The Most Expensive Sandwich I've Ever Made - Wagyu Katsu Sando | SAM THE COOKING GUY 4K

  • Published on Jul 22, 2019
  • This A5 wagyu steak katsu sando is the most expensive sandwich I've ever made...& oh so worth it!
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Comments • 1 537

  • Jesus De Nazaret

    que asco, es carne cruda pero con pan rallado frito

  • LouMah
    LouMah Day ago +2

    0:51 Sam assuming every single viewer is american

    me, a brit: "Wanna, say that again you yank"

  • Stan Ebbers
    Stan Ebbers Day ago

    Fkg talk less please

  • snorrsenkel
    snorrsenkel 3 days ago

    Oh boy there is no such thing as a "worldclass A5 Sandwich" without at least one slice of walmart deluxe processed american cheese on it. ;)

  • Dan Kryling
    Dan Kryling 3 days ago

    Sam you are the best!

    SAWFT SOFT 3 days ago

    vegetarians be like: we have.. uhm.. WAGYU GREENS

    I guess..

  • Alex Merchiers
    Alex Merchiers 5 days ago +3

    We need a Sam the Cooking Guy and Sous Vide Everything colab

  • Jeff George
    Jeff George 6 days ago +2

    Who ever farmed this Animal is face palming himself.....Greatest cut of Beef around, the animal is massaged and fed the best feed around, then it gets fried, with sauces and bread. #likepeanutbutteronafiletmignon

  • x f z_yt
    x f z_yt 6 days ago +3

    his voice is like a someones out of a movie

  • Arteh
    Arteh 7 days ago +28

    Sam: People piss all over me.

  • Memes Is good
    Memes Is good 10 days ago

    Its a piece of meat ya fuckes

  • Memes Is good
    Memes Is good 10 days ago

    Vegans rise up

  • Mart ten Veen
    Mart ten Veen 11 days ago +1

    8:59 can this man get a little credit for this perfect chop

  • Distinct Hypnos
    Distinct Hypnos 11 days ago


  • Type 3 Kiryu
    Type 3 Kiryu 12 days ago

    When I saw the bread I was like your using plain white bread with wagyu

  • Ryan Savage
    Ryan Savage 16 days ago +6

    So there’s a place in Tokyo called “the butchery” that has absolutely no Japanese on the paper? Unlikely

    • Trevor Klotzbach
      Trevor Klotzbach 10 days ago +1

      satire is wasted on you huh

    • Timothy Long
      Timothy Long 11 days ago

      You weren't listening. He wasn't claiming to be filming in Japan when it's obviously done at his regular setup in San Diego. He was saying they would be in Japan when this was released.

  • jeffwads
    jeffwads 16 days ago

    Or you could just get a big piece of fat and throw in a little beef for a few bucks. Same stuff.

  • Fishing Infinite
    Fishing Infinite 27 days ago

    Taxes there are crazy

  • Sh Mu
    Sh Mu 28 days ago

    A5 all whatever. I don't like the idea of eating raw meat period

  • John Best
    John Best 29 days ago +1

    lol do you guys own stock in Bounty paper towels?

  • Jake Baker
    Jake Baker Month ago

    have never heard Sam more serious than when he told that plastic wrap the Wagyu came in to "stay down"

  • RaangerYT
    RaangerYT Month ago

    feel like it coulda cooked longer mannnnnn

  • Stephanie P.
    Stephanie P. Month ago

    Can’t believe he deep fried that steak. What a shame!

  • Bongo Kong
    Bongo Kong Month ago

    Look,Look at me with my Big Brain knowing Katsu,because of Jojo

  • Turbo life
    Turbo life Month ago

    Much love from Pakistan and Dallas

  • Marcus Young
    Marcus Young Month ago

    the knife against the wood gave me chills

  • NES 83’
    NES 83’ Month ago +6

    Rare-medium rare is how you should have a great cut of steak. People that eat a steak well done should just go to Apple Bees.

  • Juan Pablo
    Juan Pablo Month ago

    how much for you to cook for me

  • Clark Roberts
    Clark Roberts Month ago

    Hands down my favorite video

  • Antony Hogg
    Antony Hogg Month ago

    This guy totally sounds like jeff goldblum

  • Bill Randolph
    Bill Randolph Month ago

    I'd rather get blown for $119.00.

  • PoisonedSprite
    PoisonedSprite Month ago +1

    I'm a medium rare person, but that steak is literally raw.

  • Den Morin
    Den Morin Month ago

    Great channel, lots of great ideas. I also love your EVO flat top, so I figured I'd price it out. Lmao, I'll have to stick to my Lodge.

  • Alan Wang #36
    Alan Wang #36 Month ago

    It took me so long to realize that your T shirt says "Sam the cooking guy".

