How To Clip In Hair Extensions! ♡ Zala Hair Extensions Review

  • Today I am doing a review and application tutorial on my new hair extensions! Clip ins are good for temporary length and volume without causing as much damage as permanent extensions!
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    Product Details:
    9 piece set in Honey Beach highlights 20" QUADLUX Range 265gr
    100% human remy hair ZALA Hair Extensions
    Clip in hair extensions
    I also recommend picking up the extension bag and brush as I said in the video to keep your extensions safe and in good condition, here is the link:
    This video was sponsored by Zala however all opinions are my own as always! Everything is honest. I chose the products myself btw xx
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Comments • 80

  • julia emeres
    julia emeres 8 months ago

    dont buy!!!!!!!!!!!! is scam!!!! i buy this haits and is total looking like rubish!!!!

    • Abbey Joy
      Abbey Joy 2 months ago

      same i bought these years ago after seeing this video. i got the exact same color and mine came with black synthetic looking hairs all throughout. i have never wore them which is pretty sad considering the price. these other comments seem fake....

  • Threelly AI
    Threelly AI 10 months ago

    Good shit...

  • marissa sarace
    marissa sarace 11 months ago +1

    I’m about to make a purchase and could use a good discount code for May 2019 please

  • Tasia Johnson
    Tasia Johnson 11 months ago

    it is so common to have fin thin hair as women, let me tell you my experience. I have very fine, thin hair and I have worn extensions for years to make it thick and beautiful and I have used many brands, both Australian brands and international brands. Let me tell you, I have tried many and none compare to the quality of Zala extensions. They are thick from the top all the way to the bottom. They are soft and workable and blend seamlessly with my own hair. Plus I use their ice queen platinum blonde shade and it’s the whitest blonde I have ever had in extensions. Before Zala extensions I would buy the lightest shade and then still have to buy a professional toner. I have repurchased these extensions multiple times and in different lengths. I wear them everyday and always have a set on hand for when they get a little ratty, but that takes ages. They withstand my endless torture of straightening, curling and general abuse. I can genuinely say that you will be super impressed with your extensions and will become a long time customer like me.

  • Pleuni Felter
    Pleuni Felter 11 months ago

    "for anyone who is a newbie to hair extensions let me give you my story and hgopefully some advice and help where to start off. I suffer from an autoimmune disorder that directly affects my scalp resulting in hair loss. As a female, hair loss can take a toll on your self-esteem and be quite debilitating if I am honest. I knew I needed to try something to make my hair appear thicker and healthier, and just really give myself the boost I was after. I knew I was not the candidate for your regular hair extensions - Ie Bonds, clip ins, and tapes. After doing my research I came across the zala halo hair extensions, i was so curious how does it work? Does it feel secure ect ect...
    I spoke to their lovely customer service team and was shocked to know they do FREE exchanges and returns! I though what the hell I have literally nothing to lose here so went ahead and made the purchase.
    They came the next day! I instantly fell in love with them and with the results they gave me. I couldn't believe how easy they were to put in and how comfortable they were and how beautifully soft and amazing the actual hair was! All the reluctance I had before was completely waivered upon their arrival, this bad boy is a game changer for me!
    The zala halo has made me feel confident during my engagement photos, as well as day to day life. I never want to take it out! If you are skeptical about purchasing from zala, DON'T BE! It will forever change your life and give you your confidence back, just like me!

  • Mary Pasternak
    Mary Pasternak 11 months ago

    I’ve made many purchases with ZALA over the last 2 years since finding out about them! Extremely high quality hair that is always thick from top to bottom, super quick with delivery and customer enquirers! Not to mention all their staff are super lovely and helpful with anything you need! I absolutely LOVE this company!!! Never has a bad experience in the time I’ve been using this brand.

  • Amanda Baker
    Amanda Baker 11 months ago

    ever since i been a loyal customer of ZALA i have an irrational fear of wasting a good hairday

  • Allie Moss
    Allie Moss Year ago $15 off your purchase at Zala!

    HAN PURPLE Year ago

    I just brought this hair extensions after I saw your review! Thank you 😊

  • YouTube Acc
    YouTube Acc Year ago

    I didn’t get free grift???

  • Natasha Riley
    Natasha Riley Year ago

    ZALA is a game changer, theyre extensions seem almost to good to be true, they stock lengths that are so hard to find anywhere else and they are so cheap????

  • Teresa Kauffman
    Teresa Kauffman Year ago

    The ZALA clip ins are so comfy to wear in, i completely forgot they were in and fell asleep in them, apart from ruining my curls i didnt even notice!!

