Apple Motion Professional Training 01- Introduction and Getting Started

  • Published on Feb 8, 2016
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    In this free tutorial- you will learn a general overview on how Apple Motion works to create a quick animated title. If you have never used Motion, or have done any kind of Motion graphics in the past this lesson is for you.
    In this lesson we will cover the following topics:
    0:30 What IS apple motion?
    0:52 Why should I use it?
    1:24 Price comparison to After Effects
    4:00 Operating system concerns
    5:49 The Motion 5 Interface
    7:31 Importing items
    9:38 The Library
    10:58 Groups and layers
    12:34 The Inspector
    12:50 Adjusting properties in the inspector
    15:04 Creating text layers
    17:47 Duplication
    20:58 Introduction to behaviors
    24:57 2D- 3D layers
    26:00 Arranging items in 3D space
    26:39 Reflections
    27:56 Using the throw behavior in 3D space
    28:47 Using a Fade in Fade out behavior
    This is the first in a series of Apple Motion tutorials. If you are looking for more tutorials be sure to subscribe to my channel AV-Ultra, where I have tutorials on Premiere Pro, After Effects, Apple Motion, Final Cut Pro X, Element 3D, Mocha, and many others.
    If you are looking for formal training in video production or motion graphics, editing software, I am a technical trainer based in Milwaukee WI, and have classes available. I offer classroom based learned but can also travel to Your location and work with you and your team.

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  • Aurianna Scullion
    Aurianna Scullion 2 years ago +12

    Hmm... At the top where yours says file browser, library, inspector, mine only has library and inspector. Does anyone know why this is?

    • Vivian Ecclefield
      Vivian Ecclefield 4 months ago

      @Life with Matt and Nikki So. . .after I click "Import". . .then what?

    • Life with Matt and Nikki
      Life with Matt and Nikki 11 months ago +2

      was wondering the same thing. "Import" does the same thing however

    • Mtplus lemon
      Mtplus lemon Year ago


    • AV-Ultra
      AV-Ultra  2 years ago +9

      Ive pinned your question to the top so hopefully it will help other people too.
      Thanks again for watching.

    • AV-Ultra
      AV-Ultra  2 years ago +9

      Apple removed the file browser in the new updates.
      it was a really useful feature and I dont know why exactly it was removed.
      In other comments I address this- but wanted to assure you- otherwise its extremely similar.
      Thanks for the question and hopefully that helps.


  • Michaels & Associates
    Michaels & Associates 9 hours ago +1

    How about a 2020 updated video?

    • AV-Ultra
      AV-Ultra  Hour ago

      Absolutely. I have been waiting for the next update. But you’re right.
      It’s totally time for an update and cover some more topics.

  • Age of Anderson
    Age of Anderson Day ago

    Really well done tutorial! I'm not too intimidated to jump in to Motion now.

  • Runner Duck777
    Runner Duck777 10 days ago +1

    I haven't finished watching all of your Motion tutorials yet, so maybe you cover something like this, but I'm trying to make a simple bumper out of a lighthouse shot I took. It's a low angle across the water with a lighthouse int the top third of the frame. It's a stormy feel and I'd like to add a beam of light that comes out from the lighthouse and sweeps out across the water. Can you give me any suggestions on how to go about it?

    • Runner Duck777
      Runner Duck777 9 days ago

      AV-Ultra Ok. Thank you!

    • AV-Ultra
      AV-Ultra  9 days ago +1

      Hey there and thanks for the question.
      It can really depend on the shot as you can likely go a few different ways with it.
      Something that might look nice is duplicating the footage and using a mask to bump the exposure of a light been and add a semi transparent solid to it and possible some bloom effect.
      I’d probably also drop the exposure of the original just a bit to create more dramatic juxtaposition of the light vs the scene.
      Sounds like a fun project!

  • Carlos Eduardo Manarini Franceschini

    Tks for the tutorial !

    • AV-Ultra
      AV-Ultra  14 days ago

      Thanks for checking it out

  • Jay SonyAlphaLab
    Jay SonyAlphaLab 23 days ago +1

    Excellent tutorial! Thank you ;)

  • Mike Geoghegan
    Mike Geoghegan Month ago +1

    I have come late, very late to FCP X & Motion 5. My 1st attempts at introducing myself to Motion were dreadful, and disasters. I then discovered your Motion introduction video, and it's like veil being lifted. "I've seen the light". . . . Thank you sir.
    Plus I have subscribed to your channel, I hope that's OK ?
    Kind Regards

    • AV-Ultra
      AV-Ultra  Month ago +1

      Better late than never, and in that same thematic. I think you're right on time. Things are just now starting to get really great with FCP and Motion, and I'm excited (and grateful) you found some of my lessons helpful.
      Thanks for checking it out.

