Using The ORIGINAL iPhone 2G in 2018! (Modern Torture)

  • Published on Aug 18, 2018
  • Goodbye iPhone X, Upgrading To The First iPhone 2G For a Day! Living With The Original iPhone in 2018, Is It Possible? Full Review
    iPhone 2G vs First Android Phone:
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  • William Gardiner
    William Gardiner 4 days ago

    Do more squats, less curls

  • tibial abyss
    tibial abyss 5 days ago

    They didnt have anything to compare it to, thats how people lived with it.

  • Mintastic
    Mintastic 8 days ago


  • James Stark
    James Stark 8 days ago

    I was an early adopter of the OG iPhone, and the 2G was awful, however, since I didn’t have WiFi and had unlimited data (which I think I’m still grandfathered into that same plan) you got used to it because there was no other option. After a few months, I just kinda stopped using it most of the time in lieu of my iPod.
    I had it for 2 years and got the 3GS, and it was just amazing to see how fast 3G was. Unfortunately, I didn’t live in an area with 3G, and we didn’t get it until 2012. But damn, it was amazing to go from being stuck with 2G to 3G.
    Oh! And I forgot to mention how prevalent Flash was during the first iPhone and iPhone was the big thing that pushed Flash out. You could only view like 30% of the internet because of Flash’s prevalence at that time.

  • Anji Greene
    Anji Greene 10 days ago

    📺 wow so good memories

  • Isaac Silva
    Isaac Silva 10 days ago

    This guy is so hot, I wish we could sex

  • flexiblematthew
    flexiblematthew 11 days ago +1


  • pamilyang gallestas mga takas mental

    hey bro can you give me

  • Bang Ipen
    Bang Ipen 12 days ago

    I phone 10 years ago has no flash ??
    May be About 2009
    But Nokia has it may be since 1999 🥴🤣

  • 😜plurpball😜
    😜plurpball😜 12 days ago

    12:07 NO, MY CATS ARE BEST

    BEAST GAMING 13 days ago

    does this guy gets his iphones repaired
    i though he buy a new one 😂

  • king toaster11
    king toaster11 13 days ago

    i s t i l l
    u s e
    p h o n e
    t o
    t h i s d a y
    jk i have a ipad mini

  • Alpha Kenybody
    Alpha Kenybody 13 days ago

    I remember watching porn on those devices! Thank god we have improved so much!

  • IloveU3000
    IloveU3000 13 days ago

    If you have the current date, you may be able to use some apps

  • Gary Laughlin
    Gary Laughlin 13 days ago

    I still have my original iPhone with all the old apps on it. I would be more than happy to lend it to you in the future if you ever want to remake this video.

  • Jonas Hediger
    Jonas Hediger 14 days ago

    Awesome shirt!

  • Dan Klesh
    Dan Klesh 14 days ago

    I wonder how hard it is to try and smile the entire video to appear charming

  • halffulltome
    halffulltome 14 days ago

    “iPhone 2g” is not a thing.

  • Split Face
    Split Face 14 days ago


  • carl perry
    carl perry 14 days ago

    You spoiled little shit. Boor you.

  • mike18101
    mike18101 14 days ago


  • Daniel
    Daniel 14 days ago +1

    He’s attractive 😍

  • GAS
    GAS 14 days ago +1

    I remember having this and being so excited about it

  • Adriana Ortega
    Adriana Ortega 15 days ago

    I wish the music app still looked like that

  • L DS
    L DS 15 days ago

    You’re hot lol

  • Erin Baringer
    Erin Baringer 15 days ago

    Video summarized: omg I can't even

  • golgi apparatus
    golgi apparatus 16 days ago

    He’s hawt let me package ur proteins ;)

  • Diogo Amancio
    Diogo Amancio 16 days ago +1

    There’s a bunch of times that you get in a “first world problems” mode. I know that wasn’t your intention but sounds arrogant af for those who lived that era to hear someone complaining about the incapacity of his phone to unlock the door. Even more for those who live in less fortunate countries where even today is impossible dream about this kind of technology.
    Just saying.
    #peace #pas

  • CarpFoon 0'Hydrate
    CarpFoon 0'Hydrate 16 days ago +15

    "not only in size but also in clarity"
    *shows f*cked up iphone 10 back*

  • Asian nub
    Asian nub 17 days ago

    for some reason I kind of like the old logos of apps better than the new ones

  • Operez94
    Operez94 17 days ago

    Why are you surprised at how good the quality is than what you expected? It’s not like the iPhone was made in the 90’s. The 2000’s isn’t that far from the past nor is our technology we have today.

