10 Things NOT to Do in South Korea

  • Опубликовано: 19 июн 2018
  • This video is about some basic manners and etiquettes in South Korea! If you're planning to come here, please keep in mind these things :) Thank you for watching my video, and love you all!
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  • itsjinakim
    itsjinakim  8 месяцев назад +6374

    What do you guys think of this hat that I’m wearing? 👍 or 👎??

  • Soumi. G
    Soumi. G 12 минут назад

    I'm from India🇮🇳 and I love Korea 🇰🇷☺ and thanks for information ☺

  • Mogba Laha
    Mogba Laha 8 часов назад +1

    Such a good hint, love YA.

  • Kathryn Ianeta
    Kathryn Ianeta 11 часов назад

    I just thought if a Korean person can learn English I can learn Korean, and then I remembered that she probably has 2x the IQ than I have. (Mostly cause I’m just an idiot)

  • M.J SaIkiA
    M.J SaIkiA 23 часа назад

    I m from assam(India)
    Korea is my dream place
    I want to go visit korea one day
    I live their culter
    I want go and talk with people's.i also want to make freinds in Korea.i want to live in their culters
    And i m from assam our some culter is also like korean culters not everything ok but some are
    And we are shy people's and also some Assam's people(Assamese people)not like people with many styles and we are touch girls body when click photo's,yah if they are good freinds then they touch but not everyone.
    And you know a main think i m very shy and i m want to be in pictures i mean i take pictures but not my own pictures,i mean selfi or something
    I love to take photos of environment and beautiful things(animals and many things)

  • u r weirdo
    u r weirdo День назад

    You look stunning

  • annalytics
    annalytics День назад

    8:27 My parents are immigrants from the Russia/Ukrainian area, and there, doing THAT is also like putting up the middle finger. They told me that when I was still very young just in case we ever went back to visit their homeland.

  • Daviid Vss
    Daviid Vss День назад


  • Ayush Roy
    Ayush Roy День назад +1

    Amazing, i Like the way you said!!, I love Korean people, and I'll make some plan for enjoy holidays at Korea !! So, it seems Good !!

  • Milica Simic
    Milica Simic День назад

    Omg you Are so beautifull,im Serbian girl and I'II travel to Korea, So Thank you for helping me being normal, BC we have kind of rude people here

  • Trina Cedeño
    Trina Cedeño День назад

    I love how polite and respectful Korean culture is

  • 쟈니
    쟈니 День назад +1

    As you can see in this clip, strangers have to be careful about contact, but same-sex friends are very open about holding hands or hugs. Just like the BTS is touching each other a lot. So there are times when a lot of foreigners misunderstand that them are gay. sorry for my poor english😂 From. S korea

  • LordDesAbsterdens
    LordDesAbsterdens 2 дня назад

    I heard about the rule not to touch. I believed it. But then I saw a lot of videos where Koreans easily touch other people. Just during a conversation can touch the hand or something else. I even thought that I heard about another country. But you confirmed it about Korea.
    In my country, there are no touching ban. But no one just touches each other without a reason. Only if say hello. The one who first greets sets the tone, shake hand or wants to hug, perhaps even just verbally and the second person answers the same way. Anyone in the world will feel uncomfortable if they touch him for no reason. *But if there is a reason, accept it.*

  • LordDesAbsterdens
    LordDesAbsterdens 2 дня назад

    2:52 It’s better to do nothing at all instead of disgracing yourself like this. If you do not embrace a person, then there is no point in holding a hand in that position.
    It looks like you want to hug her without permission and pretend you're friends. That's rough.
    § Or on the contrary, the girl is not against hugs, but you are afraid of girls.

  • Overthemoon
    Overthemoon 2 дня назад

    Why would u even mention that Logan guy...ugh. Such a creepy stupid UT guy..was just surprised of u mentioning that creep...lol lol

  • Jadah Harrison
    Jadah Harrison 2 дня назад

    I’m part of BTS ARMY, and let me just say this, I see a lot of comments of armies saying that they’re watching this video to go to South Korea and meet Bts. Bts are a very busy and popular group,and they are always traveling for concerts, so if you want to move to South Korea just for Bts, good luck👍🤗because there’s a chance that you may not see them, I’m not being rude, I just hope some of you guys understand where I’m coming from❤️😭💓💜

