few mean people but that's in every country. It was one of the best experiences which lasted 17 days haha

  • Kevianne Taehyung
    Kevianne Taehyung 10 hours ago +1


  • Siri B
    Siri B 12 hours ago

    JinaKim: rule 8 i'm sure you're not going to do this..............👍😇
    Me: sometimes I do that with out even knowing.......😳😭😔......................Well at least I know now😂😅🙈

  • Federico
    Federico 12 hours ago

    Wow, you are so squeamish.

  • Jimins Booty
    Jimins Booty 12 hours ago

    "so watch this video first-"
    * car ad plays*
    me: wow... interesting...

  • Rüveyda Aktaş
    Rüveyda Aktaş 14 hours ago

    Turks have the same sign for the “middle finger” LOOOL

  • Anastasia Of south western

    Take off your shoes in korea

    *Meanwhile in Sweden people are super organized and not having shoes inside their home*

    *meanwhile foreigners not obeying rules and culture* Idk Why i wrote this :v

  • Rayana Chauhan
    Rayana Chauhan 18 hours ago

    Guy don't expect to foreigners to follow your country rules..Because they are just come to explore your country .Don't judge them ..Because if you will go too another country.you will too naive to follow their culture..Just make them comfortable nd try to help them.Not judge them try to touch me or speak to me with bad intentions.

  • BTS fan forever
    BTS fan forever Day ago +1

    Thank you for the tips 😊 I will visit Korea when I'm older 🤩

  • ColorGuard Frisko

    whose here trying to attract there kpop oppa lmao

  • susan noblet
    susan noblet Day ago

    I was starting to think Korean people were a bit outdated by using the peace sign (from the 1960's) every time a photo was taken, but I had a good laugh when you explained about the none touching and saying "kimchi" Thanks.

  • Hollieee Crawford

    I thought kimchi was that side dish thing?

  • Halfgamer LV
    Halfgamer LV Day ago

    I don’t Travel to meet with old people but explore it.. Some points was wasted to watch. But thanks 👍🏻

  • Nika Nikja
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  • Bluemoon kpop
    Bluemoon kpop 3 days ago

    This is really helpful! Thank you for this video I'm pretty much love this 😘

  • sheyyn sexy
    sheyyn sexy 3 days ago

    super strict country but that's good for me. in philippines (where i live) we just normally say 'hi po', or 'hello po' to great someone. 'po' or 'opo' is sign of a respect.
    sometimes 'goodmorning po', 'good afternoon po', 'good evening po'.

  • Afsa Yun
    Afsa Yun 4 days ago

    This will help me whenever I come to Korea to meet BTS😁

  • Viviana Diaz
    Viviana Diaz 5 days ago

    Man I was scared to go to Korea cause knew I'd do something wrong, but after seeing this I'm extra extra x 2 scared case wow

  • Jakob Anaya
    Jakob Anaya 6 days ago +1


  • Cuckooforcocopuffs
    Cuckooforcocopuffs 6 days ago +1

    Watch ur las manos!
    Oh... wrong language.... not Korean?...
    That’s embarrassing...

    K so I was bored😂😂

  • Bikash Das
    Bikash Das 6 days ago +2

    Sometimes when I walk in the school my friend just jump up over me from the back and she is a girl and I think how would Koreans think of that???

    BTS ARMY! 6 days ago

    Another reason why koreans don't want others touching them...See the k-beauty they all worked hard for and other people will touch their face? Ugh! I get that...It's uncomfortable

  • milk gachaz
    milk gachaz 6 days ago +1

    Me: does that thumb in between hand when im bored
    Me after that video: NONO STAY BACK U NAUGHTY THUMB

  • Nochie :P
    Nochie :P 8 days ago

    Thank goodnesses for this video because I don’t do most of these things 😂

  • Uzziah's Exquisite Cakes

    Thank you for sharing!!!💖💖💖

  • HelplessBug49
    HelplessBug49 9 days ago

    When I was leaving Japan I got on the train to Narita airport. I was with a group of friends and there wasn't enough space for us in the car for us to stand with our luggage so we tried to go to a different car. Anyway, they were able to fit in the next car but there wasn't space for me so I had to stay in our original car. All the seats were priority seats for the elderly so I just stood there awkwardly (I'm not sure if you're allowed to stand in the priority area if you're not older) and I didn't want to be too far from my group. Anyway an older woman saw me standing, moved over, and invited me insistently to sit down in the priority seats. I thought that was super cool of her.