  • Shelby V
    Shelby V 17 days ago

    Omg this is taking be back bc this phone is so similar to my iPod touch. I remember when I got it for Christmas, it was the best day of my life thus far 😂

  • SteelHex
    SteelHex 17 days ago

    How did we download stuff with EDGE, or worse, GPRS? The answer: we didn’t. All the downloads were done through Wifi. I used the cell-based internet strictly for email, and occasionally for googling information.

  • HamzaTGP
    HamzaTGP 18 days ago

    Well 12 year old sometimes have to go through this for moths with out no phone neither and technology

  • GeorgiaAdventure
    GeorgiaAdventure 19 days ago

    I remember when edge was fast.

  • 9 9
    9 9 19 days ago

    loading pages back then with edge wasn't that slow as nowadays. because developers didn't pack web sites with a bunch of javascript.

  • Sevay
    Sevay 20 days ago +1

    Android users, who hate Apple and can do anything on their phones without needing Jailbreak, be like: 9:56

  • Jan Hammler
    Jan Hammler 21 day ago +1

    You are total idiot

  • Tanairit Melero Curiel

    What the heck how many iPhone 2G's do you have????

  • LionRS2014
    LionRS2014 22 days ago

    Awesome video! Shame about the 2020 thing.
    The end of an era!

  • OBOY
    OBOY 23 days ago

    6:14 Did he just try to swipe up on an iphon 2g?

  • Jason
    Jason 24 days ago

    Funny. You'd lose your mind using a Nokia 3310.

  • Joseph Janaman
    Joseph Janaman 24 days ago

    How did we do it? Easy LOL it was the best thing on the market then! Faster than any other phone!

  • Mekmiff
    Mekmiff 24 days ago

    3:18 LMAO

  • Eli S
    Eli S 24 days ago

    This video was the real torture.

  • holly fesehaye
    holly fesehaye 24 days ago

    helllo from the future on october 27 saturday its almost 2020

  • Kenny Bazile
    Kenny Bazile 25 days ago +1

    When you need to upgrade your phone after 10+ years

  • Preston Crum
    Preston Crum 25 days ago

    Even the first iphone is better than an android

  • spaceaurora hy
    spaceaurora hy 25 days ago

    And my iphone 11 will be less useful than a brick 5 years from now

  • {Štōrÿ Błòçk}
    {Štōrÿ Błòçk} 25 days ago +3

    2030 Apple: *20 cameras on iphone*

  • Chu Hong En
    Chu Hong En 26 days ago

    The IPhone 2G cam’s graphics is the same as my sports camera...

  • Alucard TheDemonHunter

    even though its really old i want one of those

  • c vasil
    c vasil 29 days ago

    honestly you such a pussy

  • Mary Ann N.
    Mary Ann N. 29 days ago

    Clicked on this for the cat

  • MrVercettti89
    MrVercettti89 Month ago

    I missed iPhone 1, I started on iPhone 3G on 2008 and never went back

  • Zoneangel
    Zoneangel Month ago

    Ads doesn’t exist in RU-clip app on iPhone 2 and 3g.

  • Noah Finley
    Noah Finley Month ago

    I have the iPhone 2g! I got it yesterday for my 10th birthday!

  • Jay's Brick Co.
    Jay's Brick Co. Month ago

    I have to honestly say the iPhone XS Max is laughable compared to a OnePlus 7 Pro.
    The look on people's faces when they see an edge to edge bezel-less screen without a Galaxy hole punch drives them nuts

  • Doc
    Doc Month ago +4

    I miss that old RU-clip app. You could actually play in the background without having to pay for it like you do now.

    • Len Viv
      Len Viv 15 days ago

      Flytunes in IOS

    • Xonio
      Xonio 29 days ago

      RU-clip++ Has Left The Chat.

    • JL
      JL Month ago

      RU-clip vanced if you have android.

  • john C
    john C Month ago

    Like this dude actually expected this to be running fast and smoothly