  • Kyng Cam
    Kyng Cam Month ago

    Don't listen to him y'all😂 A4 is better overall because it's cheaper and less overbearing of richness. Ppl only do this for tha gram lmao

  • Benjamin Hillware
    Benjamin Hillware 2 months ago +1


    there's only one right now

  • mikesanch
    mikesanch 2 months ago +2

    I'm convinced Sam can cook everything but a damn steak. That thing is still raw

    • Zack
      Zack Month ago

      @mikesanch Literally every steak should be cooked to rare or medium rare so my point still stands.

    • mikesanch
      mikesanch Month ago

      @Zack it's not just this steak, it's every steak he does but go off babe

    • Zack
      Zack Month ago

      You clearly know very little about cooking steak properly. Cooking this thing anything past rare would completely ruin it.

    • Billy Smith
      Billy Smith 2 months ago

      mikesanch that was the point chief

  • AJOHN777
    AJOHN777 2 months ago

    You ever had the idea of using only the egg whites for the breading ?

  • Saltydog KW
    Saltydog KW 2 months ago

    I see that Max’s hat said vegan with a line through it. Only way to eat wagyu lol ✅

  • Jay Smith
    Jay Smith 2 months ago

    Seriously 140 dollars 💵 for a 🥩 what kinda fuccin steak is that dam ! Not I

    • P B 22
      P B 22 2 months ago

      The emojis make you sound so fucking stupid

  • Facefat
    Facefat 2 months ago

    not the best one there is A7 ;)

  • Liban Ahmed
    Liban Ahmed 2 months ago


  • Nic Flynn ニック フリン

    Yeaaaa, it's time for me to go to Mitsuwa LOL Loving the shirts btw!

  • Marc Lebrun
    Marc Lebrun 2 months ago

    Love that you did it, and it only to took a FUCKIN $ Samwich to see your son

  • morgan G
    morgan G 2 months ago

    rare is the only way to cook steak

  • Weston Badke
    Weston Badke 2 months ago

    Make a North American breakfast version. So really good sausage patty, scrambled eggs ect.

  • Cannor! Bew!
    Cannor! Bew! 2 months ago

    I've been down for over a week with vertigo, and ive just watched almost all of your videos.😂

  • difranchise
    difranchise 2 months ago

    Instead of complaining so much why don't you go talk to your neighbor and devise a taping schedule around the yardwork?
    Seems simple but I'm aware Jews love complaining.

    • Dave Crawley
      Dave Crawley 2 months ago +1

      difranchise fucking racist much. What a prick you are.

  • Leo Asuncion
    Leo Asuncion 2 months ago +2

    I think to get away from the gardeners making noise, you should return to vlog-ing in your kitchen...also by doing that, the sound quality of your vids would be more consistent.

    and for the bread - should have cut the crusts or sides off first, then grill, then put together the sando - perfect clean edges.

  • 유석 정 Paul Chung
    유석 정 Paul Chung 2 months ago +1

    That high grade of meat you can actually eat raw.

  • Jesus is LORD
    Jesus is LORD 2 months ago


  • Jon
    Jon 2 months ago

    The gardeners are now as much as part of your show as black t shirts.

  • Rory Roberts
    Rory Roberts 2 months ago

    Sam, Sam I love your videos and your site, but (since I'm one of the whiners), please stop pushing raw meat. It is apparent you have drank the kool-aid and don't care what flavor it is. I grew up on meat cooked well done in the south. I have learned never to go into a restaurant and order well done. I order med well in the restaurant, with just a bit of pink in the center. I did so at first so I wouldn't have to bring a pick-axe to break off a piece of the charred mess the restaurant called well done. With that said, would you please recognize that there are those of us, that no one, not even you can change our minds or our tastes. I've tried rare, med rare, & med, and can't handle it. I prefer med well. So please at least when giving the temp readings for meat please include the temps for all degrees of doness don't just stop @ 125. I know what the temps are but there are others who don't, and being that you are their fav personality, they depend on you to properly inform them. Believe me I'm not judging, I have some relatives whose tastes have changed, and when I cook for them I do the med or med rare that they love. Would you be kind enuff to do the same...

  • Idk Idktbh
    Idk Idktbh 2 months ago

    We saw him 8 months ago with the donut video

  • cody shepherd
    cody shepherd 2 months ago

    That paper towel roll looks like it wants to die. Better hope Paperroll Protective Services dont watch this video, Sam.

  • John Shuttleworth
    John Shuttleworth 2 months ago

    In Aussie it’s called a sanga

  • Ecko8Gaming
    Ecko8Gaming 2 months ago

    Could you please make a ramen recipe?

  • captainultimo0001
    captainultimo0001 2 months ago

    Obvious video edit when chopping lettuce is SUPER obvious

  • Nopstuv luck
    Nopstuv luck 2 months ago

    You are very intertaning that i havent looked away from the phone while you were speaking. But please.. pleaaaaase put backgroud music in your videos, it really makes the mood of the video, wether happy, or sad.

  • Nemesis OnThaTrack
    Nemesis OnThaTrack 2 months ago

    Sam always eatin some wagyu I swear