  • Ashley Maki
    Ashley Maki 9 days ago

    very very accurate

  • Elene Mek
    Elene Mek 9 days ago

    This dude was a creep!
    Putting hands around the waist is a big NO!!

  • Sasmita Bangera
    Sasmita Bangera 10 days ago

    Koreans have so much similarities between India.

  • kookie's cooky
    kookie's cooky 10 days ago

    i wish you were my korean language teacher

  • Muhammad Hanif Muhammad Hanif Bin Zakaria

    itsjinakim this video is really helpful😍😘

  • Tim Burke
    Tim Burke 11 days ago

    Come to America and live your life.....no rules. You're adorable

  • Namjoonie BTS
    Namjoonie BTS 11 days ago

    I come from South Korea, I moved to America when I was 5 or 6, I’m currently 15 and when I first moved to New York, honey you bump into us and you’ll going to get spat at, what would you expect? It’s NY afterall

  • Jeon Wendykook
    Jeon Wendykook 11 days ago

    1:20 who's that?!I hope I mistake him or that's a Photoshop!!

  • kookies and sprite
    kookies and sprite 13 days ago +1

    She looks like jungkook

  • Holly_ Weed
    Holly_ Weed 13 days ago

    Oh thank you now I know how to make pissed in Korea ;)

  • Beri Peric
    Beri Peric 13 days ago

    The video was very helpful because I'm going to Korea for a month and a half this summer to study the Korean language. I want to try my best to respect and impress my host family! Although I'm also nervous I'll forget all these rules. I think first I need to learn how to greet and address then properly. Wish me luck!

  • theduece82
    theduece82 14 days ago

    Geez! Seems Koreans get offended easily. The drinking one was really weird.

  • Little Fujoshi Nugget
    Little Fujoshi Nugget 14 days ago

    I’m Vietnamese and when I came to America I was weirded out when people tried to greet me by hugging.. like why so much touching 😂

  • priyanka  redekar
    priyanka redekar 15 days ago +1

    Definitely most of the people are thinking about BTS and their behavior and manners while in public or anywhere.🤔😊

  • Arize King
    Arize King 15 days ago

    im gonna stay at home

  • Mostafa Ayman
    Mostafa Ayman 15 days ago +1

    Thanks for sharing these video , it was really helpful ^^ i enjoyed it so much ^^ nice job ^^

  • Jihoon Lee
    Jihoon Lee 16 days ago

    표현하실때.. 대부분의 한국사람이라고 하셔야 하지 않겠어요 ? 머 마치 본인이 한국인 전체의 대변인인것처럼 말씀하시는 것은 영 듣기 거북하네요. We Korean = Most of Korean.

  • Queen of BTS EXO NCT IKON Happy new year

    This things i see this on dramas now i know hehe

  • Deel Weed
    Deel Weed 20 days ago

    I'll be going to North Korea

  • 행 행
    행 행 20 days ago

    Plzzzzzzzzzzz Don't join your palms together🙏🙏 when you greet to Korean!!!
    It is only for the monk or believer in Buddhism. Half of Korean have no religion. That behavior make feel bad most of Korean(without monk or Buddhist).
    We've seen a lot of Hollywood stars do this🙏🙏🙏 when they greet to korean. Whenever they do, we are very disappointed.😢😢 The idea that all Asian will believe in Buddhism is prejudiced.
    Of course, Buddhism is great religion and scholarship. I don't hate Buddhism.