  • WhatA.Goodwin
    WhatA.Goodwin Year ago

    When you trust Shannon so much you come back to a 3 year old video to get an honest review on extensions 😂💕

  • Cathleen M. Long
    Cathleen M. Long Year ago

    As i'm a first time extension user i thought ZALA was expensive, but since i've looked around at other sites they seem really cheap!!

  • Mary J. Pinon
    Mary J. Pinon Year ago

    What length is this? I got some ZALA clip ins in 20in and have found they are the perfect length! Have you seen their hair? LITERALLY thick ALLLL the way to the ends. NOT RATTY LIKE LUXY!

  • Alexis R. William

    I am a hair dresser and I have to say ZALA hair extensions are the best quality out there. My salon use their brand exclusively as their tapes are a very high grade of remy human hair. Have had so many happy clients who have loved their colour range :)

  • Naesha Allen
    Naesha Allen 2 years ago

    just wanted to start off by saying I love your videos.. I just purchased the 24inch type in hair extensions in the shade 18/613.. I was just wondering have you experienced or know and one who has their hair extensions looking dull when they first get them? if so what was done to give them shine? I almost thought they was fake because of how much my hair had shine and not the type in hair extensions..
    oh and thank you for the discount code😘

  • Michelle Difranco
    Michelle Difranco 2 years ago

    This looks so gorgeous,will try it SOOOON!!

  • Mary Howard
    Mary Howard 2 years ago

    some girls are born with long soft hair, others like me rely upon ZALA, i would have ratty thin hair without my extensions that make me feel like a normal person.

  • Sandra Jackson
    Sandra Jackson 2 years ago

    hey gurls, honestly dont bother dying your hair ombre - just get ZALA extensions!!! I mix it up all the time and my friends are so in awe

  • Audrey Luttrell
    Audrey Luttrell 2 years ago

    Finally a brand that actually cares about their customers - they are super understanding and helpful. I've never had a bad experience with ZALA :)

  • Carla West
    Carla West 2 years ago

    I am in lurrrveee with my ZALA protect me hangar bag - its the cutest little coat hanger and set to keep them safe when i travel a lot!! (saves them getting all knotty in my bag)

  • Anne Wright
    Anne Wright 2 years ago

    After being completely ripped off my a crappy Luxy set, i vowed to never go back! I tried ZALA and dont know why i bothered with expensive brands, ZALA is CHEAPER and BETTER QUALITY

  • Jennifer V
    Jennifer V 2 years ago

    Starts at 6:33

  • Mary Marino
    Mary Marino 2 years ago +2

    BUYER BEWARE ...They have changed the quality! I ordered from them 3 years ago and again this month. The color is different not what is shown in her video and they are not thick root to tip.

  • Cassidy Erin
    Cassidy Erin 3 years ago

    can you wear hair extensions in the water or no?

    • Charis
      Charis 2 years ago

      UrbanBeauty081 yeah it's real human hair

  • Poonam Tiwari
    Poonam Tiwari 3 years ago

    How n can I get them in my country...?How much they costs?

  • Brianna Aranda
    Brianna Aranda 3 years ago

    I just recently purchased on Sunday and they came in today .. I'm confused tho because the clips don't look like yours .. they are very chunky and stiff.

    • Charis
      Charis 2 years ago

      Brianna Aranda when u first get extensions the clips are always stiff you need to wear them for about 1 month to wear in the clips

  • guessxwhoxthisxis
    guessxwhoxthisxis 3 years ago

    I ordered 2 sets of Zala extensions 2 years ago, but these were the most expensive and most horrible extensions I've ever owned. They started matting and tangling right away and I left hair everywhere

  • trang Nguyen
    trang Nguyen 3 years ago

    Ah! Your code actually works! I'm so exited to get mines in the mail soon! ❤️

  • genesis
    genesis 3 years ago

    im dying my hair a black and blonde ombre type thing, black on the top and blonde on the tips, and i want these hair extensions what do you suggest for it to fit my needs?? PLEASE HELPPPP i need to know ASAP

  • Tattiana Delfino
    Tattiana Delfino 3 years ago

    Hi!! Do you still use and like these extensions!?

  • Mauria maria
    Mauria maria 3 years ago

    is a poor quality plastic hair and lost my money

  • Denene downsouth
    Denene downsouth 3 years ago

    a bit of texture powder or dry shampoo also helps if the clips slide.

