My Horrible Nightmare Group Project

  • Published on Oct 13, 2016
  • *continuous internal screaming*
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    Music: In the shaddows by ionics (it had two d's in the title so that's how i'm spelling it too)

    And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D You helped me stay strong while "persisting in the face of difficulty"
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Comments • 43 657

  • rehmdog
    rehmdog Hour ago

    Chivalry’s dead

  • Dean Kennedy
    Dean Kennedy Hour ago

    Who saw the sign during 2:42. Jaidens fishing for Memes

  • crispy gaming
    crispy gaming 5 hours ago

    I past grade toddler

  • Zachyshows
    Zachyshows 7 hours ago

    *how to make a fire meme*

  • Michael Tyler
    Michael Tyler 9 hours ago

    This video is literally the most accurate representation of EVERY group project I have ever done that I have ever seen

  • optimism
    optimism 9 hours ago

    I once did a science fair project with one other person and I literally did everything. The only thing they did is help out (partially not even fully) making a box which I folded from paper...I still got it done so I couldn't care less.

  • Help me hit 50subs plis
    Help me hit 50subs plis 10 hours ago +1

    0:54 it’s says Jayden 🤔

  • Gamingproductions
    Gamingproductions 10 hours ago


  • Snowy Nox
    Snowy Nox 11 hours ago

    Lol 0:53

  • Sabrina the awkward art kid

    Whenever i do group projects I'm either the person doing everything and just giving the other ppl the answers or the people saying they'll assign the roles won't tell me what I'm supposed to do and get mad at me for asking.

  • rwed _
    rwed _ 17 hours ago

    if u as ocd as u r, .....u did not let it go for 1 week. i would bet you gave them 7 days to hang themselves with :)

  • Nicole _playz
    Nicole _playz Day ago

    I am both Chinese and English

  • Cate Benschoter
    Cate Benschoter Day ago

    Googled most annoying girl names

    Mackenzie and McKenna

  • Daniel Melendez
    Daniel Melendez Day ago


  • ItzLillykawaii owo

    Her name isn't JAYDEN it's JAIDEN

  • Galaxygirl1290
    Galaxygirl1290 Day ago +1


  • Caramel Z
    Caramel Z Day ago

    Its called the most annoying girl name, due to the spelling not because of the person named it. Jayden is known as annoying cause it can be spelled as Jaiden, Jaeden, Jayden, etc.

  • sidekic1109
    sidekic1109 Day ago +1

    try learning 3
    I learnt 3 when I was damn 5

  • Speed Zebra
    Speed Zebra Day ago

    Just SO YOU know I spend 10hours editing a hour long video into 12 minutes!! Just so you know in one day or 3

  • Steven Almeida
    Steven Almeida Day ago

    College group project when it's down over online are the worse but when it's in person for some reason we all get it down and have good time doing it we either crack jokes listening some music or eating our food all while doing the project

  • Chris Sanders
    Chris Sanders Day ago +1

    From the way it was winding up near the end, I was super afraid you were going to just let it go and I'd have to be vicariously angry about it for you forever. But omg, your credits revenge was inspired.

  • fabrizio falcioni

    In my school, we have classrooms with aprox. 25 persons and when we have class projects we get to choose with who we are going to work with. But i hate this cz when i try to work with someone that has the sufficient amount of IQ to know how to use Email ( the most of my classmates dont even know how to use even word), the mostof them are all picked and i have to work alone (which is 1000 times better), or choose the 3 persons left that luckily know how to write with a pencil

  • Myuni
    Myuni Day ago +3

    8:49 that sweet sweet passive-aggressive revenge

  • - Olamanchi -
    - Olamanchi - Day ago

    Imagine those girls are fans

  • Victoria Cheng
    Victoria Cheng Day ago

    You shouldn't have said "I finished it after 8 hours of editing", if ya think it makes them feel bad, NOPE. I would've just said, "no, I forgot because I had to do something else. " LOL

  • Spock1777
    Spock1777 2 days ago

    If I were you, I would have gone with Jermajesty.