  • John
    John 20 days ago

    if time is so precious, why do you wait till youre done eating when asking to the tab, why not do it before you finish so everyone wastes less time
    why dont koreans clean up their mess after eating so time is wasted in cleaning all the tables again, even kids in mcdonald can clean their tables

  • John
    John 20 days ago

    how to touch people:
    use this hand
    but theres a rules: dont touch people

  • I love Yoongi
    I love Yoongi 20 days ago

    Thank you 🙏🏻 I’m going 4 weeks to korea 😭❤️

  • Lesly Mozo Rosario
    Lesly Mozo Rosario 22 days ago

    Thank you I’ve been planning of going to Korea with my sister for vacation, it’s a beautiful place and I’m glad I know what do in order to be polite

  • LadyApple Pie
    LadyApple Pie 23 days ago

    New sub! Thanks for this viddy =)

  • Shakuntla Devi
    Shakuntla Devi 23 days ago

    Hey..... i really wanna to come to your country for vacations

  • Auto Korrect
    Auto Korrect 23 days ago

    [Korean Guy POV]
    1. About touching, she's right when it comes to guys and girls and strangers. But if you're with your guy friends we put hands on shoulders and actually we are more physically touchy, in fact i think American guys would be uncomfortable with the amount of touching Korean guys do with their friends. Actually since military Korean guys even shower together, go to spa together naked so in many ways Korean guys are more physical. You will often see even older men holding hands (usually drunk together) late at night. This is something i have never seen in any Western country.
    2. I laughed so hard at this cartoon. I tell my foreigner friends, when in doubt just add "yo" to the end. But if you're obviously a foreigner most Koreans will look past the lack of honorific form, they will be impressed enough that you're trying to speak Korean.
    3. About shaking hands: (No one asks to shake hands LOL.) Most old people will bow anyways because shaking hands is a modern western custom that has been adopted into Korean culture through doing business with foreigners. Nowadays shaking hands usually if you meet politician or business constituents. Note: You can also hold your right elbow with your left hand.
    4. Paying for food: This isn't exactly accurate. Both in Korea and US if you're at a sit down restaurant or higher class restaurant both the waiters will take a little time to process your bill. In Jina's case it could be that they were really busy and had lots of bills to process or she was at a higher class restaurant where people like to take their time. In the US at casual restaurants you can also go up to the counter and pay too. Also in busy large metro cities like New York "bbali bbali" mentality is also common. Little FYI, "bbali bbali" is actually a mentality that was introduced after the Korean War by the gov't so as to encourage a fast rebuild of the country. In order to compete on the global economic market and build Chaebols, Korean officials believed everyone needed to work "twice as fast and twice as hard". In the modern age however there is no need for "bbali bbali" mentality and in fact studies have shown that this is hurting Korean society causing stress, depression, and higher suicide rates. Studies have shown the countries which have healthier work life balances are more productive.
    6. She's right about smoking, there are designated areas now even for smoking. Do not throw your cigarette butts on the ground! There are still bars where you can smoke but the easiest way to tell is either to ask if you can smoke or if there are ash trays on the tables. In clubs you can smoke anywhere.
    7. About drinking: you can also hold your elbow similar to shaking hands as well when receiving drinks. Also you should never pour for yourself, and always pour for others especially your boss or older people. When you pour you should also use two hands or one hand on elbow as well. The idea is to turn away while drinking, but you don't need to turn your whole body, bosses don't like you to make a big dramatic gesture out of it as it makes them look arrogant or stiff, these days bosses want to look hip and understanding LOL! Funny story one time my colleague got sat between both bosses he didn't know which way he should turn so he just cupped his hand around his mouth and drank like that.
    8. LOOOOOOOOL i never seen anyone do that gesture anyways, foreigner or Korean. Actually nowadays in Seoul if you wanna flick someone off you use the middle finger.
    9. She's right also if you want to be even more "impressive" make sure you put a napkin down first then put the silverware on top of that. It shows you are extra considerate!
    10. Very true, just tie your laces loose.
    11. She didn't mention this but another thing is don't tip in Korea. If you take a taxi a short distance you can give them some extra.
    12. Also another thing from Korean guy POV (not my personal opinion) but i know a lot of my guy friends wouldn't approve of what she's wearing. It looks like she wearing lingerie or night gown. When it comes to that some Koreans are still pretty traditional. Many Korean women still cover their shoulders in public. If they wear tank top or something like that they'll wear a kinda slip over shawl to cover their shoulders. (i don't know the fashion term)

