Lil Skies - Welcome To The Rodeo (Dir. by @_ColeBennett_)

  • Published on Mar 29, 2018
  • Lil Skies - Welcome To The Rodeo

    Song Produced by Taz Taylor
    Directed + Edited by Cole Bennett
    DoP by Cole Schwartz
    Steadicam by Bayley Pokorney

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    Cole Bennett
    Lyrical Lemonade
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  • ahmed majid
    ahmed majid 10 hours ago

    From 2030♥️

  • konzej
    konzej 19 hours ago


  • Nick TheNija
    Nick TheNija 21 hour ago

    so fire 🔥🔥🔥

  • AcrittBeatz
    AcrittBeatz Day ago

    That's good 👍

  • Seth Mewes
    Seth Mewes Day ago +1

    Tbh people should stop talking shit about him just because he's better than what ever you think is good but really is just shit is just hating because he gots a better life and lyrics than them😁

    • Seth Mewes
      Seth Mewes Day ago +1

      I'm have autism so if you a hater you got a thing to make fun of

  • OlioBGMOTI - Bulgaria

    The music video looks like it was shot in 1990

  • Seth Mewes
    Seth Mewes Day ago +1

    I ain't floding under pressure I ain't switching for no hoe I aint talking to no cop and I telling on my bro

  • Jacob Craig
    Jacob Craig Day ago

    Getting a rose tattoo jus for u my nigga 🥀

  • Jacob Craig
    Jacob Craig Day ago

    Lil skies u will forever be my idol I stg

  • Shiloh Garing
    Shiloh Garing Day ago

    He is super God dam good 🤙

  • your local Canadian boy

    This kinda sounds like jacob sartorius trying to be hard

  • Emerson Trench
    Emerson Trench 2 days ago

    This doesnt seem so long ago smfh

  • Deege
    Deege 2 days ago

    Solid. And the lyrics facts.

  • kvvng_ jacob
    kvvng_ jacob 2 days ago

    stay safe skies 🥀🖤

  • Austin da youtuber
    Austin da youtuber 2 days ago


  • Tiana TÎM3
    Tiana TÎM3 3 days ago

    2:10 that's my name

  • Swazy _7
    Swazy _7 4 days ago

    Who here from y
    Tik tock

  • Good Girl
    Good Girl 4 days ago

    19 with the bag I got rich by myself. I rather do this shit alone wasn’t asking for no help ✨

  • Ryan Button
    Ryan Button 4 days ago +8

    I’m glad Lavar ball got a job as security

  • messi the best
    messi the best 4 days ago

    Lil skies the best💪

  • Dirty Toes
    Dirty Toes 5 days ago

    2:45 me
    When I get into my convertible in gta

  • Sm0key805
    Sm0key805 5 days ago

    Sloppy joe sound so bomb right now

  • Tiffany Williams
    Tiffany Williams 5 days ago +2

    Who bumping this on madden

  • Ben Plummer
    Ben Plummer 6 days ago

    song slaps but the mixing is so bad jfc the engineer shoulda done better

  • Michael jackson
    Michael jackson 6 days ago

    Lil skies✌👌👏

  • Cold Groovie
    Cold Groovie 6 days ago

    This will always be legendary! 💪

  • Larry Leos
    Larry Leos 6 days ago


  • Jesse DeBois
    Jesse DeBois 6 days ago +1

    I found this song cause of madden ngl

  • Silly Clown
    Silly Clown 6 days ago +1

    Telling my kids skies is their father.

  • Haven Waller
    Haven Waller 7 days ago


  • Spoon boi 28
    Spoon boi 28 7 days ago +2

    Almost 2 years still a legendary song

  • epic andy
    epic andy 7 days ago

    nice work

  • Kevin Katiau
    Kevin Katiau 7 days ago


  • Julio Villela
    Julio Villela 7 days ago +83

    Who else is Blasting this in 2020 because I am
    Like if you are

    • gxcci I
      gxcci I 4 days ago +1

      The KtmGuy what u talkin about

      VINCENT 5 days ago +1

      still fire AF

    • The KtmGuy
      The KtmGuy 5 days ago

      You realize he was working on ransom for this long look at his shirt yooo

    • Billy Chicken
      Billy Chicken 5 days ago

      Don’t remember asking

  • Mardoche Matumueni
    Mardoche Matumueni 8 days ago

    this song was made like a mili lil Wayne

    • Cheezus Christ
      Cheezus Christ 6 days ago

      Mardoche Matumueni umm... yeah? It’s was an homage lol

  • Nigga Flowers
    Nigga Flowers 8 days ago

    My man just snitched in his ass bro

  • Ralph Yhu
    Ralph Yhu 8 days ago


  • Alex Warren
    Alex Warren 8 days ago

    Still one of the most underrated tracks on an underrated album

  • yo mamma
    yo mamma 8 days ago


  • bigtzzzzz
    bigtzzzzz 9 days ago

    Good song shitty rapper wtf is this mumble rap take the dick out of your mouths

    • It's Me David
      It's Me David 6 days ago

      bigtzzzzz lil skies aint a mumble rapper you old hating ass nigga

    • Adrian Gomez
      Adrian Gomez 8 days ago

      This shit is not mumble rap. You can clearly hear what hes saying.

  • doctor kong
    doctor kong 9 days ago


  • xfdf ff
    xfdf ff 9 days ago


  • Jeff 206
    Jeff 206 9 days ago


  • pink goat
    pink goat 9 days ago

    Just realized this is somewhat like Amelia or however you spell it

  • Frandma Sasha
    Frandma Sasha 10 days ago +32

    Who else is here in 2020?!?! 🤪🤪👺

  • AGC_BlackDragon
    AGC_BlackDragon 10 days ago

    who still bumpin in 2020

  • BeTa Minato
    BeTa Minato 10 days ago

    yall realize this is where Lil Tecca got his song name "ransom" ( EASTER EGG ) starts at 2:10 Look at Skies's Shirt

  • Lxnely Beats
    Lxnely Beats 10 days ago +1

    50 000 000 Let's go 🦋

  • mullazay679
    mullazay679 10 days ago +2

    Who still listening to this in 2020 cuz this jawn fire 🔥 🔥 🔥

  • David Johnson
    David Johnson 10 days ago

    That bitch tho snitched on me, I hope you cry every time you hear some real shit like this🤐

  • LPP - Brawl Stars
    LPP - Brawl Stars 10 days ago +1

    The Security did a good work.

  • pedro Valado
    pedro Valado 10 days ago +1


  • Tay Stadtmiller
    Tay Stadtmiller 10 days ago

    This song fyee nd it's 2020😈👍🏽

  • Beastmode156 -_-
    Beastmode156 -_- 11 days ago


  • Keegan Poteet
    Keegan Poteet 11 days ago +1

    This song needs way nore hype

  • Tyler Sexton
    Tyler Sexton 11 days ago

    Go lil skies

  • DK Metcalf
    DK Metcalf 11 days ago

    bruh he got da ransom shirt on doe😳

  • DK Metcalf
    DK Metcalf 11 days ago

    2020 squad!!!!!

  • Ben Meza
    Ben Meza 12 days ago +1

    like if lil skies should do a collab w lil tech

  • EggBootleg
    EggBootleg 12 days ago +1

    Play this at 2x speed it looks like he's insane