Your Whole Wallet In One Card

  • Published on Jun 3, 2017
  • This giant box just showed up...
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    Is the Fuze card the future of payments?
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  • Unbox Therapy
    Unbox Therapy  2 years ago +1369

    This giant box just showed up...


    • MrUglyHairline
      MrUglyHairline Month ago

      Unbox Therapy next video: why I switched to this card

    • maatouk96
      maatouk96 3 months ago


    • Blessed.2.Teach.4.God
      Blessed.2.Teach.4.God 4 months ago

      Dude, you make decent videos, but how can you seriously look at such a product/entire concept and be blinded to its obvious potential dangers, and many totalitarian implications... Wake up and stop leading people off the proverbial cliff.

  • Jose Pringle Sr.
    Jose Pringle Sr. 2 hours ago

    I think it the ultimate gift for hackers. You just answered their prayers FUZE! Lol

  • Zac h
    Zac h 6 hours ago

    Man where did you got that card with EMV chip?

  • Ketul Malkan
    Ketul Malkan 2 days ago

    It’s price is 2599 $

  • Worst Case Scenario
    Worst Case Scenario 5 days ago +1

    It looks dope and a nce thing to have in a perfect world. But there is too much risk involved. anything digital can be hacked.

  • corpse711
    corpse711 5 days ago

    Stupid tech...

  • jack rogers
    jack rogers 11 days ago

    Why so my much hate with those dislikes

  • Jose Ricardo
    Jose Ricardo 11 days ago

    did this become a thing?

  • Lewis hughes
    Lewis hughes 12 days ago

    New phishing tool

  • tornadocapoeira
    tornadocapoeira 15 days ago

    It in EU??????

  • Mrityunjai Mk
    Mrityunjai Mk 15 days ago

    Saw this in 2019 using a OnePlus 7 Pro, and seeing those bezels on the Pixel 1 just killed my eyes.

  • Rene Ederle
    Rene Ederle 17 days ago

    Hey Mate
    Awesome review, can you put it in the ATM?

  • Epic Username
    Epic Username 18 days ago

    iPhones do this by default though.

  • Scott Cornelius
    Scott Cornelius 19 days ago

    I knew this was going to flop

  • André Mariano
    André Mariano 20 days ago

    y tho

  • Will Harris
    Will Harris 21 day ago

    If you live in the UK check out imagineCurve same idea but no need to charge the card and you select your bank card in a mobile app.

  • Renan Fischer
    Renan Fischer 27 days ago

    Uh uh uh que beleza!

  • Tigerlily
    Tigerlily 29 days ago +1

    hmm you can lose it and you need to charge it
    better get the stocard app, so you only have to bring ur phone because you can also pay with your phone, so that is what i would call the future

  • Andre AMVs
    Andre AMVs Month ago

    Well ... maybe like bus passes ... that would help

  • Andre AMVs
    Andre AMVs Month ago

    But cant your phones do that

  • trucker tee
    trucker tee Month ago

    This is going to make it easy to steal your cards at restaurants

  • Mr PiNk
    Mr PiNk Month ago

    0 I'm a kid...XD

  • Akshay Amle
    Akshay Amle Month ago

    I need one very badly

  • Jason Griffin
    Jason Griffin Month ago

    WOW wake the fuck up to your selves people this is what big brother 1984 salivates about! every thing you do every where you go tracked in every singel way. DONT BE A FUCKING SHEEPLE!

  • Ken Belangel
    Ken Belangel Month ago

    I watched Graham Stephan's videos about credit cards so I know what to do with this

  • Jonah Ursprung
    Jonah Ursprung Month ago

    $2,500 card? No thank you

  • jeenath shamily
    jeenath shamily Month ago

    666 final days are coming so soon jesus is the only way to live

  • Lexxi Chen
    Lexxi Chen Month ago

    oh great now i can steal or clone my boyfriend's credit card info while he is taking a shower....very handy!!

  • Thiago Kume
    Thiago Kume Month ago

    Refund, please.

  • Dannia Mejia
    Dannia Mejia Month ago

    We aren’t allowed to accept these at my work.....

  • Cube cancer
    Cube cancer Month ago

    Does this card work in other countries as well? Especially india?

    • sean watts
      sean watts Month ago

      As long as your cards work in India then yes

  • Daniil Oxyuk
    Daniil Oxyuk Month ago +1

    Unbox Therapy demographics: 11-13 year olds
    "I carry zero cards!!"

  • Matsie
    Matsie Month ago

    I need that lol

  • Akshat Kumar
    Akshat Kumar Month ago +1

    Didn't anyone notice the bandage on Lew's hand...??

  • Daniel Hardy
    Daniel Hardy Month ago

    Just imagine how much money you are gonna make at your serving job now. You'll have access to countless cards and unless this forces some type of fingerprint, People are going to eat it hard with this. This is a theft machine

  • Daniel Hardy
    Daniel Hardy Month ago +1

    What is going to stop servers/CSR's from copying your card information to this and bleeding you dry?

