Galaxy Note 10 Plus Gaming Review // COD Mobile, PUBG, Fortnite

  • Published on Aug 16, 2019
  • The Galaxy Note 10+ is a gaming beast, in my full gaming review, we test the device against COD Mobile, PUBG and more to see how well it performs under pressure. If you like to see more videos on the Galaxy Note 10, please leave a comment below.
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Comments • 214

  • Boy Boy
    Boy Boy 5 days ago

    And what about note 10 regular battery life??

  • Juan lop
    Juan lop 7 days ago

    Pubg mobile no optimizado

  • RedlineRacer
    RedlineRacer 14 days ago


  • RedlineRacer
    RedlineRacer 14 days ago

    How did you get this game launcher the one that came with my phone does not have video recording it just take Screenshots

  • BlainePain
    BlainePain 21 day ago

    I agree I love this phone even over the 90hz refresh of the one plus 7 pro grear video

    LOOK BOX 21 day ago +2

    I want this is phone Note 10+ its my favorite phone 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍but a don't have this is phone 😭😭😭😭😢...AND YOUR THE BEST!!!😘😍🤗

  • Kendrick Murden
    Kendrick Murden 22 days ago

    It seems like At&t removed the Game launcher on the Note 10. Can't find it.

  • Calbert Labeach
    Calbert Labeach 22 days ago

    You are so trash lol but great review

  • ツAkwa
    ツAkwa 23 days ago

    Are u able to redeem the ikonik skin from the note 10

  • kyle garrett
    kyle garrett 23 days ago

    How did you get fornite on here

  • Chivuletz
    Chivuletz 23 days ago

    How did you play COD? It's not release yet

  • Danny L
    Danny L 24 days ago

    New android phones can run 2 years of games smoothly but iphones can do 3-4 years

    • machinez
      machinez 24 days ago

      bro its depend on what the android cheapset used

  • Ferdin9nd Amadinos
    Ferdin9nd Amadinos 25 days ago

    My brudda wts ur psn?

  • Otakuu FN
    Otakuu FN 25 days ago

    Can fortnite run at 60fps

    • TGS Undead
      TGS Undead 22 days ago

      No but I'm pretty sure with new updates it will

  • daiane rose
    daiane rose 25 days ago

    Pivete doido

  • Black Hole
    Black Hole 25 days ago +1

    Don't see the point of a gaming review if you aren't even using a frame rate counter

  • Farisyal B.K
    Farisyal B.K 25 days ago

    I really want to try playing VG on this device 🤩

  • Mattie Banda
    Mattie Banda 26 days ago


  • MrGoodDay329
    MrGoodDay329 26 days ago

    Bluetooth a controller to it

  • keon pope
    keon pope 26 days ago

    Bruh. My guy killed a whole team solo!!

  • D Gaff
    D Gaff 26 days ago

    Where did you get the wallpapers?

  • owen zhai
    owen zhai 26 days ago +4

    Nice review! Good gaming experience but still a bit lagging in the pes2019.

  • Chloe Thai
    Chloe Thai 26 days ago +1

    I'm overly hype for the note 10+ so much I can't sleep...also what gaming gadget handheld device you use in this video?

  • Benedictus Ivan G
    Benedictus Ivan G 26 days ago

    what did you using note 10 plus exynos or snapdragon

  • Mano Vaz_
    Mano Vaz_ 26 days ago

    U r doing good man but avoid emoji

  • BROK3N T0Y
    BROK3N T0Y 26 days ago +6

    Do a fortnite game play on the s10 5G plz

  • sam ly
    sam ly 27 days ago

    I cant even download fortnite on my note 10 plus. How do you even have it?

    •  25 days ago +1

      Yes you can find it in the Galaxy store

    • Alex is Awesome
      Alex is Awesome 25 days ago +1

      Are you using the Galaxy store or Google play? It's only in the Galaxy store unless you get it from the fortnite website

  • Tony Stark
    Tony Stark 27 days ago

    10:14 *elevator music* "To Be Continued"

  • Ultie
    Ultie 27 days ago

    Is it hot a lot when playing games? How is it compare to S10+?

  • ABDOU Gamer
    ABDOU Gamer 27 days ago +1

    Pes 20109

  • cangkemu 2
    cangkemu 2 28 days ago

    It's snapdragon/ exynos version?

  • - Nagazaky -
    - Nagazaky - 28 days ago

    *10:44** LAG :v*

  • Arunas Dailyde
    Arunas Dailyde 28 days ago

    Why fortnite 30fps only?