  • sǫᴜɪsʜʏ ᴍᴏᴄʜɪ
    sǫᴜɪsʜʏ ᴍᴏᴄʜɪ 2 дня назад

    I found this very helpful, hope I remember these tips when I go to south korea

  • Ayanna Scott
    Ayanna Scott 3 дня назад

    Imma need a friend who can help me out and fervently explain that I’m painfully American and forgetful

  • Anya Vladim
    Anya Vladim 3 дня назад

    I challenge you to go to Russia and touch a Russian person ...you failed 😄

  • aurora
    aurora 3 дня назад

    here in Greece if we go out for a coffee we will stay there for like 3 hours even if we have already drank the coffee😅

  • A trashy Mean hoe
    A trashy Mean hoe 3 дня назад

    with the bill thing, that is the same in australia...

  • Ayla Teki
    Ayla Teki 3 дня назад

    Some of these are pretty basic and even go beyond Korean culture. My culture, our elderly should always be treated with respect and I was raised to treat others the way I would like to be treated. The mannerisms are still a struggle for me as we do have a pretty lax country but there are some similarities I see between cultures

  • Annie Vazquez
    Annie Vazquez 3 дня назад

    Who is watching the video while reading the comments

  • Dan L
    Dan L 3 дня назад

    Yes we Koreans do respect the elderly unfortunately a lot of elderly don't respect the younger generation and they act like they can do anything. I wish the elderly in my country were a little bit more graceful.

  • vivieta mihmih
    vivieta mihmih 3 дня назад

    that gesture in my country means nothing in rude way. like will you give me? you show them the gesture (because its rude nothing) i advise againts using it to your gf.

  • arcamo jevever
    arcamo jevever 3 дня назад

    The video is really helpful. Thank you.
    I just have a question. What if Koreans went to other countries with different culture. Is koreans are also okay to adjust there lifestyle? Just wondering.

  • I Stan Yg cause I Stan queens blackpink

    U are so pretty

  • Ladydeezieaka KcMisses
    Ladydeezieaka KcMisses 4 дня назад

    simply put S.Korean culture breeds acceptance to being an alcoholic, while stating they believe in courtesy and being polite..yet don't believe in boundaries, and elders get away with all types of foolishness. It's truly aggy ah and tiresome. I often wonder how do people mentally and spiritually deal with the hypocritical nature of it all.

  • Nini Kiko
    Nini Kiko 4 дня назад

    Thanks for the vid I needed this

  • Lilian Alves
    Lilian Alves 4 дня назад

    I really need to talk about the gesture thing! That caught me off guard 'cause, I'm brazilian, and HERE that gesture, wich we call "FIGA" is meant to wish good luck or good fortune and I have a lot of decorative items around my house with that gesture! I have one sculpture of it hanging at the wall right beside me as I type this comment! So this one surprised me very much!

  • Blood in the Water
    Blood in the Water 4 дня назад

    That cartoon LMFAO

  • Sara X
    Sara X 5 дней назад

    To us we might think that koreans are not understanding of foreigners mistakes But if you think about it, most of them don’t know our rules and how they’re different to theirs. They only know their rules and have always been brought up around it. There is a culture where when greeting, they well kiss your check, all men and women. To us that must be really weird. Imagine a bunch of foreign strangers/ men and women just kissing your cheek
    You’d be like ‘ tf

  • Sara X
    Sara X 5 дней назад

    I get that those people who are like “ omg I want to go to Korea, there must be so many cute BTS boys there !/?.&): “ but like I just really wanna go to Korea beacsue I find their culture interesting. Their music, food, fashion and tradition is fun

  • Liyana A.
    Liyana A. 5 дней назад

    While in Malaysia and specifically Malay, you need to be the one who ask for shaking hand to elders and kiss their hand or literally just bump it lightly towards your forehead or nose as that the sign of asking for blessing and respect. Or sometimes you can just lower your body a little bit while shaking hand and smile but of course with the same gender or family only.

  • Ha Bibi
    Ha Bibi 5 дней назад

    The good hand and the bad hand.... mind blown Pooff!

  • loveyou life
    loveyou life 6 дней назад

    😜 when you're only watching this so that one day you will go to seoul and probably meet BTS that's it 🤣

  • Thomas Pick
    Thomas Pick 6 дней назад

    No Korean accent. Raised in Hawaii? Three hours talking with foreigners? No telephone exchange or date made? You are an attractive young girl. Of course, all the men want you. Some of your customs may be valid, but they make no sense. You should explain why they are done, such as turning the head to drink? What for? There must be a reason. Can one bow , like the Japanese, rather than shaking hands? Shaking hands is so unsanitary. Many people wipe their nose on their hands. Yuck! You have exposed arms and a plunging neckline. If you do not want boys drooling over you, cover up. Nice fake purse on you shelf. Yves St Laurent? Koreans have strong garlic breathe from Kim chee cabbage.

