I Was (Sort Of) A Kindergarten Rebel Ft. TimTom

  • Published on Sep 3, 2018
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  • Bacon Lavander
    Bacon Lavander 2 hours ago

    Thats exavtly whta i did in my school heh

  • Shoto Todoroki
    Shoto Todoroki 3 hours ago

    Plus ultra

  • Jelly Krumpets Gaming
    Jelly Krumpets Gaming 7 hours ago


  • Zed The Game
    Zed The Game 10 hours ago

    All i remember about my kindergarten was when i sat on the swing,that's all :")

  • Silly Skits
    Silly Skits 13 hours ago

    i love rocket power and catdog because i'm an early 2000 kid

  • Wolfykid999 Hi I’m mario

    Friken vrv -not available in your region 😑

  • KbearTheGameBear
    KbearTheGameBear Day ago +1

    In Kindergarten, my teacher used to have a little bell that she would ring when the classroom got too loud. One day, she went into a little walk in closet type thing to print some papers. Everyone was talking during that time, and it was super loud. So, like any introverted kid, I rang the bell. Everyone got quiet and the teacher came storming in and said, “WHO RANG MY BELL!!!” Everybody pointed at me. I was so embarrassed and scared because I was just a good little quiet kid. I ended up crying just because I got yelled at even though I didn’t really get in trouble. That was traumatizing.

  • Nox
    Nox Day ago

    Was that martini meant as a jab or something.

  • sumiko mak xze xin
    sumiko mak xze xin 2 days ago

    Lol, so what I understood from the story was a teacher was arguing with a 5 year old about a pink unicorn, said kid pretended to lose her notebook after filling it with drawings, teacher just assumed it would reappear on the second day, it didn't and teacher hated kid, also she probably did know kid was lying and was guilt tripping kid so kid would confess except kid never did.

  • Starii_Playz :3
    Starii_Playz :3 3 days ago +2

    All the people who disliked said ‘dis i like’

  • Delight Playz
    Delight Playz 3 days ago +1

    Some in here are probably going to school in a jeepney

  • Iris Hager
    Iris Hager 4 days ago

    My Hero academia is the best

  • Nitin Renji
    Nitin Renji 5 days ago +1

    your kindergarten teacher was such a biaaattchh xD

  • The beanie boo Show!

    In my kindergarten I had nap time and i was never tired and now we don’t have nap time obviously and I’m tierd all day!

  • ♡Unicorn Gacha Girl♡

    Did you just say unicorns aren’t real?

  • Tiee24 AJ
    Tiee24 AJ 6 days ago

    Who else feels lime Bakugou was a kindergarden rebel

  • XxCool GirlxX
    XxCool GirlxX 6 days ago +2

    I miss Nickelodeon


    God damn it I miss those old shows

  • TonyBlaze 2006
    TonyBlaze 2006 7 days ago +1

    my parents never let me watch anime when i was little😢😢😢
    so idk what salor moon is

  • Adam Rainey
    Adam Rainey 8 days ago

    I didn't know your teacher was in Fate/Stay Night

  • Kura Blossom
    Kura Blossom 8 days ago

    Maybe she saw you take the notebook home and got mad because you lied to her every single day about it

  • Kura Blossom
    Kura Blossom 8 days ago

    I did the question picture thing too

  • WeaboWolfie 09
    WeaboWolfie 09 8 days ago

    Omg I did some rebel things as a kid soooo yah I was a little punk

  • Adriana Verdugo
    Adriana Verdugo 8 days ago +2

    1 like= 1 new composition notebook for young Emily

  • AeroRed YT
    AeroRed YT 8 days ago

    When I was 5, I watched Saw on a weekly bases....

  • Misty TheWolf
    Misty TheWolf 9 days ago +2

    Here you go > 📓
    Write your day in the journal (reply)

    • Gage Piercy
      Gage Piercy 6 days ago

      Today, I went to Wednesday night church, and I watched Banjo's reveal trailer for smash WAY too many times. That's about it.

  • Itchi bukimi Majo
    Itchi bukimi Majo 9 days ago

    Pwease date me emirichu-chan!!^3^ ^w^ >.

  • Senpai Yurisa
    Senpai Yurisa 9 days ago

    And the teacher be watching this like “NANI?!”

  • Marlene Akogyeram
    Marlene Akogyeram 9 days ago

    I had journal time too

  • Greva Barcelo
    Greva Barcelo 9 days ago +2

    Your teacher is dumb

  • Clock Maker
    Clock Maker 10 days ago

    you guys got walked to school by your parents? i always went alone...
    i learn something new everyday

  • Cat Dice
    Cat Dice 10 days ago


  • Elouj Time Reaver
    Elouj Time Reaver 10 days ago

    I think your teacher assumed that because you rebelled with the unicorn it was a futile effort to get you to comply with the entire process.
    Also I am going to assume that your kindergarten self could literally rotate her head freely along the Z axis.