    • Otakuu FN
      Otakuu FN 25 days ago

      Arunas Dailyde ikr?! Whyyyy

  • Himanshu Chamoli
    Himanshu Chamoli 29 days ago

    Mali gpu is worst

  • jesus elcrack12
    jesus elcrack12 29 days ago +1

    Please play FREE FIRE IN HUD and FIFA MOBILE♡

  • Im Wow
    Im Wow 29 days ago


  • Jedi Mojo Jojo
    Jedi Mojo Jojo 29 days ago

    What about emulation

  • Justin Y.
    Justin Y. 29 days ago

    The note 10 is a fucking beast

  • Jossany Moura
    Jossany Moura 29 days ago

    What is the name of the controller that you used in the video?

  • ιммιɴᴇɴтs
    ιммιɴᴇɴтs 29 days ago

    The name shouldnt be asphalt 9 is should be according to my opinion ass**** 9

  • Samantha Boys
    Samantha Boys 29 days ago

    But can the Samsung galaxy Note 10 play fortnite on epic 60fps?

    • Otakuu FN
      Otakuu FN 25 days ago

      Edu 2007 actually??!! That’s a relief

    • Edu 2007
      Edu 2007 28 days ago

      Just high 60

  • Nuj Star
    Nuj Star Month ago

    play galaxy link is based on parsec... just try parsec on pc and phone.. it's an awesome gamestreaming app

  • Ashley Davis
    Ashley Davis Month ago

    Where'd you get the one punch man wallpaper? I want it for when my phone comes

  • masche360
    masche360 Month ago

    i am getting mine on Wednesday so excited. hey so i seen you use a steel series wireless controller does that mean that you can use all forms of wireless controllers like ps4 and xbox 1 controller?

    • M’Baku
      M’Baku 27 days ago

      masche360 can you use the usb c charging cable and plug one end to the phone and plug the other end to the micro USB adapter and then plug that into the Xbox one controller?

  • Faisal sa
    Faisal sa Month ago

    We want really see performance on Exynos version

  • Jimmy Opio
    Jimmy Opio Month ago

    all the more reason to hype me up. hope i win the n10+ with dem sweet cases

  • Jaiswal Siddharth
    Jaiswal Siddharth Month ago +1

    Send me the link for that pubg mobile hack

    • Jaiswal Siddharth
      Jaiswal Siddharth Month ago you cannot play pubg... You are obviously using hacks.... Or someone else is playing 😂😂😂😂😂

    •  Month ago

      What hack?

  • Francisco Butte
    Francisco Butte Month ago +1

    Playing with a permanent fly on the screen? No thank you.

    • Been Boyage
      Been Boyage 25 days ago

      Playing with a lizard on the screen? No thank you

  • Jarek Skalij
    Jarek Skalij Month ago

    Why no one want to test World of Tanks Blitz this is a game which shows FPS. With this game you can check battery drain as well device temperature.

  • pickAtell
    pickAtell Month ago

    My man back at it again. U know what's up. Quick click... 👍🏼 👍🏼

  • James
    James Month ago

    Will the xbox one wireless controller finally work with the games this time with out trying to download a app and doing button mapping?

  • Shane Bergman
    Shane Bergman Month ago

    Down for that giveaway! I'm due for a new phone. This would be a nice surprise!

  • Music Studio
    Music Studio Month ago

    is that Exynos 9825?

  • Pedro Lockup
    Pedro Lockup Month ago

    The camera location is bad because your thumb is blocking it when you are gaming.

    • daniel Sanchez
      daniel Sanchez 15 days ago

      Got to have a camera somewhere to many buttons ln that game wouldn't be suprice

  • Anief Black
    Anief Black Month ago +4

    Wish I had a note 10 but thanks for the review great video as always hope god bless you always will support.

    • Anief Black
      Anief Black Month ago +1 No prob keep up the good work waiting for another video on the note 10

    •  Month ago +1

      Thank you

  • Alan Z
    Alan Z Month ago +1

    Nice video bro~ cool , I think this is the best phone on 2019

  • Salman.pathan gamer
    Salman.pathan gamer Month ago +2

    he was playing fortnite at 30 fps.🙄.
    please do it again at 60 fps

    • UniQue
      UniQue 26 days ago

      @Joe L yea it's stupid they do it but they did it with the s10 I think and the note 9

    • Joe L
      Joe L 27 days ago

      @UniQue just got my note 10 plus today. It's called at 30. You really think they will uncap it?

    • Salman.pathan gamer
      Salman.pathan gamer Month ago

      @UniQue thanks bro

    • UniQue
      UniQue Month ago +1

      When new phone releases fortnite caps the fps for a bit on the phone. So he probably cant

  • Ernesto Amigacho
    Ernesto Amigacho Month ago

    what is the name of the game of soccer playing ?

  • Umair Anjum
    Umair Anjum Month ago +1

    Do a comparison between Samsung note 10+ and OnePlus 7 pro side by side

  • Burner2K0
    Burner2K0 Month ago +2

    Can't wait for CoD Mobile, had lots of fun playing the beta and was surprised by it's quality for a mobile title.