  • Ghailan Al-Khalaf
    Ghailan Al-Khalaf 2 months ago

    I have a weird question, Can I open After effect file on apple motion?

  • julien soleilhac
    julien soleilhac 2 months ago +1

    Hi! sorry to bother you can you share your wallpaper ? :P

    • AV-Ultra
      AV-Ultra  2 months ago

      Julien- haha, this isn't where I grabbed it, and dont remember where its from, but here's a link.

  • Colin Osborne
    Colin Osborne 2 months ago +1

    I am very new to Motion and needed to know the basics to get me started. This little tutorial has helped me immensely! Thank you!

    • AV-Ultra
      AV-Ultra  2 months ago

      Im glad it's still useful. It's a bit older but most of the information is the same. Im putting new intro lessons together at this time and hope you like those just as much.

  • cagdasdmr
    cagdasdmr 2 months ago

    Can somebody please help me? I have searched the Internet but I can't find a solution to my problem. I publish my template from the Apple Motion to FCPX but I am getting an error "Missing Title" ( I can't figure out what is the problem?

    • cagdasdmr
      cagdasdmr 2 months ago

      @AV-Ultra Thank you for your reply. I will try it now.

    • AV-Ultra
      AV-Ultra  2 months ago +1

      Make sure Motion and fcpx are both up to date. If one is a newer release, they may not work correctly. Update only through the App Store.

  • The Great Big Move
    The Great Big Move 3 months ago +1

    Helpful tutorial. I appreciate that you purposely do something slightly incorrect, point out the result, and then explain why that result occurred and how to fix it.

    DUSTIN SMITH 3 months ago

    My layout is different than yours. Have they changed where to find the headup display button?

    • AV-Ultra
      AV-Ultra  3 months ago

      They changed the layout of a few different things. I have a new getting started lesson but waiting on Apple to release the new version likely in Nov. 2019.

  • behnanbk1
    behnanbk1 3 months ago +1

    Can you use motion 5 on Any mac

    • behnanbk1
      behnanbk1 3 months ago

      Ok thanks and i have a question do motion have somthing called brush tool

    • AV-Ultra
      AV-Ultra  3 months ago

      If you have a mac that’s around 2013 or newer- sure. Gets a little iffy on versions before that if I recall correctly.
      Different macs will just run it better or faster depending on hardware options.

  • ilikeiek
    ilikeiek 3 months ago

    Wow! You are Amazing Trainer!! (2019 Oct 7)
    I'm now subscribe!!

  • page
    page 3 months ago

    Very helpful. Thank you so much.
    But, if I may just say, I found it distracting every time you mentioned Ae. I didn’t come from Ae, so mentioning a Motion feature’s equivalent in Ae just confuses me with more names and terms. I came to learn Motion, not to switch to Motion from Ae. Nonetheless, thanks. 😊

    • page
      page 3 months ago

      Thank you. I will keep this in mind.

    • AV-Ultra
      AV-Ultra  3 months ago +1

      Thanks for the comment. This lesson is over 3 years old.
      This lesson is also a free one I put together. If you’d like more focused or formalized training, I’m available for private in person instruction.

  • Alcharagh pak
    Alcharagh pak 3 months ago

    Plz how to circle round tutorial adobe after effects

    BINKS 4 months ago

    Quit going over stuff not relevant to teaching us how to use motion, waste of my time

    • AV-Ultra
      AV-Ultra  4 months ago

      Thanks for the comment. Hopefully you find something more your speed, BINKS.

  • Mahabub Alam
    Mahabub Alam 4 months ago +1

    I have been trying to learn this for a long time now. finally something worth my 30 min. I really appreciate it man. Thanks a bunch.

  • Rajmeet Juneja
    Rajmeet Juneja 4 months ago

    Yeah! I am your 18,000th subscriber! Also just got into editing, so your content is really helpful!

    • AV-Ultra
      AV-Ultra  4 months ago +2

      Wow! You know when I started this- I never thought I’d have many subscribers. I just saw a lot of training out there that was expensive or didn’t cover the things I felt really helped with my work in tv and short films.
      It’s been 3 years since I’ve done this channel. It’s responsible for my work with MotionVFX which has been a dream job. I’m very happy to have you check these lessons out. I’ve been working on more I hope to release soon. Thanks so much for your support.