  • Məøw İ'm a cat
    Məøw İ'm a cat 10 days ago

    Who's the hardest person to draw out of your youtube friends

  • Məøw İ'm a cat
    Məøw İ'm a cat 10 days ago

    The bus transformed into a pink unicorn and only liked Emily so only picks up Emily
    Imagine if you told your teacher that though

  • Big Shrengus Wazowski-Neutron

    You should’ve just wrote bus on the unicorn

  • Student Samantha Mullins
    Student Samantha Mullins 10 days ago +1

    I was that one kindergartener that cried all the time .-. I mean that as in I cried for stupid reasons

  • Jonathan Susanto
    Jonathan Susanto 10 days ago

    Attack on titan (*・ω・*)b♪

  • Ajc 7575
    Ajc 7575 10 days ago +2

    *child can’t find notebook*
    Logical reaction: Well it’ll probably reappear tomorrow.

  • Orbitron
    Orbitron 11 days ago +5

    Totally missed an opportunity to name your pink unicorn "Thebus" XD

  • Evolet The crazy girl
    Evolet The crazy girl 11 days ago

    YAY your watching my hero academia

  • Madeleine Magaña
    Madeleine Magaña 11 days ago


  • Sir Lancelot Du Lac
    Sir Lancelot Du Lac 11 days ago +1

    "We're some of you even alive during the 90's?"
    I feel so targeted. 😭

  • Mathilda Narup
    Mathilda Narup 11 days ago

    ...I can't find my notebook on MY carpet...

  • Val_ potato 12
    Val_ potato 12 11 days ago

    my dog walks me to school how incredible ;-;

  • 땡 Boi YT
    땡 Boi YT 11 days ago

    SOLUTION: Pink Unicorn themed bus

  • Galaxy's Queen
    Galaxy's Queen 11 days ago

    Wow you draw good😀

  • the artsy gaming otaku

    couldn’t she just give you loose leaf paper???

  • Addie Rose
    Addie Rose 12 days ago

    MHA is SOOOOOOO good

  • ilovemygremlins
    ilovemygremlins 12 days ago +1

    Sailor moon is still dope. I still watch it!

  • DraCommics •
    DraCommics • 13 days ago

    I never really watched anime .-.

  • quianna s.a
    quianna s.a 13 days ago

    Tim tom : Sailor moon was dope
    Emily : I’m not editing that out
    Tim Tom :no you can’t
    Emily : 😂😂

  • Ugandan Strawberry hedgehog

    One time in kindergarten. I had this girl sit in front of me on the carpet while our teacher was talking to the class. I see that the girls buttcrack was showing and little was like "TOUCH IT!" so I put my finger down there and she looks at me and starts crying... I'm a Kindergarten pro 😎

  • Ashley Chen
    Ashley Chen 13 days ago


  • Ja’via Don
    Ja’via Don 13 days ago


  • 10000 subs no videos?
    10000 subs no videos? 13 days ago

    I watch nickelodeon

  • Dora Villatoro
    Dora Villatoro 13 days ago


  • Stray_Soul#67
    Stray_Soul#67 13 days ago

    What a dumb teacher... some teachers in kindergarten and primary school really aren’t as responsible as they should...
    Disliking a kid for such a stupid resaon is... well... stupid, yeah.

  • Kazumi Hatake
    Kazumi Hatake 13 days ago

    We have that one teacher who hates us

  • Ethan Watts
    Ethan Watts 14 days ago +2

    Yes Bish Yes Jk My hero academia and attack on titan season 3 also did u see my hero academia 2 heros

  • pickle destroyergaming

    Who is sailor moon?

  • Anime Gacha
    Anime Gacha 15 days ago

    I ride a pink unicorn
    No you don’t
    You’re a P I N K U N I C O R N.

  • VictoryVick
    VictoryVick 15 days ago

    You have a one punch man art style

  • Kyuxite !
    Kyuxite ! 15 days ago +6

    Are just not gonna talk about how she swallowed the tooth pick? 6:22

  • Tenya Iida
    Tenya Iida 15 days ago

    Picture: *accual unicorn*
    Litterally no one: •deep inhale• sweetie-

  • Wave Sound
    Wave Sound 16 days ago

    Why is "Kindergarden" is like a German Word it's like every time the Englich people say "Kindergarden" it's like Really weird and Strange. Who is like me in That like me?

  • Relinquished
    Relinquished 16 days ago

    I ship it :3

  • xXGacha KarmaXx
    xXGacha KarmaXx 16 days ago +1


  • Kitty 198
    Kitty 198 16 days ago

    I’m a fan tooo of my hero academia q😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Juan Manuel Penaloza
    Juan Manuel Penaloza 16 days ago

    Reality: it can be whatever we want.

