10 Things NOT to Do in South Korea

  • Published on Jun 19, 2018
  • This video is about some basic manners and etiquettes in South Korea! If you're planning to come here, please keep in mind these things :) Thank you for watching my video, and love you all!
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  • itsjinakim
    itsjinakim  Year ago +8983

    What do you guys think of this hat that I’m wearing? 👍 or 👎??

  • Puffy ChipPers.
    Puffy ChipPers. 7 hours ago

    Me learning korean even though I have tons of homework😂

  • Shilpi Singh
    Shilpi Singh 11 hours ago

    It not only korean people but all people don't like touched by strangers 😊😊

  • Andrew Concepcion
    Andrew Concepcion 12 hours ago

    If you respect old people a lot, then why is there so many old homeless people out on the streets that people just walk by not helping them or government not helping???

  • tuvshinjargal byambasuren

    Your voice is so pretty

  • Johnny J2D3
    Johnny J2D3 Day ago

    I have a question about touching or not people in Korea... how do you when you are dating someone then? Because in my country and I think in lots of countries, touching it's a way to have an approach to someone you like a lot but it's not being rude, it's just being cool (if you know how to touch of course, not in an inappropiate way)... thanks!

  • Maria Kristina Montebon


  • Maman Christian
    Maman Christian Day ago +1

    Your video is awful. Why did I watch it?.

  • Chelsi sudia
    Chelsi sudia Day ago

    We Indian say namaste by joining both hands and bow so namaste

  • Chelsi sudia
    Chelsi sudia Day ago

    Please watch videos about Indian culture too

  • Chelsi sudia
    Chelsi sudia Day ago

    Please visit India tooo

  • Inday Girlie
    Inday Girlie 3 days ago

    I was in a train in Seoul and sat on the old people chair and wasn’t paying attention. Was tired, jet lagged....and old person came on train and it literally took me ages to figure out to stand up of the old person seat. So bad! Lesson...just don’t set there at all.

  • Bia Maybel
    Bia Maybel 3 days ago

    In Brazil when you say hi to other people is comum to hug or kiss :/

  • Bia Maybel
    Bia Maybel 3 days ago

    Omg, is the opposite of Brazil

  • R S
    R S 3 days ago

    'Another oh hae young ' brought me here..

  • jersom Tagaytay
    jersom Tagaytay 3 days ago

    Thank you 😊

  • M2square world
    M2square world 4 days ago

    That no. 8 hahahahah i die

  • M2square world
    M2square world 4 days ago

    Any korean here? Khamsamita😂

  • river budda
    river budda 4 days ago

    나이드신분이 악수를 청할때 두손을 잡아도 되고 왼손을 겨드랑이에 껴도 됩니다. 왼손을 오른쪽 겨드랑이에 넣고 악수하는게 일반적일거에요...
    역시 술자리 예절에서도 두손으로 잔을 받아도 되고 왼손을 오른손의 팔꿈치 부분에 위치해서 받아도 되고 역시 왼손을 오른손 겨드랑이 부분에 넣고 술잔을 받아도 되죠... 하지만 더 공손한거는 두손으로 받는게 더 공손하다고 느껴질거에요.

  • Whisperero fdragons
    Whisperero fdragons 5 days ago

    That don’t touch me thing reminds me of hotarubi no mori e,lmao

  • John Noho
    John Noho 7 days ago

    Lol.. Now after watching your advice about do and don't.i feel like I better not to visits South Korea.

  • Hadj Nabil
    Hadj Nabil 8 days ago

    Hello princess ,thank you very much about this lovely video,god bless you and your family,have a nice day.So i forgot ,about your hat ,it's lovely you look like french girl in paris witn the fashion.and you are prety leady.

  • Ana Rita Fonseca Teixeira

    fnnmaanffs the 8th FUCK I do that by habit like I dunno why I do it but I do 😥

  • Kurenai K
    Kurenai K 9 days ago

    Haha! Time is more precious in America. They are the Busiest people.

  • Kurenai K
    Kurenai K 9 days ago

    Haha! Time is more precious in America. They are the Busiest people.

  • Kezia Divina
    Kezia Divina 10 days ago

    Oh wow... How much decent is Korea!! 😍They are so strict but it's good.. Especially they are giving respect for old people.... It's really important! I really just love Korean😍😍😍😍 culture.. Actually I'm a Indian.. And my mother tongue is tamil.. I live in Chennai.. Actually I'm learning Korean language in RU-clip becoz for ARMY❤!!! and my big dream is to travel Korea! And live there...! Becoz I really love their rules, culture and especially they are the cutest 💋❤in the world...thankyou for teaching Everything about Korean culture unnie☺☺😊

  • WarriorJason27
    WarriorJason27 11 days ago

    „Don’t touch the Americans.“

    „Don’t touch the Koreans.“

  • Samsung Galaxy
    Samsung Galaxy 11 days ago

    Love you and South Korea love from Pakistan

  • e l i z z dunuan
    e l i z z dunuan 12 days ago

    I am a kdrama addict, and yes I observed most of the don'ts you mentioned. I just hope that when I visit korea one day (that's one of my goals) I won't forget all these reminders. Never miss a day not to watch atleast one episode of korean dramas. hahah!
    I hope I can find a korean friend.