  • Yu Jin
    Yu Jin 24 days ago

    I hate when korean people ask for my age. And when they notice I’m younger than them, they’ll suddenly treat me as their slave, “ oh, get me some water!! Get some snack!!, hey I’m older than you, you must call me older sister!!! Fuck you bitch!!! I’m not your Slave, I dont barely know their names and they already treat me like a slave. I hate that so much!!! I don’t understand why korean people make their ages matter. Wtf. I would slap anyone who try to treat me like slave just because they’re only two years older than me!! Who do they think they are, bitch!!! I’m not your Slave or even close to call friends. I’ve been suffering because of korean criticism and very rude people I encounter for many years. So, please excuse my biopolar emotional disorders. But really, don’t ask anyone their age if you’re planning to treat them like a errand boy. Seriously. I hate that so much.

  • Moonbyul Kimie
    Moonbyul Kimie 24 days ago

    Thx for Czech subs! 💗

  • Ashley St Vil
    Ashley St Vil 25 days ago

    Lmaoo they boujie asf (dont kno if i spelled that right) buy i love it !❤ omg i wanna go to south korea sooo badd😭

  • ninja turtle
    ninja turtle 25 days ago

    No offense or anything but are Korean girls too innocent

  • AirKangLocker
    AirKangLocker 25 days ago

    That manner hand is bullshit by the way, saying as a fellow korean.

  • 쉬마Shima
    쉬마Shima 25 days ago +1

    1.hands : But I think Korean touch foriener more, 아줌마 will slap on your hip and say :akhkhkhkhkh 이쁘다아아아
    I have more than houndred of times that Koreans put they hand around my waist or shoulder to take picture, or in subway they try to push you away with touching you or...
    2. language : Also I think it's better to talk to foriener in respectful way, in Korea usually when a foreigner take taxi, usually taxi drivers will talk to them in 반말!!! Or even some of sellers
    6. smoking: i think you don't usually go out in public in seoul because I saw more than houndred of times that Koreans smoke while they are waiting for traffic light near crosswalk.
    And sth that I plus is they will ask you aaaaaloooot, where are you going(어디가?) ? Where are you coming from?(어디 갔다왔어?) Where do you work?(어디서 일/알바해?) How much is your salary?(한달에 얼마나 받아?) How much do you get per hour?(시급 얼만데?) Do you gain weight? (살졌어?) you need to lose weight (너 살좀 빼야겠다)....
    ((((I'm not saying that Koreans are rude or sth, I have very very very kind Korean friends and boss that I love them sooooooo much, I just want to let you know some information that may you can't notice as foreigner in Korea))))

  • Lander Dela Cruz
    Lander Dela Cruz 26 days ago

    In the Philippines, when we greet elder people, we hold the hand of the elderly by our right hand and slightly lift his/her hand then bow then touch our forehead on their hand.

  • Dahlia Belle
    Dahlia Belle 26 days ago

    It's considered terrible service in America to bring the check when you order... Like saying, "get out soon! Thanks!" Gosh.. I like that the world is different. 🇺🇸💖

    • Dahlia Belle
      Dahlia Belle 26 days ago

      And I thought they had 'skinship'.... Disappointing😟.....

  • Alex Martins
    Alex Martins 26 days ago

    don't need to change or be another person, if u have plans to visit another country just be respectfull and that's all

  • New song
    New song 27 days ago

    Though c is korean,her English is so goooo..........d😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰

  • Ammal Adnan
    Ammal Adnan 27 days ago

    May i know.. How to invite Korean girl for date?

  • Ind Ian
    Ind Ian 27 days ago

    All are fairs to me i mean it's a respect for old people so it's fair i like it ✌ i am also Asian but i don't drink and i know it will sounds weird but my religion(Buddhism) doesn't give permission to drink so I don't drink and that's all 😅😅😅

  • R R
    R R 28 days ago +1

    Now I am going to Korea when I am almost 70 or more 🤣😅

  • Gucci TaeTae
    Gucci TaeTae 28 days ago

    Omg I love how she puts up three fingers

  • Jimmie Mumbles
    Jimmie Mumbles 28 days ago

    I lived in Korea for a year. I'm watching to see if I committed any of these.

  • Jewel Thompson
    Jewel Thompson 28 days ago

    Them while koreans always touching people skin, specifically african?

