My Mom Taught Me To Manipulate Men For Money

  • Published on Jun 23, 2019

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  • Keisha Muzadi
    Keisha Muzadi Day ago

    Parents are lowkey more unstable than kids are lol

  • Christopher Grant


  • Tiffany balogh
    Tiffany balogh Day ago

    This is like Betty and jughead, and fp and alice😮👏👏😂❤️❤️

  • Timothy Akinsuyi
    Timothy Akinsuyi 2 days ago

    So im different...huh

  • AnneDyosa Co
    AnneDyosa Co 2 days ago

    This is so me,i hope you add me on facebook and message me so i can notice you,my facebook is Ruby Ybur😊

  • mowafaq the boss
    mowafaq the boss 5 days ago

    And then ur gonna marry your step brother,and when your mother and step father have kids u b sayin:I and my bf were the reason they got married,and I know timothy even b4 they knew each other=-O

  • Pastel
    Pastel 5 days ago

    8:24 what's so ew about it? dont you see YOUR boyfriend😂

  • Miss Flow
    Miss Flow 6 days ago

    Plot twist : then the father dump her mom, so do her boyfriend to revenge what they did to them a long time ago

  • Chris Wilkinson
    Chris Wilkinson 7 days ago +1

    You mom pregnant 🤰🤰🏼

  • Syuzi Melikyan
    Syuzi Melikyan 7 days ago

    ok it's like bughead and falice from riverdale

  • rocker 10039
    rocker 10039 7 days ago +1

    ahhh sweet old Alabama

  • Lilly V Gutierrez
    Lilly V Gutierrez 8 days ago

    They both in love

  • Samuel Shin
    Samuel Shin 8 days ago

    So here I am a super nice man who would never cheat, who would never do anything wrong yet women never give me a chance and constantly date jerks who cheat on them nonstop. Go figure. Women screw themself over.

  • Rain lee
    Rain lee 8 days ago

    Your mom.... is a narcissist 🙃

  • youngmedusa
    youngmedusa 9 days ago

    These are horrible people

  • Deadliest One
    Deadliest One 9 days ago

    So your mom was a serial dater who just go out for dinner???

  • Timothy Mann
    Timothy Mann 10 days ago

    That's my name

  • Dashya Davis
    Dashya Davis 10 days ago

    "Do yo parents"😹💀

  • Grapes
    Grapes 10 days ago

    Great expectations

  • Arpit .K.D
    Arpit .K.D 11 days ago

    So its a story about a Hoe who stopped being a hoe.

  • FairyFederation
    FairyFederation 11 days ago

    men always use women and they teach their sons to be players... and use emotions to trap a woman yet when it is the other way around, she is a gold digger and evil lol... Yall keep believe this social conditioning and being a victim with these men. The fact that most of them want to sleep with a woman before getting to know her or to test it out lol is no different than a woman getting money from a man with no commitment. I know of many pretty girls single with kids from losers because they followed their emotions and not their head.

  • Mahima Roy
    Mahima Roy 11 days ago

    Which are these characters moving so much

  • Last Baratheon
    Last Baratheon 11 days ago

    This was a cool story 👌🏾

  • Najre Mole
    Najre Mole 13 days ago

    'aCtUaLLy hAppEnEd'

  • Karla
    Karla 14 days ago

    No, no, no, just not

  • M7TheNinja.
    M7TheNinja. 14 days ago

    Big shaq

  • HARMONIJA meditacije
    HARMONIJA meditacije 15 days ago

    wtf just happened here

  • kaysia Spivey uu v
    kaysia Spivey uu v 16 days ago


  • Itz Margy playz
    Itz Margy playz 16 days ago

    Nice ny crush name is Timothy too 😃😃

  • nightcore life
    nightcore life 17 days ago

    people please someone tell me why it is disgusting to date her stepbrother i mean he is not her real brother there is no blood connection just like any other guy

  • Albert De Ocampo
    Albert De Ocampo 18 days ago

    When your mom and your boyfriends dad will be merried you and your boyfriend will be sebings

  • Zoey E.
    Zoey E. 18 days ago

    Immature woman

  • Uuuui Peepee
    Uuuui Peepee 19 days ago

    Why is her pig tales vibrating 😂

  • Casual Weekday
    Casual Weekday 19 days ago

    Once a hoe...

  • h o u g a n g i s d i e

    Next episode: My gay boyfriends turned into my stepbrothers and turned into dead rabid dogs and gave me rabies

  • Miguel Osorio
    Miguel Osorio 20 days ago

    Yup y’all step sibilings

  • Blahblah Blah blah
    Blahblah Blah blah 20 days ago

    She just taught u how to b a city girl

  • Marlea Misoche
    Marlea Misoche 21 day ago

    *"What are you doing stepbro!"*

  • Panic The Scholar Knight.

    This is one reasons single mothers are generally a bad idea.

  • Elias Flores
    Elias Flores 22 days ago

    As long as your heart's in the right place

  • Coolster's Clash
    Coolster's Clash 22 days ago

    New title for the video should be gold digger and gold digger mom both learn compassion

  • Angry Gaming
    Angry Gaming 22 days ago


  • Melissa Roberts
    Melissa Roberts 23 days ago

    Tell your mom, don't marry that man. If she does you are DONE.

  • Shrek Club
    Shrek Club 24 days ago

    I guess sluts run in the family

  • Anny
    Anny 24 days ago

    her mom: teaches how to manipulate men at a young age

    my mom: you know you will be happy without men, too

    my dad: dating only after university and no buts

  • Aaron Chu
    Aaron Chu 26 days ago

    Preserve the gold digging and anti gold digging genes 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

  • Ayesha Hussain
    Ayesha Hussain 27 days ago +1

    Her mom looked like Kim Kardashian 😅🤣

  • rupin kanet
    rupin kanet 28 days ago

    Hoe mom: My daughters gonna be a hoe
    Hoe daugher: Man I loved being a hoe

  • steven roscoe
    steven roscoe 29 days ago

    Clearly they both must be hung like a horse.

  • omniXenderman
    omniXenderman Month ago

    I'm glad it worked out but you need to fucking apologize to those guys you hurt

  • sasi kanth1243
    sasi kanth1243 Month ago

    Wtf is this relationship types🤯🤯

  • Ivan Miko Tan
    Ivan Miko Tan Month ago

    This is the chance that they get married

  • Gordon Mote
    Gordon Mote Month ago

    What can i say guys are dumb...

  • Harveydentface
    Harveydentface Month ago

    Ohmygod that mother is horrible

  • Anthony Balista
    Anthony Balista Month ago +2

    I want to see this girl, because she’d have to be drop dead gorgeous to even have a chance of actually pulling this off lol.

  • Mosthatted Day
    Mosthatted Day Month ago

    Whoever marries first gets to keep their relationship

  • Miswak
    Miswak Month ago

    So technically, they can call themselves "onii-chan" while dating.

  • Master Xiong
    Master Xiong Month ago

    Gold diggers

    RAI-YED Month ago

    Good digger has evolved

  • Malaysha Morgan
    Malaysha Morgan Month ago

    Why is there sweet home Alabama in the comments? Y’all do know that step sisters/brothers aren’t actually related right?