I Purchased 1 Of Everything From The Pound Store And Filled My Friends Entire Room..

  • Published on May 8, 2018
  • Im so sorry for doing this..
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  • Enitro Music
    Enitro Music 17 hours ago

    all those stores exept dollar store we dont have in sweden. so no. india prob dont lmao

  • Tahirah Uddin
    Tahirah Uddin 19 hours ago

    Jay...."my little pony skiniyen bonies".....

  • Callie Thompson
    Callie Thompson 21 hour ago

    2019 anyone?

  • Emm's Life
    Emm's Life Day ago +1


  • Debbie Croan
    Debbie Croan Day ago

    U know what Luke's trim looks like bro... BLACK POOL BEACH

  • Chloe Mcneill
    Chloe Mcneill Day ago

    I'd actually love this, fucking love poundland 😂

  • hattiebeaubest
    hattiebeaubest Day ago

    That would be lush think of all the snacks and gadgets!

  • Penguinstudios123

    Because what IS ethical purchasing...?

  • Muhammad Sbini
    Muhammad Sbini Day ago

    Your coping mr beast

  • Sim Sim Greaves
    Sim Sim Greaves 2 days ago

    Give to food banks and homeless shelters in future

  • Bacon Boi
    Bacon Boi 2 days ago

    To think u started this off with a try not to laugh Challenge

  • Izzy Kirkby
    Izzy Kirkby 2 days ago

    I have just thought Of a brilliant idea you should buy how ever much stuff the price is challenge for example if a cheese burger was 99p you would have to by 99 cheese burgers plzz do this idea and mention mr the video

  • Felicity X
    Felicity X 3 days ago

    0:51 tbh my question was just *why*

  • monsterxx 2008
    monsterxx 2008 3 days ago

    I am in UK ok and I think of pound land of just 1 pound NO 2 OR 5 POUND WHAT

  • TrollSofter
    TrollSofter 3 days ago

    Whats that made out of then, fucking wisdom tooth?!

    Omg, my sides hurt

  • Lee Croft
    Lee Croft 4 days ago

    oh it is, it really is.

  • Giggles Tv
    Giggles Tv 4 days ago +1

    Youu should give everything to charity they probs need this

  • Dom Kunisauskas
    Dom Kunisauskas 4 days ago

    Wtf 2:38

  • livz channel
    livz channel 4 days ago

    Y do u keep swearing?!

  • Mystic Dex
    Mystic Dex 5 days ago

    Buy every thing in pound land i am from Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  • Bella Danson chappell
    Bella Danson chappell 5 days ago +2

    Everyone watch all the adds to get his money back 😂😂

  • Rhianna Stoops
    Rhianna Stoops 5 days ago +1

    He didn’t actually get anything because what about the pens and pencils and pencil cases and the chewing gum is that the first two

  • Rhianna Stoops
    Rhianna Stoops 5 days ago

    That guy must have as much money do you only said £7 if you throw both trolleys in

  • Rhianna Stoops
    Rhianna Stoops 5 days ago

    Did you go to the pound shop because it is cheap there

  • Rhianna Stoops
    Rhianna Stoops 5 days ago

    You have a lot of money to waste you should send it off to the homeless

  • Alix Marshall
    Alix Marshall 5 days ago

    The cancer insult was not funny, cancer is much worse than stuff in ur room so stop using phrases like that

  • A Moore
    A Moore 5 days ago

    Child: dad where is mum?
    Dad: follow the blood trail!
    Poundland tampons, some things are worth spending extra on!

  • jay green
    jay green 5 days ago

    I'm not happy fuck vat I got OCD

  • RGCentral
    RGCentral 6 days ago

    Least he got loads of good stuff for free ll

  • Matthew Mullan
    Matthew Mullan 6 days ago


  • Slimmergrinder _406
    Slimmergrinder _406 6 days ago

    10:36 ha ha

  • Slimmergrinder _406
    Slimmergrinder _406 6 days ago +1

    6:00 my favourite part

  • Katie Godden
    Katie Godden 6 days ago

    You are the reason pound land hasn’t gone bankrupt 💀

  • KxNE
    KxNE 7 days ago

    Pound land and they ended up with 8p on the cost

  • Mohammad Khan
    Mohammad Khan 7 days ago

    I know a fact

    Your not in full screen

  • Roy Woods
    Roy Woods 7 days ago

    That’s fucked all of it should of costed a pound

  • Marcie Fangs
    Marcie Fangs 8 days ago

    I was expecting them to give all the stuff to charity tbh :0

  • Lucy Trash
    Lucy Trash 8 days ago +1

    Imagine the people waiting in the queue for like 5years

  • Mako
    Mako 8 days ago

    Wtf is rupeeland

  • Molly Brown
    Molly Brown 8 days ago

    are you taking the fucking piss man😂😂😂😂

    HULL GRAFFITI 9 days ago

    how do you end up with a stray 8p ?

  • Zeromotions
    Zeromotions 9 days ago

    Rupy Land😂

  • George Brown
    George Brown 10 days ago

    What’s the tune at the end ??

  • archie moy
    archie moy 10 days ago

    what did they do with everything after ?

  • xo_.crystal ._ox
    xo_.crystal ._ox 10 days ago

    I hate that, that pound world has been replaced with shoe zone 😞

  • railfan #69
    railfan #69 11 days ago +26

    Jay: thats like your bottom
    Chloe: cute girl laugh
    Me: wot

  • Deluxed Playz!
    Deluxed Playz! 13 days ago

    6:42 😂😂

  • fence panel
    fence panel 14 days ago

    they shoulf have done it now cause i went to apound land friday right and there was a furry mask it was called furry mask it was justba bear tho

  • Alex Bob 1
    Alex Bob 1 15 days ago

    Can I have all the teddy’s 🥺

  • Jaison Thorne
    Jaison Thorne 15 days ago

    That's the best pound store I've ever seen

  • Benjamín
    Benjamín 16 days ago

    chloe got that SOFT BATTY u get me

  • Sy Xs
    Sy Xs 17 days ago

    I wanna go to rupee land

  • iskakecalesseroll chicken nugget oh yeah yeah

    At least he got some jaffa cakes out of that

  • CCTV in operation
    CCTV in operation 18 days ago

    Wish I had £1000 to completely waste.

  • nugget is happy
    nugget is happy 18 days ago

    the whole store cost less than my 5 pounds worth of meth

  • Summer Arnold
    Summer Arnold 18 days ago +1

    And the 8p from where 😂😂

  • Boxing Girl777
    Boxing Girl777 18 days ago

    U’ve got AD- HECH-D

  • Peter Crowley
    Peter Crowley 19 days ago +1

    TGf just got accused of unfinancial education by the FBI

  • macy peet-woodall
    macy peet-woodall 19 days ago

    Is this a poo stall 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Ruan
    Ruan 20 days ago +1

    The 2.6k dislikes are the children still in their moms wombs