  • Luis
    Luis 6 дней назад

    Kdramas != korea

  • Yean Ju
    Yean Ju 6 дней назад

    I've always liked South Korea because of their culture that is shown in their dramas (and some other factors but let's focus on this), now I feel more sure to reside in this country in the future. 😍 I like the manner hands a lot, cause I don't like being touched especially by strangers. 😂😂😂

  • Outdev Our
    Outdev Our 7 дней назад

    About hands - thats really helpful to know ~
    3 years in Korea. Never seen any korean in Seoul who gave his seat to elders unless someone else asks Directly. I saw only some foreigners do that, including myself, but still most cases elders just rejected and insist me seat back or try to find another place for me asap.
    Smoking in street - everywhere. Absolutely disgusting. In a walkways, or exits from some underground passages, in front of offices in the morning.
    Table manner - not always youngest, in workplace, usually lowest positions/new workers do that. Esp if age difference is not that notable.

  • Nightbar0n
    Nightbar0n 7 дней назад

    Seriously.... If some foreign dudes saying that being touchy2 is culturally common in their country so they didn't aware about it being rude..... You KNOW they are just bullshitting their way 😂
    Try that in most of the foreign countries.... Hug someone you just met in a café.... Trust me, its not going to end well.

  • Mark Grimwade
    Mark Grimwade 8 дней назад

    너 모서거 너무 괴엽다

  • Beauty Jaluha
    Beauty Jaluha 9 дней назад

    number 7. yes.

  • Luna M.
    Luna M. 10 дней назад

    8:29 that's gonna be a problem because i always do this when i did the ol' bamboozle switcharoonie to someone

  • galaxymiss
    galaxymiss 10 дней назад

    You keep mentioning “old people”. What do you mean exactly? People over 30? Over 40? 50? 70? Seems like it’s all about appearance and it’s relative to the speaker. For example for my 12 year old cousin everyone 20 and over is old.
    Incidentally, please note that in English (US) we prefer not to use the words “old people.” It can be seen as rude and disrespectful and interpreted as being prejudiced. Instead we talk of “the elderly” for people over, say, 70 and up, and “mature woman/man,” “older woman/man” for anyone LOOKING over their 30’s-40’s, 50’s or up.

  • David Johnson
    David Johnson 10 дней назад

    In the US, I wish restaurants were more like Korea with respect to bringing out the bill. I have noticed a trend of the US changing and more do bring out the bill earlier.

  • B Peoples
    B Peoples 11 дней назад

    I'm American and also find it strange if someone who isn't a close friend or family touches me. stranger danger. cooties. haha

  • IavoidReality
    IavoidReality 12 дней назад +1

    To be honest, I am a foreigner living in Korea, and I had multiple occasions where korean grannies or ajummas would touch me and say how white my skin is. One of them even touched my face 😳 I dont take it personally but like...

  • mi goh
    mi goh 12 дней назад

    So much 나쁜 손 around Korea even worse

  • mush bash
    mush bash 12 дней назад

    Hi Jana Kim I heard that Korean should not reveal their neck and body and top cleavage women especially, but you wear open arms and deep neck cloths in your video this is correct in Korean culture ????

  • Nyah Simmons
    Nyah Simmons 13 дней назад

    Thank you so much for photo and video reference!!! 😀😀

  • vos c
    vos c 13 дней назад

    아닠ㅋㅋ 보다가 8번에서 깜짝놀랐네

  • Юстине
    Юстине 13 дней назад

    8:22 we have the same in Latvia

  • Mawaddah Haslyanti
    Mawaddah Haslyanti 13 дней назад

    I don’t know when will I be in korea but somehow I found this video is so helpful 👍🏻

  • edgeuvchaos
    edgeuvchaos 14 дней назад

    Anyone going to another country should learn the customs before they go so they do not appear rude or offensive to the native population. After all you are visiting their country. Personally I would be totally embarrassed to seem rude in front of so many attractive women if I was visiting a country like South Korea.

