• Published on May 23, 2019
  • You asked for it, so we invaded Shayne’s house! We check out Shayne’s candle collection, the mirror you probably recognize from his selfies, and take a few souvenirs for the road.
    Whose house do you wanna see us raid next? Leave a comment and let us know!
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Comments • 5 496

  • Stacy Marie
    Stacy Marie Hour ago

    I wanna see Courtney’s homeee. 🥰🥰

  • Jolena Rogers
    Jolena Rogers Day ago

    I internally scream every time they steal something.

  • CM101
    CM101 Day ago

    Lol the metal gear exclamation on Garrett

  • Darwin Martin
    Darwin Martin 2 days ago

    Noahs house next please

  • Parker Killian
    Parker Killian 2 days ago

    Courtney and / or Keith

  • Sergeant fish face _

    I missed the (SHUT UP) intro

  • Vanessa Browning
    Vanessa Browning 3 days ago

    Do Courtney’s house

  • Emerald Unicorn
    Emerald Unicorn 3 days ago

    It made my little gamer heart so happy to see that Shayne, this ripped and healthy guy, has a decent collection of video games... however...! No Mass Effect 1?! It's the best one for the story!

  • Rowen Munson
    Rowen Munson 4 days ago

    I want to see court bort and damiens houses

  • Gillian Rodriguez
    Gillian Rodriguez 4 days ago


  • Neon Poseidon
    Neon Poseidon 4 days ago

    you guys should do *WE INVADED NOAH'S HOUSE*

  • Fire Lord Jozai
    Fire Lord Jozai 4 days ago


  • Austin Renfro
    Austin Renfro 4 days ago

    What’s that PlayStation gamer tag tho ???

    • Austin Renfro
      Austin Renfro 4 days ago

      You can hmu on insta with that gamer tag 😂😂😂 @renfroaustin

  • Gina M.
    Gina M. 5 days ago

    Keith is next

  • Line Juhl Laustsen
    Line Juhl Laustsen 7 days ago

    I want to see Damien's place so baaad!

  • Fluffy Jackie
    Fluffy Jackie 8 days ago +1

    Why does Courtney know how her mother's underwear smells?...

  • Emma Is Trying
    Emma Is Trying 8 days ago

    Read cortney's house next

  • Pogie Hewitt
    Pogie Hewitt 9 days ago

    invade damiens houseeeeeeeeee

  • Teresa Taylor
    Teresa Taylor 9 days ago

    I have the same coffee grinder!

  • Angela Morelli
    Angela Morelli 10 days ago

    Raid Noah

  • megan Gibson
    megan Gibson 10 days ago +4

    This is how candles ian stole

  • SalesmanDoge
    SalesmanDoge 11 days ago +10

    Ian: Is THat A CANdlE

  • Bernard P.
    Bernard P. 11 days ago


  • General AM
    General AM 12 days ago

    The plants are fake

  • Wesaik YT
    Wesaik YT 12 days ago

    Courtneys house

  • Alif FIRDAWI
    Alif FIRDAWI 12 days ago

    Do Noah's house next

  • Jack Matthews
    Jack Matthews 13 days ago

    Damiens place!!

  • Jeremazing
    Jeremazing 13 days ago

    She said it reminded me of my mom's underwear how often does she smell that

  • Claire Skeates
    Claire Skeates 15 days ago +21

    shayne: he'll give it back were friends
    damien: never reterns his furiture

    • Spinklemon
      Spinklemon Day ago +1

      Claire Skeates furiture hehe

  • toned mint
    toned mint 15 days ago

    bring this back pls :)

  • Zoey B
    Zoey B 15 days ago

    Ok it’s been a bit since this video but I want them to invade someone else’s house

  • YaBoi Zeke
    YaBoi Zeke 15 days ago

    Vat19: (singing)Vat19. Com. "We sell ciuiriosly awesome gifts

  • YaBoi Zeke
    YaBoi Zeke 15 days ago

    And just so you guys know that paint bars thing?, is from Vat19

  • YaBoi Zeke
    YaBoi Zeke 15 days ago

    Ian: Can you put this candle in my backpack for an experiment

  • Laila Joseph
    Laila Joseph 16 days ago

    courtney's house next

  • Laila Joseph
    Laila Joseph 16 days ago

    Shayne Please play us a song on guitar

  • Alina Qarqoor
    Alina Qarqoor 16 days ago

    Theese are my favorite smosh characters not more😍

  • Pug Lord
    Pug Lord 16 days ago

    Why is shayne like actually perfect

  • Hazelle Gardner
    Hazelle Gardner 16 days ago

    You guys are soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo funny

  • The Music Guy
    The Music Guy 16 days ago

    Look at the exact number of subs they have 😱😰😨

  • Ramen Doodles
    Ramen Doodles 16 days ago

    This only emotion was *"he has a switch?!"*

  • thegalaxygamer sdonuts

    Are Shayne and Courtney brother and sister?!?!?

  • Pretty Mango
    Pretty Mango 17 days ago +3

    Damien : “There must be a level of respect when you take things.”

  • Hasti maleki
    Hasti maleki 17 days ago

    When are u guys going to Keith's house

  • Mahi rajer
    Mahi rajer 17 days ago

    I wonder did they give his stuff back at the end of the video

  • Drummer Boy
    Drummer Boy 18 days ago

    That smells like ¥$€@, then commences to release coffee brand.

    LEGION YT 18 days ago

    I can see shayn is pissed

  • Yondo Dude
    Yondo Dude 18 days ago


  • Generation Z
    Generation Z 18 days ago

    Courtney‘s house please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • {Wishing Ghøst}bøø
    {Wishing Ghøst}bøø 18 days ago +1

    Your houses are all so cool

  • Gacha cookie
    Gacha cookie 18 days ago


  • Gala Wolf
    Gala Wolf 19 days ago

    daimien and i have the same shirt

  • Isabella Avery
    Isabella Avery 19 days ago

    You guys should go to Courtney’s house, I bet there’s just a whole bunch of dog toys every where

  • Supreme KING
    Supreme KING 19 days ago

    They probably earn a lot of money from Smosh,I imagined them having huge houses like beauty gurus or like other big people on youtube?

  • sage vennom
    sage vennom 19 days ago +2

    He said "My white friends got them for me" 😂😂😂

  • Jade Farrugia Cachia
    Jade Farrugia Cachia 20 days ago +1

    nobody :
    Ian : HE'S gOt A CanDel

  • CuteGamer
    CuteGamer 20 days ago

    At 9:09 I may have been the only one to notice but Shane is doing the ochaco Uraraka pose from Mha

  • mark english
    mark english 20 days ago

    Youry wonderwall

  • iHadAPancake
    iHadAPancake 21 day ago

    so they never been at shanes house.