The Most Expensive Sandwich I've Ever Made - Wagyu Katsu Sando | SAM THE COOKING GUY 4K

  • Published on Jul 22, 2019
  • This A5 wagyu steak katsu sando is the most expensive sandwich I've ever made...& oh so worth it!
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Comments • 1 503

  • mikesanch
    mikesanch 7 hours ago

    I'm convinced Sam can cook everything but a damn steak. That thing is still raw

  • AJOHN777
    AJOHN777 Day ago

    You ever had the idea of using only the egg whites for the breading ?

  • Saltydog KW
    Saltydog KW 2 days ago

    I see that Max’s hat said vegan with a line through it. Only way to eat wagyu lol ✅

  • Jay Smith
    Jay Smith 4 days ago

    Seriously 140 dollars 💵 for a 🥩 what kinda fuccin steak is that dam ! Not I

    • P B 22
      P B 22 3 days ago

      The emojis make you sound so fucking stupid

  • Facefat
    Facefat 4 days ago

    not the best one there is A7 ;)

  • Liban Ahmed
    Liban Ahmed 5 days ago


  • Nic Flynn ニック フリン

    Yeaaaa, it's time for me to go to Mitsuwa LOL Loving the shirts btw!

  • Marc Lebrun
    Marc Lebrun 6 days ago

    Love that you did it, and it only to took a FUCKIN $ Samwich to see your son

  • morgan G
    morgan G 8 days ago

    rare is the only way to cook steak

  • Weston Badke
    Weston Badke 9 days ago

    Make a North American breakfast version. So really good sausage patty, scrambled eggs ect.

  • Cannor! Bew!
    Cannor! Bew! 9 days ago

    I've been down for over a week with vertigo, and ive just watched almost all of your videos.😂

  • difranchise
    difranchise 9 days ago

    Instead of complaining so much why don't you go talk to your neighbor and devise a taping schedule around the yardwork?
    Seems simple but I'm aware Jews love complaining.

    • Dave Crawley
      Dave Crawley 8 days ago

      difranchise fucking racist much. What a prick you are.

  • Leo Asuncion
    Leo Asuncion 10 days ago +2

    I think to get away from the gardeners making noise, you should return to vlog-ing in your kitchen...also by doing that, the sound quality of your vids would be more consistent.

    and for the bread - should have cut the crusts or sides off first, then grill, then put together the sando - perfect clean edges.

  • 유석 정 Paul Chung
    유석 정 Paul Chung 10 days ago +1

    That high grade of meat you can actually eat raw.

  • Zachary Davis
    Zachary Davis 11 days ago

    max is cool

  • Jesus is LORD
    Jesus is LORD 11 days ago


  • Jon
    Jon 11 days ago

    The gardeners are now as much as part of your show as black t shirts.

  • Rory Roberts
    Rory Roberts 13 days ago

    Sam, Sam I love your videos and your site, but (since I'm one of the whiners), please stop pushing raw meat. It is apparent you have drank the kool-aid and don't care what flavor it is. I grew up on meat cooked well done in the south. I have learned never to go into a restaurant and order well done. I order med well in the restaurant, with just a bit of pink in the center. I did so at first so I wouldn't have to bring a pick-axe to break off a piece of the charred mess the restaurant called well done. With that said, would you please recognize that there are those of us, that no one, not even you can change our minds or our tastes. I've tried rare, med rare, & med, and can't handle it. I prefer med well. So please at least when giving the temp readings for meat please include the temps for all degrees of doness don't just stop @ 125. I know what the temps are but there are others who don't, and being that you are their fav personality, they depend on you to properly inform them. Believe me I'm not judging, I have some relatives whose tastes have changed, and when I cook for them I do the med or med rare that they love. Would you be kind enuff to do the same...

  • Idk Idktbh
    Idk Idktbh 14 days ago

    We saw him 8 months ago with the donut video

  • cody shepherd
    cody shepherd 14 days ago

    That paper towel roll looks like it wants to die. Better hope Paperroll Protective Services dont watch this video, Sam.

  • John Shuttleworth
    John Shuttleworth 14 days ago

    In Aussie it’s called a sanga

  • Ecko8Gaming
    Ecko8Gaming 15 days ago

    Could you please make a ramen recipe?

  • captainultimo0001
    captainultimo0001 15 days ago

    Obvious video edit when chopping lettuce is SUPER obvious

  • Nopstuv luck
    Nopstuv luck 16 days ago

    You are very intertaning that i havent looked away from the phone while you were speaking. But please.. pleaaaaase put backgroud music in your videos, it really makes the mood of the video, wether happy, or sad.

  • Nemesis OnThaTrack
    Nemesis OnThaTrack 17 days ago

    Sam always eatin some wagyu I swear

  • B B
    B B 17 days ago

    Sam! What is the name of the knife at 1:42?

  • Alan Ross
    Alan Ross 17 days ago

    I'll eat the scraps

  • Gary Cantrell
    Gary Cantrell 17 days ago

    Y'all over here with the Wagyu beef and I'm eating a pop tart. Damn.

  • TicketFit - Traffic Ticket & Criminal Attorney

    And here I am eating rice cakes at 12:12AM... joy.

  • Bill B
    Bill B 19 days ago

    ... wow

  • MrSlaptha
    MrSlaptha 19 days ago


  • Lalee Vang
    Lalee Vang 20 days ago

    Just got a fucking boner!

  • Wade Dunn
    Wade Dunn 20 days ago

    For the love of meat take a bite of that already!!!!! Looks perfect to me!