    EFEMENA MOSES 15 дней назад

    U know what,u are just making ur country more, sacred for people ,to travel to, if u think u are helping it ,No u are not,so pls just mind the way,u talk about ur country Korea ,

  • Panzer Blitz
    Panzer Blitz 15 дней назад

    South Korea is an evil country. Their viciousness towards dogs is unimaginable. Their government is terrorist, it allows the torture, kidnapping and slaughter of millions of dogs and other pets for the stomachs of monsters. South Korea is the enemy of the world.

  • Carmen M Colon
    Carmen M Colon 15 дней назад

    I'm curious. While it seems common sense not to invade another person's personal space so not touching is a given. There are so many videos made by foreigners who have traveled or live in Korea who say many Koreans come up to them and touch them inappropriately while trying to get them to speak English with them. What's the best way to let Koreans knows that foreigners don't want to be touched either?

  • kooki boy
    kooki boy 15 дней назад

    in every restaurant we had to remove the shoes or just in the traditional restaurants?

  • Chaeiiie _vv
    Chaeiiie _vv 16 дней назад

    Thank you so much

  • Mia Becker
    Mia Becker 16 дней назад

    The rules are kinda like similar to Germany not all of them but some

  • Lala Lalala
    Lala Lalala 16 дней назад

    Thank you for your informative video. It really helps a lot to understand the differences of every culture

  • ZORG the racist castrator
    ZORG the racist castrator 16 дней назад

    "Western" cultures are also not all the same ;) there are hugh differences between european cultures and there are even bigger differences between europe and the US. Most of the "US behaviour" in Korea would be also rude in Europe. So most of the things you said in your video would also apply on germany.

  • Taelicious
    Taelicious 17 дней назад

    About the restaurant bills, there are quite a few restaurants here in America that have at the counter paying as well. Not many but there still are few.

  • Anarely Nunez
    Anarely Nunez 17 дней назад

    Rule number seven NOT ONLY KOREAN PEOPLE DRINK

  • Anarely Nunez
    Anarely Nunez 17 дней назад

    Well ... This is new to me Bc I'm Latina/Mexican My second brother he said he's going to Japan or China in 2020 I was like .... Count me out.

  • H . A
    H . A 17 дней назад

    Stupid things

  • Yilin Tan
    Yilin Tan 18 дней назад

    I had one experience was when i'm in the subway, an elder asked me to sit on the priority seat as it was empty. I refused that time, but what will be the correct decision?

  • Isabell Martinez
    Isabell Martinez 18 дней назад

    I think I’m Korean because I like to drink 🍸

  • lex luther
    lex luther 18 дней назад

    What Part Of Body Does worth Touching?
    They Are All Made Of Plastic Surgery.
    So Why Bother?!

  • Drippy Jocey
    Drippy Jocey 19 дней назад

    Is there any certain apps phones people can use to learn the korean language?

  • Rukaiya Abbas
    Rukaiya Abbas 19 дней назад

    Who else knows all of these because of Kdrama addiction?

  • KikoWeebz
    KikoWeebz 19 дней назад

    I remember RM tried to touch this TV Host's shoulder but his hand hovered for a bit, then he put it back down.

  • Mica I Moni MAKARONI
    Mica I Moni MAKARONI 20 дней назад

    Same Is in Europe, (Serbia)We don't really like people to touch us if we don't know them

  • Sarannya Jena
    Sarannya Jena 20 дней назад

    Most of the things are same in India...i'm an indian and i wish to vist south korea once.

  • lato pato
    lato pato 20 дней назад +1

    True I use to live in South Korea

  • F a n t a i x i e
    F a n t a i x i e 20 дней назад

    Thank you so much for this video! I wanted to educate myself since I’ll be going to Korea soon with my TaeKwonDo team :D

  • Little Flower
    Little Flower 20 дней назад

    Korea: wait til they ask you to shake hands
    Germany: If a youlder dares to not shake hands with someone older and ask first, you momma gonna be extremly angry and you are the rudest person ever
    Korea: The movement with the thumb is rude
    Germany: There is a game you play with little kids where you act like you stole their nose and when showing them their "stolen nose" you make exactly this hand movement

  • Hi Amazing people
    Hi Amazing people 21 день назад

    well im going to korea so im watching this😂😂😂

  • C.B. Galvez
    C.B. Galvez 21 день назад

    I’ve been wanting to study aboard in Korean for awhile now. I actually hate being hugged or hugging in general so I’m good with that. I don’t like striking conversations with people out of nowhere. Well I’m glad that you can get out of restaurants faster. So I think I’m fine with everything I guess

  • euphorialle
    euphorialle 21 день назад +1

    I hate touching people anyways, even my friends and family. I’m not Korean but I am some type of Asian. My friends always try and hug me and I just give a high five or give an air hug. I’m germaphobic so I usually shake hands with people or give them a high five.