  • Mason mason
    Mason mason 29 days ago +1

    Great video!
    It's funny cause when I was in Taiwan, those who sold prostitutes that with the hands all the time, and I remember wondering wtf was going on

  • Aayushi Singh
    Aayushi Singh 29 days ago

    Korea is kind a similar like india

  • VizionWorksEditing
    VizionWorksEditing 29 days ago

    Her english is so good that I as an American feel that I need to take english lessons.

  • Jonathan Torres
    Jonathan Torres Month ago +1

    So if I go to Korea I must give my seat up to the elderly but the young koreans dnt follow there own rules?

    • Borsalino Kizaru
      Borsalino Kizaru 28 days ago

      Jonathan Torres some young Korean DONT be like them.

  • Standup Girl
    Standup Girl Month ago

    I always have trouble with the old people seating part. I'm so afraid to offend someone and telling them they are old, so I just sit there, quietly staring at the person and debating if I should stand up to give them my seat😖😖😖

  • Andreyaa Cohay
    Andreyaa Cohay Month ago

    This is helpful i think❤️

  • bombastic gum
    bombastic gum Month ago

    Solution: just keep watching Korean drama and u will know everything and also u won't find all these rules that she states as hard or weird. Koreans are people who are very respectful and assertive!

  • Papapuppaduppup
    Papapuppaduppup Month ago +1

    I'm going to Korea in like
    2 days

  • Savetheplanet Killyourself

    and what about if you don't drink at ALL, are they gonna consider it as an offence, cause I'm not gonna drink for sure no matter who or how they ask me to do it??? If you refuse what gonna happen?

  • When Grapes Pop
    When Grapes Pop Month ago

    *Question about handshaking elders:* What is the appropriate range of age to shake with both hands? Would it be rude to use both hands on a person who doesn’t consider themself “old”? Would it be like saying “you look old”?

  • Al. C.
    Al. C. Month ago

    Üçün biri adamlarda da varmış hayret :D


    Yeah I agree about the Google translation, I had a bad time using it to chat with a Korean ... thank God my friend understood it and corrected me .

  • reno blacky
    reno blacky Month ago

    Making love without touching each other ,hmm... *impressive!

  • tech guru
    tech guru Month ago


  • suma malik
    suma malik Month ago

    How cool is that when u give such a great respect to elders .... 😍😍it gives u inner satisfaction . N the point about being touchy , its good to be humble in a good way using ur words .RULES MATTER ALOT ❤❤

  • D E B B I E
    D E B B I E Month ago

    Thank you for this video.
    Very interesting
    Greets from the Netherlands 🇱🇺🇱🇺🇱🇺🇱🇺

  • NarnianLady
    NarnianLady Month ago

    Thanks for mentioning the importance of personal space in Korea! I have had Korean friends and I realize how uncomfortable I may have made them feel when I have hugged them etc.. I did mean no harm, but I will not do that again. It is a bit hard to remember since many other cultures I am dealing with are very huggy and kissing on the cheek is normal as a form of greeting (between women)..

  • tae kook
    tae kook Month ago

    So many rules.. i wish i was born in Korea

  • Jonathan Ross
    Jonathan Ross Month ago

    Rule #1 is why asian pictures are so cringy lmao

  • H J
    H J Month ago

    Nice information jina kim thanks.

  • Kim Angel Kookie
    Kim Angel Kookie Month ago

    Thank you unnie

  • I am an ARMY and I will raid the comment section

    Umm, may I ask what did Logan Paul do in Japan?

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    Sister Squad Month ago

    Fun fact I lived in Korea
    For 3yrs ps I’m Aussie ♥️

  • Art Curious
    Art Curious Month ago

    Top things to do in South Korea? ...don’t go.
    It costs a lot of money to fly, why waste it in Korea. Go to Taiwan or Vietnam.

  • shinystar4ever
    shinystar4ever Month ago

    hahaha, you are so cute! I should have watched your video before, it could have saved my as...hope your breathing is getting better with that humidifier.

  • Aoka Tsuu
    Aoka Tsuu Month ago

    I'm German and in my eyes it looks so stupid then celebrties leave that gap between hand and shoulder or waist...i hate that!!!