2006 Celtics @ Sixers - 3OT Thriller

  • Published on Feb 9, 2017
  • Ricky Davis with one of his best games as a Celtic. He would only play 6 more games with Boston, before being traded to Minnesota.
    Boxscore: www.basketball-reference.com/boxscores/200601130PHI.html
    Kyle Korver Shot Picture: i.imgur.com/Bz0Rg37.jpg
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  • Blakkset
    Blakkset 7 days ago

    So I fell asleep and woke up to this. Then I looked in the comment section and see a bunch of us got the same story to tell. lol

  • David Hansen
    David Hansen 7 days ago

    this was an iconic game for my childhood but how did it end up in my mentions??

  • Kidd Tj
    Kidd Tj 7 days ago +7

    How did everyone coincidentally woke up to this ?😂

  • aznpowerdaniel
    aznpowerdaniel 10 days ago

    I'm your highlight reel comment of this game.
    6:41 Webber dunks on Perk.
    9:23 AI to AI. Iverson behind the back pass to Iggy for the poster dunk on LaFrentz.
    2:07:12 Webber dribbles between the legs to get past Pierce and alley oop to Dalembert for the reverse slam.
    2:39:42 Smart play from the White Mamba off of Korver's back to inbound.
    2:41:20 Korver hits the buzzer beating three point shot to send the game into triple over time.

    My personal ranking for top 5 plays of the game.
    #5 Webber dunk on Perk
    #4 White Mamba
    #3 Webber to Dalembert
    #2 AI to AI
    #1 Korver clutch 3

  • JanPy
    JanPy 10 days ago +1

    Everybody fall asleep and time travel back to the good days 😂

  • Ty E
    Ty E 12 days ago

    was chris webber ever good

  • Ty E
    Ty E 12 days ago

    lol steven A smith love the big ass suit

  • ThatguyNice
    ThatguyNice 15 days ago

    Lol. Woke up to this auto selection video in the 3rd quarter, after a few hours of sleep.

  • JHorse508
    JHorse508 20 days ago +1

    #wokeUP2this for like the tenth time legitimately

  • King Ceez
    King Ceez 24 days ago

    I remember watching this game man they showed the same replay a thousand different times back then lol.

  • Patrick Un
    Patrick Un 27 days ago

    The GOAT

  • jk11483
    jk11483 27 days ago

    I'm at work, spoke with team lead and coworker, resolve several issues, used the restroom, went to the break room which is on another floor, played on my phone, and nodded off and this game is still on

  • TerijakiGaming
    TerijakiGaming 27 days ago

    Wtf i slept and woke up to this

  • MrSodaBelly
    MrSodaBelly Month ago

    He really wanted Korver to catch that shitty pass lol

  • such OwO XD
    such OwO XD Month ago

    I watched the entire thing thing because. I woke up to this

  • Emmanuel Moses
    Emmanuel Moses Month ago

    So basically everyone wakes up to this video? Interesting lol

  • AV_ Acryllic
    AV_ Acryllic Month ago +1

    I feel asleep asleep watching this video and I now found it in my history

  • AmirKingW
    AmirKingW Month ago

    Wow i thought i was the only one...

  • Read 2c
    Read 2c Month ago +1

    ha what’s so funny is the same exact thing happened to me but the one good thing is I woke up exactly when they started there OT fight.😂

  • Korey Williams
    Korey Williams Month ago

    I did not wake up to this

  • seville Deville
    seville Deville Month ago +1

    Okay I fell asleep and also woke up to this🤔

  • Julia Payne
    Julia Payne Month ago

    at 2:08 CWebb does dat Luca Doncic between the leg move

  • Cade 816
    Cade 816 Month ago

    I went to bed at 12 and when I woke up at 7 this was on but I was 12 minutes in

  • Stylee T
    Stylee T Month ago

    How old was Korver back then. Dammit he still cold

  • Stylee T
    Stylee T Month ago +1

    I clicked on the link to see Webber's DUMASS FUK UP AND NOT CALL TIME OUT THIS TIME. Nigga scared to pull DAT TRIGGER. His trigger finger got broken in two places after DAT DEBOCLE at Michigan.

  • Ryan B
    Ryan B Month ago

    This is such a throwaback.. these are the players I grew up watching.

  • Youtube Fuuriocity
    Youtube Fuuriocity Month ago

    No no 4.1 seconds done

  • redpepperdave
    redpepperdave Month ago

    Ok I woke up to this... Twice now

  • Hill Boyce
    Hill Boyce Month ago

    Just woke up, this still on?

  • neetrab
    neetrab Month ago

    The one time...the good ol days when the 6ers can actually beat the celtics smh. *Go Sixers!!!*

  • neetrab
    neetrab Month ago

    2:41:25 very nice!!

