My Horrible Nightmare Group Project

  • Published on Oct 13, 2016
  • *continuous internal screaming*
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    Music: In the shaddows by ionics (it had two d's in the title so that's how i'm spelling it too)

    And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D You helped me stay strong while "persisting in the face of difficulty"
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  • Jojo John
    Jojo John 22 hours ago

    0:53 jaiden

  • Keith IJAYA
    Keith IJAYA 23 hours ago

    I'm the Jaiden type person in almost every group project

  • Landon Lacoste
    Landon Lacoste Day ago +1

    3 year old: I’m bwittny
    4 year old: IM BLOODWAIN

  • BlueberrySans BR

    6:39 MEEE! I'm Brazilian

  • DZ- Greninja
    DZ- Greninja Day ago

    Yep they sucks

  • Zombeast FTW
    Zombeast FTW Day ago

    Cough cough jaden in the annoying names thing

  • Christopher Caballero

    But Jaiden, your asian

  • liti ang parra
    liti ang parra Day ago

    I feel you anger, currently in in high school, in algebra I'm in a dumbass group that dose nothing but sleeps I swear this one dude is high as all hell his eyes are red as hell too, we had to do a group project, we had to do it in class and once we got the they do jack shit no one did anything the high dude was asleep, the other was watching videos, and the other was playing games, I was pissed and ext.

  • Jorge Camacho
    Jorge Camacho Day ago

    how is their only 7 million subs while 22million people watched this

  • Michelle Kellogg

    Real name is arilla

  • Michelle Kellogg

    Hi I am Ella but my r

  • Tony Joel
    Tony Joel Day ago

    I'm the one who does almost EVERYTHING GEJMADOOSKĀߎÆ

  • Miles Jackman
    Miles Jackman Day ago

    Poor Jayden look at 54 seconds in the video it says most annoying girl names jaiden like to pay respects

  • Minecraft Loser
    Minecraft Loser Day ago

    I hate group work, unless it's people I know and that are good friends. Also If I like them as a FRIEND ONLY. In case there were some people that were like: (sips tea) Tea!

  • tacomonster0956
    tacomonster0956 Day ago

    this is a meme me and my friends made. Theres always 1 kid doing his share of work then theres a kid thats doing his work pretty slow but no one cares and then theres the idiots singing spongebob in the corner. this actually happend to me in a group project.

  • dan09950
    dan09950 Day ago

    That sucks my group was awesome as hell.🤣 we had a project due in a month we finish it that S.O.B in 4 days turned it in and got extra credit and it was enough so we didn’t have to do the final and still pass 🤣🤣🤣

  • William Kennedy
    William Kennedy Day ago

    did u see that Jayden was one of the names

  • NerdfighterSara
    NerdfighterSara Day ago

    I had a group project in a Psych class once where we had to do research, conduct a survey, graph the information, and write a paper with our findings. I wasn't there the day we grouped up and picked tasks, so I got thrown in with a group of random people and assigned to write the paper. The paper was supposed to be like 12 pages but the person doing the survey didn't provide enough results and the researcher didn't provide very much information. At the end of the day, I could only write a 4 page paper. I wrote to the best of my ability and turned in all the material I was given and explained to my professor what happened. I ended up getting and A and I highly doubt anyone else in my group got better than a C.

  • hunter ramos
    hunter ramos Day ago

    You should have just partnered with me. I'm not in your class or probably not even in the same state but....ur voice is cute lol

  • Nicholas Stevenson
    Nicholas Stevenson Day ago +1

    I hate group projects cause either I do all the work or they don’t let me do anything

    EDSTER Day ago +1

    College is where every one is smarter than you, except the other people in your group project.

  • Volbla
    Volbla Day ago

    When you study a niche subject at a not very big university and there's usually only three people in your class, at least you get to know everyone :)

  • Mjm30mjm gamer
    Mjm30mjm gamer Day ago +1

    Were is Karen on the most annoying girl names

  • haru zuki
    haru zuki Day ago

    Oof when you searched up most anoying girls names it said jayden :b

  • Pal osko
    Pal osko Day ago

    This gives me anxiety ._.

  • Malia
    Malia Day ago +2

    When you're in a class and your friend group is an even number.

  • Frookles
    Frookles Day ago


  • tap water
    tap water Day ago


  • Redoxtase
    Redoxtase Day ago

    Every uni group thing ever.
    I hated uni.

