Turning A Car Into A Popcorn Machine!

  • Published on Mar 31, 2019
  • nightscape - ru-clip.net/channel/UCXcYq2DQ4W_lxzMAINTBmTA
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  • Divvy
    Divvy 2 hours ago +1

    6:28 THE LEG 💀💀💀💀

  • Abigail Purple
    Abigail Purple 4 hours ago

    These guys don’t click bate... they always fucking true

  • AudiGaming
    AudiGaming 14 hours ago

    Can u do some more about cars

  • Lolly Mau
    Lolly Mau 16 hours ago

    I fucking died 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • LZG Rosco
    LZG Rosco 3 days ago

    Did u clean the car

  • Grxpe Jelly
    Grxpe Jelly 3 days ago

    Was that imdontais song

  • Saf Jones
    Saf Jones 3 days ago

    J looks like the boy that sings I want Candy

  • Just_some_guy 745
    Just_some_guy 745 3 days ago

    4:41 anyone know what typa dog that is

  • Talia Eddy
    Talia Eddy 4 days ago

    Jay looks like Smash Mouth

  • Tyler Desmond
    Tyler Desmond 4 days ago

    Is it weird I have a crush on my friend

  • Hen xo
    Hen xo 4 days ago

    The effort they put into these videos is madness

  • Caitriona Walsh
    Caitriona Walsh 5 days ago +2

    Their back garden has turned into a car graveyard

  • Ez Come Ez Go
    Ez Come Ez Go 6 days ago

    soulja billy is amazing his first video was years ago guys i recommend you watch it

  • ThatSmartStone
    ThatSmartStone 6 days ago

    6:17 i broke

  • Vexiosis
    Vexiosis 7 days ago

    Can not disrespect the saxos 💯✊🏼🍆🏆🤔👀👍☺️😍🧐❌🦶🏻🤔

  • Mikeyboy 6813452
    Mikeyboy 6813452 7 days ago

    Can anyone else hear zaz zuh zaz from cab Calloway

  • Exotic Squishy
    Exotic Squishy 8 days ago

    It bugs me the car was so dirty when they put the oil in
    TGF bro: jumps in the popcorn and eats it

    PRESTIGE UP 8 days ago

    7:38 all my friends are dead

  • Marc Bromley
    Marc Bromley 9 days ago

    what’s the song at 5:17??

  • Luke Robson
    Luke Robson 9 days ago



  • gold camo
    gold camo 9 days ago +1

    16:25 they searched porn

  • Scythe NjnJ0
    Scythe NjnJ0 9 days ago +1

    he looks like the guy who sing all star

    • Glen Humphreys
      Glen Humphreys 7 days ago

      Hey now your an all star get your game on go play

    JAYDEPIE 9 days ago

    All u gonna get is butterscotch on your teeth😂😂🤣

  • TheSnipeKing
    TheSnipeKing 10 days ago

    Ksi is going to be a great dad

  • Khaled Dannaoui
    Khaled Dannaoui 10 days ago

    Mason? I thought his name was jay

  • Leah Morales
    Leah Morales 10 days ago


  • Endrit Sejfiaj
    Endrit Sejfiaj 10 days ago +2

    Buy a drift car and make a vid doing drifts on a big open space

  • Bamity BamBam
    Bamity BamBam 10 days ago

    Wait... is Tesco just the U.K version of Costco??

  • ItzVapor
    ItzVapor 10 days ago +9

    Jay - Come On Guys !
    *Car Blows Up*
    Imagine Tho 😂

  • B0T_Nature
    B0T_Nature 11 days ago

    who the fuck disslicked this

  • Cahir Mcclenaghan
    Cahir Mcclenaghan 11 days ago

    A random keyboard just popped up

  • kenu thiyana
    kenu thiyana 11 days ago

    remember the blue car in thecards video HE HAD THE CARRR

    • Lewis Birks
      Lewis Birks 10 days ago

      kenu thiyana Ino so tha means the end of the video was fake bu I still luv tgf

  • Fantom Boy
    Fantom Boy 11 days ago

    Bro I’m the hype guy in my friend group

  • Jokkah hhh
    Jokkah hhh 11 days ago

    4:43 found em in my cousins lip
    Dog: aw hell nawwww

  • this is why im dont use skin [ norsk chringe ]

    8:55 song?

    • Scaler
      Scaler 10 days ago

      Distractions by imdontai

  • Rachel Mallinder
    Rachel Mallinder 11 days ago

    I went to Alton towers last year

  • minisnowman
    minisnowman 11 days ago

    Bro the background music of one part was a song from xxxtentacion and the name of it is riot

  • Jeff Kaplan
    Jeff Kaplan 12 days ago

    5:16 moxas 🔥🔥🔥

    • Alex Perez
      Alex Perez 7 days ago

      That’s not moxas that’s imdontai

  • Peyton Kenna-Edwards
    Peyton Kenna-Edwards 12 days ago +3

    Omg when Jay looked like grandad in his wheel chair

  • CDunked _
    CDunked _ 12 days ago

    that old DOOOD is a LEGEND

  • Edgy Rider69
    Edgy Rider69 13 days ago


  • Witch 6itch
    Witch 6itch 13 days ago

    Man'd got a tattoo saying Fuck Jake Paul 😂😂😂

  • yugi bear
    yugi bear 14 days ago

    What songs were played during this video?

  • Sad Vibes
    Sad Vibes 15 days ago

    I love the tesco guy

    PURRPGOD ? 15 days ago

    Song at 3:52

    PURRPGOD ? 15 days ago

    I see you listening to imdontai

  • Jude Grimes
    Jude Grimes 17 days ago

    U have a tatto f jake Paul when u look like him lol

  • Will Moore
    Will Moore 17 days ago

    Needs to be age restricted cause of exposure to a dead trim in the first 3 seconds

  • Rouli Thang Kui Hon
    Rouli Thang Kui Hon 17 days ago +1


  • It’s FireFox
    It’s FireFox 18 days ago +13

    Love how there garden is full of cars 😂

  • Kiri Swannell
    Kiri Swannell 18 days ago

    are yous gaaaaay

  • Kazio Tytula
    Kazio Tytula 18 days ago

    Yo jay looked like guy firi

  • Arty fyty
    Arty fyty 19 days ago

    why does that cars rev sound like a mclaren lol

  • The Wonder Chicken
    The Wonder Chicken 19 days ago

    You should have cooked the popcorn on the engine

  • Morgansvlogs Vlogs
    Morgansvlogs Vlogs 21 day ago +1

    7:56 jay looks like a BBB TECH JIMMY NEUTRON EEEEEW

  • LegendaryFish
    LegendaryFish 22 days ago +1

    Bruv y duz Jay look like Smash Mouth

  • Tamar Chambers
    Tamar Chambers 22 days ago +1

    music? 0:4

  • Caleb utuber
    Caleb utuber 23 days ago +1

    Opening song??

  • Azza Elite
    Azza Elite 24 days ago +1

    you need to Crosby beach and pretend to be one of the iron man statues and scare people.

  • Scrubz
    Scrubz 24 days ago +2

    What's the song at 5:20