• Published on Sep 21, 2019
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  • Donairsauce
    Donairsauce 2 days ago

    Liza: FREE SHOW
    1 month later: Better buy this bih if you wanna watch me

  • Terry Daniels
    Terry Daniels 3 days ago

    Come on guys throw us a little bait let us your fans know if there will ever be a chance of you and David getting back together again please we the people want no we the people need to know if this will ever happen David needs to be with Liza not Natalie

  • Kelly Tien
    Kelly Tien 4 days ago

    I loved your old videos WHAT happens to them

  • Shivani Verma
    Shivani Verma 4 days ago

    Hey when are you coming India

    NOA DIGGS 5 days ago

    What happened to the old intro🥺 and wednezzzzday with lizzzzaaaa 🥺

  • Sun Day
    Sun Day 8 days ago

    There's fan videos??

  • maryam oubari
    maryam oubari 8 days ago

    Andd your youtube videos :(

  • fluffypuppy
    fluffypuppy 8 days ago

    Do you know the kurian family I am kessia (Ava’s little sister)’s friend sylvi and I love your videos

  • Kit Kat
    Kit Kat 10 days ago


  • ••『 Sora 空』
    ••『 Sora 空』 11 days ago

    Kimiko is so prettyyyyyy

  • tnlk
    tnlk 12 days ago

    bih and I did waste my free trial for yt red when the 1st season aired damn lmao

  • Gianna Bunnelle
    Gianna Bunnelle 15 days ago

    I swear every time a Liza video comes out a Huggies ad is the only on I get

  • Toni Pajamas
    Toni Pajamas 15 days ago

    Even free I don’t wanna watch

  • Sarah Says Hi!
    Sarah Says Hi! 16 days ago

    Who else never noticed will from stranger things was in this until now

  • Clemito L
    Clemito L 19 days ago

    Be a part of #Teamtrees

  • Clemito L
    Clemito L 19 days ago


  • Wylan
    Wylan 21 day ago

    this isn't liza koshy's new show, it's kiza loshy's sew nhow

  • Hannah Hawkins
    Hannah Hawkins 22 days ago

    I have seen it 😮 wow it was you 😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮 I am shook 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯 . I am so sorry I I didn’t know it was you

  • Anna Carolina
    Anna Carolina 23 days ago

    Olá Liza, meu nome é Anna Carolina, e gosto muito do seu canal, sou brasileira e estou tentando aprender inglês, e queria mt q todos os teus vídeos fossem legendados em Português, que me ajudaria muito, e ficaria muito grata.
    Muito obrigada e sucesso. I'm Love you ❤️❤️❤️

  • Sahar Sundjyvsky
    Sahar Sundjyvsky 24 days ago +1

    Legend say that if you say the youtubers name 3 times they pin you


  • Laura Jungling
    Laura Jungling 25 days ago

    Hey guys! Can you check out my RU-clip channel? I'm a brand new RU-clipr. Thanks for the support:)

  • Fiona Waters
    Fiona Waters 26 days ago +1

    Woah making magic ? BTW I LOVE YOU LIZA 😀😁😍😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😗😗😗😗😘😙😙😚😚😚😙😗😄😄😄😆😆😆😉😉😉😉😉😉🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗😘😗😍

  • Ariel Kivett
    Ariel Kivett 26 days ago

    💟I'll always love liza

  • Kariuska Azahares
    Kariuska Azahares 27 days ago

    I love watching all the episodes

  • Jacklyn Cervantes
    Jacklyn Cervantes 28 days ago

    Kimiko Glenn looks like a pinay celebrity named Sheena Halili..she did sound like here..

  • Siera (The Chosen One)

    Who else thinks she looks ALOT like Raven Symone!?

  • Julia Amarsaihan
    Julia Amarsaihan Month ago

    I wonder if tacos still alive

  • Drysta squad
    Drysta squad Month ago

    Liza please please try to make more funny vids I'm not trying to be mean or ruin what you like to do but I really miss your videos and I love Liza on Demand to but I really want to see new vids cause I'm getting tired of the same old videos all the time please understand ☹️😢

  • smarkeys Adragna
    smarkeys Adragna Month ago

    i miss wensdays with liza

  • Doie Fuzzball
    Doie Fuzzball Month ago

    Saw u on the WE program last week

  • Jungkookie Bun Bun
    Jungkookie Bun Bun Month ago

    Wata for a DALLA😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Jungkookie Bun Bun
    Jungkookie Bun Bun Month ago +3


  • 30 gamer 10 gamer
    30 gamer 10 gamer Month ago

    Liza your so gorgeous I saw you on the hot ones eating chicken wings I love your smile your laugh your eyes the way you act your so interactive the energy that flows through your body , i haven't seen a video of you in such a long time . ❤ your so positive I would love to meet you some day.

  • Jasmine Savage
    Jasmine Savage Month ago

    Please unblock south africa so that I can watch it to because I really really want to keep watching

  • Emily Murphy
    Emily Murphy Month ago

    This came out the day after my birthday :)

  • Jennifer Cottrell
    Jennifer Cottrell Month ago


  • Jennifer Cottrell
    Jennifer Cottrell Month ago

    You tube???? NOOOOOOOO....A BC!!!

  • Addison Bell
    Addison Bell Month ago

    I’ve already watched all the episodes in one day

  • Thanuya Balaratnam
    Thanuya Balaratnam Month ago

    Love u Liza and team

    WOOHOO RUSSELL Month ago +1

    Best show ever ☺️

  • Nicky van Veen
    Nicky van Veen Month ago

    But it isn’t free??

  • Antwon Dickbutt
    Antwon Dickbutt Month ago

    You look like a fish

  • Woodstock’s Thomas

    Anyone else think Kimiko looks like a cute fox?🦊

  • Steven Teixeira
    Steven Teixeira Month ago

    Wednesday’s with Liza we want it back

  • Unique Naya
    Unique Naya Month ago +1

    I miss this little brown girl so much 😖💓

  • Sophia Behbehani
    Sophia Behbehani Month ago

    Liza never really post actual videos instead to fill in she will just post it from her show that you would need premium to watch :(

  • Yeon Kimin
    Yeon Kimin Month ago +1

    I didn't know she was half Indian OMG

  • Molly Watts
    Molly Watts Month ago

    I miss Wednesday w Liza

  • lenorey lianza
    lenorey lianza Month ago

    Why is liza's head so big in thethumbnail

  • Isabella Castenda
    Isabella Castenda Month ago

    I love your show but I wish you made Your old videos too

  • Meranda Capetillo
    Meranda Capetillo Month ago +1

    Finnaly you post on your RU-clip channel

  • Isabelle LaFrance
    Isabelle LaFrance Month ago

    So proud of this!

  • GG Gamer
    GG Gamer Month ago +1

    Can you go back to tiktok queen

  • Kelly Hutchison
    Kelly Hutchison Month ago

    Am I the only one who saw Kimiko in the waitress uniform and thought of "When He See Me"?

  • Kaydyn Cuff
    Kaydyn Cuff Month ago +1

    Liza you’ve really done and pissed me off

  • slim pimpin
    slim pimpin Month ago

    😂😂 I hate her so much her voice is so deep an here face is weird

  • Hi Mates
    Hi Mates Month ago +1

    Not that free

  • Jaden Moffat
    Jaden Moffat Month ago +2

    Soooo ur doing yt premium now. Rrokay ig no more contend boys

  • Johnny Icee
    Johnny Icee Month ago

    Rip jet,heeeelga, and of course her goat
    We miss u guys

  • Johnny Icee
    Johnny Icee Month ago

    I miss Liza coming at me