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  • Published on Feb 17, 2019
  • Hey Guys! I'm Danica and I am from the Philippines! :)
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  • queeno hearts
    queeno hearts 7 days ago

    I think she’ll look better w no contact lenses

  • Angelyn Aquino
    Angelyn Aquino 8 days ago

    When I first saw this one I thought your having your debut.Your so beautiful danica

    GAMES WITH ME! 9 days ago

    You look anime and pretty

  • Woop! Sh*t
    Woop! Sh*t 10 days ago

    hindi gentleman yung kadate nya haha

  • Angelo Cruz
    Angelo Cruz 10 days ago +1

    Ganda ng Idol ko

  • ialem reivaj
    ialem reivaj 14 days ago

    At the very young age you has a talent doing your own make up.... nice and gorgeous

  • Ulyses Llego
    Ulyses Llego 14 days ago

    Ohhh my god she is real Maganda..

  • Althea Buctuan
    Althea Buctuan 15 days ago

    Amg ganda nyo po

  • unicorn_gamer653 forever

    OMG your SO PRETTY😍😍

  • Aya Madura
    Aya Madura 15 days ago

    so kilig hahahajaja

  • Lalaine Concepcion
    Lalaine Concepcion 15 days ago

    Your beautiful

  • Ami Gwapa
    Ami Gwapa 16 days ago


  • Elleyse Antopina
    Elleyse Antopina 16 days ago +1

    Galing mag make-up..ganda ni danica

  • Ali Alkalbani
    Ali Alkalbani 16 days ago

    Magkahawig sila ni karina bautista. ..

  • Jessa Pornia
    Jessa Pornia 17 days ago +1

    Ang pogi nang partner 😍😍😍

  • Aizen Ireneo
    Aizen Ireneo 18 days ago

    Hello Nadya!

  • Tropang Pinas
    Tropang Pinas 19 days ago

    Ate ilan taon kana po?

  • Crystal Anne Villanueva

    Ang galing mo talaga mag make up parang totoong make-up artist

  • Mira Faith Estares Catalan

    Your so beautiful ate Danica I love you my idol😍😘❤️

  • Chen Love
    Chen Love 20 days ago +2

    Nadia how to be u?? Why so pretty?

  • Jcjjg Mamporlon
    Jcjjg Mamporlon 21 day ago

    Ang ganda nyo po

  • Lady cate Aninang
    Lady cate Aninang 22 days ago

    is that from mak tumang ??

  • Fruit of Joy
    Fruit of Joy 22 days ago

    Wrong event. Star Magic Ball dapat.

  • dab savage
    dab savage 26 days ago

    Lol natisod pa yung escort

  • Ayesh Kho
    Ayesh Kho 27 days ago

    Just subscribe to your vlog😉

  • Julius Mark Cardeno
    Julius Mark Cardeno 28 days ago

    Sana mabigyan pa sya ng project sa ABS. Magaling syang kontrabida!

  • Joy Tiston
    Joy Tiston Month ago

    Ganda ng batang ito. Baby girl half ka ba?

    NIGHT MIGHT Month ago

    Ung nag me make-up si danica} parang nąg make up tutorial na

  • blackfriendiya
    blackfriendiya Month ago

    sorry lang sa mga nag hure ng makeup artist

  • Thate Baltazar
    Thate Baltazar Month ago

    Oh my god ang galing nyo po mag make up pede nang profesional

  • Jesseigh Lacson
    Jesseigh Lacson Month ago

    Gosh you almost look like Pia Wurtzbach or even Anne Curtis

  • Asly Dimaayao
    Asly Dimaayao Month ago

    napasin niyo ba parang mag ka muka sila ni karina
    Like niyo kong napansin niyo din😅

  • bernadette820
    bernadette820 Month ago

    aww you're so pretty, close to K. Hermosa's beauty

  • Lara A
    Lara A Month ago

    Girl..... WITHOUT makeup you look beautiful! You don’t need no foundation nothing just fill in the brows and that’s it 🥰🥰🥰love yah

  • Ginny Potter
    Ginny Potter Month ago

    My lahi kabang amerikana Danica?

  • Vanilla lace
    Vanilla lace Month ago

    Galing mo mag make up!

  • Myca Lebuna
    Myca Lebuna Month ago

    New danicanatics here why youre so pretty 😘 iloveyou your so gorg 😊💕

  • Cassandra Davis
    Cassandra Davis Month ago

    Correct me if im wrong.. Sya ba yung sa KG na one of the bff ni Marga??

  • Lintang Rofiqo
    Lintang Rofiqo Month ago

    You remind me to liora la pointe

  • Rose V
    Rose V Month ago

    tinalbugan mo pa si Marga😊

  • Keith Cartilla
    Keith Cartilla 2 months ago

    Siya ba Yung sa kadinang ginto??

  • Shahidul Islam
    Shahidul Islam 2 months ago

    Oh wait, is he your boyfriend?💃
    Just asking✋

  • Shahidul Islam
    Shahidul Islam 2 months ago +2

    Ow,You're damn rich👹👹

  • Wonder Kath
    Wonder Kath 2 months ago +2

    Gown: “Oops!! Sorry..”
    Guy: “piskot”


    ANTI BASHERS 2 months ago

    Pamilyar yung gown or kapareho lang haha ... please check na lang dito guys sa link kung ito nga yun

  • Kharen Abarca
    Kharen Abarca 2 months ago

    Why do you look like karina like in pbb

  • Wei Zhan
    Wei Zhan 2 months ago

    Gorgeous as ever! Where did you get your gown?

  • Krizzy Jimz
    Krizzy Jimz 2 months ago

    Bff ni marga..

  • Lourdes Dar
    Lourdes Dar 2 months ago

    I like you

  • Asleigh is here
    Asleigh is here 2 months ago

    Parang sa mariot hotel yanw

  • Isabelle Camasura
    Isabelle Camasura 2 months ago

    Wow!!! Your so beautiful ate danica

  • eff yy
    eff yy 2 months ago

    Hi danica, love to see you use skin friendly makeup products, pwede matanong kung saan ka nakakaorder ng glossier products?

  • eva castillo
    eva castillo 2 months ago

    You are beutiful

  • Jewels of Gina
    Jewels of Gina 2 months ago

    This is our Lola glam night watch

  • shula juguilon
    shula juguilon 2 months ago

    wow prom is so extra there😂❤️ i love it

  • StigandStem
    StigandStem 2 months ago

    Best dressed by far.

  • Kanon Suzuki
    Kanon Suzuki 2 months ago +3


  • Lenneth Cruz
    Lenneth Cruz 2 months ago

    Parang mag dedebu

  • Leilani Shane Afalla
    Leilani Shane Afalla 2 months ago

    Hi Nadya😍 Danica Shoutout please😍😍

  • Meri Zednanreh
    Meri Zednanreh 2 months ago

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