  • Shaniece Timmons
    Shaniece Timmons 20 days ago +1

    Dammit sam can I like this video multiple times

  • Air Jibbs
    Air Jibbs 21 day ago

    I expected Max to be different lol should've kept him a secret like on Home Improvement 😂😂😂😂

  • Mike P
    Mike P 21 day ago

    Us should try to perfect wagu for the masses . like microbrews small batches.

    BIG COZZA 21 day ago

    NOOOOOOO, it's deep fried,

  • LyricHatTV
    LyricHatTV 21 day ago

    I like my steaks rare... but that is way too raw looking for my taste. I would have given it at least 1 minute 20 seconds each side BUT that is just my personal preference and no bashing on your preference Sam. I will have to try this Katsu method myself sometime. ありがとうございまーす

  • Guillermo Franco
    Guillermo Franco 21 day ago

    How do you get it where do you buy that steak

  • omar altahir
    omar altahir 21 day ago

    I’m sorry but that cow is still mooing

  • Cory Nathan
    Cory Nathan 21 day ago +34

    Watching Max use the paper towel was everything! hahahaha

  • ayham Hamideh
    ayham Hamideh 21 day ago

    I have 3 lb of ribeye wagyu A5 in my freezer and I'm so scared to cook this f****** thing

    • DJ StaRyu
      DJ StaRyu 21 day ago

      do sous vide so there is 0 chance of messing up.

  • Alan Riley
    Alan Riley 22 days ago

    paying this much for beef is the dumbest thing I've ever seen. You can buy a whole cow for that much in America. We can add fat if needed.

  • Duncan O'connor
    Duncan O'connor 22 days ago

    why do you have to put fucking mayo on everything

  • Mark Klein
    Mark Klein 22 days ago +1

    And always remember and don't ever forget. Everything you eat turns to shit. Regardless of how much you paid for it.

  • Mark Klein
    Mark Klein 22 days ago

    I'll still take my Double Wopper with cheese.

  • Rideeon
    Rideeon 22 days ago

    Looks kinda gross. Hope it tasted alright for the price.

  • Ahnaf Raihan
    Ahnaf Raihan 22 days ago

    Shouldn’t you have made these recipes _after_ getting back from japan? That way you are fused with the culture and have more tidbits and stories to tie in

  • J Maz
    J Maz 22 days ago

    You two ain't right......🤣

  • Lex10999
    Lex10999 22 days ago

    something to at least try once. :)

  • Menno Pietersen
    Menno Pietersen 22 days ago

    Why on earth would you ruin meat like that with shitty mayo and horrible bread?

  • goof verdinus
    goof verdinus 22 days ago

    max looks like james McAvoy

  • surname037
    surname037 22 days ago

    How the f**k can someone eat meat so rare? DISGUSTING!

  • Esh11_WOTB
    Esh11_WOTB 22 days ago

    If you give chickens beer to drink instead of water will you get wagyu chicken ?

  • Neville Chapman
    Neville Chapman 22 days ago

    Why the fuck not just ask the guy to give u a minute.

  • Neville Chapman
    Neville Chapman 22 days ago +1

    Get yourself an Aberdeen Angus ribeye. Far more flavourfull than Kobe.

  • Arshida Derakhshan
    Arshida Derakhshan 22 days ago +1

    Is it REALLY tasty?? It's almost RAW!!!!

  • Team Alofoke_nyc
    Team Alofoke_nyc 22 days ago

    I dare you to do a A5 wagyu caviar sandwich I call that the mcboujee

  • blitzkrug
    blitzkrug 23 days ago

    Do they garden every day? If not your timing is horrible when you decide to film

  • Semper Fi
    Semper Fi 23 days ago

    Looks so damn good. Definitely jelly! Great video

  • Xmetal
    Xmetal 23 days ago

    at the end i would have just brought it inside

  • yousef ahmed
    yousef ahmed 23 days ago

    A good steak like that and your deep frying it oh my should of pan seared it

  • yousef ahmed
    yousef ahmed 23 days ago +1

    If the meat was cooked a little bit more it would 9f been perfect

  • Julian Lewis
    Julian Lewis 23 days ago

    It's fookin' raaaaaaaaawwwwwww

  • punk -18-
    punk -18- 23 days ago

    "People piss all over me!" ........

  • Somahyra Cabrera
    Somahyra Cabrera 23 days ago

    My husband and I thinks your awesome!!! Love your show!!! 🤪 We would like to request if you could make some Jambalaya?

  • fisty baby
    fisty baby 23 days ago +2

    Anyone else think Max looks like a vampire straight outta twilight.

  • Max-Willi Pinkert
    Max-Willi Pinkert 23 days ago

    Its REZO From G2 LMAO

  • Thomas Mitchell
    Thomas Mitchell 23 days ago +1

    I spent half my paycheck on wagyu beef and when it came to cooking it I messed up and it came out not so good

  • Andrew Erickson
    Andrew Erickson 23 days ago

    Cabbage! Not romaine....

  • KngRazor
    KngRazor 24 days ago

    New strap on the watch or is it a new watch

  • Massive Progeria
    Massive Progeria 24 days ago


  • Rose Trevino
    Rose Trevino 24 days ago

    Sam so glad I found u! Currently 8 months pregnant and addicted to watching! You have inspired so many dishes at my house since watching u !!

  • Kevin
    Kevin 24 days ago

    So American to fry a 141$ steak haha

  • David Lewis
    David Lewis 24 days ago

    Your Road to a Million is almost at an end!! Amazing! I predict, that after your videos from Japan drop, you'll surpass 1M subscribers very quickly. Congratulations early! Well done. Ok, see you in the funny papers.