  • Charlie B
    Charlie B 21 день назад

    hahahahahahahaaa this is why bts v always takes off his shoes!!!!!!!!!!

  • Min min
    Min min 21 день назад

    Oh My Lord....sometime I do “the number 8”....I’m not Korean...so... thanks you very much for sharing these helpful tips, because I plan to go to Korea this year... Thanks again.

  • Min min
    Min min 21 день назад

    Oh My Lord....sometime I do “the number 8”....I’m not Korean...so... thanks you very much for sharing these helpful tips, because I plan to go to Korea this year... Thanks again.

  • rathupaswala Ranja
    rathupaswala Ranja 22 дня назад

    this video helped me a lot to understand K-Drama s :D :D :D

  • D a s i j u n n
    D a s i j u n n 22 дня назад

    Korea: oh it’s rude to touch. Stay in your own bubble
    Also Korea: bumps into you in the street and doesn’t say anything

  • D a s i j u n n
    D a s i j u n n 22 дня назад

    It’s very awkward for me when ppl touch me. Even with my best friends when we hug it’s so awkward for me and for family too

  • bang-Got-ex-sudan N-one-bp-sudan
    bang-Got-ex-sudan N-one-bp-sudan 22 дня назад

    Im samoan and these are rules if your boyfriend or girlfriend is Samoan:
    1: Wait for the elders to get food first, don't rush the kids/people that are giving out food (if you are at a family event)
    2. Call who ever older than you auntie or uncle and if your 13 and someone that is older than 25 thats your uncle or auntie
    3. Don't curse, if you do your gonna get a slap from one of the elders, nah im just kidding your not but just don't
    4. DON'T GET INTO A FIGHT WITH A SAMOAN!!! And if you think im kidding, you can dight one and see what happens and if you do, the whole entire family of samoans will come after you
    5. Don't dirty dance infront of the elders guys, that's disrespectful BIG TIME like twerking, sexually dancing jhst don't do it
    6. FINALLY, Just do not do anything that can disrespect us and i swear if you call a samoan or hawaiin person something bad, i hope you will live the next day

  • Elijah Thompson
    Elijah Thompson 22 дня назад

    It's even more awkward when someone is touching you while they're drunk and saying " _I know you 😒. Oh and I know you too 😏_ " and then trying to make a bet with you, your sibling and your sibling's friends.

  • Drama Lama
    Drama Lama 23 дня назад

    Is it just me or did the first picture look like Jungkook?

  • Xavie's Tube
    Xavie's Tube 23 дня назад

    Yet, Korean just reach for my Braids and touch me without my permission.



  • Twi Sha
    Twi Sha 23 дня назад +1

    In Gujarat (India) Drinking is banned idk about other states (maybe I still doubt in some remote places of my state) And I have *NEVER* ever drank otherwise my Mom would kill me. Once she even doubted on my dad whether he was drunk but never have been drunk. That day was such a nightmare

  • الهنوف الخالدي
    الهنوف الخالدي 23 дня назад

    I’ve seen some of this things in Korean dramas & i was wondering what does it mean specially the drinking with older or shaking hand

  • James Vanguardia
    James Vanguardia 23 дня назад

    Korean culture is very cold. Not lively.

    • ga-ryung kim-
      ga-ryung kim- 17 дней назад

      Yep but its also lowkey warm 😊

  • Michael Suder
    Michael Suder 24 дня назад

    Wait, did she say something?

  • SplashFree!!
    SplashFree!! 24 дня назад

    XD Jimin falls all over everyone when he laughs lmaoooo

  • xo Amayah
    xo Amayah 24 дня назад

    8:28 Oh jeez I do that a lot when I’m nervous 😬😂

  • Time Bomb Terry
    Time Bomb Terry 24 дня назад

    Lots of restaurants in the US allow you to pay before your food comes up. Or they drop the check when the food is dropped off. Just depends on where you go. I work in a place and we drop the checks when the food comes out. And you walk to the register to pay.

  • Hunny. Boo
    Hunny. Boo 24 дня назад

    I want to learn more