  • Paul Blowers
    Paul Blowers 5 months ago +1

    Hi Stanislaw... just purchased Motion and FCPX and new to all this stuff. Your tutorials are helping me so much. Thanks Paul

    • AV-Ultra
      AV-Ultra  5 months ago

      Hey thats great to hear.
      Theres a lot it can do for the price. I just wish Apple would update it, as it hasn't really had a major update in a while.

  • Kosom
    Kosom 5 months ago +1

    this video really helpful to me, thx a lot!

  • Al James
    Al James 5 months ago

    Thanks your tutorials are excellent. I have a question, using bezier to draw out a line, then behavious "Track points' only seems to track for a few percent, not to the end of the part I want to track? Any idea why this would be?

    • AV-Ultra
      AV-Ultra  5 months ago

      Either it lost the track, or the behavior isn’t set to the whole length or possibly something else. Can’t help if I can’t see it. Apologies

  • Mark Kelly
    Mark Kelly 6 months ago +1

    Well done Stanislaw! I am a Motion rookie and your instruction has helped so much!

  • Ahmad Vanheiden
    Ahmad Vanheiden 7 months ago +1

    great tutorial. Subscribed! thanks

  • Jon Pascoe
    Jon Pascoe 7 months ago +1

    Great tutorial - I just downloaded motion and when you first open it, it can be a bit overwhelming. This video really helped demystify apple motion. Thank you

    • AV-Ultra
      AV-Ultra  7 months ago

      Hey Im really glad to hear that. It can absolutely be a challenge for people new to it but I personally promise if you stick with it you'll be able to make amazing things, useful things and speed up workflow in FCP.
      Have fun and keep going.


  • Lakia Inspires
    Lakia Inspires 7 months ago

    Excellent tutorial! Thank you for sharing.

  • Captain Joe
    Captain Joe 7 months ago

    Great stuff buddy! Keep it up!

  • Luis Zimbron
    Luis Zimbron 7 months ago +1

    Great job man!

  • James Hall
    James Hall 8 months ago

    will this work with motion 5.4?

    • AV-Ultra
      AV-Ultra  8 months ago

      Thanks for the question.
      The only main difference is there's no longer a media tab thing. Apple got rid of it.

  • Mega Fun Toys
    Mega Fun Toys 8 months ago

    Can I use Motion with iMovie instead of Final cut?

    • AV-Ultra
      AV-Ultra  8 months ago

      You can use it as a stand-alone but can’t make title templates or generators or really any of the integration. Apple as far as I know designed it to only work with Final Cut Pro.

  • CaminoMasQueUnLoco
    CaminoMasQueUnLoco 8 months ago +1

    Thanks bro

  • Earthchild me
    Earthchild me 8 months ago

    Good tutorial!

  • Artur Wozniakowski
    Artur Wozniakowski 10 months ago +1

    Super manuale i świetny angielski. Zazdroszczę i pozdrawiam serdecznie :)

  • Nick P Was Here
    Nick P Was Here 10 months ago

    Thanks .. but You skipped over the throw velocity part without 3D. Help lol

    • Nick P Was Here
      Nick P Was Here 10 months ago

      AV-Ultra Thanks

    • AV-Ultra
      AV-Ultra  10 months ago +1

      Hi Nick!
      Sorry to hear you are having trouble with the behavior topic. For more information on behaviors, id recommend checking out my lesson on behaviors to get a better idea of them. Theres a lot in there that are covered in other lessons. This lesson is kinda a "preview of everything".
      To try and keep this as short as possible, I don't go into every detail as some people may be interested in one part, or another part, as that would easily turn into a 4 hour video.
      So the sections are broken up.
      Id recommend just experimenting with it for a few hours.
      Good luck and I hope that helps!

  • Pop Muzik
    Pop Muzik 11 months ago

    Excellent video...good teaching style. One small flaw though....don't assume anyone watching this knows or understands references to Photoshop or After Effects. You keep making references without explaining in more detail of what you are trying to show/ accomplish. if you are going to reference Adobe stuff, assume the viewer doesnt even know that terminology and explain a little further. Otherwise- very nice job.

    • AV-Ultra
      AV-Ultra  10 months ago

      Hi there!
      Not at all- Just explaining things to the best of my ability.
      I've had a few people point this out, but like you said, its hard to tell intonations over text. I meant no disrespect. Tried to explain why that content was in there as you pointed out.
      My apologies if it seemed terse, I didn't mean it that way and will try to better word my responses in the future. Thanks for the comment and thanks for checking it out to begin with. I take every comment seriously, and publish even ones that can be critical because I truly want to be a better instructor.
      Again, my apologies.

