I Was (Sort Of) A Kindergarten Rebel Ft. TimTom

  • Published on Sep 3, 2018
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  • Heartmoon 123
    Heartmoon 123 22 hours ago

    Teacher: how do you get to school
    Me: CAT BUS
    Teacher: ka cool cool

  • youtuber person youtuber

    Teacher: So how do you go to school in the morning?
    Kid: My mom drives me in a car with its steering wheel facing the window which lets pedestrians take a good look at the badge on it.
    Another kid: My mom walks me to school in a Red dress for some reason.
    Emily: Psssh, nerds. I ride a pink unicorn to school.

  • Sha-Chan M. C.
    Sha-Chan M. C. Day ago

    Kids who were not alive in the 90s are now in college

  • Stammesführerin Eisblüte

    Kindergarten: Solve this:
    What should you do with a big fluffy unicorn?
    Kids: CUDDLE IT!!!!!!
    School: Solve this:
    Kids: A NUMBER!!! >:0

  • musicals addict
    musicals addict 3 days ago

    One time in elementary we had vocab and we had to draw a picture and tell a story and my word was something like...idk worried or something and i ended up drawing...my dog...and the nieghbors dogs....yeeeeaaahhhh...and i didnt know what that ment...my mom had to send an apology to the school and posted it online

  • Sunny Side Up
    Sunny Side Up 4 days ago

    Emi: “...’what are your plans for the weekend?’ You know, basic, normal 5 year old stuff...”
    Are you serious, at that time they had me draw and color the Mexican flag, do a clay figure version of something the teacher showed us, or just do math problems (i lived in Mexico at the time so yea...)

  • RogueSpartan 285
    RogueSpartan 285 4 days ago

    I have a big imagination like in grade school, but I got a bigger one now. I'm working on my own universe with a total of 50 characters created since 2013. I feel so proud now

  • Natsu Dragneel
    Natsu Dragneel 4 days ago

    "I've completely destroyed my sleeping schedule and I'm unhappy with my art pls send help"

  • XxCaptainLuckxX xD
    XxCaptainLuckxX xD 4 days ago

    couldn't you just have written on paper?? xD

  • Karissa Vera
    Karissa Vera 6 days ago

    Uh...Emrichu it only takes three days to watch my hero

    It took my a day for 1 1/2 seasons cuz I spent A WHOLE DAY ON IT AND IT WAS BOMB AND- AND my friend said it sucked 😖😱😰😢

  • Karissa Vera
    Karissa Vera 6 days ago

    Emrichu did u read my diary

    Just kidding my diary contained far worse and now I shall spill my five year old secrets (this comment comes with complimentary five year old me translation) enjoy!
    If I know anybody out there, hello, hehe don’t judge me at school
    • “I like bats, bats are cool they have big wings. They also hang upside down. BATS ARE COOL”
    • I love my dog Russell he is so fluffy. I call him waffles
    • My sister has a big head(me now: haha) she thinks she’s so smart and that’s why she has a big head but I know I’m smarter than her
    Omigosh there’s more but sorry people not today I’m dying of laughter as it is
    Me talking to myself now: Oh lord I was such a chismosa
    Haha mayo mayonesa oh lord I remember that princess crown
    Now guess what I was doing

  • Green Sharp
    Green Sharp 6 days ago

    What was the sponsored music at the beginning?

  • Juliet Worthy
    Juliet Worthy 7 days ago +1

    Well I like sailor moon lol 😂

  • BlueMøonX
    BlueMøonX 8 days ago

    What why the cat bus from My LIL TOTORO

  • Gracie covers
    Gracie covers 8 days ago +1

    Can I say...that the teacher looks like a calm version of bakuhos mom

  • Troy Kramer
    Troy Kramer 9 days ago +1

    7:00 no I was not alive in the 90’s I died in 1989

  • Pinkys' Odyssey
    Pinkys' Odyssey 9 days ago

    i was born in 2003, but i swear that i was secretly born in 1990

  • Madeline Bernal
    Madeline Bernal 9 days ago

    yui from SAO was totally in the thumbnail

  • Joseph Araujo
    Joseph Araujo 10 days ago

    I sware watching your videos is like slowly and slowly convincing me to watch Sailor Moon.