  • Enizi7ao
    Enizi7ao 12 days ago

    كولي تبن والله يلعنكم مسوين ملائكة خخختفو امريكا احسن منكم يامعقدين ياكلاب

  • Karis Omotosho
    Karis Omotosho 12 days ago +2

    I know a couple of people who would be better if they don’t take off their shoes for eating 🤮 they have the changing room fragrance in those shoes 😂

  • Taehyung _Guccy
    Taehyung _Guccy 12 days ago

    Sorry but langitch

  • Onceu Mimo
    Onceu Mimo 12 days ago

    8:36 same

  • Gacha Maaike
    Gacha Maaike 13 days ago +1

    Thanks for this information! Now I am 12, but later I want to travel to Korea. So this is pretty helpful!✨😊

  • Celes Tita
    Celes Tita 14 days ago

    How can I contact you directly please

  • Kento aioki esuraba
    Kento aioki esuraba 14 days ago

    Stan astro...

  • chammu tae
    chammu tae 14 days ago +2

    When she said *something happened to me when i was in my early twenties*...WHATT I THOUGHT YOU WERE LIKE 20 NOW😨

  • 사랑해coconut
    사랑해coconut 15 days ago


  • Jiří Kasal
    Jiří Kasal 15 days ago

    Thank you very much for your video. I had one classmate at school in the UK and she was from Korea. When I said goodbye to her on my last day at school I hug her. I don't know but it was rude, isn't it? I'm sorry :(

    Also, I want to thank Marki Kuky for translate to Czech :) ... Greetings from the Czech Republic

  • Kelly PlusB
    Kelly PlusB 15 days ago

    Well as a korean I think the manner hands stuff shouldnt be in this list. It became popular since one famous guy did it on tv. its definitely not one of the things that people shouldnt do in korea. If you want to hug just hug. you dont need to make a fist to try not to touch people's backs. That's weird to me.

  • inertia 87
    inertia 87 15 days ago

    Omg so I'm Mediterranean, to be precise from the Balkans. We are touchy people. We touch when we talk. We kiss and hug when we firs meet. I think I would be seen weirdly 🤣🤣🤣

  • Elizabeth
    Elizabeth 16 days ago

    Great video👍 I also want to add what I don't like about Koreans which is when they cough or sneeze they don't cover their mouth and I find this absolutely disrespectful and disgusting.
    Also when eating noodles they tend to slurp their soup we don't do this in the Western world we consider this disrespectful to those sitting at the table with you. We also apologize when we hit somebody by accident and I've noticed that Koreans don't really do this. Different worlds, different behavior.

  • Maria Jugueta
    Maria Jugueta 16 days ago

    so much helpful ❤ Thank you for this 💕 Kamsahamnida~ 🙏

  • Nolepa Modelmixer
    Nolepa Modelmixer 16 days ago

    In South Korea, are Black people accepted

  • Maria Becerra
    Maria Becerra 17 days ago

    When were in the toilet we drink
    😂 sorry I had too

  • GeneseChannel
    GeneseChannel 17 days ago

    Korea: dont touch strangers or even people you’re not super close with
    most of europe: grab them by the shoulder and KISS BOTH OF THEIR CHEEKS....KISS THEM AGAIN IF YOU FEEL LIKE IT

  • Merhawi Araya
    Merhawi Araya 17 days ago

    I found your tip was very important, really good job! Girl see you in the Korea maybe. Sweet dream!😍

  • Ana Jen
    Ana Jen 17 days ago

    Thanks..... Im from Argentina...I wanna learn about Koreas Culture.....thanks for sharing!!!!!!!!!!

  • - b o o b e y -
    - b o o b e y - 17 days ago

    Omg😂😂 in Turkey we have this gesture too with the thumb between your fingers. It’s like a middlefinger but even more rude

  • Mário Carrancho
    Mário Carrancho 17 days ago

    There is just 1 (not 10) thing you should´t do in South Korea... is to go there. Boycott South Korean hysterical and plastic people. Long live Cristiano Ronaldo and Japan.