  • Joanna Banana
    Joanna Banana 3 years ago


  • Hc RemyHair
    Hc RemyHair 3 years ago

    Get ponytail to make your hair thick and volumn

  • itsLizzie
    itsLizzie 3 years ago

    I just purchased some 20" Zala extensions but I didn't use your code! Ugh. I'm really looking forward to them but I'm also super nervous!!

  • Rex
    Rex 3 years ago

    I wasted 219.00 buying Bellami extentions They were thin on the bottom 4 inches , the texture of the hair was fuzzy not thick like normal hair .I tried to lowlight them and they turned gray. I ordered zala extentions today and will never try a different brand again. zala is thick to the ends smooth texture looks and feels like beauitful hair.

  • stephanie Blairrr
    stephanie Blairrr 4 years ago

    Could you do a video showing how to do a ponytail with hair extensions

  • Holly Cushman
    Holly Cushman 4 years ago

    I just purchased these! Can't wait to try them out!

  • Kiera Thomas
    Kiera Thomas 4 years ago

    I adore my Zala's best hair extensions i have ever bought!

  • Natasha Mace
    Natasha Mace 4 years ago

    i have hair extensions but my hair is to short like to short can you still use them still please help me i don't know what to do???

  • Cheryl Boutz Music
    Cheryl Boutz Music 4 years ago

    thank you so much for these hair extensions. I have been looking all over for some that are this thick cuz I have really super thick hair. I'm gonna get some as soon as I can.

  • Katie Pederson
    Katie Pederson 4 years ago

    You should try Bellezza Belle hair extensions,
    They are amazing! I personally like them better than zala hair extensions.

  • Victoria Black
    Victoria Black 4 years ago

    love love love my Zala extensions! I have the sun kissed highlights which are so perfect for my hair. I wouldn't recommend any other brand of hair extensions and I've tried a few! Zala hair is amazing

  • Sorelle Campbell
    Sorelle Campbell 4 years ago

    Ordered one set and now I'm ordering a second and they should be here tomorrow! So excited. I love these!!!

    • D. Hernández
      D. Hernández 4 years ago

      How long took the shipping? And how are the extensions??

  • Jess Coleman
    Jess Coleman 4 years ago

    shannon, how tall are you? i'm 5ft and thinking about getting the 24/26 inch. But seeing the 20 inch they look really good X

    • Jess Coleman
      Jess Coleman 4 years ago

      +Ella Brown i bought the 24 inch in jet black :)

    • Ella Brown
      Ella Brown 4 years ago +1

      You can always get them trimmed though🍎

    • Jenna LaurXn
      Jenna LaurXn 4 years ago

      +Jess Louise get the 20 inch! It's longer than you might think.

  • Blondy Wanders
    Blondy Wanders 4 years ago

    do hair extensions hurt ? do they cause hair loss?

    • Kate Quain
      Kate Quain 4 years ago

      Hair extensions don't hurt, clip ins don't usually cause hair loss, unless you do things you shouldn't do such as sleeping in them

    • 80years123
      80years123 4 years ago

      Clip on hair extensions don't and don't make your hair fall out :) glue in might be more dangerous!

  • Ana Alicia
    Ana Alicia 4 years ago

    did anyone else receive theirs and upon inspection, on each piece, it looked like some hairs were cut from them? like to make it not as thick? thats how I received mine 😠😠😠

    • Victoria Black
      Victoria Black 4 years ago

      +Ana Alicia I had the same thing but I emailed their customer service and they explained that it is "double drawn'. From what i gathered the short hair at the top is just from the overhang from the king hairs and is meant to reduce shedding :)
      trust me i was a little concerned as well but when you put them in they are so amazing. I'm in love with my Zala hair
      :) when all the pieces are in the hair is super thick and so soft, it was soo happy.

  • Joëlle Claassen
    Joëlle Claassen 4 years ago

    What are you wearing on your lips?

  • Melissa Rodriguez
    Melissa Rodriguez 4 years ago

    I just ordered a pair I am so excited for them to come in

  • Melissa Rodriguez
    Melissa Rodriguez 4 years ago

    i love your hair

  • 80years123
    80years123 4 years ago

    I have shoulder short hair and it's think do you think getting a 220g 20 inch would be enough for my hair?

  • Charly Robinson
    Charly Robinson 4 years ago

    What hair dye does she use ? I'd love to find the brand :)

  • Aiyana Celestin
    Aiyana Celestin 4 years ago

    Shan said that she got the 9 piece extensions but didn't use every single piece so should I just get the 5 piece??? Help! 😊😩

  • Leeleegc88
    Leeleegc88 4 years ago +1

    I must've gotten two "dud" sets because the hair I got wasn't anything great. It was ok I guess but there are so many other brands I've tried with wayyy better hair. I will say, the ends are nice and thick. I wanted to like them! Anyone else have this experience? Regardless, they look great on her! Maybe I just have bad luck.