  • myeh see men
    myeh see men 11 days ago

    already subbed my dear timtom

  • Kevin Eontrainer
    Kevin Eontrainer 11 days ago

    Both the anime version and irl version of you are so cute!

  • One Bright Star
    One Bright Star 11 days ago +1

    In kindergarten we had a day where highschoolers came over to play with us and stuff and do activites with us, and to my knowledge it still happens so I guess I'm gonna do it soon.
    But anyway, I remember being put into this group with a boy in my grade and a highschool boy. And me, being the little brat I was, threw a fit because I was jealous everyone else got to do fun activities while I only got to color a simple page from a coloring book and that was it. Like kids were playing games and playing with literal shaving cream and I was over here throwing a fit because I didn't get to do that lol everyone probably got a headache because of me.

  • Sushant Gaikwad
    Sushant Gaikwad 11 days ago +2


  • Jayden Explosion
    Jayden Explosion 11 days ago

    This was my friends birthday when we were in kindergarten now we are in 1st grade

  • Zeedan Shah
    Zeedan Shah 12 days ago

    Then you should draw yourself riding in a bus
    Anyone with an IQ above their teacher:

  • u2damoney
    u2damoney 12 days ago

    you are awesome!

  • A u t u m n
    A u t u m n 13 days ago +1

    What 5 year olds watched in the 90’s: Funny Cartoons
    What 5 year olds watch now: PG14 Animes

  • -*The Moon Princess*-
    -*The Moon Princess*- 13 days ago +1

    Yessss sailor moon forever
    Go weeboos

  • Piggie
    Piggie 13 days ago +2

    bruh when I was in kindergarten I just slept in my corner all day with my homies

  • Rosie Rosa
    Rosie Rosa 13 days ago +1

    Actually i was born in 2002 so no i was not alive in the 90's lol

  • UwU what ́s this
    UwU what ́s this 14 days ago

    You can’t draw something that doesn’t exist
    Me: SO thats why i never drew my dad

  • xXUnknownRX
    xXUnknownRX 14 days ago +4

    Emily’s drawing: a unicorn

    The caption: I ride the bus to school

    Me: are you on acid? Do you need help?

  • IzzyBzzyDork :p
    IzzyBzzyDork :p 14 days ago

    I missed the 90's by 21 days

  • Kitty05
    Kitty05 14 days ago

    3:07 Emily doesn't understand how frustrating it can be to deal with a 5 year old calmly. They assholes. At least 80% of em are assholes. *NOTE* I love kids, I love children a lot, I want to have my own and I think they're great. But 5 year old children are fucking assholes and you cannot convince me otherwise.

    • Kitty05
      Kitty05 14 days ago

      But I don't agree with how she didn't contact Emily's parents about the situation. That wasn't okay and wasn't professional.

  • Killerwolffy
    Killerwolffy 14 days ago +1

    DAMN!!!!! YOU WENT THRU THE BOOK FASTER THEN ME AND I COMPLETED 1 IN LESS THEN MONTH!! (my mom hates me because of that)

  • Killerwolffy
    Killerwolffy 14 days ago +1


  • elaina_ _chan
    elaina_ _chan 14 days ago +1

    Bnha is the best

  • The Universal Rabbit
    The Universal Rabbit 14 days ago

    When I was little I genuinely thought I was a bunny.
    The first day of kindergarten we were doing circle time (say your name and ect)
    I said hewo I’m a bunny.
    At the end of the day the teacher said you are not a bunny you are a human girl so tomorrow you will say your name normally
    Then I cry in the bathroom