    • Pop Muzik
      Pop Muzik 10 months ago

      @AV-Ultra Maybe you read it a different way but I was giving you a positive compliment...but I sense a bit of sarcasm in your response....

    • AV-Ultra
      AV-Ultra  10 months ago

      Thanks for the feedback about these free lessons on my Apple motion content and post production training, assumptions, and teaching style.
      You may not be aware of a few things that hopefully clear things up:
      1. This was originally developed for a class geared towards post professionals who are already familiar with after effects and motion and looking to make the switch from Adobe post software to Apple post software.
      2. Because I thought this would help more people, I took the class I was charging for, and repacked it as best as possible to make it free for everyone, effectively taking time and money out of my pocket so I could try and help as many people as possible.
      3. This video is, at the time of this writing, is about 3 years old, and I've already replaced most of this free lessons with new updated paid updated content to my clients.
      If you'd like further explanation on topics or content, I would be happy to send information so you can book my in person training services if interested.
      Thanks for checking this out.

  • Frankk Lionn
    Frankk Lionn 11 months ago

    Thank you so much, it's really useful. Great job

  • Alex Velazquez
    Alex Velazquez 11 months ago

    This is a great video man! I want to give you my 2 cents and perhaps it will help you teach further!
    If you use words that people dont understand, they will tune out. Have you ever read a page in a book and noticed you went blank ever? Yeah...same thing.
    The best teaching is simplified and you do a VERY good job of it. I hope that genuinely comes across well :)

  • Venus's Trips
    Venus's Trips 11 months ago

    Thanks, this great tutorial & Really useful.

  • THEDDTinc. NEW
    THEDDTinc. NEW Year ago

    Question about the clips stop playing at 6:53 I have a problem where my clips doesn't last the right duration?? Everytime I play what I creative in final cut, it plays for a few seconds, then the rest of the clip goes black, this happens when I make it longer or shorter, if it's shorter, the image moves really fast, then cut off and all you see is a black screen, I want my image to play for a lengthy time, but its always cutting off, then black screen, I've tried stretching the timeline all the way to the end as well as changing the duration, nothing works,,

    • AV-Ultra
      AV-Ultra  Year ago

      Whatever your total duration is, is what will play. So if you have a total project duration of 10 seconds but all your animation and layers only last 4 seconds, then the last 6 seconds will be black since its being told to play back nothing. Change your total duration to the entire length of whatever you are animating before you publish it.
      As far as speed changes- it’s designed to slow down as you drag it out and speed up if you make it shorter. Basically the bar size of the clip is how fast or long it will play back in fcpx.
      There’s ways around that with build in and build out and loop markers though.

  • Junaid Kureshi
    Junaid Kureshi Year ago

    I just came to ur channel and man you have done a lot in motion 5 to help people, people like you deserves standing ovations, thanks a lot, started watching the series one by one.

    • AV-Ultra
      AV-Ultra  11 months ago

      Thanks a lot for checking it out. I’m really hoping people like this whole new set I’m currently working on- can’t talk too much about it now- but in winter 2019, I’m going to have some really cool things.

  • Night Tone
    Night Tone Year ago

    thank you for this lesson

  • LaGaulette Mauritius

    I like your tutorial

      STANSKA Year ago

      tak dziekuje bardzo :)@AV-Ultra

    • AV-Ultra
      AV-Ultra  Year ago

      Thanks for checking it out.
      Its an older one, but it still gets the point across.
      Hope it helps you make great stuff!

  • Gemini
    Gemini Year ago

    Awesome job man thanks for this video it was very helpful

  • Виталий Поцелуев

    Hi! Where can I find another professional series video? There is only first and 27th here on RU-clip. They are awesome!

    • AV-Ultra
      AV-Ultra  Year ago

      I mean if you go to my channel they are all there- i have several playlists- they are all listed the same way.
      have you checked my channel and uploads?
      Let me know if you dont see the rest of the lessons.

    • Виталий Поцелуев
      Виталий Поцелуев Year ago

      @AV-Ultra Maybe names are different, that's why I don't see them. Anyway, thank you for all your efforts! Have you thought about patreon? We'd sponsor you for new videos?

    • AV-Ultra
      AV-Ultra  Year ago

      And all 27 lessons are on RU-clip. So They are all there in my channel.