    • Victoria Black
      Victoria Black 4 years ago

      +Leeleegc88 oh really?! I loved my hair extensions from ZALA! I have 2 sets from ZALA now and both of them have been AMAZING! They're so thick and silky!! I wouldn't go anywhere else for hair extensions. and the customer service team was soo lovely and helpfu

    • MayaTheKat
      MayaTheKat 4 years ago

      What brands do you recommend?

  • Staci Durham
    Staci Durham 4 years ago

    These look amazing! I couldn't even tell they were extensions!

  • NayshaaaRaee
    NayshaaaRaee 4 years ago

    It is SO refreshing to see any other hair extension company getting recognition aside from bellami. Not shading them, but they are too damn expensive.

    • Victoria Black
      Victoria Black 4 years ago

      +NayshaaaRaee omg i know! Bellami is so much more expensive and ZALA is way better anyway! I always get so many compliments when i wear my Zala extensions, they look so natural

    • Christina H.
      Christina H. 4 years ago

      And they suck ass. I bought the gahlichi glam ones

  • Brielle Jones
    Brielle Jones 4 years ago

    I bought these because of you! I hope they work well for me 😬

  • Sadidas
    Sadidas 4 years ago

    I really want hair extensions but I has no money

  • Irene Cx
    Irene Cx 4 years ago

    i just sent you an Email for i guess you could say business requirements lol about the hair extensions if you could get back to me asap!

  • Brooke Funnell
    Brooke Funnell 4 years ago

    I really wanted to watch some more of your videos, so I scroll down your channel and i cant find even ONE that i haven't watched😂 love you shannon xxxx

    SEIDUN V 4 years ago

    Only bought hair with spicy hair !100% satisfy!

  • Charlotte Ali
    Charlotte Ali 4 years ago

    6:35 to see how she clips them in

  • Alexandra Sanchez
    Alexandra Sanchez 4 years ago

    those hair extensions look amazing. I never bought hair extensions but always wanted to... these are slightly cheaper than Bellami hair extensions. I might order some soon thanks Shannon! love yah xo!!! sending you some love from Miami, Fl 🌴 😘

  • julilks26
    julilks26 4 years ago

    Thank you SO much for this vid Shannon!! I've been struggling with my extensions and I can't wait to give it another try after watching this!

  • Maiwlt
    Maiwlt 4 years ago

    you look like Perrie Edwards, but you're prettier! xxx

  • Kaelynn Kate
    Kaelynn Kate 4 years ago

    Selling my 300 gram 30" Zalas. Their in 1b. I love them!!! they're so thick and soft, it's just that I'd rather have a sew in lol.

  • Michelle Tait
    Michelle Tait 4 years ago

    The dimensions in these are beautiful, and look sooo good!!!

  • Makeup Illusion
    Makeup Illusion 4 years ago

    Omg... you're really good with applying the extensions :D I am so afraid to apply them alone at home :)) maybe I'll try it on now :D

  • Charizze Abellanosa
    Charizze Abellanosa 4 years ago

    wish I could be this blonde 😩

  • Unknown
    Unknown 4 years ago


  • Chloe Lawson
    Chloe Lawson 4 years ago +1

    ive got zala extensions! i absolutely love them :) they dont shed over time theyre amazing xx

  • iVideoUs
    iVideoUs 4 years ago

    They look so lovely!

  • marinski
    marinski 4 years ago

    Wow Shan, your natural hair grew out so much!!! Even though I watch like all of your vids somehow I just now realized it lol 😂❤️

  • Lilly Marie
    Lilly Marie 4 years ago

    They're amazing! I had to get my tape ins removed and thrown away and I want clip in replacements but I haven't bought them yet but I need to cuz they're awesome !

  • Danika Pagé
    Danika Pagé 4 years ago

    Can you make a video on how you grow your hair long while dying ti blonde please! You're hair has gotten so long :)

  • Chiara Giorgiaa
    Chiara Giorgiaa 4 years ago

    I love them hair extensions but I don't know if I will order them they won't have my hair shade

  • Lea Marie Bruce
    Lea Marie Bruce 4 years ago

    Those look absolutely amazing!

  • zala haller
    zala haller 4 years ago

    my name is Zala !! :)