  • Clemente Shane
    Clemente Shane Month ago


  • FuZionBTW
    FuZionBTW Month ago

    wtf is this I just woke up

  • o T0NE
    o T0NE Month ago

    Yoooo i dead ass fell asleep and woke up to this like howwwwwww no bs

  • Jacob Hones
    Jacob Hones Month ago


  • Simply Jayvee
    Simply Jayvee Month ago

    Young Kyle Korver

  • 540 StyL AL
    540 StyL AL Month ago

    Wow i remember this game!!!

  • Battery Life
    Battery Life Month ago

    Yo how the fuck did I wake up to this literally went to sleep for 7 hours

  • Jon Doe
    Jon Doe Month ago

    Follow ig swizzzyythesavage

  • MiniBOI
    MiniBOI Month ago +1


    • Elijah Mumford
      Elijah Mumford 24 days ago

      ...thought i was ...only one that...did...that...he...he...he.!

  • Whyso Serious
    Whyso Serious Month ago +1

    2:40:09 thank me later

  • It’s me Sid
    It’s me Sid Month ago

    Get the fuck out of my recommendations

  • ben 25
    ben 25 Month ago

    Why does Iverson look mad when Webber and korver scored

    • ben 25
      ben 25 Month ago

      @Goat Reacts it's not a joke it's a serious problem he's not happy for them and has no interest in the team
      PS. Iverson is my all time favorite player

    • Goat Reacts
      Goat Reacts Month ago +1

      Because you're tryna make a bad joke on RU-clip.

  • BE. water
    BE. water Month ago +1

    Bill Walton : possibly the worst shot in Celtic franchise history.
    LMFAO IM crying

  • Aj Shreds
    Aj Shreds Month ago

    bro who woke up to this on every time

    • homer simpson
      homer simpson Month ago

      wtf..happened to me too! woke up with this playing on my phone lol

  • Elijah Clay
    Elijah Clay Month ago

    hi d russell

  • Khanaa Khadaa
    Khanaa Khadaa Month ago

    2:59:49 sixers tiki taka

    • PB&J JAR
      PB&J JAR Month ago

      First name Last name reminds of Spain in the world cup

  • Anthony Joseph
    Anthony Joseph Month ago +3

    I like how you could hear the players talking on the court.

  • Gio Green
    Gio Green Month ago +2

    Why do I always fall asleep and wake up to this😂

  • Willy Beeman
    Willy Beeman Month ago +1

    Lololol I was sleep and woke up to Delonte west getting buckets

  • #JulioJones 11
    #JulioJones 11 Month ago +3

    AI is a beast Ill give him that but he ain't no Brian Scalabrine - 2:40:18 - That is the true white mamba. #GOAT

  • mohammed gindiel
    mohammed gindiel Month ago +1

    so I guess there are 3.5K Celtics supporters on here

  • Jimmy Larmour
    Jimmy Larmour Month ago

    Is it not creeping anyone else out that everytime i fall asleep watching something basketball realted i either wake up to this or the usa olympic game?

  • clp14
    clp14 Month ago +1


  • Ian H
    Ian H 2 months ago +1

    Thank you for this!!

  • Gamer Twins
    Gamer Twins 2 months ago +12

    Isn’t it funny how they played on Friday the 13 and I’m watching this Friday the 13 of 2019?

    • Gamer Twins
      Gamer Twins Month ago


    • Panther Chima
      Panther Chima Month ago +1

      Because even if it was posted then, it would have had to been at least 7 years to get it to be on the same day. Duh, didn’t you know this? So Gamer Twins isn’t lying, you just said it to make it seem like that so people agree with you without thinking.

    • Panther Chima
      Panther Chima Month ago +1

      Beasley Knows Jiu-Jitsu you’re wrong

    • Gamer Twins
      Gamer Twins 2 months ago +1

      I’m watching the nba players play on Friday the 13

    • What It Do Baby
      What It Do Baby 2 months ago

      Not really!!!!!! Because this video was uploaded on Feb 9 2017 which was on a Thursday!! Which means you seen this video before. You saved it in your favorites and decided to post a comment underneath this video on Sep 13 2019 (FRIDAY THE 13) No coincedence at all!!!!! You aint foolin no one hold this L!!! 👎👎👎👎👎👎

  • Tigerjuhhh
    Tigerjuhhh 2 months ago

    how the fuck did i end up back here again?

  • P A N D A W A R R I O R

    Bruh, i woke up to this

  • David White
    David White 2 months ago +82

    You woke up to this too? wow lol

  • xgsvzcjgsv rhavgagad
    xgsvzcjgsv rhavgagad 2 months ago

    the guy in the motorhead shirt looks cool asf 2:13:47