  • maryjane crespo
    maryjane crespo 18 days ago

    No.5 In the Philippines we have train and we have that kind of priorities even in buses and even jeep you can do that

  • 바람할매
    바람할매 19 days ago

    상급자나 연장자 앞에서 고개를 돌리는 건
    마시는 모습을 보이지 않게 하기 위함이니
    고개를 돌리면서 다른 손으로 술잔과 입을 가려야 됩니다.
    그리고 양쪽 옆에도 사람이 있어서
    마땅히 돌려야하는 위치를 모를때는
    무조건 오른쪽(본인기준)으로 돌려야 합니다.
    하지만 외국인은 안해도 됩니다.
    이건 한국의 술문화이니 외국인이 지키지 않는다고
    문제를 제기하는 사람은 없으니
    그냥 편하게 마시면 됩니다.

  • Roasting Marshmallows
    Roasting Marshmallows 19 days ago

    I live in Korea. People sit in the pregnant seats all the time. They are of all ages. OMG. People smoke in the street! I live in Gangnam and walk my dog 3 times a day. Smokers are prevalent. Right on the sidewalk.
    So. I admit. I do not follow the etiquette rules because the average Koreans is not polite! Koreans are not patient, so 빨리 빨리 is the cause of so much rudeness.

  • Roasting Marshmallows
    Roasting Marshmallows 19 days ago

    I am sorry, but I have some criticisms. 1st: foreigners..please specify where they are from. 2nd: Hands on people? Elderly people have grabbed me to tell me to sit on the subway several times. 3rd: not every American restaurant has the same policy (likewise for Korea). 4th: Koreans do not show respect to strangers. Cars don't care about pedestrians, pedestrians dont care about cars. Pedestrians cut off/ walk immediately in front of other pedestrians foot paths everywhere. People open their car doors as you're walking by and people don't care to apologize. Smokers and spitters.. they don't care about surroundings.

  • SKD
    SKD 19 days ago

    Don't you feel akward wearing that dress

  • Sally Sult
    Sally Sult 19 days ago

    Похоже я здесь единственная русская

  • Wania Aditi
    Wania Aditi 19 days ago

    Your English is soooooo cute
    Korean trans:너의 영어가 너무 귀엽다.

  • that one delusional chick 4U

    In elementary school doing that hand thing was how we asked to go to the bathroom....

  • Lorielyn Jaralbio
    Lorielyn Jaralbio 20 days ago

    Unnie, what is for that badges?😅

  • Black Rose
    Black Rose 20 days ago

    I think it's not polite to put your hands around strangers' waists in any country!!

  • hi •
    hi • 20 days ago

    Omg I thought Koreans were really touchy

  • 루나쵸
    루나쵸 20 days ago +6

    In Germany we say to the number one:
    I think it's beautiful 😂😂😂

  • Marc Willms
    Marc Willms 20 days ago

    Fuck kimchiiii

  • Nada Rasheed
    Nada Rasheed 20 days ago

    in our country we are not that strict about humans rules .. but we are sooooo strict about god's rules ..like praying .. manners with elder (different than korea) ..mercy the younger .. and you have to visit your family ...it is very big sin if you can and you dont

  • Sünnetçi JİSOO
    Sünnetçi JİSOO 20 days ago

    Thank you very much for adding Turkish subtitles ♥ ️

  • mary arlene
    mary arlene 21 day ago

    Hey, its not really allowed to put someones' hand to other people's waist? even you're lovers?

  • كوول قيرل
    كوول قيرل 21 day ago

    땡큐 for add the arabic translate in video

  • Lupita Ayala
    Lupita Ayala 21 day ago

    in mexico when we see a friend or a relative we kiss eachother on the cheek hahah

  • BTS ارمي
    BTS ارمي 21 day ago

    بس اروح كوريا لكل حادث حديث

  • Stewart Rodgers
    Stewart Rodgers 21 day ago

    Stop the barbaric cruel uncivilized dog meat trade in China Korea Indonesia

  • Aoka Tsuu
    Aoka Tsuu 21 day ago

    i think no one likes to get touched by strangers...its not a korean thing

  • Roy Gool
    Roy Gool 21 day ago

    Hi ! Nice informative vlog ! I will support you :)

  • PinkTV
    PinkTV 22 days ago +1

    ofc you should be careful with google translate because it doesn't always give you the right translations

  • Megan Grace
    Megan Grace 22 days ago

    Thank you! These are actually very easy to remember and even make sense.

  • Natalie Di
    Natalie Di 22 days ago

    ‘In Korea time is really precious’ lmao isn’t it precious everywhere? Also, saying ‘faster! Faster!’ seems so rude to me. 🙄 Also, pretty much every other country in the world has the rule where you give old people your seat on the bus. Also, the drinking rules do not relate to tourists. God she’s annoying.