Will A Dryer POP Popcorn?

  • Published on Oct 15, 2019
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    In today's video we're testing out a theory we've heard before- can you pop popcorn in a dryer?
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Comments • 2 583

  • Al-Alimudeen Khan
    Al-Alimudeen Khan 5 hours ago

    I have that exact dryer but for about 10 TT grand

  • Jared Langdon
    Jared Langdon 10 hours ago

    Putting the window on the dryer probably caused a lot of the heat to escape. If I'm not mistaken, the dryer door is constructed with two layers of sheet metal with a layer of air between them. that layer of air is very important to keeping the heat from escaping. So maybe you should try it with a dryer that doesn't have the door modified, or perhaps make the hole much smaller with two layers of clear material and a layer of air between them. maybe even make the layers thicker with two sheets on each side rather than just one. The presence of clothes also helps increase the temperature in the dryer, which is why there is a fire hazard associated with over-stuffing a dryer. so maybe just one bag of popcorn and more towels as well.

  • Aroosh Rajput
    Aroosh Rajput 2 days ago

    Can you bleach the world blackest paint

  • Jared S
    Jared S 2 days ago

    Are you guys married???????

  • Marie Mendola
    Marie Mendola 3 days ago

    Try just the popcorn kernels in the dryer no better.

  • Kamden Hodge
    Kamden Hodge 3 days ago

    Smoosh is still a word

  • Gumbonator 04
    Gumbonator 04 4 days ago

    Can you use a hair dryer to make popcorn?

  • Køāłā :3
    Køāłā :3 4 days ago

    Maybe you could put like REAL real Kernels in ther not the bags the kernels

  • Oscar Garcia
    Oscar Garcia 6 days ago

    OK I’m gonna tell you how to do it what you do is you get those sticky tape’s the ones you hang up on walls and pull it and then the tape stays on there whatever that’s what I did but when you get a corner of the popcorn bag make a little hole and slip it on there when you turn on high heat for four minutes and it’ll work trust me I’ve done it I’ve always wanted to see if it would work and I did it in my mothers dryer and it worked perfectly

  • It's just me -Alana jane

    Theres a REASON why its called MICROWAVE popcorn

  • Curt :D
    Curt :D 7 days ago

    *Put's microwave in dryer*

  • AnimeMitsuki
    AnimeMitsuki 7 days ago

    Why don’t they just buy a dryer with a window? 🤔 Half of the video is about cutting a hole into the door 🤣

  • Jason Toh
    Jason Toh 8 days ago

    Hairdryer to pop popcorn?

  • Morgan
    Morgan 9 days ago

    ok but......why

  • Haley crank
    Haley crank 9 days ago

    they probably thought that they wouldn't need to put a warning on it couse know one would do that but here we are

  • Carter wildong
    Carter wildong 11 days ago

    What happens if you freeze dry popcorn

  • Jasper The Cat
    Jasper The Cat 12 days ago

    whos the cameraman?

  • Ashlynn Beck
    Ashlynn Beck 13 days ago +1

    Nate:gets his hands greasy
    Also Nate:tries to wipe his greasy hands off with a greasy towel

  • Vygantas Marciulaitis
    Vygantas Marciulaitis 13 days ago +1

    "Look how straight that is, look how straight it is....nt"
    Lmao i love that

  • Tiesha Bunkley
    Tiesha Bunkley 14 days ago

    You should try cooking frozen French fries in a dryer, like in That 70's Show.

  • Nathan Barclay
    Nathan Barclay 15 days ago

    Can you have roasted pumpkin seeds from dryer?

  • Nathan Barclay
    Nathan Barclay 15 days ago

    Can you have roasted pumpkin seeds from dryer?

  • Stubborn Muttz
    Stubborn Muttz 15 days ago

    I wanna know if it's true can you pop corn on the cob in a microwave?

  • Katelyn Krout
    Katelyn Krout 16 days ago +1

    why did you dye the proto putty red?

  • Skull
    Skull 16 days ago

    3:35,could they just use the saw to cut the hole bigger?

  • Amanda Webster
    Amanda Webster 16 days ago

    You should try using loose kernels

  • Jon Ice
    Jon Ice 16 days ago

    It would work if u guys put on the vent tube on since u have it outside put the vent hose in a 5gal bucket with 2 or 3 holes it will help with keep some more of the heat

  • Zoe Trommel
    Zoe Trommel 18 days ago

    You could have bought a dryer with a clear door..