  • Santoshz hackerz gaming channel

    This card costs more than my bank balance

  • BH Ice
    BH Ice Month ago

    Does it work with Pokémon cards?

  • Mag Oker
    Mag Oker Month ago

    How to qbuy

  • Norbel Paulan
    Norbel Paulan Month ago

    wow... all in one shot for the scammers. lol.

  • 10k subs and I will eat a raw egg

    why? isnt that the premise of apple\samsung\google pay?

  • Chris
    Chris Month ago

    don't give a waiter your credit card to pay your bill anymore ,they can copy / steal your credit card... just like that!! XD

  • Zoë Scott
    Zoë Scott Month ago

    What about gift cards...

  • Mason Mahoney
    Mason Mahoney Month ago

    Yo bro I can’t go I got to charge my credit card

  • Saeed Ghods
    Saeed Ghods Month ago

    Apple Wallet..

  • hypeserver
    hypeserver Month ago +4

    So how many people bought Starbucks on you when this video came out? lmfao

  • Jerred
    Jerred Month ago

    Does it work with s10+?

  • Daniel Bemis
    Daniel Bemis Month ago

    Google pay stores the store membership cards and the other two credit and bank cards I have I keep in my wallet.

  • chuckysworld 05
    chuckysworld 05 Month ago

    What if like at Costco you need to show your card

  • Riley Mead
    Riley Mead Month ago

    Does it support Bitcoin?

  • dsada aa
    dsada aa Month ago

    I dont have a card. In China every thing you have to carry is your phone.

  • jackjersey11
    jackjersey11 Month ago

    what about bank cards that are secured? i was not able to copy some of my cards to the phone... what then?

  • Voxavs
    Voxavs Month ago +8

    Not sure about payment cards, but for membership cards totally.

  • Baby Blue
    Baby Blue Month ago +6

    Just a current update for 2019
    The card is over 2,000 USD now.

    • Philippos Manetas
      Philippos Manetas Month ago

      @Baby Blue That is the foundation amount

    • Baby Blue
      Baby Blue Month ago

      @Philippos Manetas also, I think the reason it shows 120 is because you were using ebay

    • Baby Blue
      Baby Blue Month ago

      @Philippos Manetas not here, I followed the link and it was over 2,000 USD

    • Philippos Manetas
      Philippos Manetas Month ago

      Do your research right. The card costs $129 to $160

  • Your Shit
    Your Shit Month ago

    A fraudsters best friend

  • Eric & Erika
    Eric & Erika Month ago

    What about wireless charger while in the credit card phone case holder. Your phone can charge your Fuze card like Samsung ear pods.

  • MR music
    MR music Month ago +3

    This seems abit dodgy. Like this type of technology could be used for all types of theft.

  • Area 51 Ayelmao
    Area 51 Ayelmao Month ago

    This seems like a security disaster.

  • Rampage
    Rampage Month ago

    This makes it hella easy to steal peoples cards, just swipe it into your phone and it saves

  • Rampage
    Rampage Month ago

    This makes it hella easy to steal peoples cards

  • WLG
    WLG Month ago

    So it’s a credit card.

  • Unsmart
    Unsmart Month ago

    How many cards? 1... my clockin card for work 😂

  • S.B.G
    S.B.G Month ago

    A card you got to charge until the day you really need it

  • KristoffLam_1
    KristoffLam_1 Month ago

    that card costs, as what is in my whole wallet...

  • Allan Mark
    Allan Mark Month ago +4

    Lew: "This will actually work through the iPhone's adapter"
    Everyone: what adapter?

  • Kirkkun
    Kirkkun Month ago

    i dont carry any loyalty reward cards or in store credit cards. i just give them my phone number for loyalty rewards. show my id and and type in social for in store credit.

  • Theo
    Theo Month ago +1


    One card to rule them all

  • Todd Paroline
    Todd Paroline 2 months ago

    If only this card had Qi charging. Would be amazing to have this card with a Samsung s10+ with it's power sharing

  • Spartan J
    Spartan J 2 months ago

    No way!!

  • Anand Mahesh
    Anand Mahesh 2 months ago

    Lol here in India we got BHIM and UPI a long time ago. The US is just lagging back.

  • TJ Leger Peake
    TJ Leger Peake 2 months ago

    What if I have an iPhone X LOOOL

  • Krew11uv Too
    Krew11uv Too 2 months ago

    Damne! I just tried to order one and found out that it's only a concept card. Not ready for sale.

  • Krew11uv Too
    Krew11uv Too 2 months ago

    I love this! Thank you.

  • WTDuck 828
    WTDuck 828 2 months ago

    Or you can use Google or Samsung pay...

  • John Wick
    John Wick 2 months ago

    ID? License?

  • ImTheNomino
    ImTheNomino 2 months ago

    "it solves your problem" not until you lose it

  • prithuadhikary
    prithuadhikary 2 months ago

    Who needs a card. Besides this can't work with EMV cards.. ain't possible.. :P

  • Ashmit dey
    Ashmit dey 2 months ago

    Nice way to lose everything at Once🤣

  • Zubair Rashid
    Zubair Rashid 2 months ago


  • M. Al-assaf
    M. Al-assaf 2 months ago

    And what if no charge!! Someday it will happen!