  • Todoroki Shoto
    Todoroki Shoto 2 days ago


  • Mia Pasallo
    Mia Pasallo 2 days ago

    wow lookie here the first video i watched from you! (like 2015 or something)

  • [PBG] PointBreakGalaxy

    Me: *looking for her partners in the comment section* 😂

  • Stormy_Boi
    Stormy_Boi 2 days ago

    I remember in highschool during a science class I'd do all the work on projects. It got to the point where our teacher said that she'd take grades on participation so i had to give them stuff to do but still did mosr of it. I didn't mind i was a nice person.

  • Benny V!c!ous
    Benny V!c!ous 2 days ago


  • Benny V!c!ous
    Benny V!c!ous 2 days ago


  • nick and friends
    nick and friends 2 days ago

    ?tyler_. That is a piece of art

  • Tuls Tenebrose
    Tuls Tenebrose 2 days ago

    Gonna be honest, this was hard to even listen to. I got annoyed just listening to what she had to deal with and almost got too tilted to even finish the video.

  • Leg Na
    Leg Na 2 days ago

    I can relate. I did 95 % of one group project at the university and the four other members all got higher grades than I. They had no problem what so ever to take credit for something they didn't do and the teachers/lecturers/professors weren't any better in ethical matters

  • Kitty Cookie Queen
    Kitty Cookie Queen 2 days ago +1

    I h
    I ha
    I hat
    I hate
    I hate g
    I hate gr
    I hate gro
    I hate grou
    I hate group
    I hate group p
    I hate group pr
    I hate group pro
    I hate group proj
    I hate group proje
    I hate group projec
    I hate group project
    I hate group projects

    Too, lol

  • a potatoe patrisha
    a potatoe patrisha 2 days ago

    Then in 2 years normal english

  • a potatoe patrisha
    a potatoe patrisha 2 days ago

    I'm Asian and it took my literally 1 year to learn broken english

  • Raliza Alet
    Raliza Alet 2 days ago

    Reneesmè is bella and edward daughter from twilight

  • stockyourmom
    stockyourmom 3 days ago

    You are the best of all where everyone can you give me your number so I can be more connected again can I say anything over to help you for first I need your phone number I’m not giving you my phone number I just need yours and I want to hear anything new is the video or else I would do nothing because I am 😑

  • stockyourmom
    stockyourmom 3 days ago

    Life is good life is good life is good life is good life is good life is good life is a great life is the bomb why is the best why are there in her so man me Jaden animations here’s a song for you and me I love your animations I love you animations I love your animations Jaden Jaden rhymes with animation

  • stockyourmom
    stockyourmom 3 days ago

    Life is good
    Life is good
    Life is good
    Life is good
    Life is good
    Life is good
    Life is good
    Life is good
    Life is good
    Life is good
    Life is good
    Life is good
    Life is good
    Life is good
    Life is good
    Life is good
    Life is good
    Life is good
    Life is good
    Life is good

  • Frankie Favila Ramirez
    Frankie Favila Ramirez 3 days ago +2

    First of all drink a monster or some thing ok ur welcome

  • diamond pastry fan azumarill

    You animation is istiks

  • Nuuus_XD
    Nuuus_XD 3 days ago +2

    i got to say that i used the actual credits trick on a group project video and made me feel godlike :}

  • Lemon Liquid Gaming
    Lemon Liquid Gaming 3 days ago

    Most annoying girl names
    Jayden *COUGH*

  • Documenter and others
    Documenter and others 3 days ago +1

    English! 日本人!
    Jaiden: oh cool
    Me: English! Cabinet Chinese/Japanese deco more deco!