  • Saul Campos
    Saul Campos 18 days ago

    TylerTube managed to do it

  • Pink Smoke
    Pink Smoke 19 days ago

    The dryier takes out air thus making it very hot and plus there's no radiation to pop it so there ta go it won't work without these thing

  • destiny m
    destiny m 19 days ago

    What if you opened the bag before you put it in the dryer?

  • heX 420
    heX 420 19 days ago +1

    Can you please freeze dry grapes to see what happens

  • AJ Munz
    AJ Munz 20 days ago +1

    Why didn’t you just get one with a clear door?

  • Trinity Marie
    Trinity Marie 20 days ago

    Do freeze dryer crearl

  • Tee Latona
    Tee Latona 20 days ago

    Her hair is so beautiful in the sun. I'm pretty sure she is the reason I don't miss an episode!

  • Taylor Ewen
    Taylor Ewen 21 day ago

    Can you try popping popcorn with a hairdryer please

  • Ciah ciah
    Ciah ciah 21 day ago

    Can you cook precooked rice that was left out and dried ?

  • CatsInBOOTS 666
    CatsInBOOTS 666 22 days ago +1

    1:54 *rather* opaque?

  • Jackson Griffith
    Jackson Griffith 23 days ago +1

    Tkor 6 years ago: Lets make a hydrogen gas generator!
    Tkor 6 days ago: lEts mAKe SuM PopCORn!!

    • Alexis Ross
      Alexis Ross 10 days ago

      RIP, the true king of random. Miss those days..

  • Ashley Garcia
    Ashley Garcia 23 days ago

    The oils could've caught it on fire.

  • simon cressey
    simon cressey 23 days ago

    Ask hotpoint for a dryer I bet that would burn you popcorn for you 😜

  • Gracie Smith
    Gracie Smith 23 days ago

    957 Nate just dried His hands with the popcorn soaked Tower

  • Luka Stankovic
    Luka Stankovic 23 days ago

    Myth busters

  • Diane Bissell
    Diane Bissell 24 days ago

    Try disabling the tumbler. My dryer stopped tumbling when the belt broke. It melted crayons in my kids pockets that I didn't know were there.

  • Mandy McNamer
    Mandy McNamer 24 days ago

    Can you pop popcorn with a hairdryer?

  • IndigoOcean
    IndigoOcean 24 days ago +1

    2:10 anyone else hear that "AaAhHh" noise after the and?

  • DunnickFayuro
    DunnickFayuro 24 days ago

    Would a dryer with a "sanitize" option work better?

  • Bryan Rivera
    Bryan Rivera 24 days ago

    Can you make cotton candy

  • Psychroclasm
    Psychroclasm 24 days ago

    Hey, can we get Orbeez in a dryer? I'm fairly sure we know what'll happen, but it'll be pretty while it happens!

  • bhaumik talwar
    bhaumik talwar 24 days ago

    What you can do is try to put kernels directly and give it a huge amount of time maybe an hour or 2

  • Vince Principato
    Vince Principato 24 days ago


  • Jaden Fong
    Jaden Fong 25 days ago

    What happens if you put a pack of popcorn in the oven(un opened), or a tray of kernels in the oven???

  • Sarrific
    Sarrific 25 days ago

    in an episode of That 70s Show, Steven Hyde cooks a bag of frozen fries in a dryer. I wanna see that tested!

  • Ethan Kellogg
    Ethan Kellogg 25 days ago


  • Jaster Mareel
    Jaster Mareel 25 days ago +1

    TylerTube already did this...

  • Caleb Kerstetter
    Caleb Kerstetter 25 days ago

    @tylertube did this first!!

  • suzette Faircloth
    suzette Faircloth 25 days ago

    Popcorn again?

  • The jo Gaming
    The jo Gaming 25 days ago

    4:35 Someone should make asmr of Nate and Cali saying smosh.

  • Scott Fraser
    Scott Fraser 25 days ago

    Dryers are designed to heat up to 120-140 F. Popcorn pops when steam inside the kernel burst the seed open. Steam is created at 212 F, so that's not going to work.

  • Joseph Sullivan
    Joseph Sullivan 25 days ago

    Plus y'all need a brand new dryer