  • alandria vieria
    alandria vieria 2 months ago

    But is is secure...

  • Rijo Alex
    Rijo Alex 2 months ago

    One card to rule em all!

  • Fariz Fathul Hakim
    Fariz Fathul Hakim 2 months ago

    It's cool until you lose it

  • Adhil Naufer (adelfrost)
    Adhil Naufer (adelfrost) 2 months ago +1

    The title should be - How to use everything at once? here's how to

  • GRX
    GRX 2 months ago

    Anybody heard of Samsung pay ?

  • Daniel Colasuonno
    Daniel Colasuonno 2 months ago

    Too much of a hassle

  • Vikramjeet Singh
    Vikramjeet Singh 2 months ago +1

    Watching this in 2019. Is this still as awesome as it is looking in the video?

  • Zyan J
    Zyan J 2 months ago

    Ryan Texting me ! Unbelievable ! unprofessional ! HAHAHAHAH LOL xD like that part

  • BallisticVoid
    BallisticVoid 2 months ago +7

    Doesn't this just make credit card theft easier? They can take a picture of your card or swipe it on their phone and give it back to you.

    • A D
      A D 19 days ago +1

      They could do the exact same with your existing card too.

  • W El
    W El 2 months ago

    Why can we just have APP in phone

    • GRX
      GRX 2 months ago

      There already is. Samsung pay, Google pay, apple pay. But Samsung pay is widely accepted.

  • Idiot Buys a Sailboat
    Idiot Buys a Sailboat 2 months ago +4

    oh this is a huge security no no
    now you just have to borrow a CC for a few seconds, put it on your card and replace the owner's card before they know

    • BallisticVoid
      BallisticVoid Month ago

      @AlphaGaming Yes they do...

    • AlphaGaming
      AlphaGaming Month ago

      BallisticVoid lmao no they don’t

    • BallisticVoid
      BallisticVoid 2 months ago

      Yeah, the people who made this card steal cards for a living.

  • Adhil Naufer (adelfrost)
    Adhil Naufer (adelfrost) 2 months ago +1

    the thing is before hackers needs to hack too many cards, now they just need to hack one card. Pretty cool right?

    • Captain Levi
      Captain Levi 2 months ago

      Adhil Naufer (adelfrost) ok sure.

    • Adhil Naufer (adelfrost)
      Adhil Naufer (adelfrost) 2 months ago

      @Captain Levi As much as security is stronger hacking also gets stronger, A fine example is what I can tell you is denuvo VS pirate gamers

    • Captain Levi
      Captain Levi 2 months ago

      Adhil Naufer (adelfrost) Security will be stronger.

    • Adhil Naufer (adelfrost)
      Adhil Naufer (adelfrost) 2 months ago

      @Captain Levi maybe not now but who knows if life becomes like cyber punk?

    • Captain Levi
      Captain Levi 2 months ago

      Adhil Naufer (adelfrost) Im talking from some experience hacking credit cards is not a thing.

  • Adhil Naufer (adelfrost)

    One card to rule them all

  • Sky_stider223
    Sky_stider223 2 months ago +1

    Idk how people can put their credit card into apps like this
    Freaks me out because would if that app is legit for a year or years then one day the app will start taking or completely clean out your bank and leave you Penniless
    So I never put my credit card into apps lol only amazon and audible because they have been around for a long time and nobody has any problems...but I admit after I buy something I remove my card lol

  • Quad _
    Quad _ 2 months ago +3

    *oh shit i gotta charge my credit card*

    UNSC INFINITY 2 months ago

    Hmph... Soon you're gonna have to charge your Shoes, your Socks, your Undies, your Clothes, your Food, your Dildos, your Job, your Life..

  • Samuel Taylor
    Samuel Taylor 2 months ago +1

    This is amazing. I’ve been looking for a way to thin my wallet down. It’s been getting a bit bulky and fat. I think I might get one. It’s $129 USD, which is $186.44 AUD, which will set me back quite a lot. Maybe in a few weeks I’ll get it.

    • Hillewi
      Hillewi 2 months ago

      Why wont you just use a credit card

  • Shpig
    Shpig 2 months ago +5

    Cool startup! But what’s the insurance policy for it if something happens to it or it gets stolen?

    • Amer Siraz
      Amer Siraz 2 days ago

      Shpig I think u mean Israhell

    • Shpig
      Shpig 2 months ago

      Gonzalo Betancourt Israel is a bit late when it comes to this kind of technology (we still don’t have Apple Pay)😅 I’ll see if they even know what it is.

    • Gonzalo Betancourt
      Gonzalo Betancourt 2 months ago +2

      I’m guessing it’s the same process as losing any other your bank.

    DE50SRMMB 2 months ago


  • Arbi Daci
    Arbi Daci 2 months ago

    Seems excessive. I use stocard for all my memberships etc... and i have 1 visa and 1 debit. I remember most of my main membership card numbers just in case.