    • AV-Ultra
      AV-Ultra  Year ago

      I apologize, but I just haven’t made more yet?
      I do these in my spare time, and they take time and money to produce. Right now I can’t afford to just make these full time and pay my bills.
      Thanks for watching.

  • Arnie Eastburn
    Arnie Eastburn Year ago

    Working with final cut pro how would be the best way to show the text of the translation of the person speaking in another language across the bottom? Would you use motion to do that or is there a better way to do that in Final Cut Pro with text?

    • Arnie Eastburn
      Arnie Eastburn Year ago

      Thank you @AV-Ultra you are a great resource, keep up the great work!

    • Arnie Eastburn
      Arnie Eastburn Year ago

      @AV-Ultra Thank you very much this is very helpful. I look forward to more of your FCPX 2019 classes. Good Work!

    • AV-Ultra
      AV-Ultra  Year ago

      I currently don't as I'm focusing a lot of time on my work for MotionVF, but i plan on having it as part of my new FCPX 2019 classes.
      Theres really 2 ways you can go about this:
      1.Captions - Captions are typically side car files that are played by youtube or other places and are like placed "on top" of playing video.
      2. Titles- If you are looking to "burn in" the captions so they will always play as pixel data, in situations where really you only have a few of these, titles might be a better choice.
      If you are looking at creating captions for a whole piece- heres apple's official document on making and editing them.

    • Arnie Eastburn
      Arnie Eastburn Year ago

      @AV-Ultra Thank you! Do you have a video that shows how to use SRT subtitles?

    • AV-Ultra
      AV-Ultra  Year ago

      As of 2018- FCPX finally supports .SRT subtitles.
      So anytime you have subtitles (like in this case with someone speaking another language) I would use FCPX for that.
      Thanks for the question and thanks for watching.

  • The Homesick Nomad

    Hello Robert. I have been an Adobe user for quite a long time but recently acquired FCPX and Motion. I opened Motion and played with it about 5 minutes and closed it again. It is definitely different from AE in many respects and I was a bit reluctant to learn something altogether new. BUT, part of my reason for picking up FCPX and Motion are because I never know when I may stop subscribing to Adobe and then all my work would be locked up. Additionally, plug-ins like Red Giant Universe are subscription too. I like knowing that I am not going to be held hostage to get to my work. SO... all that to say, YOU are my first teacher in Apple Motion. And I would say that you do a good job of explaining the basics. I look forward to continuing in your video instruction and want you to know you have another willing student. :-)

    • AV-Ultra
      AV-Ultra  Year ago +1

      Thanks for the kind words.
      I use After Effects daily along with Motion depending on the project.
      I'll say that Motion is actually more similar than it is different. the principles, and workflow are essential the same and universal.
      My name is actually Stanislaw, my middle name is Robert.
      Thanks for watching.

  • Newsome Productions

    Shit is so challenging

  • yaAubakirov
    yaAubakirov Year ago

    Thank a lot, man. Obviously the best Motion tutorial in RU-clip

    • AV-Ultra
      AV-Ultra  Year ago

      Thanks for checking it out, and appreciate the feedback.
      Im planning on a whole new set right now.
      Might take a while to roll out, but Im confident they will be even better.
      Stay Ultra!

  • Arlisa S. Thomas
    Arlisa S. Thomas Year ago

    Thanks for awesome tutorial Stanislaw! I’ve been battling between learning AE and this and paying for a subscription to do basically the same thing. I got Motion for free as part of a bundle so I really have no excuse not to learn it. I will be watching all of your tutorials and I want to thank you for taking the time out to do it. It’s much appreciated! You’ve got a new subscriber.

    • Arlisa S. Thomas
      Arlisa S. Thomas Year ago

      AV-Ultra thanks again and if I have questions I will definitely ask!

    • AV-Ultra
      AV-Ultra  Year ago +1

      Thanks for checking it out and the kind words.
      The reality is that Motion and After Effects are very similar tool until you get into deep specifics. There are absolutely things that Motion does better than After Effects, and there are things that After Effects can do better.
      For the price and the versatility- I personally prefer using Motion to accomplish a lot of my Motion graphics needs nowadays, but there are still times where if i need after effects- I can still grab it for a month, but those times are becoming fewer and farther between.
      I sincerely hope you enjoy the other lessons.
      I do my best to answer questions and comments in these videos whenever possible, so if there's ever anything you would like to know- don't hesitate to ask.