  • Ayaka Kitten 10
    Ayaka Kitten 10 15 days ago

    I love your videos lmao

  • Alexander Michel
    Alexander Michel 15 days ago

    Did you watch my hero academia movie or season 4

  • Erza Scarlet
    Erza Scarlet 16 days ago


  • Deranged Detachments
    Deranged Detachments 16 days ago

    2:57 my catcphrase

  • Brooklyn ovard Mattingly-Ovard

    I haven't seen sailormoon be for

  • Loni Rogers
    Loni Rogers 17 days ago

    How come you couldn't draw imaginary stories in kindergarten and I could draw imaginary stories in second grade

  • EvTheBoss 1122
    EvTheBoss 1122 17 days ago

    I go to school on a green and red camo furry that shits rainbows

  • NineTailed Samurai
    NineTailed Samurai 17 days ago

    I don't care I'm proud of it because Im 14 and I'm not afraid to show my real self

  • Natalie Mair
    Natalie Mair 18 days ago

    I had a story that was very similar to this, sort of I guess.
    I too was in Kindergarten, and I don't remember what the activity was, but I do remember a questionnaire and happy-sad-angry-meh faces that we had to fill in. I was a very upbeat, wild, energetic kid, and kind of a bully (I say kind of because I was dumb, and mean to a couple of kids). What I remember from this activity was my main teacher (bless her soul, she was/is amazing) was going over the questionnaire, but I never got one. I was all by myself at this table near the back of the classroom and off to the right, near the window. I seem to recall being extremely disheartened by the fact that I never got one of these things, and the other teacher came over and asked if I was ok and wondered why I wasn't doing the assignment. I simply said, "I never got one" and she said, "Ok, I'll go get you one!", I never got one. XD
    I look back on my dumb kindergarten embarrassing moments and laugh now, but this one stuck out to me.

  • Takiiawa Plays
    Takiiawa Plays 19 days ago

    I have an online friend. We were talking about the worst things we did in preschool. This girl says that she has a brother who went to a school next to her. So she ditched school and went to a near-by park with her friend. They decided to run to her brother's school and they made it into the cafeteria. Mind you this girl is like 3. So they raid the pantry and found fruit snacks. So they in the cafe chilling and eating fruit snacks until they heard the bell ring and booked it outta there. While grabbing as much fruit snacks as they could. Her brother saw them running and got her in trouble with her mother who got out the belt. I laughed so hard, hot chocolate shot out my nose. Hope you enjoyed this story.

  • 100k subscriber with no vids challenge

    Hey people scrolling through the comments you're the best and I would appreciate it if u could help me out😀

  • Charlotte /
    Charlotte / 20 days ago

    Your teacher looks like me lol

    ROBERT FOLLANSBEE 20 days ago

    I never watched sailor moon...but I watched my little pony ;^; I regret life

  • Gay Psychopath
    Gay Psychopath 20 days ago +1

    We had this mean rule in my kindergarten that if u forgot to leave your shoes in the cupboard, then they would throw it out

  • Maten su
    Maten su 21 day ago

    *dang sailor moon was actully dope XD*

  • Ymir Fritz
    Ymir Fritz 21 day ago

    I never got naps in kindergarten :'(

  • NineTailed Samurai
    NineTailed Samurai 21 day ago

    I have a big imagination but it's probably my ADHD also my parents say I'm going backwards because I play with a weedwacker string

  • Shy Guy Animations
    Shy Guy Animations 22 days ago +2


  • DinoGirl YT123
    DinoGirl YT123 22 days ago

    You draw nice 👍

  • Glenda Draws!
    Glenda Draws! 22 days ago +2

    On crunchyroll theres this comedy thing “Aho girl” and its so good

  • DolphinPlayz WoT
    DolphinPlayz WoT 22 days ago +4

    I was a 2nd grader rebel
    I remember the teacher telling me to sit down and I kicked over my chair

  • YokaPlayz HD
    YokaPlayz HD 22 days ago

    sOrT OF