• Published on May 14, 2019
  • It's the moment you've all been waiting for- the TRY NOT TO LAUGH CHALLENGE #22 w/ RHETT & LINK is HERE!
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  • gracie :P
    gracie :P 4 hours ago +1

    10:14 link is radiating major cotton candy randy energy & im here for it

  • Morro
    Morro 8 hours ago


  • Thomas Bartlett Wagoner

    Run along now Lizagerth 😂

  • Gregory Bishara
    Gregory Bishara 22 hours ago

    Bring in ryan higa

  • Jeremiah goff
    Jeremiah goff 23 hours ago


  • Vitto Congi
    Vitto Congi Day ago

    Should of had Stevie as well

  • Bailey Marcum
    Bailey Marcum Day ago

    Watch this at 0.5x speed.. I promise you won’t regret it. It’s amazing😂😂😂😂😂

  • Joannemathilde
    Joannemathilde Day ago

    Hahah the banana and apple one killed me! 🤣

  • Merit Tikka
    Merit Tikka Day ago

    Just noticed how small everybody is compared to Rhett

  • Jordynn Gozjolko
    Jordynn Gozjolko 2 days ago

    I feel like they should get some of the people from the vlog squad like maybe Zane, liza, Matt, ooh maybe carly and Erin. They should also get Thomas Sanders and Keith and noah

  • Chipopiii Boiii
    Chipopiii Boiii 2 days ago

    Link looks like Ian's long lost brother.

  • Cynthia Awesomeness
    Cynthia Awesomeness 2 days ago

    U NEED to do it with Vat19

  • Christopher Chaboyer
    Christopher Chaboyer 3 days ago +1

    Courtney’s Apple Juice bit honestly kills me

  • Maria Insana
    Maria Insana 5 days ago

    They should do a try not to laugh with the Dolan twins or Shane Dawson

  • shark dix
    shark dix 5 days ago

    "I'm Link" I SCREAMED

  • Anxious College Student

    I didn’t know Rhett was a giant. I just thought link was short

  • Michaela Williams
    Michaela Williams 6 days ago

    So I had to dive deep in my memories but I finally remembered that I first saw Rhett and Link in Julian Smith's video Waffles back in like 2011 😱😂😂😂😂💕

  • Nigel Cooper
    Nigel Cooper 6 days ago

    16:12 He should have held it in his left hand, as both Links are left handed.

  • Michael Kiehl
    Michael Kiehl 8 days ago

    Damien should be a comedienne or voice actor

  • Assassin 006
    Assassin 006 8 days ago

    You said jOin

  • Assassin 006
    Assassin 006 8 days ago

    There’s no o in Hawaii don’t ask how I know this

  • Dave Marriott
    Dave Marriott 8 days ago

    Hulk hand lobster hand seems like a song by Ian and Anthony!

  • Theresa Viviano
    Theresa Viviano 8 days ago

    You guys should make a shirt that says “hey bro, eat this bean"

  • Soap Operas
    Soap Operas 9 days ago

    is there a highschool nickname joke?

  • MackyBoi TheStrongLad

    2:00 white people

  • Tori Reeves
    Tori Reeves 10 days ago

    Rhett and Link's collective dad laugh at 5:24 after Link's joke is just adorable

  • Gabriel Hoekstra
    Gabriel Hoekstra 10 days ago

    Imagine being Rhett and Link's kids watching this shit.

  • Gabriel Hoekstra
    Gabriel Hoekstra 10 days ago

    Rhett is 6'7"

  • Toby599
    Toby599 10 days ago +1

    12:00 is still my favourite Damien/Shayne bit of all time

  • Whitetail Doe
    Whitetail Doe 10 days ago

    Kids watching with no water:
    Me: -puts water in mouth and spits it out laughing as water goes up my nose and all over my phone

  • bmags88
    bmags88 10 days ago +3

    They should get Cotton Candy Randy to come on the show

  • Bella Bushman
    Bella Bushman 12 days ago

    I absolutely lost it when I saw Link at 10:14 XDDDD

  • AnogaTheRose
    AnogaTheRose 13 days ago +2

    In my opinion this is the most hilarious episode of try not to laugh 😂😂

  • lynettebr
    lynettebr 13 days ago

    14:45 is that the first time this character came up?

  • Nicholas Brzezicki
    Nicholas Brzezicki 14 days ago

    What is that song when rhett is saying "have you got any whistle to blow"

  • Benjamin Wylie
    Benjamin Wylie 14 days ago

    best crossover \m/.

  • nikola jaksic
    nikola jaksic 14 days ago

    Reath is like a sky screper

  • We are all fish boi
    We are all fish boi 15 days ago +2

    The guy with the blue hair is hilarious does he have an acount

  • Hex4rr _
    Hex4rr _ 15 days ago

    6.66 subs

  • Luke D
    Luke D 15 days ago

    Anyone here ship Shayne and Courtney?

  • Pizookie Tuesday
    Pizookie Tuesday 15 days ago +1


  • Ruth & Angie Hill
    Ruth & Angie Hill 15 days ago +1

    Link is by far the funniest one there

  • Zelda Fan
    Zelda Fan 15 days ago +1

    And here I thought that Damien was tall

  • Alex Barkley
    Alex Barkley 16 days ago

    you guys should do a group round against Gus Johnson

  • Carlo loke lim
    Carlo loke lim 17 days ago


  • Danielle Darling
    Danielle Darling 17 days ago +2

    It seems like everyone spits when there is a mistake lmao

  • Katrina Mclaughlin
    Katrina Mclaughlin 17 days ago

    Link is so much taller then I expected

  • The Skylar And Rylan Show

    omg i love oliver tree she was wearing merch omlll

  • Maya Werewolf
    Maya Werewolf 18 days ago

    The intro looks like a cult sacrificing a poor man who forgot to swallow his water

  • Clara Nadine
    Clara Nadine 18 days ago

    We called this Bearing Busters in Basic Training Flight. Not to brag, heh, but i was pretty good. THIS, on the other hand, takes it to a new level

  • •TheGachaBurrito•
    •TheGachaBurrito• 18 days ago +1

    **me thinking of the old challenge pit intro**
    (Old smosh fans will remember ;w;)

  • colby xxx fan
    colby xxx fan 18 days ago


  • gnarlymyguy
    gnarlymyguy 18 days ago

    pause at 1:42

  • Bella Greensill
    Bella Greensill 19 days ago +1

    At 16:09 when he pulled the sword out I was like,
    So that’s how things randomly appear in video games!!
    For their buttcrack

  • Charles Crews
    Charles Crews 19 days ago

    I’m sorry did anyone else watching at 1:11 thought Damien sounded like fez

  • Diego
    Diego 19 days ago

    Shayne looks like a little kid next to rhett

  • madeeha anis
    madeeha anis 20 days ago

    Benign omyio wabbu shindayu

  • The kid squad 2000
    The kid squad 2000 20 days ago

    Do the Peale from spider man

  • Alyse Larson
    Alyse Larson 20 days ago

    Ok but like imagine try not to laugh ft. 5sos

  • Zac McDonald
    Zac McDonald 20 days ago

    @Smosh you should invite gavin free and michael jones from roosterteeth to try not to laugh and have ian, shayne, damien, noah, and cortney