  • Danielle shiflett
    Danielle shiflett 3 days ago

    Ummmmm JADIEN on the list of AnOYing GiRl NaMeS the name JAYDEN is on the list sooooooooooooo;-;

  • Guest Buke
    Guest Buke 3 days ago

    Group project means everyone is smarter than you accept the people in your group

  • ThE FuRy
    ThE FuRy 3 days ago +1



  • ThE FuRy
    ThE FuRy 3 days ago +4

    Most annoying girl names
    *sees my sisters name* hah!
    *She points to my name* but thats not even a girls name

  • •GlitchyXxGacha•

    Well, I have a nightmare and it’s scarier than everyone’s

    one day, I got out of the car, I went inside this HUGE PLACE called *************** Elementary
    And.. after a day in that place... I was traumatized...

    And ever since that day... I relived it over and over and over again

  • brandon dass
    brandon dass 3 days ago

    If that was me i would have FIGGEN KILLED them

  • Boom Boom_55
    Boom Boom_55 3 days ago


  • Nevaeh Williams
    Nevaeh Williams 3 days ago

    I don’t care how long this was ago but I just realized that my name is the second name

  • Mothra Kaiju
    Mothra Kaiju 3 days ago


  • Purple girl gamer Aj

    Maiden you can not sae sae the f

  • Ariana Ramirez
    Ariana Ramirez 3 days ago

    its crazy that when she googled most annoying girl names her name was on there but spelled Jayden instead of Jaiden

  • Finley Productions
    Finley Productions 3 days ago +4

    I don't know why, but whenever I hear Jaiden, I can imagine a smile on her face.

  • Finley Productions
    Finley Productions 3 days ago +4

    Before too much time passed..."

  • Squidify
    Squidify 3 days ago

    also "BLOODRAYNE"

  • Alyssa Short
    Alyssa Short 3 days ago +1

    Anyone else triggered that they called Katniss an annoying name 😂

    • SirWoofsAlot
      SirWoofsAlot 2 days ago

      Alyssa Short I did cause I'm a fan of Hunger Games

  • Supergaming 201
    Supergaming 201 3 days ago

    8:50- 9:00 jajajjaja this is a sweet revenge (i talk spanish this are a achivement for me :'D)

  • Vyex
    Vyex 3 days ago

    Why do u say katniss is a bad name

  • Elilucio Filho
    Elilucio Filho 3 days ago

    All the school projects i had is practically this video (i hate all of them)

  • Paige
    Paige 3 days ago

    Most Annoying Names
    1: bdjfbdj
    2: idc cud did for
    3: JAIDEN (I’m gonna spell it like this)

  • Snowflake_Kitty
    Snowflake_Kitty 4 days ago

    Life= teacher paring you with a boy in your class. And you doing ALL of the work. I swear I never EVER have help with projects, and if someone else does it, it’s sloppy and I literally have to correct almost EVERYTHING THEY DO...... and I’m only in freaking middles school.
    (Warning: a lot of complaining, if you don’t want to read it, just don’t, if your gonna leave comments telling me to stop complain, do it I really don’t care that much)
    So I’m like, 4th grade I’m doing a project right? 3 other people in my group. Teacher tells us to solve and explain a math problem. I solve the math. I WRITE THE EXPLANATION. So I’m like “IM GETTING THA BEST GRADE IN THIS CLASS” because I go overboard with literally everything, so I do. I turn it in like 15 minutes after I was supposed to, cuz I’m a 4th grader, (maybe 3rd) writing a project BYE MYSELF..... my group LEFT ME IN THE FLOOR TO WORK ON THE PROJECT *BYE MY SELF* and now I turn it in.

    Me teacher: Good job! I understand why you went over your time limit, this is the best explanation in the class! Your whole group gets candy!

    I’m over here so frikin mad because after I sit there on the cold floor, doing math and explaining it.... my whole group gats candy.... NOT JUST ME..... MY *WHOLE* Group....

    Course that was kinda my fault because I’m ver socially awkward, so I didn’t have the guts to tell the teacher I did all the work......

    (I’m not in fourth grade anymore, I’m not that younge)

  • ツZara
    ツZara 4 days ago +2

    *Am I only one that hate doing group project even if it is with friends?*

  • A cute cat
    A cute cat 4 days ago

    Never hear Jaiden say (Twats)

  • Dazzling Pelonchas
    Dazzling Pelonchas 4 days ago

    Did anyone see when she was researching annoying girl names it has the name Jayden...

