CHEATERS Get Caught by Airsoft MORTAR BARRAGE!! (75mm Mortar)

  • Published on Nov 2, 2019
  • Thanks to Novritsch for sending this to me! Check out his video:
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  • ResidentEvil302 Rican215usa

    I love how theres every type of weapon i wana get into airsoft now

  • Ahsan Pasha
    Ahsan Pasha 3 days ago

    very nice channel

  • yτ - sxcкмycσσкiє

    *DUDE!!! I went to the shop and EVERYTHING IS SO EXPENSIVE!!!*

  • Progamer 2010
    Progamer 2010 5 days ago +1

    Praat een video helemaal Nederlands

  • Epic Power
    Epic Power 6 days ago

    Nederland😂😂 ik dacht dat je Amerikaans was!

  • Kemper's Kingdom
    Kemper's Kingdom 6 days ago

    I love The video game of Silo

  • Haeden Schroyer
    Haeden Schroyer 6 days ago

    last time it rained he fell like if you remember

  • Tom Yale
    Tom Yale 7 days ago

    What did you load it with

  • Pikachù Playz Mc
    Pikachù Playz Mc 8 days ago

    Is silo is your name?

  • the gaming cobra
    the gaming cobra 8 days ago

    I want to try airsofting but no one does it where I am

  • Roge Keneth
    Roge Keneth 9 days ago


  • Griffin .v
    Griffin .v 9 days ago

    Ben jij nederlands

  • Em Mishra
    Em Mishra 10 days ago

    If only he had more ammo.It would have been a boom.

  • Niggas BeTrippin'
    Niggas BeTrippin' 10 days ago

    Airsoft M1 Abrams assault vehicle

  • Lewis Smith
    Lewis Smith 10 days ago

    2020 anyone

    Sub to mee if u want 😖😂

  • Zeno-sama
    Zeno-sama 11 days ago

    Silo: You're surrounded by five dudes
    Me: That's some bukkae shit right there

  • C
    C 11 days ago

    you shot multiple players in the pp.... not cool

  • 33GAT Travisbrut
    33GAT Travisbrut 11 days ago

    Novritsh, Yea I'm gonna take this to another level, I 'ma gonna hit those cheaters with a mortar!
    Me, Get down to the source, they might not feel that pain of a BB or mind it but they'll definitely feel a .50 cal bullet going through their hip!

  • karim saih
    karim saih 12 days ago

    1:20 S/O naar die thai! he the man!!

  • Logie
    Logie 12 days ago

    Now if you got hit by friendly mortars in airsoft, you've got the perfect marine reenactment

  • The Chromium Kid
    The Chromium Kid 12 days ago

    ok but 23 kills in one life?

  • James Newstead
    James Newstead 12 days ago

    Funny how everyone you play against is a cheater

  • nelson voss
    nelson voss 13 days ago

    You'll never be able to smoke me out XD

  • Dethnight164
    Dethnight164 13 days ago

    just remembered your car mine, hook up a speaker to it so when you start driving into a group start blasting music also, maybe put in some kill sounds from games

  • Coval
    Coval 13 days ago

    Never before seen footage of Navy Seal Chief Chris Kyle conducting Over watch [2005 colourised]

  • A G
    A G 13 days ago

    where do u play

  • Carlos Spiceywhiener
    Carlos Spiceywhiener 13 days ago

    I think they are using aim bot. No seriously whats next? airsoft air support? You have too big of an advantage. It wouldnt be fun unless everyone has exactly the same equipment. I would refuse to play against someone like you.

  • kenan hamzic
    kenan hamzic 13 days ago

    Soon, airsoft tanks, airsoft viper, airsoft A10, airsoft F35

  • BlueRaptor 718
    BlueRaptor 718 13 days ago

    Airsoft .50 cal BMG?

  • Watchinyou2
    Watchinyou2 13 days ago

    Ooooohhhhhhhh mortor👍🗽💢🔨💢💪🐸🤳💢🔨💢🔨💢🔨💢🔨💢🔨💢💢🔨🕶❤❤👍👋🖖💪🎩❤🕶

  • Whomé ?
    Whomé ? 13 days ago +1

    Silo back at it again with the war crimes

  • Rechordian
    Rechordian 14 days ago

    So how do mortars in airsoft work? What how far do you have to be for it to not count as a hit, for example

  • The Inventor28
    The Inventor28 14 days ago

    You need to coordinate with your teamate, walkie talkies or something, and figure out a way to effectively be able to "call in artillery" in airsoft. That would be SO COOL!

