I Bought a TOTALED Porsche For $500 at Salvage Auction SIGHT UNSEEN!

  • A Porsche for under $500?! This will probably make for the cheapest Porsche build ever! We bought this 2001 Porsche Boxster sight unseen at SALVAGE auction in California listed as a NON running car. Will we be able to bring this car back to life and get it started? This will be an awesome crashed car to rebuild! Enjoy!
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Comments • 80

  • Budi Amr
    Budi Amr Day ago

    Sell them

  • Jose Pena
    Jose Pena 2 days ago

    Yo what that Green spray that you’ll be using to clean your engine and stuff

  • Gary Ingersoll
    Gary Ingersoll 2 days ago

    leave seats in....

  • Gooz
    Gooz 2 days ago


  • Itsjames Vlogs
    Itsjames Vlogs 2 days ago

    1st of all keep the seats and 2nd of all straight pipe it

  • Ned Veliji
    Ned Veliji 4 days ago

    I think the tottal is a $BS

  • Jayde Pass
    Jayde Pass 5 days ago

    Straight pipe it!

  • Karter Snyder
    Karter Snyder 6 days ago

    keep the seats

  • Richie Blevins
    Richie Blevins 12 days ago

    Y’all man lucky

  • Ryan Eamon
    Ryan Eamon 17 days ago

    You should keep the seats

  • Kenneth 221
    Kenneth 221 18 days ago +1

    Yh make it louder

  • Ciarly Ciarly
    Ciarly Ciarly 20 days ago

    And bitcoin?

  • Veera Sekar
    Veera Sekar 24 days ago

    Keep the car because it was so good 👌

  • Katie Moyes
    Katie Moyes Month ago

    Make it louder !!!!!!!!!!

  • Katie Moyes
    Katie Moyes Month ago

    Make it louder

  • Jasper Garcia
    Jasper Garcia Month ago

    You guys are just very lucky you should buy a lotto ticket

  • Maurandis Berger
    Maurandis Berger Month ago

    This seems bogus

  • Random Long Leg Cat

    I have straight piped my 986 and it was insane
    The video never do justice
    The sound actually made me light headed 😅

  • Tyc music
    Tyc music Month ago

    Rumble exhaust

  • Stephen Bandy
    Stephen Bandy Month ago


  • Agent Clod
    Agent Clod Month ago

    Keep it

  • stock_jeep_life
    stock_jeep_life Month ago

    Why not just part it out ? Couple Grand for the engine and $500 for the seats like you said etc.

  • Atoool K
    Atoool K Month ago

    that is a sweet find!

  • iamclark83
    iamclark83 Month ago

    Keep em

  • Kenneth Brownlee
    Kenneth Brownlee Month ago

    Don’t clean the engine - it’s not meant to be seen and Porsche put a protective coating on for a reason. All that black stuff you were wiping off was supposed to be there!

  • No Name
    No Name 2 months ago

    Keep the seats!

  • Be_You_Til_Full Journey

    Keep the seats. Keep the entire car!

  • salutetojohnlennon
    salutetojohnlennon 2 months ago

    The didn't even check the oil and the coolant they just start it right away.

  • Jaime
    Jaime 2 months ago


  • Jaime
    Jaime 2 months ago

    wow bro! dont count ur chickens before they hatch but thats a pretty cool car!!

  • tmulliganii01
    tmulliganii01 2 months ago

    Great find!

  • Phil Koman
    Phil Koman 2 months ago

    sell the seats

  • Ronald Santa Ana
    Ronald Santa Ana 2 months ago

    Hi, just wonderin what do you do with the the car that you guys fixed? Do you have anything around $4k, need a car..thanks

  • Davin
    Davin 2 months ago

    wished you could get 2nd hand cars that would cost this much in Malaysia...

  • Sir_charelz Sir_charelz

    Just sick!!!

  • Raves_YT
    Raves_YT 2 months ago

    I seen one for a $155

  • terry tunney
    terry tunney 2 months ago

    brill buy buddy 10 times more for parts

  • Matt Frank
    Matt Frank 2 months ago

    Sell the seats

  • MrDg02904
    MrDg02904 2 months ago

    How are you guys able to afford to do these buy outs (sight unseen) as you could end up with a disaster project ?

  • Rusty Youngblood
    Rusty Youngblood 2 months ago

    Put the seats in the Vette.