  • NiceDeg
    NiceDeg Day ago


  • TheWeirdGuy
    TheWeirdGuy Day ago +4

    So people see me as a “smart boy” in my class. Whenever the teacher says there is a group project, they look at me. WHY ME

  • etherious natsu dragneel

    i had a group project in wich one of the 5 others took EVERYTHING and didn't do it at the end and when it was due the guy say that we didn't help him. when we asked him what he did to try and contact us. he said what you didn't do anything to bring to school. the teacher was almost going to shout at us but i said we didn't have the rule or anything to do it. the teacher said he gave the paper at the start of the week. then another guy (that wasent even in our group) say, but he took everything and just left for the whole week. he got 0% for us it was put to the next week. we had 78% i still have the paper at home.

  • Darth Zayexeet
    Darth Zayexeet Day ago +1

    How tf is *Bloodrayne* even remotely considered a feminin Name

    My Swtor character is named Bloodrayne... 😑
    (And no, he‘s not a girl)

  • Chris Paul
    Chris Paul Day ago

    That happens with me in nearly every group work

  • Josh A
    Josh A Day ago

    I’m experiencing this right now

  • BlasterSW MW
    BlasterSW MW Day ago

    Jayden game upp when you searched

  • Cutie bumpkin
    Cutie bumpkin Day ago

    Two reasons I hate group projects:
    1. Idiots who don't contribute and leave everything up to you.
    2. I have no friends in any of my classes.
    3. lazy people
    4. i always end as a leader

  • Uganda_ KNUCKLEsSsss


  • Kaminari denki
    Kaminari denki Day ago

    0:54 jayden.....phew her name is jaiden

  • Mike Fluff
    Mike Fluff Day ago

    As someone who has done a group project alone, I feel your pain.

  • VanishingPuppet
    VanishingPuppet Day ago

    I feel like we've ALL experienced this...but HOW? Like where are these group members now? Were they even real people?

  • Sonic The Maniac

    Try all you want try all you might but group projects will surely give you a fright

  • Pro Roblox Gamer

    Pain and Suffering:Jaiden

  • Pro Roblox Gamer


  • Daniel lloyd Davies

    Did she say twats 8:19

  • Saylin yinyang
    Saylin yinyang Day ago +1

    warning!!!!! Please ignore my rant. I just feel better lettingit out. Maybe someone who had a good day might see and give me love but if you had a bad day scroll past! Thanks ❤️
    I literally always come back to this everytime my groupmates annoy me. I hate group projects cause you try to delegate task but they don't do it so you have to keep reminding them but they still don't do it so you have to do it yourself so you won't get a failing grade. The problem with me i get annoyed by them and they get upset that I'm not sweet while talking to them and spew out nonsense to the whole school and professors and twisting the stories and stuff. It's so simple to create a group chat, google drive, do your task, update, meet, and freaking pay. Dude just pay me if you don't want to do your part. Don't laugh at me if I suggest the option to just pay me cause u didn't do 💩. It's always unbalanced and unfair and I get scolded by professors because the didn't do anything ugh and they told me theyll do so I dont need to worry.

  • Ben612
    Ben612 Day ago

    Happened to me once and I confronted my group mate because when we were gonna do the fricking powerpoint he slept on me

  • aberson william
    aberson william Day ago

    Jaiden almost say what the fuck and oh shit

  • Undying Cat00
    Undying Cat00 Day ago

    I’m in 6th grade doing a project (right NOW) and I have one of my classmates as a partner SHE HASNT DONE ANYWORK And it’s due before thanksgiving

  • Nabbit
    Nabbit 2 days ago +2

    "Wow *_LOOK_* at this great audio."

    LEGACY DIVING OU 2 days ago +1

    “I’m dead” 0_0

  • John Dawn
    John Dawn 2 days ago

    "What is the worst male name in the English language?" (peter thinks) "Keith" Door opens.

  • steve mills
    steve mills 2 days ago


  • Dragonboy04 YT
    Dragonboy04 YT 2 days ago

    U are so good at animating

  • Kyle Brown
    Kyle Brown 2 days ago

    Lol that professor was over-dramatizing it, this is a pretty common thing in group projects. In most big courses you write how much work you think each person did in a form, and everyone's grade gets scaled based on that. If each persons opinion on the work division is different then the group is called in to discuss it.

  • Jordan Sanabria Garfias

    God I totally feel you!! But in my case, they ended up negotiating with me offering money so I could put their names on the project, sooo well at least I got something good for that hard work aside of passing XD

  • Stephanie Barkley
    Stephanie Barkley 2 days ago

    That's just rude.

  • Brandon Charles
    Brandon Charles 2 days ago


  • Cheilem Pureza
    Cheilem Pureza 2 days ago

    Most of the time during group projects, and we can choose who to pick, I pick my friend who is the opposite gender. The reason is because she is asian too. If it's a 3 person project we just pick some random person

  • Dankuro Kato
    Dankuro Kato 2 days ago

    A introvert doing the initiative?!