  • Goodoc
    Goodoc 14 days ago

    gave my grandpa flashbacks

  • Nothings
    Nothings 14 days ago

    This guy just hit a 7on

  • chnapo1
    chnapo1 16 days ago

    Why are airsoft snipers bolt action, even if they are gas powered? I understand that spring guns have to be bolt action, but why gas snipers cannot be semi-auto?

  • Gacha Hyena
    Gacha Hyena 16 days ago

    Enemy hellstorm inbound

  • Scxrecrow
    Scxrecrow 16 days ago

    Silo is me on battlefield.

  • NoisyTheVikingKid09
    NoisyTheVikingKid09 16 days ago

    Next video: cheaters caught using airsoft hiroshima

  • zainal abidin
    zainal abidin 16 days ago +2

    airsoft players: walks around leisurely maybe shoot enemy if they meet
    silo: sprint through bushes as if his life depends on it

  • ivan lau
    ivan lau 17 days ago

    Radio commander:Foxtrot Fire at these coordinates provided by Alpha and Bravo,notable contacts,tree line.
    Foxtrot(Silo) :*vietnam flashbacks*

  • Davian Keeno
    Davian Keeno 17 days ago

    What kind of sniper is that what’s the name

  • Void Atlas
    Void Atlas 17 days ago

    Mortar stonk

  • crgzero
    crgzero 17 days ago

    I'll stick with our regular old games of paintball. You can't cheat with huge splatters of green/pink/blue paint all over you. My color is always blue since I'm 99% of the time on a team of my own and my best friend and some of her GFs are always on the opposing team,,, cause I'm an evil terrible MAN and can usually take most of them out pretty quick even solo.

  • X2 Dun Dun
    X2 Dun Dun 17 days ago

    If you subscribe to my Channel I will give you a cookie 🍪

  • Ryan C
    Ryan C 17 days ago +1

    1:32 he says “sorry man” because you know he feels bad for clapping him so hard in close range 😂😂

  • Yolanda Euan
    Yolanda Euan 17 days ago

    Like si hablas espanis

  • iioverseer
    iioverseer 17 days ago

    Hey where do u find these airspft thing how much u pay and do u need ur own weapon?

  • The Cover God
    The Cover God 17 days ago

    I went and bought a pistol from your site

  • Private Pyle
    Private Pyle 17 days ago

    this some cringe how did i get here

  • tower bulders
    tower bulders 17 days ago

    Zijn julie van Nederland of van België

  • Bas van Driel
    Bas van Driel 17 days ago

    I instinctively keep reading the subtitles even though I speak dutch

  • Rene Romero
    Rene Romero 17 days ago

    I've been wanting to do this for like two years and thats to play airsoft its my dream and i want to make it my #1 hobby but im no were near or able to buy a really good airsoft rifle and pistol my money is tied up with my brothers 5 kids which i love them to death so all i can do is hope and dream about airsoft so i watch your videos silo thank you so much 🙏

  • Royce Charney
    Royce Charney 18 days ago

    Do a video when you get knife kills. Atleast 5 knife kills

  • Negrhegr
    Negrhegr 18 days ago

    How about Airsoft nuclear warhead

  • Hurricane of Gaming
    Hurricane of Gaming 18 days ago


  • Cooper Snow
    Cooper Snow 18 days ago

    If only Airsoft was legal in Australia, we have Gelsoft but that’s not as popular and their are barely any fields.

  • Rahmat noge
    Rahmat noge 18 days ago

    Good wow

  • Louis Vl
    Louis Vl 18 days ago

    Jij bent Nederlands he

  • Optimic Dreamz
    Optimic Dreamz 18 days ago +1

    Even after watching this channel for 2 years I’ve never asked but now I do and I ask,what language do you speak because I notice everyone that plays either speaks that same language or butchered English or decent English.Thanks if you respond or if someone tells me!😬

    • Pl0tka1
      Pl0tka1 11 days ago

      Flemish or Walloon, Belgian French.