  • Bokkeumbap
    Bokkeumbap 4 days ago

    Litterally thats the best way to make a presentation. The slides are more like guidlines, and you explain further while presenting, or through audio.

  • Elise Clark
    Elise Clark 4 days ago

    Karma comes out of nowhere like a semi truck

  • Kent's computer videos


  • Nouche
    Nouche 4 days ago +1

    3:36 - Why were you shocked by her asking for a meetup to record audio since that is exactly what you scheduled at 2:07?

  • HaeiFive
    HaeiFive 4 days ago

    But they don't care.
    No one cares.

  • Joniel Joestar za warudo

    This is why I don't do group projects anymore. It's like I was the only one who takes the work seriously.

  • Arda Akkuş
    Arda Akkuş 4 days ago

    I thought it was a "Nightmare Group" project LOL

  • James Hollis
    James Hollis 4 days ago

    Do not let a hater hate be happy

  • Matilde medina
    Matilde medina 4 days ago

    0:54 Jayden
    Me: OoF

  • Bitchy Richy
    Bitchy Richy 4 days ago

    Say thanks to Sr Pelo

  • GamingStuntBros 9
    GamingStuntBros 9 4 days ago

    0:53 it’s says jaiden but spelt Jayden

  • Paradox Clapz
    Paradox Clapz 4 days ago

    Did anyone notice Jayden on most annoying girls names
    I know it’s spelt wrong but the meme

  • Isaac Nieto
    Isaac Nieto 4 days ago

    In the Google search

  • Isaac Nieto
    Isaac Nieto 4 days ago

    I saw Jayden at first

  • DEBE Don’t Eat Baby Elephants

    One time I had a project about native Americans and my partner was this one boy and the intire time I was reading a freecking 100 paragraph documentary and after reading the whole thing he just copyed my paper ( I got 💯

  • TheRainbowGamer
    TheRainbowGamer 4 days ago +1

    Jaidon: “I literally did so much for you twats!” I don’t know why but I find jaidon saying twats if funny😂😂

  • The oof Lord
    The oof Lord 4 days ago +1

    Why is something that I would do, I always get paired up with the lazy kids in class so I end up doing most of the work

    The only thing is that I’m too shy to tell the teacher that they barely did anything and I ended up doing most of it ;-;

  • bread boy
    bread boy 4 days ago

    My name is bloodrayen

  • Jozlyn Bew
    Jozlyn Bew 4 days ago

    Totally been there. There’s this one kid in my class who I’m literally always paired with and he NEVER does ANY work. Once I went to Florida for a week during the school year and during a group project. He did NOTHING. I had to do it all AND turn in it late because he was lazy 😫

  • Wunba
    Wunba 4 days ago

    I take it you are an introvert. Me too.

  • Keke Lzh
    Keke Lzh 4 days ago

    0:54 most annoying girl names 3rd Jayden *cough*

  • Erin Noonan
    Erin Noonan 4 days ago


  • Brook&Jaxon Play games

    lol one off the annoying names is jayden which it kinda like jaiden

  • Scotland is da best
    Scotland is da best 5 days ago

    I'm one of those people who's partners do literally nothing I'm doing the whole thing

  • Dr snoes Dr snoes
    Dr snoes Dr snoes 5 days ago

    Wow wow jaiden 2:41

  • dor gefen
    dor gefen 5 days ago

    When she typed "most annoying girl names*.

  • Chilly_ Panda
    Chilly_ Panda 5 days ago

    The 2nd to last day of your project it would've been my birthday 😁👍

  • Woundidzilla 15 1
    Woundidzilla 15 1 5 days ago

    The end with Jaidens name on all the credits pot an evil smile on my face

  • Quiet bird
    Quiet bird 5 days ago

    *Google has spoken*

  • Itz_Crystal Shine
    Itz_Crystal Shine 5 days ago +1

    Wow poor you...i feel so bad for you and your project...