  • Michael Farley II
    Michael Farley II 2 months ago

    Thats why you dont buy a Tesla! Junk! To many computers on vehicles these days! Stick to the old school stuff! It will cost you THOUSANDS LESS and be more reliable!!

  • Olivier Gedeon
    Olivier Gedeon 2 months ago


  • Andrew Davanzo
    Andrew Davanzo 2 months ago

    Hell yeah

  • Kansas2Korea Bassin
    Kansas2Korea Bassin 2 months ago

    Love the channel

  • Pablo Grillo
    Pablo Grillo 2 months ago

    you guys checked the oil right? :p

  • Virre
    Virre 2 months ago


  • Virre
    Virre 2 months ago


  • Keith Allen
    Keith Allen 2 months ago

    Just seeing this. Man I hope you didn't sell those seats, you'll regret it every time you get in that car. Different if your selling the car on quickly but if you're keeping the car I hope you kept the seats

  • Stiven Sallam
    Stiven Sallam 3 months ago

    you should keep them

  • Alex Rubio
    Alex Rubio 3 months ago

    Bro great vid this the first time I saw ur channel 👌 deff subscribe

  • Love nature Love thy neighbor

    If you could get some cheaper Recaros, then sell them seats.

  • Dylantheiss Theiss
    Dylantheiss Theiss 3 months ago

    Keep the seats

  • dandijs
    dandijs 3 months ago

    lol that guy with the camera doesnt do anything

  • Dejan
    Dejan 3 months ago

    straight pipe it

  • Callum Bjazevich
    Callum Bjazevich 3 months ago


  • Sarit Maurya
    Sarit Maurya 3 months ago

    Hi bro I am form india please can u buy a super car for me
    My no. Is 9306142002

  • Fatih Oğuz
    Fatih Oğuz 3 months ago

    Im craying

  • NuXe_Allianz
    NuXe_Allianz 3 months ago


  • Jack Smith
    Jack Smith 3 months ago

    porshe will be a money pit !

  • Gage Seckman
    Gage Seckman 3 months ago

    Keep seats

    XxD3ADHALLOWXX CLS 3 months ago

    This dude dum

  • jaime del salto
    jaime del salto 3 months ago

    how can buy a car in auction if you supposed to have a used car license

  • Pratish Chadha
    Pratish Chadha 3 months ago

    What do you guys clean the engine with?

  • gbzberlin
    gbzberlin 3 months ago

    Great deal. The seat option is called "Sports Seats" some call them "Turbo Seats", they are basic to the 996 turbos. GT3/GT2 seats are way different. Keep them.

  • Kapital Kashh
    Kapital Kashh 3 months ago

    I'm excited for this project

  • Eric vuong
    Eric vuong 3 months ago

    keep it please

  • briant smothers
    briant smothers 3 months ago

    No straightpipe that bushleague. A porsche s bjorn o u ld be quiet. Fools

  • Jhonatan Sibrian
    Jhonatan Sibrian 3 months ago

    Man lucky

  • IBeDe4n
    IBeDe4n 4 months ago

    What is the cleaner for the engine bay called?

  • Britton Lockie
    Britton Lockie 4 months ago


  • OmegaFTW Clan
    OmegaFTW Clan 4 months ago

    Sell them and get chearper ones

  • ha17h3m
    ha17h3m 4 months ago

    Car guys, Is this video legit?

  • Shaquille Greene
    Shaquille Greene 4 months ago

    $23 for a tie arm? Pinch me.

  • Liam Trears
    Liam Trears 4 months ago

    where are u getting all theses bargain deals

  • vivek
    vivek 4 months ago

    Please keep it man vintage is always vintage

  • Technoman Crazy
    Technoman Crazy 4 months ago

    Keep em

  • Jack Calihan Vlogs
    Jack Calihan Vlogs 4 months ago

    Please make it loud

  • Malebugo Ntlumbini.H
    Malebugo Ntlumbini.H 4 months ago

    You must fix your old car only.

  • The cool Pickles
    The cool Pickles 4 months ago

    make it louder

  • Subi Dr
    Subi Dr 5 months ago

    Hey man love your videos and the story behind this Porsche! I've been looking into buying a car from auction ( I often flip Craigslist and marketplace cars) but not sure what auction would be the best or what hidden fees I may face, any advice?