  • Mculand
    Mculand Year ago

    At several intervals in your movie you have a lower third appearing WITH a sound effect and some seconds later dissappearing again with a sound effect. I thought lower thirds can only have gfx and not sound? Did you add the sound manually afterwards or can a lower third really contain sound too?

    • AV-Ultra
      AV-Ultra  Year ago

      Hi there!
      Correct- I add them after.
      Currently- title templates cannot use sounds in them. (likely due to build in and build out possibilities I would wager) Generators I believe- CAN use audio, but are ill suited for making titles.
      I tend to add specific roles to my Titles and Lower thirds so i can quickly find them in my project and add the audio effects at the right time. Thanks for the question!

  • Xios 15
    Xios 15 Year ago +3

    Really useful, can't wait to be making cool things in motion!

  • Hero Plate Studios
    Hero Plate Studios Year ago +3

    I was sent here by rowie409. He said that he learned from your team first. He is amazing now. Thank you for the videos! One last thing: your logical comparison between Motion 5 and Adobe answered questions that were years old. Now, I will apply what I learned in my workspace... the lone Mac-FCPX-Motion 5 user in a sea of “other” nonlinear and mographic editing tools. Gonna crush it out there to make all of y’all look good. Glad to be your “student”!

    • Hero Plate Studios
      Hero Plate Studios Year ago +1

      Super excited to see your next video! Am going through everything you posted in this playlist. PUMPED!

    • AV-Ultra
      AV-Ultra  Year ago

      Hey I'm really glad to hear its helping people out.
      Thanks for checking out my lessons.
      Im currently building a whole new course and sections that will hopefully blow all my previous work out of the water.

  • Vince Baldwin
    Vince Baldwin Year ago

    I need some guidance. I have a 2017 MacBook Pro i5. Would these pro apps be very good for my pro or better for iMac desktop

    • AV-Ultra
      AV-Ultra  Year ago +1

      Hi there- the good news is that all the macs are pretty good for the pro apps. Ultimately it depends on what you are wanting to do.
      I would reccomend any serious editor or motion graphics artist have a MacBook that has a dedicated GPU on it as it makes a world of difference.
      Also at least 16 Gb of ram.
      Hope that helps!

  • Gabriel González
    Gabriel González Year ago +1

    Thaaaanks a loooot Dude!!! since I can only afford to buy Motion, I can get the most out of its´ keying capabilities, and continue editing in my MacMini´s iMovie program.

    • AV-Ultra
      AV-Ultra  Year ago

      Glad you like it- since you are using motion I would highly suggest getting fcpx when the budget allows- using motion and Fcpx together is amazing. And sadly something that isn’t possible in iMovie

  • Langalethu Soko
    Langalethu Soko Year ago +2

    this was quite useful and you explained things quite well. thank you

  • Ghostatic
    Ghostatic Year ago

    Wow. An articulate, well spoken, correct terminology tutorial spoken by an adult. You don't k ow how much this means to me. Thumbed up and subbed

    • AV-Ultra
      AV-Ultra  Year ago

      Thanks for the kind words. I started doing the motion tutorials as I was frustrated trying to learn it myself and found much of the lessons out there less accurate than I expected or covered items that I would rarely, if ever, use in my work.

  • Jared S
    Jared S Year ago +1

    4:00 you could get mObject from Motion VFX.

    • AV-Ultra
      AV-Ultra  Year ago

      If you see my other Videos I actually use mObject a lot, and have been a beta tester for the new mO2 launching in Sept.

  • MovieReal Cristiana
    MovieReal Cristiana Year ago +1

    Hey Stanislaw, many thanks for the tutorial.

    • AV-Ultra
      AV-Ultra  Year ago

      Hey thanks for checking it out.
      Appreciate the comment.

  • Michael de Groot
    Michael de Groot Year ago +1

    Thank you Stanislaw, you are doing a really great job with these tutorials. I'm so glad I found you and saved myself a load of money not going with After Effects. Truly grateful. 🙌

    • Michael de Groot
      Michael de Groot Year ago

      Least I could do, I can see the amount of work you have put in on these and your thought process is perfect. I particularly enjoy the fact that you are not explaining all the controls first, but exploring those whilst doing a project and therefore it has more meaning to me. I followed your instructions and created a project at the same time, pausing the video and it worked beautifully. Thank you again, I appreciate you! 🙌

    • AV-Ultra
      AV-Ultra  Year ago +1

      Thanks for the kind words.
      I truly appreciate it.