Who has the Best PC at LTT??

  • Published on Sep 22, 2019
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    Who has the best PC setup at LMG? These guys compete for Cash and Hardware!
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Comments • 6 563

  • Fuckingenius
    Fuckingenius 16 hours ago

    What a fuckin virgin!!! Living with mommy in a 1st world country... Can anyone go deeper than that?

  • Kat Saskowski
    Kat Saskowski 17 hours ago

    i wanna see anthony's setup

  • Foxy PuFy
    Foxy PuFy 18 hours ago

    At 2:05 he says that G pro wireless is the king of mices? What number? G 5 ?

  • Crysanthos
    Crysanthos 19 hours ago

    The Gamers Nexus cup bit was hilarity

  • Fate Weaver
    Fate Weaver 19 hours ago

    You should start a series "pimp my pc!"
    Like the pimp my ride series😅

  • LION InsightX3
    LION InsightX3 19 hours ago

    Linus is such an ass but it's in a cute way

  • Cute Critters and Friends

    Linus sex tips

  • Wolfram
    Wolfram 22 hours ago

    Why is there a ventilation tube in his room?

  • Jed Jade
    Jed Jade 22 hours ago

    Scrapyard Wars, but you're only allowed to use stolen LTT property from employees houses.

  • matt winward
    matt winward 23 hours ago

    18:07 When your boss invents himself over to help you clean your house and upgrade your gaming rig.

  • Seth Kauffman
    Seth Kauffman Day ago

    I love how he acts like all this stuff is just so amazing and mind blowing like he's not around it every day lmfao. I have my main rig:
    R5 2600x
    RTX 2070 OC
    32gb ddr4 3000mhz corsair vengeance led
    And then my secondary rig:
    R7 1700x
    EVGA GTX 1080 FTW
    16gb 3000mhz corsair vengeance led
    I want to get into streaming, but I just haven't. I don't think I have enough confidence to do it. But both my setups can run any AAA game with high-ultra settings 1440p just fine.

  • Callum Kenny
    Callum Kenny Day ago

    More appropriate name of the video: "Linus grades his employees lives by viewing their bedrooms".

  • toño g
    toño g Day ago

    tyler is an friking ass

  • Pikachueevee111
    Pikachueevee111 Day ago +1

    Xbox One password on background lmaooo

  • Wooshiiii
    Wooshiiii Day ago

    Does no one else notice the atomic shop music from FO76 while they're looking through Tylers setup?

  • CaffeinePizza
    CaffeinePizza Day ago

    "A VHS Player"

  • Joe Zegers
    Joe Zegers Day ago

    Literally Nunavut

  • Mariana Hosu
    Mariana Hosu Day ago

    At 8:03 you complained about being connected by a HDMI. So I have the same monnitor and I didn't knew that LG is limited at 48Hz by hdmi?! Why?? And What can I use to use it at full potential?

  • Caleb Bridwell
    Caleb Bridwell Day ago

    turtleshoe.wav. Been a while since I've seen that meme referenced, solid lol from me.

  • Ron Anderson
    Ron Anderson Day ago

    A first - second and third place … for participation

  • KizXii
    KizXii Day ago

    LTT Bottles seems to drop frequently....... gosh I wonder why?

  • Robert Shuki
    Robert Shuki Day ago

    I mean g305 is amazing

  • Mike Barton
    Mike Barton Day ago

    Holy fuck.. a Saitek keyboard? Those things were garbage. I remember there was a game that actually didn't work with them. You would have to unplug the keyboard, launch the game, then plug it back in.

  • Sean
    Sean Day ago

    See, THIS is the kind of content I miss from vloggers.

  • Mike Anderson
    Mike Anderson Day ago

    WHOA, Jake lives with his Mom?!? That makes me feel so much better about living with my parents in my late 20's. At least I have a ballin' gaming setup too!

