Meet the iPhone 6 (Parody)

  • Published on Sep 4, 2014
  • Introducing iPhone 6 Trailer: It's super, super good.
    iPhone 6 Clone Unboxing:
    Dre's iPhone 6 audio solution:
    The Crew!
    Instagram: www.instagram/tldtoday
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  • Ali lazo
    Ali lazo 9 days ago

    Lol I was looking at my old videos and I saw this one... I am old 😥, they should do an update 😂

  • sandile mabaso
    sandile mabaso Month ago +1

    “For the first time”😂

  • Techie Gamer
    Techie Gamer Month ago

    Seeing Austin as Sam Green
    Famous pervert LOL

  • Abdellah Al-saidi
    Abdellah Al-saidi 2 months ago

    1:22 i love that hesitation

  • Aleksa Kecman
    Aleksa Kecman 3 months ago +1


  • Feggies - MLBB
    Feggies - MLBB 5 months ago

    Steve Jobs is watching.

  • Swaroop J
    Swaroop J 5 months ago

    2019 anyone

  • Elazar
    Elazar 6 months ago

    Anybody here at 2019 ?

  • Aaron Martinez
    Aaron Martinez 6 months ago


  • RIOT 77
    RIOT 77 6 months ago +1

    0:56 u get diamond in Minecraft bitch

  • Donald Bowman
    Donald Bowman 7 months ago

    I'm barely seeing this 😂😂

  • Vaishnav Vharkat
    Vaishnav Vharkat 7 months ago +1

    Sad to see John being trapped in the Apple ecosystem now!😔

  • Mahadi Hasan
    Mahadi Hasan 7 months ago

    Man this was legendary. Do something like this again please.

  • Arfat Aslam
    Arfat Aslam 7 months ago

    Anyone watching in 2020 ?

    ΛBBΛTΞΞ 8 months ago

    Watching in 2018

  • Autumn Bees Gaming
    Autumn Bees Gaming 8 months ago

    wtf this video in 2018?😂😂😂

  • Arva
    Arva 8 months ago

    Meet the Iphone 6
    The only Iphone that you need like mate you don’t need to buy the other phones cause the Iphone 6 is like good and in a decent price so you don’t need to buy another Iphone

  • BobHotdog
    BobHotdog 8 months ago

    Lol I got a Minecraft ad while watching this

  • Noah hunter
    Noah hunter 8 months ago

    At first when Astin was doing it... I thought he was serious.

  • Blackmolly 98
    Blackmolly 98 8 months ago


  • Marlon Moisés
    Marlon Moisés 8 months ago

    Gem 🌻

  • PlasticOddBall
    PlasticOddBall 8 months ago +2

    Combine the best materials you can find..... In Minecraft😂😂😂

  • Zhaxxy
    Zhaxxy 9 months ago

    Who’s watching this on an iPhone 6

  • Rykann
    Rykann 9 months ago

    old but gold fam XD

  • Amaan Bux
    Amaan Bux 10 months ago

    Please do another video like this please

  • Tech Africa
    Tech Africa 10 months ago

    i looooooove this video sooooooo much

  • Sicknasty
    Sicknasty 10 months ago

    The iphone 7 only has like 2 gigs of ram. While my 300 dollar xiaomi phone has 6 gigs

  • _6acid -
    _6acid - 10 months ago

    “Shits probably even gluten free”😂💀

  • nandan chebbi
    nandan chebbi 11 months ago

    Austin Evans pervert was crazy

  • JandJ
    JandJ 11 months ago +1


  • Trackr
    Trackr Year ago

    who's watching this in 2018?

  • Normal Viewer
    Normal Viewer Year ago

    I hate phones that have gluten in it

  • Aleksandar be together not the same

    apple iphone 6 apple stole design from HTC m7 m8 crapple is scam company

  • Angel Gomez
    Angel Gomez Year ago

    More colabs like this again please!

  • J
    J Year ago +1


  • Zolfiqar AH
    Zolfiqar AH Year ago

    How TF have i only seen this now 😂

  • Thedarkslender
    Thedarkslender Year ago

    omg how XD

  • Soap Succ
    Soap Succ Year ago +1

    Watching this on my new iPhone 6

  • Roshan Oscar Sah
    Roshan Oscar Sah Year ago

    How come I see this video today 😂😂😂

  • Abdulrahman Mustafa

    All my favorite tech RU-clipr are here!

  • backbonebill
    backbonebill Year ago

    This next version is paradigm shattering - see

  • MacroHD
    MacroHD Year ago +1

    i love this video sooooo much, *plz bring back something like this again*

  • That one Weeaboo
    That one Weeaboo Year ago

    Obviously Austin Evans

  • Shaik Anees
    Shaik Anees Year ago

    Unbox therapy steal the show. Like you bro.

  • A potato
    A potato Year ago

    I have a iPhone 6 and I love it

  • Rabeh Biho
    Rabeh Biho Year ago

    is this the avengers movie .guys you all soo good you make verry satisfy thank you all you are my heros :v

  • Rodolfo Ortega
    Rodolfo Ortega Year ago

    Hahahaha, I never get tired of watching this video. Awesome colaboration, please make an updated one... Great work.

  • Solowgaming 101
    Solowgaming 101 Year ago

    You suck

  • Christopher J. Roura

    Best video I’ve seen to date. I have no idea how I didn’t see that earlier.

  • BreeBear
    BreeBear Year ago

    For the first time ever...

    We did it again

  • BreeBear
    BreeBear Year ago

    It’s funny I’m watching this on my iPhone 6 in 2018 😂

  • Joel Obregon Ferreiro

    “Best materials we can find

    In Minecraft” great now minecraft kill me laughing

  • LoLking
    LoLking Year ago

    Austin Evans

  • Zain R
    Zain R Year ago +1

    anyone else watching in april 2018

  • TheThinkingHuman
    TheThinkingHuman Year ago


  • P_A_Z_.M._P_R_I
    P_A_Z_.M._P_R_I Year ago


  • Adan Sanchez
    Adan Sanchez Year ago

    Sam Green
    Famous Pervert 0.10

  • TimzOfficial
    TimzOfficial Year ago +1

    1:21 brah Jonathan is the best

  • timmy 420
    timmy 420 Year ago

    T I M M Y A N D T H E B O I S

  • your comment might not work so please

    All of these are famous RU-clipRS.

  • Akshat Asthana
    Akshat Asthana Year ago

    This was an amazing video! And, you are showing it to me now youtube??? Why?!

  • Bandhan Jha
    Bandhan Jha Year ago

    Pretty much true even in 2018

  • Creative Studios
    Creative Studios Year ago

    Actually a whole new level of dope and weirdness

  • vasan 43
    vasan 43 Year ago

    Half of the bitches have the iPhone x😂

  • Ali
    Ali Year ago

    Lost it at Dre ahahaha

  • Chris Random
    Chris Random Year ago

    The iPhone 6 is shit

  • VeganWaterMan .-
    VeganWaterMan .- Year ago

    I’m watching on iPhone 6

  • JoshKeatonFan
    JoshKeatonFan Year ago

    Who else came to this video from watching The Creative Exchange podcast?

  • Kristaps M
    Kristaps M Year ago

    They should do the iphone x version 😁

  • deeredude24
    deeredude24 Year ago

    Anyone here from the Creative Exchange??? Awesome video guys!