  • Fish Head
    Fish Head 16 days ago

    Wow bad teacher

    THE GALACTIC STAR 17 days ago


  • pokemon sid
    pokemon sid 18 days ago

    I wasn't alive (dob 14/11/2005) :(

  • Minelelol
    Minelelol 18 days ago

    maybe timtom should date emirichu and jaiden should date james

    SOPHIE DUPRAT 18 days ago

    My first grade teacher was say too kind

  • Melon Badger
    Melon Badger 19 days ago

    5 year old Emily drawings are so cute 😂😂

  • Shena Rivas
    Shena Rivas 19 days ago +11

    Emirichu: boring.. -_-
    Me: so you're gonna ride a unicorn?
    Emirichu:so i draw a pink unicorn

    Me:damn am i a five year old

    Btw i'm only 12

  • ¡Yaweena! Wee!!
    ¡Yaweena! Wee!! 19 days ago +1

    Well I wasn't I was intrested on NARUTO

  • Mini Night
    Mini Night 19 days ago


  • Mr. Green Banana
    Mr. Green Banana 20 days ago

    Now that I look back on elementary school, like half of it is just learning to follow directions (which I, now a 9th grader, still can't do very well.)

  • expensive eggs 34
    expensive eggs 34 20 days ago

    do more like this...................................

  • Jeffyixl123
    Jeffyixl123 20 days ago

    I did too when I was very little but I told my teacher that my cat ate it 😂

  • XxKitKatYTxX
    XxKitKatYTxX 20 days ago +1

    I'm not editing that out.-Emirichu

  • Demarian Acker
    Demarian Acker 20 days ago

    timtom with a neck is WeIRd

  • skyler OceanLake
    skyler OceanLake 20 days ago +22

    "Sailor moon
    Was dope" timtom 2018

  • Roxyrockstar 221
    Roxyrockstar 221 20 days ago +1

    OMG I Watch my hero academia yeet it’s so cool

  • Gacha is gay XD
    Gacha is gay XD 21 day ago

    My fav nickelodeon vid is catdog srry i forgot the title and i was born 2008 and i still watch it over and over
    (Srry if ur triggered in my name if u watch gacha life my older brother changed it to this)

  • Allison Gonzalez
    Allison Gonzalez 21 day ago +57

    I think 🤔 that your teacher 👩‍🏫 should have gave you a piece of paper 📝

    • TeacupTempest
      TeacupTempest 2 days ago

      I would have tried to get the truth out of her and since I couldn't fight the artist in her I would get some paper and put in new pages for the prompts so that she would have a bigger book full of prompts and art. I never want to be that teacher who keeps kids from being creative.

    • One Dank Meme
      One Dank Meme 2 days ago

      (NO HATE) They weren't that smart back in the days.

  • DR 7
    DR 7 21 day ago

    emili not is a good name to you,
    your new new name is Critty

  • Kwok Chloe
    Kwok Chloe 21 day ago +119

    Tim Tom wearing a Sailor Moon costume.
    ME: ...
    Emirichu: I'm not editing that out
    Tim Tom: NO!!!!!!!!!

  • brisaespi99
    brisaespi99 21 day ago

    I was planning on being a teacher,
    I got to teach elementary kids
    Some kids were awesome, a first grader was reading FReaKing hArrY PoTter the biiiigggg one's
    And others....
    They made stop wanting to be a teacher

  • 5H1-1N4
    5H1-1N4 22 days ago


  • Eric LeBow
    Eric LeBow 22 days ago +1

    I can’t stop watching these kinds of videos. But you art style is absolutely my favorite.

  • xXxPenguinisweirdxXx :D

    The dislikes were just the teacher on multiple accounts

  • TriviaLover 7
    TriviaLover 7 23 days ago

    This was Awesome

  • aloe drink mango smoothie

    I was 4 as a kindergarten and I was called Chinese cause I had small eyes

  • Nurqamarina _
    Nurqamarina _ 23 days ago

    Once when i was kindergarten i cut my friend’s hair using scissor and their mom meet the my teacher and my teacher kinda scolded me hahahha

  • hannahmama07
    hannahmama07 24 days ago

    My hero academia is the best

  • AmberFox GotchaLife
    AmberFox GotchaLife 24 days ago +1

    You should watch “The Promise Neverland” PLEASE WATCH IT ITS SO GOOD

  • Røse Petal
    Røse Petal 24 days ago +33

    Once in kindergarten i convinced one of my friends to cut their hair with me.. the teacher found out and we go put in the...

    *NAUGHTY CORNER* -i cried ;-;-

  • Lynkin Lovegood
    Lynkin Lovegood 24 days ago

    What I don’t understand is why didn’t she just give you notebook paper and told you to do it on on that?