  • Username_Joo
    Username_Joo Day ago

    why is everything so fucking dirty

  • ADefault Newbie
    ADefault Newbie Day ago

    I have fucking gtx 650 1Gb and x4 750 4GB ram wtf

  • newox2
    newox2 Day ago +2

    Linus: "Let's see who has the best PC at Linus Media Group, shall we?"
    Also Linus: *admires barbeque*

  • Jacob Hotaling
    Jacob Hotaling Day ago

    my carver and kenwood speakers are better

  • fullhrein
    fullhrein Day ago

    That sock was so hard it was scraping the floor.

  • SideWaysXD
    SideWaysXD Day ago

    Well guess I own a better pc then anyone who works there. Not sure how I feel about it 🤣

  • DominationWiTh B

    What keyboard does Jono have

  • Отписан
    Отписан Day ago

    Really, 1080 Ti and 2080 Ti? TBH I expected Titan's and Quatro's from people working in one of the most known tech company in the world, not average cards anyone (in the west) can get.

  • JH K
    JH K Day ago

    Now I wanna work at LMG, great employee discount!

  • Fisherman Sam
    Fisherman Sam Day ago

    Okay! So the second guys setup is completely irrelevant from the start due to 49hz.... WTF is that shit.

  • Fisherman Sam
    Fisherman Sam Day ago

    Oh noes you touched a cum sock....

  • Tarron Hirn
    Tarron Hirn Day ago

    I swear my ears perked up when he said Taryns name.
    (Thats my name spelt differently)

  • lawless clan
    lawless clan Day ago

    its like i dont know why i watch you guys ?for what intel ?

  • Revan259
    Revan259 Day ago

    At about the 8 min mark he starts talking about his setup being connected to an hdmi. What’s so bad about that? Can someone explain and what’s the better alternative?

  • Mike Packer
    Mike Packer Day ago

    Dude... Why do your employees have such junk rigs?! Try a Ryzen 7 2700x, rgb 16g trident z 3200mhz, RTX 2070, rgb 240m Corsair liquid CPU cooler, rosewill prism 500 case, MSI M370 CARBON PRO MOBO. Hook me up with some upgrades bro!! Lol! Love your show!

  • deer hunter
    deer hunter Day ago

    where are the beautiful blondes ?

  • Drey Galon
    Drey Galon Day ago

    where is the follow up video on the clean up and rig update?? LET'S GOOO

  • White Flag
    White Flag Day ago

    This makes me feel poor

  • demi5007
    demi5007 Day ago

    I thought the prize was a Z390 ROG Formula motherboard not the hero haha.

  • sludgeblade
    sludgeblade 2 days ago

    I want the follow up video on you cleaning Tyler's cave!!!

  • Hush
    Hush 2 days ago

    7:50 that is the grimiest mouse i've ever seen. good god

  • Markus Magnon
    Markus Magnon 2 days ago

    Almost 10.000.000 subs and every single video is sponsored and the employed are building they own shelves in some tiny room at moms home? Kinda sad.

  • Sam'sBuses
    Sam'sBuses 2 days ago

    Took me 5 minutes to realise the 2nd person has the exact IKEA desk I use.

  • The Progress Report
    The Progress Report 2 days ago

    My computer is better than all three LOL!

  • Greg S
    Greg S 2 days ago

    Tyler, I like your D&D & ttrpg stuff.


    9900k + 2080Ti sli...= monster...

  • Informed Choice
    Informed Choice 2 days ago

    $200 for that table? Wow. Tyler, dutty boy!

  • Xander Stone
    Xander Stone 2 days ago


  • VR FOB
    VR FOB 2 days ago

    I hate all of you.... I want a fancy computer..... I'm a damn vr gamer working off a 1060.... help meee

  • Kamden Vera
    Kamden Vera 2 days ago

    Omg the dude's cat. Is beautiful.

  • Sir JaKrispy
    Sir JaKrispy 2 days ago

    13:32 new meme format

  • Kamden Vera
    Kamden Vera 2 days ago

    Mfw the minor has better rig than me

  • Spilly
    Spilly 2 days ago

    How to people live in all that mess

  • bine
    bine 2 days ago

    holy shit i have the same desktop background photo as the 3rd guy

  • kmW
    kmW 2 days ago

    I use a dual shock 4 for PC gaming. Fight me, Linus. Okay, so I only use it for rocket league, but still.